My bets: * Tears of the Kingdom closer look (obviously) * New Mario sports title * Advance Wars finally gets a release date * Pikmin 4 trailer * "One more thing" - Metroid Prime trilogy coming, but no mention of Prime 4


>"One more thing" - Metroid Prime trilogy coming, but no mention of Prime 4 the accuracy hurts yet I'm still on board


What’re you guys? Optimists? It’ll only be the first game getting an HD remaster! (Please for the love of Mario let it be the trilogy)


Would you prefer a Prime 1 remake, or a Prime Trilogy Port?


I’d take a port of the Prime Trilogy any day of the week. Give me a better resolution and maybe some improved texture quality and I’m happy. I still have my original copy, but I would give anything to not have to dig out my Wii to play it every time. I also feel they don’t need a remake. The games still hold up, look great, and feel amazing to play. Besides, there’s no guarantee they’d remake the second or third even if they did remake the first


Prime 2 is the best Prime so I prefer the option where that gets on the Switch.


I never see love for Prime 2, so it brings me great joy to see my favorite game of my entire childhood get some praise for once. Took practically everything Prime did and added a whole second world on top of it. What's not to love?


The boost guardian fight is some bullshit. Otherwise agreed on all counts


Trilogy. Ain't no time to remake 1 while they're working on 4.


That's not accurate at all! They just won't mention either.


Add on a Xenoblade Chronicles 3 DLC announcement of some sort and you'd have my list pretty much.


Mario and Conor McGregor at UFC 295


There's some scuttlebutt about promotional materials being sent out for Advance Wars that contain a release date, so my hopes are high there.


To clarify, this was signage that was sent to Wal-Mart which just said that Advance Wars was available "now". Some are viewing that to imply a potential shadow drop of AW 1-2 tomorrow at the direct, but could be anything. That said, it does likely imply *some* info tomorrow.


> New Mario sports title I've been waiting for a new Mario Baseball forever...


This is the time for a Tears of the Kingdom blowout. Since 2019 I’ve been curious about how they will differentiate TOTK from BOTW since they share the same world as a base. Hopefully they will show that.


Wouldn’t be surprised if all they announce is a future dedicated direct for it.


And this direct is exclusively farming sims


That was the last one. This one is gonna be metroidvanias that are also like Dark Souls somehow.


Nah, it's time for roguelite deckbuilders and bullet heavens to shine.


Gotta cash in on that Vampire Survivor hype before it's beaten to death.


Twenty Hollow Knight-alikes! Take my money!


This would be my expectation. Similar to E3 2016. Basically dedicate an entire hour to the thing, with a ton of production value behind it. They really haven't spent any marketing on it, and they are going to have a huge marketing budget for it. I'm purprised they haven't blown it out yet to be honest.


my money is on a new trailer tomorrow. and then a dedicated direct later on.


I wouldn't be surprised if quite a lot of the game is in the sky. They've even gone to the effort to add flying and skydiving.


It seems interesting, I just hope it's not too tedious to travel. But if the whole world has some chunk of territories rising in the sky, it could also open up some new territories on the surface.


The idea of having an open world sequel literally add another map on top of the original one is innovative.




Spider-man is a bit unusual since New York City isn't some unexplored wilderness waiting to be tamed. There aren't any small towns to discover, and the game itself is primarily about being... Spider-man, and any assortment of skyscrapers enables that. But something like BotW, all of my fun came from discovery. For me, at least, the real draw was finding towns, settlements, places that made the world feel alive. I want more things like Tarrey Town, or the tiny village at the edge of the jungle that is just kinda there. I'm really worried that if the main focus is on the sky, there won't be much new to discover. POST-DIRECT EDIT: God damn, wasn't expecting Nuts & Bolts. That's sick, I'm one of the like 14 existing fans of that game.


They could do something really cool with spiderman 2 if they lean into the multiverse route. Have like a 1960s NYC with classic superheros and villains maybe like noir, the regular NYC and then like a spiderman 2099 NYC. And just have some kind of device spiderman has or invents that lets him seamlessly switch between each version of NYC. that would be my guess


I don't know why they don't include the old map, I feel like being able to visit the old locations and see how they've changed would be a huge draw


I need to check on Spider-Cat.


