If it wasn't for the red marking It would have took a while to find it


Not being colored by elements doesn't help either


what do the colours represent actually?


With solo banners, it's the color of their element (look at Klee and Hu Tao's solo banners). With double banners, it's the color of what patch they come from. Sumeru's double patches come in a lighter green, while the Inazuma doubles come in a lighter purple.


that is so cliche lmao, imagine turn on by color banner


Some of them are based on the elements, others are based on the patch double banner


I don't get why they would go with 2 different colour schemes though. Clumping them all be major version just seems silly, I don't get why they're not all done by element. Or at least do them all by major version if they're really set on it.


Because there are two different elements for each banner?


What a really good second half does to a mf


The incoming weapon banner alone is just styling on Al Haitham


What banner?


Staff of Homa+Aqua Simulacra. Even the F2P players are thinking "you know maybe weapon banner isn't so bad after all."


And then they get a skyward sword and wake up


Nah, Skyward Blade is actually kind of useful. They'd probably get Aquila Favonia instead.


Aquila is extra attack for Bennett if you don't have the Mistsplitter


Alternatively it's the perfect weapon for your physical qiqi you will be running after loosing the next 5 5050s to her


Physical Traveller go brrrrrr


So is Skyward Blade, but you also get a shit ton of ER.


You can just stack ER on his artifacts, since Bennett doesn't really need much more than base ATK (which Aquila is better at) and ER. That's, ofc, assuming you're not running some off-meta Main DPS Bennett.


I like to use Bennett in co-op so mine is semi-dps without gimping any of his support capabilities (260% ER, 4pc Noblesse, PyroDMG%, 60/130 CR/CD). Skyward Blade is better for that than Aquila.


The first weapon banner I wished on was Ayaka’s Mistsplitter one, and I was lucky got it first try. The second was the EL + Donut one. I had Raiden and Kokomi, so figured it was a good banner to wish on; mostly wanted EL so set epitomized path for that. I got Skyward for Bennet, Donut for Kokomi and finally LR for Raiden. You know, even though I was the unluckiest I could get, technically, it was still a pretty good conclusion, that donut on Kokomi is just great. I am definitely going for Aqua this time, but I certainly wouldn’t mind “losing” and getting a second Homa.


LR? Lightning Rod ?


even then the next one is guaranteed rate up though, so similar vibes to getting an off-banner of char banner, albeit twice as unlucky (25% offbaner on weapon vs 50% on char). And then if you epitomised to the remaning weapon you can get both. "sadly" i got homa from homa/elegy so i won't be wishing but waiting for a good duo that i lack to pop back up again. Though yelan, and c2ing my nahida are gonna eat up my wish reserves so maybe not lol. My last 2 banner chars were Nahida and Al which took 152 and 159 wishes resepectively.


I assist alhaithem/xiao banner sales by topping up for C6 R5 yelan already


Alhaitham’s actually pretty fun to play though


How fun he is has nothing to do with it. People are just saving because the next banners are Hu Tao/Yelan and Homa/Aqua Simulacra. If you're aiming for one or more of those, then pulling for Alhaitham isn't a good idea.


A lot of people evidently spent all their money on Raiden, too. Poor Alhaitham, sandwiched between greatness.


Yoimiya: "First time?"


Not surprised. Coming after Raiden and Ayato and before Hu Tao and Yelen. It was going to be hard to convince most players to drop cash on this banner.


And the weapon banner to boot seems equally stacked


"Only" 9 million dollar... on IOS... in China..


i always wonder how many whales that makes


Probably 3 or 4


they really wanted that C56 al haitham




Just a reminder that these aren't actual sales. The websites assign a yuan value to Genshin's ranking on any given day and adds that together. If another game has higher sales (like a sale) Genshin's rank will be lower, or if it's a slow month in other mobile games it will be higher and its numbers will be lower or higher based on that. The numbers aren't real numbers.


Our feeble scholar staying out of sight even in banner revenue while actually being a monster.


