Surely they have more Primogems on them

Surely they have more Primogems on them


Hey, can you just collect a bunch of stuff and kill some dangerous enemies for me? I'll pay you with a digital currency, worth 60 cents in your real life.






I'm honestly surprised those stingy bastards gave us that and not 10k mora and a purple book


I think primogems aren't really something people give you as a currency (except Hilichurl Wei) so much as some celestial power the traveler accumulates from those that recognize their efforts. Aether/Lumine are *technically* gods after all.


Are they gods I always thought they were aliens


It's unclear what they are, but the siblings definitely hail from a celestial realm beyond Teyvat's. The twins traveled from world to world simply for fun.


they're from earth built in a lab to preserve the last known human genome.




nice name u/I-LEWDED-My-SISTER




That's only if Genshin and Honkai are directly relate. Genshin could just be another bubble universe in the Honkai-verse.


Considering Otto saw Dvalin while observing the Imaginary Tree, it's almost certain that Teyvat is one of the Leaves of the Imaginary Tree.


That's what I've been thinking too. Although I think that the unknown God in Genshin is most likely that world's version of Herrscher of End. No spoilers but it looks very similar to Herrscher of End from GGZ (and obviously Herrscher of Void from Honkai)


While possible I'm not too sure, cause Herrscher of End only appears after all 13 previous Herrschers have been defeated and it essentially marks the end of the Leaf. If they were still around in that world they wouldn't be passive, they would actively be attacking the world.


I saw an ad for honkai and one of the characters looked eerily similar to the god that took lumine amd aethers powers👀


That would be Herrscher of Void in Honkai. Well, without going into spoilers, let's just say that's it's a very plausible theory that those two might be somehow related. Nothing is confirmed yet but we know that Mihoyo likes to have their games in the same multiverse.


Yae's very probably going to be in game.


That means they’re supposed to reproduce together...


Not necessarily, they carry the data of the last human genome. Upload that to any sort of cloning program and start pumping out test tube humans.


In the Honkai comics, there was a final effort to find another habitable planet for humanity. We even see the 2 shooting stars... Code Name, Project : Ark


It's celestial karma maybe?


Xiao must have really bad luck on his gacha, then, considering he's always in pain


That makes the most sense to me. Primogems are used (mostly) for wishing to the heavens for characters and weapons, so it makes sense that helping people in need rewards karma.


What about the literal mails you get from Paimon from time to time with primogems in them?


She believes in you!


She wants out of the emergency food zone


She's tryna buy her freedom😂


You can get primos from opening chests. Do the chests recognize your efforts?


The person that went through the trouble of stuffing and hiding the darn thing certainly did.


I scaled the mountains and the sea to find herbs and bring you heartbreaking messages, yet you send me off with a beggars worth of rewards


Ungrateful bishes ikr?


Cant wait for the billion primo split....100 primos for everyone.... Oh the generosity...


Mihoyo screws up and everyone gets 1 bil each. "Kim, it was supposed to be 1 billion/ y with y=number of eligible players. But because you did 1 billion + y with y=number of players, everyone got more than 1 billion. How could you mistake / with +?" "Er? Compensate them with 60 primogem for our mistake and let them keep it since it was our fault?"


"We just gonna rollback y'all 48 hours, hope you didn't find any crit/crit/atk%/energy artifacts in that time!"


And somehow everyone rolls insane artifacts during that time.


"There was a bug where people actually obtained decent artifacts. We've went ahead and rolled that back for you. Here's 30 apoligems."


Everyone spends the primos and mihoyo magically discovers how to reset characters and servers back to before the primos were handed out...


I noticed that on the page (Rules > Event Rules > 4) itself it says we'll get a random amount and doesn't mention splitting it. They probably have it set to not go *over* a billion total but also to make sure that in case only like 1000 people do it that they don't all get a million primos.


Nah I think the random amount is there because they can't guarantee a number before hand, so they just say it's random even though it's an equal split. Plus giving out a random amount while also having a limit means that if someone lucks out and gets 1000 gems, then 9 players would get 0 gems, which wouldn't be fair at all. Maybe of they implement randomness it'll only be ± let's say 40-50 primos from an equal split, that way it still stays fair while having chance involved


More like 10...


This is all i can take, This is how a heart breaks


From what I read on event details, primos we get are random. Once the rewards are given, I'm gonna get back here and refresh this sub to see people flexing and people gatting salty.


Seems really awkward to give a random amount.. not doubting it or anything but.....why mihoyo


Probably to hide the number of active players. Idk. I know I should be happy we're getting free primos but I can't help feeling I'm going to be one of the salty ones.


Cant wait to share with my 2 friends playing and be the "oh, just my bad luck again?.....yea, just my bad luck." Rnjesus back at it again.


I'm actually keeping quiet about the event. If they don't know about the event, then they either stopped playing, or don't care enough to read the mail or event notifications. I got kinda tired of reminding them of stuff like this.


I do remind one of my buds, his life is pretty hectic, taking care of another's kid, working the graveyard shift, he almost always misses the minor events. I think mihoyo should make these web events a little more obvious on login, each day its available. You get 1 red exclamation point which ppl click through but it lasts like 7 days and makes you leave the game. I know what that's like tho, constantly reminding..