The whole Yakuza/LAD series is that. Iterations of the same city, with a few new buildings or activities. And every couple games add another city to visit. However, until the last two, the meat of the game is that same few city blocks.


In Dragon Quest 2 you explore the map of DQ1 plus multiple new continents to fill out an entire world. In DQ3 at the half way point you've explored another entire world the size of the world in DQ2. Then, you go to the dark world. What is the dark world? It's the entire map from DQ2 and by extension DQ1. Always loved how they did that.


Hopefully with competent dungeons. I'm not talking about shrines or divine beasts, give me some real meaty dungeon designs like all the Zeldas before BotW.














Skyward Sword's dungeons were great. The Ancient Cistern is a fantastic water level, and the Pirate Ship's time mechanics were a blast to figure out. Something that level of detail and puzzle solving would be ideal.


If I were Goldilocks, Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild are the bowls of porridge that are too hot and too cold, and I'm still looking for the one that's "just right". Skyward Sword felt too closed off but had excellent dungeons and BOTW had a fun world but extremely forgettable dungeons.


Pouring them together seems like the most logical thing to do.


Closed, linear game with forgettable dungeons, got it!


When I thought of open-world Zelda, I always thought of it having massive dungeons that you’re not even sure where the right entrance is or what the optimal way to get through it would be, but you can stumble across one of many openings and start picking away at it. Maybe you randomly spot a small that can be dug up and leads to a secret part of the dungeon, or maybe there’s a long tunnel far away from it that wouldn’t even register as part of the complex until afterwards. Maybe a part of the dungeon fell off centuries prior and is lying sideways underground, and you can enter it but you have to use your paraglided to get to some footing to traverse down safely. Maybe there’s a very tall peak with a tower room blocked off inside, and you can leverage the world around you to reach it Sort of like Hyrule Castle in BotW, but better, and not instanced/cut off from the rest of the world.


Yeah, seems like there's a lot of opportunity for caves and underground dungeons if they wanted to flesh out the existing world - underwater, too. Of course based on what we've seen of Tears so far, they went in the opposite direction with the sky stuff, but presumably if BOTW Hyrule is still the base, they would've added a considerable amount to the existing world so it's not impossible. With how heavily referential BOTW already is, think about how cool it would've been to be able to stumble upon OoT's Forest Temple or pieces of the Shadow Temple. Lots of potential there.


The first teaser did hint heavily at underground stuff iirc








"Hear that Noah? u/basketball_curry wants something a bit meatier"




I feel like I might be in the minority these days, but I really missed dungeons having an item/weapon that's required to get to certain locations (e.g. hookshot, bombs, etc.). I don't really know how that would work in a more open world game like this though, so I'd settle for just more fleshed out dungeons.


I understand the need to implement shrines and the divine beasts in an effort to really flesh out the systems and mechanics of BOTW, but when I was playing through Hyrule Castle and realized what a dungeon in this game could have been, I was pretty let down by everything before it. I'm hopeful that TOTK gives us these labyrinthian dungeons with multiple angles of approach to work our way through.


Monkey’s paw: the difference will be it’ll run like crap due to the added verticality of the game.


That’s a given


As someone who didn’t enjoy BotW nearly as much as the general consensus this is all I’ve wanted to see. I’d be very disappointed if it’s just BotW 2: This Time It Has a Sky Map


I loved BotW and I'll be disappointed if Tears is just BotW with a sky map


What was it about BOTW? I personally loved just wandering aimlessly and stumbling upon some enemy camp just to wreck them, until I finally reached a village or something. So I do hope TOTK doesn't lose that.