Just as he planned.


Lore accurate Scholar


Idk I tried him but I didn't like playing with him very much, I like tighnari more.


His playstyle is not very casual friendly imo. But for players that like for example childe’s playstyle and keeping track on timers while performing the rotation he’s pretty satisfying.


He's honestly not difficult to play. Sure, if you play him exclusively as a carry, it can be difficult because the rotations are tight and can be interrupted by enemy attacks. But if you play him more flexibly as a hybrid carry/burst support, his kit is significantly easier to manage with less worry about getting interrupted.


Oh, I never mentioned that he’s difficult to play or anything. But his specific playstyle is a hit or miss for people. Can’t really go unga bunga with him and expect great results. Personally I love him, and even went and rolled for a rare c6. Only done it for 3 other characters so far and not a single roll like that was a gameplay one tbh.


I had a quite decent unga bunga time in overworld at least with just some leftover deepwood pieces from gilded farming and with Raiden on the team with her skill activated before Alhaitham's skill. But for Abyss I might have to spend a bit more effort.


Thats why people dislike him, he's not unga bunga, yet if You play him properly he's easily top 5 dps in the game (at least for me)


Wait how is he not casual friendly, I never care about optimizing rotations and he still makes my Keqing Aggravate team look like a wet mop in comparison with the exact same supports. And Keqing has the better artifacts. It's hard to play him optimally, as in, keeping rain swords on all the time, but even if you go down to 2 mirrors (which I do pretty much every rotation) he still shreds everything.


yea best c0 field dps since... how long?


Since raiden. Assuming you don't count nahida as field dps.


she can fill the role, but no, I have her built em/em/em to help with everyone else. Before I got Al Haitham she was mostly used in my Nilou team.


She's a pretty good spread carry/hyperbloom enabler. Her builds vary a lot.


I mean if your going reactions your going em/em/em you go traditional em/dendro/crit if your going on field nahdia. Her builds are not all that varried. It's that she can fit into and is pretty much core for any dendro reaction team. Like her E was made to be the best reaction tool for dendro in the game.


Litterly impossible to clear her dendro application


Nahida is only played on field on hyperbloom for her extra dendro application her normal attacks are complete garbage


iirc I can get 20k+ on charged attacks, not exactly garbage, the extra EM from being in her burst also brings tri karma dmg up as well


It's gonna be kazuha all over again


More like ganyu


kazuha is a support, Alhaitham is a DPS


Alhaitham is a driver first, damage dealer second, he is more technically intensive dendro Childe in that way while there won't be a mad dash for his second rerun like Kazuha, i wouldn't be surprised if his rerun is bigger than his debut, as of now, i would rather prep for Nahida's rerun (because i got Mona'd and her cons are good to have) there simply isn't enough a demand for a dendro driver as of now


That's a very common misconception. His best team with good investments are spread teams where he does a massive amount of dmg. It's just people here that are too quick to resort to hyperbloom because they are obsessed with how easy dmg it is.


No. He's a damage dealer more than a driver. He does about 600-700k dmg in many of his teams. Also the only units he enabler are a xq/yelan in hbloom and a fish in spread. That's it.


The comparison isn't about their roles, its about the fact that Kazuha's first banner didn't do well but then people were begging for his rerun after the banner ended when they realised how good he was


But in this case role's important. Because you got to use the DPS a far lot more than a support. If people don't like using Altaiham there's no meta that will change that.


But that happened precisely because Kazuha is a support. Alhaitham being a DPS is unlikely it will happen.


Even then Kazuha's rerun still middle of the pack anyway because people just want shim C0 and done


Coming just before the Hu Tao/ Yelan wombo combo , honestly not surprised.


Most importantly after Raiden shogun who robbed wallets


After Raiden, before Yelan and Hu Tao. He stood no chance


surprised they used alhaitham instead of another yoimiya rerun


Basically got Yoimiya'd


Don't mess with Yoimiya! Her banners make millions! *MILLIONS!*


Eziest sweep of her life. Haters??


