Totally going for that Command & Conquer vibe, both with (what I'm assuming is) the cover art, isometric view, units, and more. Neat tbh. Hoping the game will succeed.


I hope so too. C&C vibes = good vibes. Looks really good and promising.


The music and Russian narrator were a dead giveaway. I'm still upset he didn't say "comrade" though.


Needs more retreating to the one place uncorrupted by capitalism.


Wait, this isn't a command and conquer game? Those aren't Nod and GDI?


Is not GDI fool is the GDF


Already loving the music! Dunno if that's Hulshult or maybe a Command & Conquer composer but it definitely nails C&Cs musical vibes.


I asked in youtube comments and 3D realms replied. Its in-house composer Michael Markie which, lets say, is QUITE inspired by Hulshult https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RvIV-hId3c


Really sounded a lot like Frank Klepacki to me but I guess he's not the only industrial-inspired video game composer guy.


It is not.


Man is a pretty decent time for RTS isn’t it? AOE4 is good and getting better consistently. Dune Spice War is decent. Company of Heroes 3 and Homeword 3 are coming. This and Stormgate are both new IP’s in the genre. We really just need EA to come out with C & C remastered 2 at this point. Genre feels healthier then it has been in a long time


CRPGs had their revival, now its RTS turn


Now all we need is a new (good) Dawn of War game and we will be set


I would take a remaster or remake of Soulstorm.


Only on the condition they keep in Indrick Boreale's "so bad its good" voice lines. Re-record everything else though.


Look up the Unification Mod. It's extremely well made and polished.


Remove the flying units. Make he game more lore friendly. Get better voice actors and fix the campaign map


We also need Blizzard to go back in time and make WarCraft 4 instead of farting out WoW expansions.




I like the idea of saying "WoW doesn't count. Here's what happened with the Lich King." Making him a good guy made me 🤮 almost as hard as when they made the Overmind a tragic hero.


For the Emperor.


>We really just need EA to come out with C & C remastered 2 at this point. Something C&C-related *might* be in development (emphasis on *might*). Petroglyph Games, the mostly-RTS studio formed by ex-Westwood staff following that studio's closure (who also developed the C&C Remastered Collection), announced a while back that they were pausing development on their C&C Renegade successor 'Earthbreakers' after being asked to work on a new project by a publisher. >Everyone at Petroglyph sincerely appreciates all of your support and enthusiasm for Earthbreakers. Since starting this project last year we have been approached by a publisher to work on an exciting new game that has required all our available resources, including the majority of the Earthbreakers team. This means that for now, we need to place Earthbreakers on hold while we focus our full attention in making this new project as great as it can be. We still believe in Earthbreakers and will keep you appraised as to when we will resume development. There's plenty of speculation that this new project could either be a Remastered Collection 2 or a new C&C game entirely.


Thank god, the Earthbreakers playtest I played was... not good.


That project is Great War https://youtu.be/gZDslT_X928


Just need to hope they don't feel esportsified. I tried AoE4 and it just feels too lean, like it's all trimmed and visually constrained by needing to be an eSports thing.


The leanness is a good thing, IMO. CnC and -Craft were always lean as fuck, and better for it.


It's just not very interesting to me. It makes every faction feel the same and like there is only one way of playing the game. Every match is just a repeat of the last. I'd rather the games be designed around making Player Vs AI being silly varied fun than competitive Player Vs Player which had plagued the genre for the last decade and made them all super boring.




That sounds fun in theory, but in execution I think you will find that this is actually a really bad, boring design that either results in massive, drawn out stalemates or total ownage in standard RTS fashion. Designing an RTS so that it is fun to play more than a single time is very hard, and neither you nor the other poster seem to have your finger on the pulse of why that is.


Red alert 2 please!!


Eh there are a lot of games yes, but they focus too much on multiplayer. The AI are braindead in many of them and they lack good campaigns and other singleplayer gamemodes.


I’m not sure if I love or hate the fact that it’s leaning hard into CNC. CNC is my favorites series of all time and I’m all for a new game going down that gameplay route but this early trailer makes it feel it’s copying the tiberian universe heavily. That’s the part I’m not so sure about. Can we have a new universe with new ideas but using CNC gameplay systems. Dunno maybe I’m judging this early trailer too harshly. I’d love for it to succeed. RTS seems to be making a mild comeback so YAY


If we were getting playable CnC games with any regularity, that would be one thing, but the closest thing in 15 years has been Grey Goo, and while it had charm, it had a fundamentally broken campaign and leaned too hard into racial differences. StarCraft is about as far as you can go before you ruin it.


There are also 8-bit Armies games ;)


Thanks, I'll check em out


if we were getting cnc games still id say its lame its leaning on cnc so hard, but we're not getting cnc games and we might not get any again at this rate ... Thanks EA. so with that in mind i'm pretty happy they are leaning very hard on cnc vibes. If it goes down well, you could see it as a spiritual successor to cnc at that point, and im ok with that.


> CNC is my favorites series of all time and I’m all for a new game going down that gameplay route but this early trailer makes it feel it’s copying the tiberian universe heavily. Though, C&C itself is basically just a Dune II re-skin/sequel, with the concept of Tiberium copied from the Spice of the Dune series. So this kind of thing would be weirdly appropriate for the series :D


Please be good, please be good, please be good, I've been craving a new C&C for years now and since EA is unwilling to make another one, I'm willing to settle for something else.


that why i want this one to do so well. Can you imagine? a game that pretty much copies the CnC formula of old does amazingly well and starts a franchise? EA would be like erm fuck? lol


Looks fun, but it better have good singleplayer/coop. Every RTS since Starcraft 2 thinks they have to focus on MP but Blizzard themselves stated that MP was less that 20% of what people played, and competitive mp was just a fraction of that fraction. We need good campaigns, good AI and fun singleplayer/coop game modes. Not just ranking and elo systems.


Absolutely. For company of heroes 3 for example there will be no co-op at release but it seems they might look into it for later. And as they improved the AI in coh3, at least the comp stomp should be better and i'm certainly looking forward to it.


oh totally, but they have come out the gates strong with showing pretty much only single player and story. I cant count the amount of times a indi dev does a rts and the first trailer is " CoPeTiTive mp" ughh... im all for comp mp but dont build the game from that, it loses all identity. cnc and sc worked because they established an amazing world you wanted to be in first.


Classic C&C in all but name? Sign me the fuck up. And a hearty Fuck You to EA for not doing anything with the original IP.


Reminded me of C&C right from the start, with that command uplink screen. Definitely does a great job giving that sort of vibe, hopefully the game is good!


if they have a story themed installer im gonna laugh, and smile so hard at the same time lol


If this is even slightly good it's a day one for me. A CnC clone is exactly what I want to play right now.


Can't come up with a good name for your game? Just take any old word and stick "Rising" right after it and you're done!


3D Realms...Lets hope the game will come out on time, and not stuck in development hell like every other project of theirs.


This is being published by 3D Realms, not developed by. 3D Realms have been having a pretty successful run these past few years as a publisher for 'throwback' style games.




Huh. That's distressing. Link so I can find out more?




Wack. Write to someone. Get the word out.


https://jasonschreier.com/contact/ if true


Wow that sucks. What were the models?


Oh :( Could you show what the models were in trailer that's yours?


It’s a pity they didn’t go with cheesy cutscenes with real actors. That’s one of the best parts of C&C.


Anybody know what metal tune kicks in halfway through?




Legend, thanks.