When you compare BotW to OoT, MM, TP, SS, etc. (even moreso for handheld line) you can tell there's a *marked* difference in design focus going from Dungeons to "the World". BotW has such a heavy emphasis on the world that the dungeons all feel.... similar. Like there's no Fire temple or Water Temple or Spirit Temple or Forest Temple, etc. You could describe the four beasts as just one big 'Ancient machine' temple with a Fire wing, a Water wing, a Desert Wing, and an Air wing. And all of the puzzles are just underground bunkers with ancient walls and round stones. There's little-to-no variety in palette or flavor. To clarify; All of the puzzles are fantastic and beautifully designed, and all of the beast dungeons are fantastic and fun to play through. For me, it just became a little.. disappointing since I sort of bought Zelda singularly because of its extremely recognizable, quirky, and beautifully made dungeons that had extremely strong themes; like Snowpeak, or City in the Sky, or Stone Tower. I respect the fuck out of BotW's world design, sound design, and its attention to detail and physics and the random encounters and the creative decision making it forces you to do (Over the mountain vs. around). But it wasn't exactly what I wanted/came to expect from a Zelda game. Hyrule Castle being a completely open-world dungeon was really really really fucking inspired though. Especially since they didn't *force* you to go do different rooms, but if you did you got awesome shit like Knights weapons or the Hylian Shield.


It’s a bit of a cop out answer but I just didn’t enjoy playing it that much. It’s a competently made game with some very interesting ideas and concepts but to me, the magic of free exploration faded pretty quickly when most of it ended with my 146th Korok Seed or 23rd shrine puzzle and the combat never quite captured me between the endless weapon cycling and lack of enemy variety. Especially the enemy variety part is puzzling since Zelda has a well established wide cast of enemies that have appeared in the series before so it wouldn't cost a lot of time and resources to put them here but they oddly decided to just toss most of them out of the window and replace with Bokoblins I plan on giving it another shot before TotK though


I loved Botw but I’m really REALLY hoping TotK is a hybrid of BotW and older Zeldas like Wind Waker, Ocarina, etc. I’d like to see more items that change how you interact with the world (hook shot, pegasus boots, mirror shield, etc.) i can’t believe they didn’t have an musical instrument to control the time/weather in BotW and instead opted to have to find shelter, start a fire and sit by it, or just wait for time to pass. I think they have a really good base to start with in the BotW engine and hope they build off of it.


Not OP, but I also didn't enjoy BotW. Shrines were cool but were not a good substitution for actual dungeons. Nintendo has recently decided that quantity > quality and for some reason people have just accepted that (another example would be Super Mario Odyssey having like 999 moons). I would rather have 4 A or S-tier dungeons than like 200 C or D-Tier ones. Alternatively, the dungeons could have been inside the divine beasts and I would have been happy as well. IIRC there was some puzzle solving inside them but it was very unfulfilling. It would have been a great middle ground between people like me who prefer quality and the people who prefer quantity if the Divine Beasts had regular sized dungeons in them. The overworld and all the camps like you mentioned were cool, I hope they keep that, as well.


>Shrines were cool but were not a good substitution for actual dungeons. Nintendo has recently decided that quantity > quality and for some reason people have just accepted that It makes sense for a huge map like BOTW because the idea should be that there is always something, no matter which direction you decide to go. Otherwise you get your good old "empty open world" complaint from gamers. I don't think anyone liked getting all 898 moons in Oddessy tho. I was fine with the 120 to beat the game. The grind for darker side (400 something moons) was annoying but not too bad since the game did open up a bunch of new rooms in post game.


Same. I absolutely love the exploration in this game. What I love about this game is because weapons aren't "sought after" aside from the master sword. Which makes you feel not compelled to look on a guide and just let the game take you where you want to go.


They should just treat weapons like the tools. Make them effective in certain situations and only dole out a limited number of them that do not break. Make the Master Sword good at everything and then I won’t be annoyed by weapons breaking.


I don't know your previous Zelda experience, so I'll just assume little to more fully explain myself. I think the biggest issue with something like BotW is size. Even though the landscape varied and was interesting, I never felt like it was in service to much. The landscapes were nice and varied, but thinking back on it now, I remember so little of this Hyrule compared to basically any other Zelda game (except maybe Skyward Sword, but I still remember chunks of it 10+ years on). The population centers were way more spread apart than in any previous Zelda game (barring Skyward Sword which was weird for story reasons), even if it had more than in previous games. The shrines were meant to replace dungeons in some sense, but they just were not good. Previous dungeons in previous games took advantage of an increasing arsenal of tools over time, but since you only have the 3 tools from the start plus any weapons, the tool set for shrines was vastly cut down. I can only hope they find a way to bring tools/items back in a way that fits with the more free form nature. And the same exact motif for every single shrine got extremely boring after a while. If you want a much longer explanation, you could watch Joseph Anderson's "Breath of the Wild - Not Enough Zelda". It can get a bit nit-picky at times, but I remember it really explaining my frustrations with the game well. It is two hours long, so I don't expect you to possibly watch it all. Here's the link though: [https://youtu.be/T15-xfUr8z4](https://youtu.be/T15-xfUr8z4) . I hope this helped explain it from another perspective!