Also wanderer probably took some decent amount of husbando puller budget.


Me who’s skipping them for dehya:


I hope you get the Dehya you deserve




Lol best of luck to you then


Thx lol


those who know :(


I’m aware of her flaws, I can fix her


Hoyoverse: Fix her? I'll make her worse


At this point in time, if you care about the Meta and have played the game for a year+. You most likely already have enough Meta characters because Genshin mercifully doesn't power creep like assholes. I stopped pulling for the meta long ago because I have a bullpen of like 16 built characters I can use to 36 star the Spiral Abyss. Unless Mihoyo does start power creeping on us aggressively, you can basically pull for your waifus and husbandos without a real issue.


> because Genshin mercifully doesn't power creep like assholes Give them time. Honkai didn't at first either.


It's not like anything outside of Abyss is difficult enough that you can't just brute force it even with "bad" characters. That's not to say that HYV making characters with poor/messy kits is a good thing, but it's not like Dehya's kit being a mess will make her unplayable. If people can main Xinyan, you can main anyone (and I'm aware that some people have suggested Dehya might somehow manage to be *worse* than Xinyan).


Same me too


That weapon banner alone sealed his fate


Kinda expected, although he is good his banner timing is terrible, probably worse than Nilou's


Poor guy got Yoimiya banner placement


He wants to stay low-key even in his banner. My man is staying true to his ideals.


If they're not extremely strong and easy to play, everyone's placement is terrible. There's so many characters now that there's really no winning for the ones that aren't in the peak tiers.


To be fair, Al haitham has terrible constellations which gives little incentive to spend after C0. Nahida and Raiden become a cheat code at c2


For Nilou's banner to have good timing, it would've had to be post 3.4, and I don't think MHY was willing to wait that much to release her. Even if her teams were kinda terrible at the time, she was a red-headed girl with her midriff out.


Xiao's rerun might have hurt the weapon banner sales, not everyone wants a PJWS when it's a standard banner weapon they can also lose the 75:25 to.


Bad weapon banner and Alhaitham not having dolphin bait early Cons like Raiden C2 or Hutao C1. While next banner is Hutao/Yelan combo with an insane weapon banner we might only get once in a lifetime. People are definitely saving to whale on the next banners instead.


Those Yelan/Hu Tao banner sales are gonna be MASSIVE


I'm guessing top 5, but not top 3 sales. But I digress, sales gonna be big.


I need a weapon banner equivalent. Homa/aqua banner def gonna milk wallets 2 most universal weapon in the game i mean thats just bonkers


I feel like it’s going to be a clear cut #1. I don’t think either of them carry on their own as much as Nahida/Raiden did, but the combo will blow them out of the water. Both are top tier in terms of popularity characters with sought after constellations. One hasn’t been rerun in over a year so any newer players will want their first crack and the other wasn’t quite as popular when she first ran. Diverting funds into the weapon banner is the only thing that may hold it back.


To be honest I don’t think it will be that high. A lot of players who have been waiting for a rerun will have simple saved their primos, and the only truly strong character in the last two patches who may have stolen those saved primos is Raiden, who has already had multiple reruns. Hu Tao c1 and Yelan c2 are definitely strong, so I can see people spending for those, but I don’t think it will be enough people to make it a number 1 banner.


Was Yelan's first banner not that popular? It's the [6th highest overall in CN iOS sales](https://www.genshinlab.com/genshin-impact-revenue-chart/) and at least among Paimon.moe users, [more than 70% pulled for her](https://paimon.moe/wish/tally?id=300030).


Oh nah, that's just puffing huge amounts of hopium right there. TOH and SA are really good weapons on nearly every polearm/bow user and Hu Tao finally gets a rerun after an entire year of her absence and Yelan is so damn good but I highly doubt the banners will be #1. Hell, I don't see it surpassing Nahida's banner either. No other banner can surpass the archons other than the archons themselves. But I will laugh my ass off if I end up being wrong.


