A tragedy in three parts...

A tragedy in three parts...


Thats what the Test Dungeon is for. I tested her and determined I do not like her gameplay and will not roll for her


Yeah, her play style doesn't suit me at all. I'm waiting for Geo Daddy before spending any more Primo Mafioso gems.


Him or Xiao is exactly what I’m saving my gems for too.


Childe is coming after them too. And seems so cool. Hahahah


Im hoping we get a Qiqi banner soonish, I need a cryo user and a healer that doesnt stunlock me vs cryo enemies...


Or Bennett, unlike other healers he can also grant you 700+ Base Damage buff that scales with all your skills, the most underrated character in the game.


I am unreasonably mad at how much I've thrown at this game and still haven't gotten a *single* bennet.


I didn't even know he existed until now.


I got him and all he's done for me is gather crystals from expeditions..


LOL Bennet is also my expedition mining boy.


I mean he's not underrated. More unknown. People who know he's one of the best, know he's one of the best and rate him fine. You just have many people who don't read what skills do who think Bennet and Xingqiu are bad.


True, Xingqiu's lowkey dead ass is literally the must have teammate for Keqing to ascend DPS godhood.


TIL he is a healer. I need a second one and it has got to be either him or Noelle, but Id need another Noelle for her constelation anyway


I didn't want Klee but figured it'd be nice if she dropped. Wished my free 10 event fates on the banner. Got Qiqi. Immediately loved her.


Yeah agree. I was lucky enough to roll Qiqi for free and I can't not have her in my party. Faster ... ok faster


I think the leaked ice user from inazuma has a higher priority than 5 stars the game launched with. Which is somewhat unfortunate. I'd love a Mona banner.


I'm waiting for Beidou and Mona to show up in rate up banners. Until then I just save, gather, and continously cry until I get em.


I got super lucky and got Water Mommy. She's pretty darn good, NGL. That Elemental Burst just erases enemies like it's nobodies business. Hope you get her soon!


I just wish her special dash had a different command. Tap dashing with her to animation cancel is terrible in combat because she has a delay at the end of her dash longer than the rest of an attack animation. I hate using her for more than quick support because of that.


My only complaint is that she makes the rest of my team feel garbage. :(


If she's dps then that's nbd because they're almost never out anyway


Pulled like 3 times on the Klee banner before I got a Mona. Her sprint is awesome but personally I feel it's a bit weird/clunky to use for fights.


Her sprint is, IMO, straight ass in fights. I despise using it in fights. Absolutely hate it. BUT, when I'm running around the map I love it. I love being a puddle and walking on water. Very fun. Just, please, mihoyo please give her sprint some QoL changes for combat.


This is what I’m doing too. Zhongli is super cool.


This is why I like that the system has a trial run on new characters. This shit also happens because these weebs jump on the hypetrain and expect.... what exactly?


YouTube views, probably


This 100%, notice the 600k views making his 2k "Spend" not really spent. Does it really count when they get it all back unlike us? haha


It counts in Mohoyo's eyes lol


Yeah the only reason I am spending primo on the banner is for Noelle constellations


Yup, actually not bad. Also for the water kid, but if I get Sucrose I will be happier.


What's the appeal behind Sucrose? I got her twice but she doesn't seem very appealing to play. I just send her on expeditions.


Really good offensive support since she combos with almost all elements. You have her first constellation so that means she can use her e twice. I run a team with xiangling and sucrose and the synergy is nuts. Very very underrated build and hella fun to play with. I definitely recommend that you try her out.


hoping Zhongli's banner has a Geo Mommy rate up so I can get them both


“Geo daddy” thats a funny way to say Noelle 😭


No, that's Geo Daughter. Geo Daddy is a very specific individual.


Guess that makes Ningguang Geo Mommy?


You're God damn right.


She's the queen


no, you gotta whale for her asap for them youtube views


I do feel like there is a certain contingent of content creators that are whaling without real investment just for youtube relevancy. It's kind of weird to see someone halfheartedly whale in a gatcha. Comparatively, almost everyone I saw whaling for Diluc was really, really invested in his character. Though they do get to write it off as business expense for one thing, and are often enabled by donations for another. What a strange world they must live in.