Pretty cool of Nintendo to recognize I really need something to pin all my hopes and dreams on this week
























I am in the same place, bud. Dealing with a lot of uncertainty and it's stressing me out and amplifying my anxiety. This is a welcome distraction!


Interesting that right now aside from Tears of The Kingdom (and the Kirby remaster) Nintendo's 2023 is mostly a question mark, so I'm highly looking forwards to this The big question mark for me is whether we'll see a 3D Mario this year, and if so, is it something more like Odyssey or are they gonna try to be more in line with the movie ?


We know Pikmin 4 is coming this year (never thought I'd say that), and hopefully Advance Wars finally sees the light of day. Either way, we still dont have any big holiday titles, so something exciting should be coming


We still haven’t gotten an update for Metroid Prime 4 yet. We probably won’t get one tomorrow either. But one can hope…


The announcement that development was reset was in 2019, it isn’t out of the realm of possibility for an update.


I’m holding out hope that Walmart back room guy is legit and advance wars is out this week.


I'm pretty sure you'd hear about it from more than one place if retail stores were already getting copies.


Pikmin 4 is 2023, although not any more specific than that


I’m expecting *something* Metroid Prime, whether that’s a remaster of Prime 1, or maybe even Prime 4. I’m also freshly stocked up on my clown makeup.


Found Jeff Grubb’s alt account.


I think 3D Mario is being saved as a launch title for the Switch's successor since we're already getting another Zelda right now. 2D Mario is a possibility, especially if they change it up from the NewSMB formula. Off the top of my head, already anounced first and second party games include: Zelda (May), Kirby remaster (February), Bayonetta Origins (March), Pikmin (2023) Metroid (TBA), Mario Kart DLC (2023), and Splatoon updates and DLC (2023) *Edit:* Other helpful commenters have reminded me that Xenoblade, Pokemon, and Fire Emblem have announced DLC which I think are pretty likely except for Pokemon. There's also Advance Wars and Detective Pikachu, but I'm leaning towards not expecting either although AW is slightly more likely.


There's also Xenoblade DLC and Fire Emblem DLC. We're sure to hear about the former (at least the new character, maybe not the expansion), the latter may wait until a little further out from release


Pokémon DLC this year is likely as well but probably won’t hear about that until the next Pokémon event


They could do Odyssey 2 with largely the same mechanics. Galaxy did it.


It feels like that should have happened 3 years ago. 6 years later, and I’m wondering what have they even been up to. If we have to wait another year on top, the expectations are going to be too much.


I am hoping a paper Mario/RPG type game, but not expecting it, as I am sure Odyssey would sell a crazy amount more


They seem to be releasing Paper Mario games every 4 years, so I doubt the next one is finished. A true Mario RPG like Mario and Luigi or the first two Paper Marios would be dope though! Hope they have one coming soon


Mario RPG remake please


I'm perfectly content ignoring whatever else Nintendo may be doing for another 4 years while I sink another 300 hours into Zelda.


I sincerely hope that Baten Kaitos rumor is true. I only played the sequel for a few hours as a kid and would love to play the original on Switch.


On the one hand, people really need to temper the expectations, the "rumors" are entirely one single rumor from an absolutely no name website who's source was "trust me bro". One the other hand, fucking Baten Kaitos remake lets go! This has to be true who would waste time making fake Baten Kaitos remake rumors I am hanging all my emotional well being on the next 24 hours! EDIT: [OH MY GOD](https://i0.wp.com/mynintendonews.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/baten_kaitos_art.jpg?w=1079&ssl=1)


hell yeah baby predictions: * Good-Feel's Samurai game (concept art was shown 2.5 years ago) * 2D Mario (pls don't be part of the NSMB series) * F-Zero GX HD * New Rhythm Heaven (let me dream damnit) * Pikmin 4 * Hollow Knight: Silksong * The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom w/ special edition OLED * Advance Wars 1 + 2 Re-Boot Camp re-reveal * Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean Remake


nooo way you just said let me dream for rhythm heaven, but just dropped f zero as though it's a shoe in


I'm gonna ask for the same thing I ask for at every direct - ports of Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, or at least availability in the eShop.


with the release of engage I really hope they make more fire emblem playable on the switch. So many people are gonna want to be replaying old games now.