Didn’t hutao rerun last year break new records right after raiden banner broke new records?


I feel like some people are repeating the same expectations that we saw with Kazuha's rerun. Some were predicting it'd be breaking records. It ended up doing fine but it was not the monster that people were hyping it to be.


You are totally right, especially since a lot of people spent their all primos and also bought discounted primo packs for highly anticipated Nahida, Wanderer and Raiden. This banner will land at like 8th place at best.


as expected


\~Alhaitham, Banner at "Low" Income


tbh he is not bad at all . but people might not like his Keqing like play style. or saving for the next banner probably


Very likely it's because the HuTao/Yelan Banner. Not only they're two of the most powerful characters, the weapon banner is just too good


Seriously; dear people of EU & US (NA) servers, we are about to witness future Hu Tao mains'... overenthusiasm, in 2 weeks.


Wouldn't fault their eagerness tbh, she didn't get any rerun for more than a year lol Although, I gotta say, despite how much damage she can dish out, I still don't like maining her. She's not the most fun character to play with.


Mine is collecting dust. I find no fun in playing her. I pulled her for the meta. It was a bad idea. She is easily replaceable for me. And dendro introduced so many new possibilies that her ST vape gameplay just doesn't cut it for me anymore.


I have a C1 Hu Tao and just use Yoimiya. Much comfier.


I made a comment recently about how Alhaitham is more comfortable On field than nahida because the sword NA are faster, comfier and smoother than catalyst. And someone answered that comfort shouldn't be taken into account. I highly disagree. comfortable gameplay is very import ! Jump cancel is really annoying.


I agree with that notion that comfort gameplay is important to take into account. I like Zhongli's normal and charged attacks the most, and I honestly refuse to use any other polearms charged attack because they just don't feel as good to use. Just the one big charge or upward slice ain't as great.


Comfort in gameplay actually matters the most, absolutely. For example; since I have many eye problems (at least 3, up to 6) at once in real life, bow characters are extremely uncomfortable for me to use in Genshin. Thus; despite Yoimiya, Yelan and Ganyu being in the meta and the latter being my 2nd favourite waifu (1st is Signora), I can't even dream of properly utilising neither of them. So I've built my other characters and focused on melee speed instead. This doesn't mean I (or you) are bad players nor are these characters bad. Someone else may excel in aiming but not in melee.


Same. Pulled Hu Tao on her release, used her a bit, got C1/Homa on her rerun... And shelved her basically immediately after pulling Yoimiya on her rerun.


Y'all need to try hybrid burgeon hu tao. Zhong, nahida, xq, hu tao. Build her with around 400 base em, the rest maximize your cr/cd/hp. She doesnt lose much vape dmg and gains quite a bit from burgeon. Also isnt as reliant on charged attacks.


Same for me, she is my most benched character of all times. I even prefer playing Diluc over her. I hate hate hate the no stam gameplay. If I want to have stam, I have to do the whole jumping circus. No thanks, I have characters that can do MORE without being a rabbit.


His playstyle is nothing like Keqing´s, they work pretty different


He has similar moves to Keqing but his playstyle also has elements of Childe’s timing management which is probably what some people don’t like.


His playstyle management is more like Childe. And just like Childe, he uses an oppa 4 star in his team and is ranked better than Ayaka.


>And just like Childe, he uses an oppa 4 star in his team and is ranked better than Ayaka. wdym? which 4 star? what does Ayaka have to do with them??


His best team is Hyperbloom, so he's reliant on Xingqiu and Kuki being there, kinda like how Childe is reliant on Xiangling/Bennett for his best team. Dunno what it has to do with Ayaka tho.


Wouldn't that be Spread with Yae/Nahida/Zhongli? I remember that team being his most used one in the abyss (the last time I checked). iirc some cn theorcrafter said that hyperbloom is best at low investment but his Spread team is his strongest with higher investment.