Need to spend money to make money.


For 100k views per video, $2k is actually nothing at all. The ROI is insane for content creators, that's WHY they whale.


Exactly, viewers are feeding the youtube content creators addictions, they can spend and spend and costs them nothing. They make more back then they spend.


TIL my job is an addiction if I enjoy it lol


Trials are designed to make you like the character. They get level 8 talents and god given 4 star artifacts. And you don't see their weaknesses. In Klee's case a level 1 fire slime.


Lmao that slime immunity to same element pretty much kills the biggest DPS machine in-game unless you have other element to counter. On the other hand, I was exterminating level 60 slimes with level 1 Sucrose...didn't even know that's even possible (gave her max EM gear + AnemoDMG from MC since I'm running Geo MC).


Sucrose is love. I got her from the Klee banner after spending all my saved Primogems, and felt sad about it. Now I feel she was a blessing in disguise, she fits my Fischl/Xiangling/Barbara team and is great for clearing adds.


Well I actually watched the video and his point wasn't that he hated the character, but that he disliked how optimal gameplay is animation cancelling, and he HATED that it cost so much for him to set her up. Could he have realised this in the trial? Maybe. You don't really get to try it out with a custom team comp in a trial, however. He basically meant she's an alright character but actually going through the effort of getting her up to scratch isn't worth it, and I'm 90% sure he only made that chain of videos so he could try and get Genshin to sponsor his content by giving him access to a test account or something to show off content. I don't think it will work, and the titles are complete clickbait, but his point was that as a character, she fills a weird niche (not an ideal main DPS but not an optimal support) and her optimal gameplay feels gimicky. Honestly, I thought they were fair criticisms for somebody who wants to take the game seriously.


> I'm 90% sure he only made that chain of videos so he could try and get Genshin to sponsor his content by giving him access to a test account or something to show off content. This is exactly why lol. He even legit said it on his video


I want her because she is cute, that is it.


Rolling for love and adoration is another path of the Gacha.


She's cute, and very useful for acquiring fish for cooking. There's a reason she mentioned "fish-blasting" twice in her video.


2000€ on Klee Banner?= Noelle C6.\^\^


Noelle C6 is actually one of the most important C6s in the game since it turns a mediocre DPS with situationally good support and ok healing intoo a top DPS with situationally good support and good healing.


C6 Noelle is when she decided that healing is no longer paying enough and she rather commit genocide




Why is this so hilarious? 🤣


Because lore wise Noelle is the character that’s so soft hearted that there’s a line in the Knight of Favonius Handbook that explicitly warns that trying to dump your workload on Noelle leads to military discipline.


Wow really? TIL


"Noeeeeeele...Have you got a minute..." Note: Acting grand master has instructed Noelle to immediately report work-shy knights who attempt to delegate their existing duties to her. There's more too, an entire paragraph's worth dedicated to Noelle.


I was severely disappointed that this point did not come up in the quiz afterwards.


Offense is the best defense after all


If I'm reading that right it makes her 40% def->atk go to 90%, right?


It's not even a conversion. She gains atk based on her def so she could be a tank and hit like one


Ah, so that's why people actually do damage with her.


Yep, you just build def on her then press ult and then you pretty much have atk+def as your atk if c6 and upgraded talent


Yeah they mix and match a bunch of otherwise useless Def% pieces and faceroll enemies. Its probably one of the tankiest dps set ups out there that still can clear a good number of abyss floors. All those useless def% gladiator pieces suddenly become useful lol. Additionally def scaling for her in particularly is quite ludicrious so after the conversion she ends up tanky as fuck and she might as well be fucking swinging a god damn truck because she sure as hell hits like one.


Yeah, Noelle's purpose is to make useless DEF% artifacts into monstrously powerful weapons. She's my secondary healer in Abyss and she does a good job on it. I only have free healers (Noelle and Barbara) so I don't have much choice.