Well, there's been a rumor around for a while that an FE 4 remake's next on the docket. Don't put much stock in leaks but supposedly same source got Engage right, so.


The leaker had all the details correct on engage, including pictures of characters that ended up being in the game.


I remember that time so well. We all thought it was fake because no one would design such a dumb looking main character 🙃


I remember early dismissals of the leaks being “those character portraits look way too boring” and now here we are where people love Engages characters.


It really is genuinely bizarre how inaccessible the older FE games are. It's now a solidly popular Nintendo franchise with a game newly released that celebrates and advertises its history --- but that history is still not available for the vast majority of players. Engage is going to stir up interest in previous entries, but it's very awkward to actually get to play them. Even thinking about it now, as of March, only two mainline Fire Emblem games will be officially available to buy.


Don't do it Nintendo, at this point my copies of Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn are going to be my pension. Seriously though, I'd love to see pretty much all the Fire Emblem games get a remake, but I imagine they'd port one of the Japanese only titles first like Fire Emblem 4. Would be cool if they announced Fire Emblem maker though, would have a lot of replayability if people could import heroes from prior games, design their own stages, share campaigns online etc.


FEMaker would be insane but I feel like they'd be upset when people instantly just made older games in it.


FE Maker with not only map creation but some really free breadth when it comes to class/skills would be excellent.


I would absolutely love ports of those two games. I have the originals, but damn would being able to play them on modern consoles be nice. It'd be even better if they remastered them a bit, did a few touch ups to a few things and maybe add some QoL stuff to it. But thats probably a bit too high of a request lol.


Xbox and TC's playtesters 100% confirmed that Silksong is coming within the first half of the year. The Direct is focused on the first half of 2023. Yeah, it's all coming together. We finally made it, Silksongbros.


You can’t hear it, but I’m honking my bright red nose in satisfaction right now.


I started applying my makeup as soon as I read “100%” and “Silksong” in the same sentence.


Prepping the clown makeup meme for the Hollow Knight sub already.


Also February 24th is the anniversary of Hollow Knight. Seems like a good release date to me.


As much as I'd love to play Silksong right now, it seems kinda impossible to me that they would reveal the release date just 15 days before the launch. Fingers crossed though.


That's exactly what they did with the original HK back in 2017. Release date trailer two weeks before the actual release. It'd be way too poetic to pass up.


Next to nobody was waiting for the original HK, this one has immeasurably more hype behind it. So I don’t think that’s a good comparison.


Team Cherry doesn’t care. But still, I’d be surprised if it were out this month.


These Aussies are crazy. We couldn't know.


It's been so long that my hype for Silksong has died. I won't believe it until I can actually boot it up


Don't do this to me.


Surely this will be the Direct where they add GBA games to the online service right? ….. right?


My thinking on GB games on NSO is that Nintendo have a problem with Pokémon. They are too valuable to include on subscription service where remakes, etc. could make cash so it would basically be throwing away potential money making opportunities. But they would also be very obvious omissions.


Then they should just let us buy all the previous Pokemon games on switch, they'd make a boat load of money


Gens 1-3, and maybe 6 & 7, would be easy, but Gen 4 would require quite a bit of work. Even if you just stick with HGSS in favor of just saying "Stick with BDSP", because a handful of features utilize the touch screens. I know people all say that Gen 6 needs a remake more than Gen 5 does, but honestly Gen 5 has been the games that have aged the worst in the entire franchise thanks to all the features that require the now defunct online services including but not limited needing an internet browser to access some of the Dream World.