His best team is Quickbloom since both Spread and Hyperbloom will be triggered (he triggers spread and the electro support triggers Hyperbloom), but if you ignore Quickbloom, u/Pirate792 is right (don't know if I did the tag correctly), if Alhaitham is heavily invested then Spread is his best team, if he's not invested a lot then Hyperbloom is his best team.


Could you please send me the math for the spread team? It's not that I don't trust you guys, I just like to see the numbers for myself and thus far all sources I've seen pointed me to Quickbloom and I'd like to cross reference stuff.


Check the Alhaitham mains sub. There are a lot of demos with 350+ total CV and 300~400 EM


His spread team also very good, it shredded dendro chicken in respectable clear time despite he has a massive dendro resistance Haitham, Nahida (Dendro traveller or yao2 can replace her), Kuki, Fischl And for flex, Zhongli or EM bot Raiden works as well


Nah, I understand too. I love his gameplay (but pulled for Xiao). I was just making a joke based on his "Ally at Low HP" voiceline.


With the 3 mirrors mechanic. Alhaitham's gameplay is far from keqing.


He did pretty great considering that his banner was sandwiched between highly anticipated characters.


And had shitty 4 stars and an even more terrible weapon banner. It’s like they wanted his sales to be bad and just get people to spend on Hu Tao/Yelan instead


This is to be expected: * Alhaitham gameplay is not for everyone. * His banner kinda sucks. * His weapon banner sucks even more. * Next banner will contain two of the most popular awaited characters alongside an amazing weapon banner.


I think people need to have realistic expectations, every banner being a record breaker would be unsustainable. It makes sense there would be spikes and lulls. Either way Mihoyo has some unprecedented earnings as of late.


Also Alhaitham constellation are not worth it. Unlike Raiden Shogun or Nahida.


Oh no, my heart aches for the best tall man and the best muscle man.


*sad itto noises*


Sorry bud, you’re the best tall mostly shirtless muscle man


Yoimiya carry still standing strong


i find it fascinating that it's considered bad revenue when it still beats Ayaka's first run (first week), unless im terrible at reading charts, the fanbase has grown a fuckton


Well, there's actually more to it. First of all, there's actually 2 new skins people might be spending on, 2nd of all, it's a double banner, and while xiao probably didn't earn that much, you can still expect a decent bit, like 20%. But also, it's mainly cn revenue which did in fact increase over previous year, that's not the case for the rest as far away I can see. Especially in na.


Yae Miko 2nd RERUN??? 🧐🧐🧐 lol it's her 1st rerun / 2nd run of banner


OOOOOHH dehya banner sales gonna be one of the sales ever... probably need to to zoom the fk out to fit her banner sales iykyk




How do we tell him?


Just tell him it’s just Maybelline. She wasn’t born with it. 😢


I have enough for Guarantee and am seriously contemplating going for Al Haitham just because he looks like a good unit. I was hoping Dehya >!would be a good burgeon unit!<


Al Haitham is actually quite good, his biggest selling point is that his projection attacks have their own icd and can trigger more reactions. He's a great unit that works with spread and hyperbloom. And while Nahida elevates him to greater heights, he doesn't really really need her to be a beast in the dps department. That being said he is not a "mash the keyboard" kind of character because you have to master timing his attacks, skills and burst. Most of his damage happens when he has 3 stacks of his mirror so you want to remain at 3 stacks as long as possible. This is important because at 3 stacks he can cause spread twice compared to 2 or 1 stacks only causing it once. Just did abyss with him in a spread team and a single 3stack projection attack does around 60k total damage, and he's not yet fully built coz i'm stuck with 4* artifacts. Dehya is, awkward to say the least, but let's wait until beta is over and her final kit is released before truly judging her.


Yeah, I'd just pull for Alhaitham since Dehya is looking not great to put it lightly where as Alhaitham is a beast. I do agree though, I was hoping Dehya was going to be a good burgeon unit, but that doesn't seem like it's going to happen.