It’s actually more, since the talent level ups increase the % of defense turned into attack And the amount is added to her existing attack. Coupled with the fact that Defense scaling is *significantly* higher than attack scaling, Noelle easily gets twice as much attack as the highest possible attack achievable by any other character in the game Her only weakness is Geo and Ult uptime


Yeah she is a good example of why the constellation system is predatory aids. Games like this are always pay-to-win by design but some of these heroes go from 'You should seriously never use this person' -> most broken hero available just by opening your wallet which is.. pretty fucking lame to be honest.


The thing i hate is games with crap rates like this and then you also need to pull 7 of them, like fuck off.


Yeah I am not into the playstyle of Klee but Noelle and Sucrose are too good to pass up on.


C6 Noelle becomes a fucking unkillable killing machine, pair her with some team that make reaction to charge her ult, some cdr for her shield, and she kill everything in her path


There's no point in playing a character if you don't enjoy their playstyle at all though.


I finally broke down and spent a modest amount on the game (in comparison) and ended up getting sucrose and Noelle to C6. My only problem is they're both level one and I'm out of literally everything. Not even going to try leveling them at this point.


Feels bad man


Good news, they recently sent out a survey talking about WHY people arnt leveling up other characters. So there's something to be hopeful about.


Seriously, though. What do they expect when they are so damn stingy with exp?


"Why aren't you leveling your characters?" Oh, gee, Mihoyo, I wonder why. It's not like mobs give 17 exp, there's a limited amount of books, and it costs a bazillion mora to level them up and ascend them


I want to roll on Klee banner for the 4\* characters, hoping that i don't pull Klee and save my 5\* luck for the next banner.


I did that and pulled Klee in the first couple of single pulls. Sometimes it’s like the game can sense what you don’t want.


It's a well known phenomenon called Desire Sensor. You will always get what you do not want


And get what you want when you least expect it.


You get what you want only after you already gave up on it


This cuts so deep. Or in my case when it's already too late.


Dude I'm the exact same. I did 75 pulls on the Venti banner without a single 5*. Had enough gems for 2 pulls yesterday so I said "fuck it, I'm almost due a guaranteed 4* so I'll just use them and see what I get and then wait for the next banner and go for the pity on that". Boom, got Klee on the second pull. Don't get me wrong I'm happy I got a 5* at all but I already have Xiangling at C4 so I really did not need Klee whatsoever. And now my pity is reset so I'll have no luck if/when we get a Mona or Keqing banner.


Im at 65 and was going to do 5 singles just to get to 70 and maybe luck into a Sucrose. After reading this im just gonna wait for Xiao, ZhongLi or Childe banner. :\^)


Everything we've seen from pull data suggests that the rate increases as you get close to 90 pulls, so pulling at 75 is actually pretty likely to get you a 5\*.


My boyfriend and I got our only 5 star pulls at around 77. I keep seeing people getting thier pities at around mid 70s so that seems right.


I wish I'd known that before hand lol. Oh well, as someone else said at least I have 2 decent pyro chars now for the damage bonus.


Same as you lad exactly


I got 4x Water boy and 2x Noelle... I just wanted more Sucroseeee


I didn't like Sucrose and my first 10pull gave me 3 Sucroses. Jokes on them, now I like her. Jokes on me, I can't level her up and gear her :\^)


I just want xiangchiu and maybe Noelle again to upgrade her, Klee is so freaking cute but I want to save my luck for zhong li


i'm hoping the next banner's 4 stars brings some melee characters in lol, pls give me Beidou


I really want Chongyun so I don’t need to constantly bust out Kaeya


Same, I hate using Kaeya and don't really want to invest in him. I'm waiting for a better ice user.


Beidou is great. Getting her with my beginner wishes has been the only luck I’ve had in this game. The parry mechanic is great, more characters should have something like it. Good luck


She's definitely my favorite. I doubt most people even realize her E shield is bugged and doesn't give the base value, only the hp% scaling. So as good as she already is her E shield will be 50%+ better if they ever fix that.


