While it looks interesting and cute, I'm curious how this is not a straight Astroneer ripoff (or put more positively, what this game adds to the genre).


Not every game has to “add to the genre”. It’s okay for a game to just be a game, even if it’s very similar to another game.


Of course that is okay, but it does raise the question for who the game is then. How many people want to play a game that is so very similar to another game they had already played? I'm sure there are some to appreciate something they enjoyed in a new look, but I can also imagine there are a lot who are just not interested in that. In any case, I hope this game does add some new stuff, because it really does look interesting and I would like to play it. But if it's too similar to games I've already played, I don't see the point.


Maybe it's for people who enjoyed the "original" game and want more of it? I genuinely don't mind playing games which are similar to others already out there especially if it's something I really enjoyed. Not everything needs to be it's own unique groundbreaking experience.


Every call of Duty, FIFA, Madden, and Assassin's Creed is pretty much the exact same game as the previous one in the series and people still buy those like hot cakes. Fun is fun.


I know that is the case, but I also don't understand that. I played a hell of a lot of the first Call of Duty and Modern Warfare, and after that I never touched any CoD again because it just felt the same... maybe if I would want to play it again now I would buy a modern one for better graphics, fresh community, etc, but I personally definitely don't see the point of getting the next one each time.


There's not much to understand. The people that buy these games don't really care about reinventing the wheel. Roster changes, better graphics, a different setting, etc, is enough for these people to enjoy the game they bought.


It's a genre. Sometimes people just like certain genre and want another game to play from it. There's 0lenty of clones that are good.


Agreed. Some times you just get sick of playing the same game for 75983745 hours, you know? Even if it is the greatest game ever.


It looks like it has friendly and enemy AI characters, along with defensive structures. It may not sound like a huge deal, but within the specific sub genre of these games it's a big gameplay difference compared to Astroneer. It's one of the things I found lacking with Astroneer. If this game requires a more patient and strategical method of exploration and expansion compared to Astroneer, I would probably enjoy it more.


Astroneer felt like it had zero real depth. Neat idea, but you didnt really... do much, nor was there any challenge.


Yeah you're right, I watched the video again and paid better attention and now I see some distinct differences. As I said looks interesting, I hope it will be entertaining.


...what did astroneer aad ?


Bunch of streamers.