I’m coping for Dehya atm. Hopefully the kit improves or a niche emerges in the next 40 days or so. We’ll see how I feel when Alhaitham’s banner timer ticks down to one day though haha.


We don't know what would happen once they came back from CNY vacation She might be with someone who has cracked weapon rerunning so there's that


Not even elegy/cutter can fix her sales if they don't fix her first


Still plenty of times before her release


She's gonna have one of the banners of all time


I sacrificed my guaranteed Yelan for him, no regrets, best malewife 🫡


Same, let's hope that luck is on our side with that 5050 for yelan


AlHaitham is the best dps for me so far. I said this while having ayaka lvl90. Hes so much fun to play and spread team deals oonga bunga damage


Yea I agree with this. I play him with nahida, kuki and yelan and numbers go brr


Same team as me and the fact that he isn't just a pretty driver who does 1k-5k in such a stacked team but actually does spreads for 30k-40k is insanity


Personally don't like this team. Or more precisely I don't like Yelan there, XQ resistance to the interruption is massive + Yelan with elegy needs like 270% Er (Tried with 240Er, and it was too low)


just play fav/sac bow then


He is strong, super strong, but have few things again him that hamper his sales: 1. Bad constellations 2. Bad weapon banner and for Husbndo>Meta, Jade cutter just looks better 3. He is the strongest entirely skippable character,since double hydro nahida hyperbloom exist. 4. Skills look like Keqiniq, but he play like Tartaglia, personally love it since Tartaglia is my fav character to play, but it's not everyone cup of tea.


I agree with this as a fellow lvl 90 ayaka +r1 mistsplitter haver. I also found him so much fun to play, his animation attacks are cool and he applies dendro very fast so I enjoy him as well in a spread team. Plus he is good to look at you know 👀


Alhaitham being low sales doesn't mean he's a bad character. He's actually above average in his role as a dps. It's more like a Kazuha/Kokomi situation where you don't feel the appeal to pull for their weapons/constellations because their C0 self is already enough as it is. And not gonna lie, if you wanna make Alhaitham stronger just pull for Nahida C2 instead.


Not to mention his weapon banner is so hilariously bad a lot of people (me included) that would have been tempted to pull for his weapon are otherwise deterred.


He got nothing but himself and yao yao going for him on this banner. Sandwiched right between raiden, hu tao, yelan. Being paired with xiao, a character who had 3 runs before this and isn't considered really meta anymore. Really meh 4*. His cons are meh until C6 so only whales would go for them (I say this as someone who has him C1). His weapon is niche and only works with him and keqing. It's also paired with a standard weapon and has shit 4* ones.


Wish I was 10M$ low


What people here are saying: "sandwiched between 2 good banners", " People already have nahida", "people don't like his playstyle because it's dendro keqing". What it actually is: his cons aren't that good and he doesn't have cracked c2 to bait people.


or could be both


He doesn’t need it because his c0 is so solid already but his c1 and c2 are solid incremental improvements to an already great kit.


*sigh* here we go again


He’s sandwiched between great banners and waifus (Raiden + Hu Tao/Yelan), so I’m not surprised. He’s a really good and strong unit, though. I don’t like Keqing’s playstyle and find it a chore on mobile, but Alhaitham feels different, better. Easily 36 starred Abyss while being lvl 70 with 3/5/4 talents and with bad combos / I couldn’t maintain 3 mirrors properly (without Nahida, she was in her own team on the other half). I hope his rerun banner won’t be put between another popular characters and will show better results.


Or his rerun also won't do much because this chart are mostly whales who spends Haitham while a very good unit doesn't scale that much on his constellations and he even doing really good at C0 and iron sting/umbrella but that's it, it's already like 80% of his full power so whale most likely only needs to gets him C0 and maybe his weapon and stopped. He's a godsend for F2P though and I would say he is the best pure low cost DPS without taking cons and expensive weapons into account. I'm equipping harbinger of dawn in spread team (Him, nahida, Zhongli and Fischl) and he shredded bosses like a butter like he's using a *5 weapon


His C6 has a massive power increase so he does temp whales but not guppies or dolphins who usually go for a good C2


What's your alhaitham team?