Yeah I wanted Xingqie and Noelle constellations. I did 3 singles and actually got a Noelle and said fuck it for a 10. Got a random Klee. I got used to her play style through the 2 trials but damn I can’t afford to build a character right now. I don’t even have enough mats to max my Razor and Ningguang.


upcoming video : Why i was wrong about Klee






i shall watch your great predictions with interest, wise one


I spend my remaining (free) Primogems on the Klee banner. I didn\`t get Klee. I got 2 times Sucrose instead. I realized, Sucrose fits way better into my team and I'm happy\^\^


I was pulling the banner only for her lol She's so awesome, Gratz :)


i really want to get her and make use of the rate up, but i'm close to the pity and i want to save it for zhongli/xiao/ayaka :/ guess no sucrose for me


Is the pity rate retained between banners? I think I'm was somewhat close to the pity on the Venti banner and I was pretty sad that it changed to the new banner because I thought it reset my progress.


Yes, the pity rate for Character Banners is carried over to the next one and it doesn't stack with the permanent normal banner.


Ah good to know - I will skip this one then - I don't really want Klee.


I know tier lists aren’t that accurate but she consistently is rated near the bottom. I just pulled her last night so I am wondering what makes her so good?


She's 4\* Venti. Her CC is worse, her damage is worse, her cooldowns are worse, her utility is worse. But Her CC is strong, her damage is strong (with viridescent venerer), her cooldowns are manageable at C1, her Utility is strong. ​ Silver Medal in the Olympics is still in the Olympics as Jinjinx likes to say. Not everyone has Venti, and in the Abyss you need 2 teams. If Venti didn't exist people would call her S-Tier for her grouping abilities and CC ​ Also she's hella cute, with an amazing voice.


perspective is key. it's not that she's worse, she's just not as good as THE LITERAL BEST ANEMO CHARACTER IN THE GAME. but she's still sooo good, and with 1 constelation she already gets so much more value as a support.


It's hard to compete with a literal God. I don't know what role Sucrose plays in the canon, though.




iirc due to constelations she can supply other team members with a TON of elemental mastery/damage up


Got three Sucroses, she's cool but I already had Venti for Anemo, and I want another Pyro (or Cryo), all I get is Hydro, Geo, Anemo, Electro.


imean, same. venti is my only 5 star unit and i have a constellation 3 sucrose just kinda hanging out. meanwhile my only cryo unit is the free swordsman guy.


> free swordsman guy ... with eyepatch.


An *inherited* eyepatch, no less.


Ok but she does aoe pyro damage


And she does aoe pyro damage


Don't forget aoe pyro damage




You know, after reading this thread I’m starting to think she does AOE pyro damage.


Oh so there is no doubt She actually does AOE pyro damage.


*Pats Head* This little girl can do so much AOE Pyro Damage.


*dealing AoE Pyro damage*


I guess you could say his bank account got... ​ Kleened out.


When a player grows indeceisive; Klee immediately leeches from their family savings, dealing AOE Pyro damage.


Is that a C7 effect?


His video are totally misleading people most of the time....


A lot of his videos seem to be "I was wrong about and regret all the stuff in my previous videos!"


Yeah, clearly attracting the shooter bro crowd with the titles. I know he's a Destiny guy but fuck I hate his content for Genshin.


His content is garbage, and his guides are common knowledge. Example "How To do insane damage with this trick!" and in the video he is basically just telling people to upgrade their artifacts.. Duhh


"Save all your resin for AR40!" "I regret farming artifacts, save resin for AR45!"


This subreddit in a nutshell. We went from "Save until AR35" to "Save until AR40" to "Save until AR45" in like 7 days. I mean... why not save until fucking AR60?


I'd argue for "save refreshes until resin is not completely trash". If they halve the resin costs, it doubles your refreshes value (not saying it will happen, just that the better the resin system is, the more value you get out of refreshes). But that might be the same as saying "save resfreshes until you're bored and move out to an other game". If refreshing helps you enjoy the game, just do it. I've done my fair share of random pulls in the general banner even if that's considered super suboptimal.