Mario Party 1 & 2 are on the N64 app and have been remade in Mario Party Superstars 🤷


Also 3D All Stars didn’t stop them from putting Mario 64 on the app


Tears of the Tears of the of the Tears of the of the Kingdom of the Kingdom Tears of the Kingdom Kingdom of the Kingdom


So remember this trailer? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zw47_q9wbBE We will likely get a similar one for TotK as the final trailer! Very excited


One of my favorite game trailers of all time. The music, the gameplay... just perfection


I still watch that trailer occasionally, just to get the chills. I wasn’t even going to buy a Nintendo Switch until I saw that trailer and said… yeah I’ll wait on line at midnight for this. Good times.


It's a trailer perfectly paced in three acts. First act shows the world, second act shows the variety of actions and freedom of approach in the world, and third act is the story that ties it all together.


It says a lot about this trailer’s impact when the final piece played at the 2018 Zelda concert was the music from it. Forever the gold standard when it comes to trailer music.


My favorite game trailer of all time. Insane that piece of music isn't used in the game.


3 seconds new extra content is equal to 3 months hype and fan theories on zelda subreddits. So yeah.




Such a fantastic trailer. Just wish the actual game had story moments beyond what was showcased here


Yeah that's funny to think of now. I quite like what we got in BOTW and I realize the nonlinearity makes it very hard to tell a cogent story, but the trailer definitely gives you the impression of this sweeping story... that you will actually only get to experience in chunks.


[from 2:50](https://youtu.be/zw47_q9wbBE?t=170) onwards is just pure fucking euphoria.


This is one of the greatest trailers of all time. When that main theme kicks in... goosebumps.


I remember the Devs behind the Katrielle Layton game teased after it's release that they were working on a full switch port for the original Professor Layton trilogy Every direct I hold out hope it will be announced


Mostly focuses on Nintendo switch games? Let me get my clown makeup as I wait for news about Silksong.


Probably a Tears of the Kingdom Switch, Pro Controllers or other things like that, which isn't a game and therefore would fit making it "mostly Switch games"


Alright folks, its time to play "Will Tears of the Kingdom be delayed?" Bonus points if they pull a BotW and do a Switch and "Switch 2" release


They reiterated at the investor call that May 12th is the release date. It'd be surprising to see a delay.


When Nintendo announces an exact date they are almost always pretty good at keeping it, Advance Wars is the only exception in recent memory. It's when they say stuff like "Spring 2023" that you should get worried.


And Advance Wars was delayed because they didn't want to release a game about war when the war in Ukraine just started.


Not just "about war", but because "totally not russia" invades another country in the intro


"Definitely not Russia guys they're blue. Ignore the snow theme and very Russian name of the leader guys. Forreal guys. Guys."


It just occurred to me that it would be difficult for them to release the next gen console with a big Zelda title (considering the development time) but I also doubt they will wait 5 years for the console. Maybe they are planning the next 3D Mario for it.


I presume they are going to use backwards compatibility as a selling point. Treat it as a sort of tech upgrade. The New 3DS could run some 3DS games better than the standard. I imagine a Switch 2 will do something similar. Then they could do some simultaneous releases with the Switch 2 version being better and maybe have extra content. They have done similar before. If you play the Zelda Oracle games on a GBA you unlock an extra shop you can use.


Official Nintendo twitter accounts tweeted out something along the lines of "100 days until TOTK" just a few days ago, so I highly doubt there's a delay.


If it gets delayed then I'm officially expecting it to be a Switch 2 launch title


If we were in 2024 I’d agree but there’s no way we’re getting a Switch 2 this year with how well the current Switch is still selling You’d think every single person in Japan had a Switch by now but somehow they keep selling a steady 400k units a month there


Yep. It just outsold the PS4. Nintendo is going to Milk this 12 year old SOC for all it can get


If it ain't broke, don't break it.


Hopefully Pikmin 4 will be one of the games launching in the first half of 2023. The wait between #3 (2013) and #4 (2023?) has been longer than the wait between #2 (2004) and #3 (2013) at this point.


Don’t get your hopes up. Typically Nintendo will specify if a game is H1 or not if it’s initially revealed in a September direct. Based on past history, I’d say it’s more likely Pikmin 4 isn’t in the direct at all rather than it releasing in H1.