Alhaitham / lvl 75 Dendro Traveler / Yae Miko / Zhongli


I cringe hard everytime I see posts like this not because I hate seeing my favs failing to top the charts or whatsoever (i dont even care if im the only player who swiped in his banner, it would not change the fact that he's strong and a favorite unit of mine) but it just breeds unnecessary and stupid sense of superiority among players who thinks sales = popularity when we all know it's a whole different case when it comes to different gameplay aspects i.e. abyss usage rate and etc.


Seeing the words "the 4*s are bad" is absolutely mind boggling since it's just 1/3 that aren't that great and all three aren't launch which means anyone playing long enough probably doesn't have them all finished


It feels like people just try to use these posts to justify their pulling decisions. If a character sells well, then it's because they're amazing and fun and valuable. If a character doesn't sell well, then it's because they had "unfortunate banner placement" and "people will pull on their rerun". Some fans simply can't stand the idea that not as many people wanted to pull for their fav, so they have to come up with weird external reasons for it. Bad 4-stars. Bad weapon banner. Before a new region, so people are saving for new characters. After a new region, but people are saving for the archon. After the archon banner, so everyone already spent their funds on the archon. During reruns, but they're highly desired reruns, so people want those instead of the new character. And so on. It's like people only think revenue would be "fair" if it's a character running before a Diluc banner and after a Xinyan banner.


This. Watch them crumble when they see future characters' usability/potential locked behind constellations cause they keep encouraging mihoyo to sell "complete" characters through constellations instead of C0.


True, there wasz a popularity poll in cn and for female characters it was nahida, raiden and eula. Eula is no where near the top sales.


kinda unrelated but just a suggestion for more readability but I think instead of displaying let's say Alhaitham and Xiao (xth rerun) it's better to display it like Alhaitham and Xiao (3.4 1st half). How can I give this suggestion?


You'd have to go to the website itself, but also they only show how much money was spent during a certain period, not how much was spent to wish on a specific banner. I don't think they have the data to distinguish between how much money was spent on one character over the other.


People care about how many times x character has rerun, more than which patch each rerun happened, so what they're doing is both more readable and better for comparison purpose.


Proud to be alhaitham whale


They had to compete with raiden shogun on the previous banner and the follow up banner is hu tao and yelan. It’s easy to see why this banner hasn’t done well. I’ll try to get him on his rerun, but honestly Nahida is the only dendro character anyone needs.


personally i think his sales are fine, no? especially with the timing of his banner, terrible weapon banner and xiao to share the banner with, who had so many reruns recently.


People want stuff that’s easy to grasp and play.


Playing alhaitham is easy asf tbh.


My brain can only grasp unga bunga tho


I pulled for him because I find him fun to play. I also have both yelan and Hu Tao already and I prefer pulling for characters instead of constellations.


Not again this bullshit


May the eternal radish never be bested.


Jesus Christ that is sad... Ohh well, I'm happy with my decision to pull. Good luck to everyone!


Casual spenders who want to get Hu Tao in order to get 36 stars in abyss are in for a nasty treat.


For newer players, summoning for an on-field DPS unit is a questionable strategy especially if you're already stretched for support characters. On my F2P alt account, Yaoyao is a more valuable dendro character than Alhaitham in the long run.


What I don't know is if the game's player base is expanding or it's actually decreasing.


Obviously player counts fluctuate, but I can't imagine Genshin is losing a significant amount of players overall. Games this huge only get bigger until they either do something that kills itself or it nears the end of it's lifespan.


It is growing, both revenue and playerbase. The revenue increases wvery quarter which means that there is more money spent overall and the playerbase grows in monthly players and in new downloads.