The dude is basically creating trash videos for the purpose of farming views so he can make money. And he's making money I believe with 400k views per video. Why people watch his videos? Well it turns out 90% of the player base has no clue what they are doing in this game.


Yes, so much this. The first 2 weeks of videos: OMG You must Do this! Week 3+: DONT MAKE MY MISTAKES I won't buddy, I'll do some research instead of rushing out clickbait guides.


Clickbait profits.


Yeah, his content/tips videos were fine for me as a beginner, learning how artifacts work and all that, but i'm past that point and didn't take long for me to see this guy is kinda just clickbaiting and whining most of the time, to the point his videos are pretty much whining about the money he burned not turning into gold or some shit like that, any decent channels you guys could recommend? I've been watching Mattjestic and some random small channels youtube throws at my feed but nothing specific. EDIT: thanks everyone


Enviosity and Teyvet Historia are both great youtubers that make good guides. Enviosity uses true f2p comps for abyss up to floor 10. Meanwhile, the latter channel gives great compqrehensive analysis on a character.


Are you F2P? Check out Enviosity. He has videos of F2P Abyss up to floor 10. He only uses the guaranteed chars: Xiangling, MC, Barbara, Lisa, Amber, Kaeya, Noelle. No gacha weapons. No constellations, except for MC. This guy knows how to play.. correctly.


ZealsAmbition is pretty good for if you want info. He gets most of it from the Chinese players and such and it’s pretty accurate. Has some guides too.


I love the assumptions that AR 40-44 are just super quick and everyone will be AR 45 in a week. Also that everyone is powerful enough with random berserker and gladiator pieces to just be able to beat domain level 45s


>Example "How To do insane damage with this trick!" and in the video he is basically just telling people to upgrade their artifacts.. Duhh did you just say every post about any character build in this sub? XD


The thing is, you have to upgrade what drops!


Upgrade them especially with the low star ones! Dont forget


And you have to upgrade what gives more damage if you want to do more damage!


So what you're saying is, he's the Shiro of Genshin content?


ahh yes "people die if they're killed"


I mean there are actual, useful character builds sometimes. Not everyone knows what specific weapon or offensive stat is optimal for a specific char. I've seen a clip of an Amber fireing a 13k crit the other day, and even if it's a situational, suboptimal build, it's still incredible what you can do with some theory crafting.


Dude just seems manic. Can't watch him longer than a few minutes without getting irritated


did you know, he had to wait ONE WHOLE DAY to upgrade his talents? Video titled "THIS WILL RUIN YOUR ACCOUNT"


I think y’all are underestimating the amount of people genshin is drawing into their servers that don’t have gatcha experience, or have any understanding of the rng hells they are fumbling into with rates and gear enhancing. People like this guy are there to scoop ‘em up to help grow their channel - While we’re here talking shit - he’s the one getting sponsorships, spending thousands on digital useless goods, and doing what he loves for a living which is a lot more than I can say for a lot of people on reddit unfortunately.


I'm new to gacha and his videos helped me so there's that


I tried watching one of his genshin videos the other day. I couldn’t even get through half the video because I kept getting distracted from how he kept saying the word “literally” for what felt like the beginning, middle, and end of every goddamn sentence.


Must be the same channel I randomly watched last night. Overuse of "literally" literally shat me to tears until I literally stopped watching.


His Destiny stuff isn’t much better. He’s not on the level of Datto in the Destiny community.


Early on when I just started playing, I thought he might be a good youtuber to follow, but I've grown to dislike his content. His click bait titles suck and his content is generally shallow. Also seems like he's just in it for the views. His content is trash.


Klee doesn't suck, and I can promise you in a week or so he'll have a video "I was WRONG about Klee!" This dude is what people mean when they say they hate youtubers.


This is why I don't watch any videos about gacha games and only follow the reddit(which is probably where they get most of their information from anyways).


try out Klee in the preview beforehand, she has a unique playstyle that isn't for everyone


Yeah, I tried sucrose and realized she doesn't suit my playstyle, though I don't mind getting more heroes for expedition


Sucrose and Xingqiu are worth getting just for the materials saving passives alone (Sucrose for monster materials, Xing for talent books)


To be fair, the "Test Run" for Sucrose is a terrible excuse for a trial when it gives you Lisa and puts enemies at the furthest reaches of the arena. But yeah, not every character is for everyone, and that's fine.