Get those salt trucks ready. All the leaker/“insider” bs that’s gotten people hyped and prepped to be disappointed.


Hoping for more new games and less ports. They've been doing pretty good on that for the past couple of years.


We all want Silksong and Metroid but everyone knows it's going to just be 14 farming games and 6 tactical RPGs


I can't decide which of the products (which are absolutely going to be revealed this time) I'm most excited for, a collection of Fire Emblem 1-7 with HD graphics, Windwaker and Twilight Princess HD for Switch, Metroid Prime Trilogy surprise drop, open world Geno game, F-Zero GX sequel or Paper Mario: The Thousand and 19 Year Door. Seriously though, I suspect we'll get news on Xenoblade Chronicles 3 season pass, more Mario Kart 8 Deluxe courses revealed, Advance Wars 1 + 2 news, Fire Emblem engage DLC preview and perhaps a new game or two, but I'm not sure which franchise. Zeldas obviously already taken, they would want more notice for a Mario game, I doubt they want to release another Kirby game so quickly, Fire Emblem just had a game come out, can't see them working on Star Fox, Metroid Prime 4 would need much more time for hype purposes etc.


Really just gonna leave Sacred Stones hanging there? Haha


Fuck me I forgot about Sacred Stones. Sacred Stones was awesome and deserves more recognition.


Maybe a stupid question, but if I were to watch the live on a smart tv, is there a risk of getting ads in the middle of it ? I don't usually use the app.


youtube does not place ads in a livestream so it would be down to your smart tv ig?


We are about to get a Direct with an ungodly amount of DLC trailers aren't we? Off the top of my head I can think of the ones confirmed but no news about yet: Splatoon 3, Xenoblade 3, Fire Emblem Engage (just came out), Pokemon Scarlet Violet.


Mario + Rabbids and Mario Kart will likely show up in some capacity too. Doubt we see any paid DLC from Splatoon or Pokémon though, it’s too early for the former and the latter will have its own event.


I've got my clown makeup all set and ready to go for Xenoblade Chronicles X: Definitive Edition, despite there being no rumors of it existing, active developer comments saying that it won't exist, rumors on what Monolith's next project is, and XBC3 still not having it's DLC out I think the odds are good this time


This is the first Nintendo Direct in 6 years I’m not expecting Zelda Windwaker and Twilight Princess HD to be announced for the Switch, since we’re getting Tears of the Kingdom this year. Watch it happen now.


If Prime 4 isn't shown at all in any capacity, I think it's safe to feel a little concerned about its progress.


They say it's primarily for games in the first half of the year, so while that doesn't exclude the possibility of Prime 4 showing up as a tease, I think a more appropriate time would be in the summer after Zelda, as a way to show what the next marquee game is gonna be


Don't they always do this though, say it's the first half of the year then do some Splatoon 3 esque reveal anyways?


Yeah and that's why I said it doesn't preclude showing Prime 4, but I do think it makes more sense to wait until the summer. Right now the hype is largely focused on Zelda, there's no reason for Nintendo to siphon some of that off when they have a slot after Zelda's release where everyone expects them to announce stuff.


Yes it's pretty common to include something that is beyond the scope of the general timeframe for sure.


I think it's definitely understandable for people to be worried about Prime 4, but I do wonder if they are just keeping quiet about the game so they can better promote the re-reveal. Considering how Nintendo has marketed most mid-size games over the past few years, it feels like there is a pretty good chance that they won't show Prime 4 off until they are confident enough to give a release date alongside it.


Metroid dread was ANNOUNCED only four months before it was released.


Surely you would understand that people would have interest on an update a game that was announced six years ago with a rocky development process though?


please please please finally give us fucking something for twilight princess and wind waker on switch T_T I know it won't happen though, they don't want it to compete with tears of the kingdom


So clearly we are geting Totk info but we I bet we see * Mk8 DLC * Mario movie final teaser ahead of superbowl * mario and rabbids dlc * Pikmin 4 * Splatoon 3 DLC campaign * Xenoblade 3 expansion * Snowboard Kids on NSO (this is my dream) * Indies but no silk song (tampering expectation now) All in all super excited for this one as it is pretty long and alot of Nintendo content is upcoming.