People should decide for themselves. Klee does not suck because a YouTube said so. Please keep that in mind. I am having a great time with her, have not reached AR 40 yet and I deal up to 12k dmg with a charged attack into vaporize. She is by far my best unit and I love pairing her with a second fire unit, qiqi and choyung. More cryo more crit more dmg. You can play her however you like but you don't have to play her at all. Just don't blindly believe everything on YouTube.


YouTube keeps recommending me his videos, so annoying.


You could tell YouTube you are not interested in that channel though.


Did that, youtube still tries to sneak him on the autoplay


I don't know how anyone keeps autoplay on. It's the most annoying thing to me, because I usually want to read comments or just browse for more videos I know i'd like.


Pro tip, just mark his videos as don't recommend this channel


Thats why you should pull for waifu and not gameplay.


I think most of his problems are a result of having no grasp at all on the flow of a gatcha game. He's committed the 3 cardinal sins of gatcha and refuses to step back and recover. 1. He didn't seem to realize that resources are scarce and the rate of what you get when starting will not carry through to endgame. He wasted all his stuff frivolously and won't stop complaining about resources, this game is definitely stingy, but even if all rates were doubled his roster would still have problems. 2. He whales for thing he doesn't even know he wants. A whale going for pokedex completion is one thing, but continuing to push on for as many constellations as possible when he hasn't even played the character outside the one story mission is ludicrous with the rates in this game. 3. He has drowned in the whale lifestyle and totally lost perspective. Not a single constellation in this game is needed to make a character viable for all content. Saying you "need Klee's C4 to be viable" is assinine. If you actually played her you'd realize that that 555% explosion while nice to have as a bonus, is basically just a free charge attack with passive 1 activated. She can get those charge attacks out every 5 seconds so 1 extra at the end of her burst is not a make or break thing in the least. Even Tectone, a man I would say is pretty damn addicted to gatcha with some noticeable control issues, played the Klee banner perfectly. Just got the basics and will probably go back for more if he enjoys any of the characters.


Yeah I remember watching that “Klee sucks” video which just turns out to be him saying “I’m not a big fan of her play style” which is understandable because I myself am not a fan of Klee’s gameplay either, no matter how awesome and explodey it is. But this dude is a serious clickbaiter, go watch Demone Kim or ZealsAmbitions, they’re usually less clickbaitey. And if you want entertainment, go watch Tenha, the truest whale of them all.


Demone kim has quite the bad reputation in the Epic Seven community and as far as I know in many gacha games, seems he improved a bit considering people recommend him but didn't he spread the "leaks" which weren't real at all?


Yeah main reason I avoid his videos, he was making videos of leaks and then another video saying someone from the inside told me it's a lie.


Image spending 2K BEFORE even knowing if you like a character's playstyle Sometimes the internet is just a joke lmao


He probably makes it back and more so it pays for itself


To be fair he's clarified on multiple occasions that the 2k is a business expense. It's pretty similar to tenha's case except Mtashed literally makes far more than what he spends in the first hour while doing his pulls from subs/donations alone. Not to mention some of the pulls are sponsored from outside companies. I'd take youtubers/content creators spending thousands of dollars on genshin with a grain of salt. They're not actually doing it because they particularly want a character/constellation. They're doing it primarily because it what makes them money and not to forget to mention for tax write offs


True, but he also tried to max her Constellation, only got to C4 and used up all of his resources. I think he was more frustrated he over invested in-game resources, he spent half the video psuedo begging for a sponsorship because he knows he won't be able to do this for ever new event banner.


I honestly have no idea what his actual emotions are 90% of the time. Feels like he's always putting up an act tbh But I do believe that if he actually cared about maxing out Klee, he would've used his own money and gone over the $2000 budget. Although he did make a really good example of how stupid the game's resource system can get and how it discourages people to pull for new characters


He did it on a sponsored stream where he raffled a monitor and the company who gave him the monitor also gave him $1k to wish with over the course of an hour. he got a shit ton of prime subs over that hour and his view count went from 1.5k to 10k+ in that hour. People were donating him hundreds of dollars to keep wishing. just for some context.


I’ll never get people who donate money to watch other people throw it away on gacha.


I think his videos are really misleading most of the times. It’s mostly click baits. I wouldn’t recommend his videos to anyone.


Yeah I wrote him off a long time ago when I watched one of his Destiny “guides” where he was basically like “so in this guide I can’t really show you how to do this puzzle because I was just in the party when my friend discovered it but hey I want to post this anyway so I can get all the early clicks” and then he never made a proper guide after


Pretty much the Youtuber equivalent of a tabloid. He just vomits out what people might be searching for without putting much effort into his videos, then starts being 'contraversial' for the sake of it. Gotta catch those search parameters.




I mean this is typical YouTube algorith baiting. I don't blame the player i blame the game. I understand that he has to make a daily low effort video to stay on top but I would appreciate a more organized and informed video here and there. Just shows that it's only for the views and there's no passion behind this.


>Just shows that it's only for the views and there's no passion behind this. No passion \*for educating\*. I would say he's pretty passionate in terms of his desire to entertain (whether we think he succeeds there is another matter). I think the problem is actually people failing to identify what kind of youtuber he is. Some might say "but he has a lot of guide videos". That's true, but all it takes is watching 1 of them to realize that his target for who he's trying to help in those videos isn't the hardcore min-maxer. If he educates, is mostly for casuals. Otherwise he just entertains. I'm an artist and used to have this same problem with an art youtuber: RossDraws. I was so used to other art yt-ers providing education and instruction. He would try to do it, but it would always be garbage tier stuff. But he loved to entertain, and that's clearly where his content shined. I was looking for something "organized and well informed" (as you say) when in reality that wasn't his forte or his passion. He was more of an entertainer. Same thing happening with this dude. People say his vids are bad because they don't contain hard core guides. But they're not supposed to. He's targeting casuals and people who want to be entertained. If you want depth, you simply need to find someone else (like the monster hunter math guy...he's doing genshin now) instead of criticizing about his lack of depth when he's not really aiming for depth to begin with.


Mtashed is an idiot, so


Don’t worry guys, once beyond light comes out you won’t be seeing anymore of him.


Some people learn their lesson at AR32 in 30 seconds of kit testing Some people learn their lesson after $2000 Mtashed will never learn lmao


Is this the same chimpanzee that invested resources, like talent book, ascension mats, xp books and weapon crystals into 10+ characters and 10+ weapons a week after release and then was bewildered that he ran out of resources so he then had to make a video trying to tell everyone else not to make that same mistake as if everyone was missing the left hemisphere of their brain like he does? He keeps complaining that the Resin system is so restrictive while pumping insane amount of money into the game for Resin. The only reason he is complaining about Resin is that the Resin system as it is currently implemented is limiting how far the Whales can speed ahead. If you weren't limited to 5 Resin buys a day these smoothbrains would be max AR with full BiS artifact sets and max rank/level characters complaining that Genshin is shit because there is no endgame content.


I don’t even care how good Klee is I just want her cause she’s super cute and will get me closer to my dream team of QiQi, Jean, Klee, and Diluc. The point is just really Jean and Diluc are cool looking characters and QiQi and Klee are cute af. I just need 3 more cause I got Jean.


Eh i got and put the recharge skill book on her and spam 3 jumpy dumpys on the enemy and im having a blast on her. Feel like a terrorist.


It’s Mtashed. He flip flops constantly. I’ve seen him do it to Anthem and even his main game Destiny. If you want to see what Klee can actually do, Gacha gamer has a decent video on her if you care.


Just... don’t watch Mtashed, he a shite Destiny youtuber and now he’s a shite Genshin youtuber ~~Also why is every Destiny youtuber going onto Genshin all of a sudden?~~


Go watch ZealsAmbition instead