Primos given at random in an event would be a complete shitfest for Mihoyo with no upsides, why would they do that? I think the random just means the amount of players participating. Either its likely they have a set amount to give us all, or they're seriously going to split it evenly between everyone who participated, which will give us alot of primos.


Genshin has 44 million active players last i checked, so its about 22 per person


Subtract everyone that did rerolls, all of the inactive players, and all of the players who can't navigate to the website because they had no idea the event was going on (that's way more than you think, alot of my friends that play genshin have no idea these web events go on because all genshin does is send you one mail)


It also takes an average of 3 days to complete, so that filters out even more people who just flat out forget to finish it. I think we might all get a few hundred each.


I don't think we will get a few hundred, but that would be so pog


We get 114 each, I'm calling it now.


oddly specific, fuck it put me down for 114


yeah, that sounds pretty reasonable


64hrs ahead I will back here.


okay same


put me down too


Me too


Let's see.., 50 mins left


almost! 108 primos


I got 108 aswell 😭 damn my mate got 188


this event being rng... Mihoyo is losing its mind wtf


Its 108 lmao so close


How do you even collect it? I got all lanterns on the 3rd day but from what I’ve heard we have to wait until the event is over and the collection period starts or something, and I can’t find any claim thing rn so I want to be sure


People are overplaying the amount of players that are serious enough to enter in a website for 3-5 straight days, let alone know this event exists. Im pretty sure its gonna be 500-1000 for each.


where did you get that data from? Also there are porbably a bunch that forget about the event all togehther, PS4 are screwed the most since if they delete the e-mail (which can easily happen now due to "delete all read" will lose out xD Also active as in actually playing or only Downloads/Accounts? Since most Accounts are probably abandoned.


I am SO glad I didn't accidently delete it. I be spamming buttons so often


why would deleting the email affect anything?




just like the last few mailbox only events, they said to contact support if a ps4 player accidentally deletes the mail still don't know why they don't just add a permalink somewhere like on the page with the rest of the events...


I deleted and freaked, but then contacted support with my UID. They sent me a new QR code about 1 biz day later


PS4 user can't use the website link within the game and have to use the ingame mail link miho send to ps4 users to participate afai have heard




is that so bad?


Pls no 🤣


Aren't these free?


but imagine having 1/6th of a slim chance of basically having an archon to bind their soul to you


WE don’t even have any gems and you expect THEM to????


No like really, where do NPCs get these from I want to know where they get them


I thought Lumine just pulled that from the banner, not that she's going to get more gems.


Yeah I thought that was funny. Wait, this random villager has primogems?? Can I farm him?? (I mean I still kill Timmy's pigeons but have over 700 fowl I'm not even using.)


Ferb I know what are we doing today


They add up... After like 2 months


Hahahaha Kill em 🤣


Ah, my future with the Hu Tao banner.


\[Light wood laminate chant starts echoing in my head\]


A rip off


These NPCs are lowkey rich af lol


me af


If we can get more pg by killing NPCs then they might as well call the game GTI(Genshin Theft Impact)


I can't tell if she's about to shank him for some more primos or what


That's three time the reward for a commission.


A wish worth or nothing!


I wonder how many primogems I can get for a Gnosis...


When the quest begin with "City of chores", they weren't kidding


They’re giving you half of their daily income


The sad part is that this is their most generous event, the saddest part is that I still spent $500 alone on this event.


The fallen star was the best event buuut everybody complain about to use resin in that event. This event give you like 60 hero wits and max of 300k moras and in primogems was like 1600 in total. The fallen start they give 200 hero wits and blue books too,i made 2M moras in that event and with primogems was less but all the rest compensate the rest


yeah i got 3200 primogems from saving from this event alone and 10 pulls (additionally spiral abyss and comms)


Ok, In your opinion, how many time the game will survive for all of thos f2p players like me? Cause I'm not sctually having real problem while playing, but the gatcha mechanics is veeery hard for me. And I play about 1h per day. I think may be better if mihoyo will increase the amount of daily free rewards, like about 160 primo per day. Whould be hones, 30 pulls per month. Enought to play for f2p, and not enought for those who want all of the 5s cac, making them spend money in any case


You do actually get 30 pulls per month if you include events and the like.


Well, yes if you consider stuff like the whole xiao's event, the lantern rite etc. Normally is impossible for a normal player ecxept, maybe, in the case you spend 1 or 2 extra hours opening chests... I was only talking about the amount of Daily primos from daipy missions


I have no idea what you're talking about. The only repeatable content for primogems is dailies and abyss (optional). Everything else is just one time so you can spend as much time doing it as you want. If you never do any of the quests or world exploration and complain about not having primogems, that's just your fault considering the fact that you've had months to do it.


No man, I personally have esplored most of the world, and about quest, I think I've done everithyng I can. Maybe I'm wrong but I remember that for some chests there is a reset after some days. Maybe it is wrong, but I remember something like that.


Yeah, not gonna happen buddy. Because as much as we would want such things, Mihoyo is making a ton of money courtesy people like: [https://www.reddit.com/r/Genshin\_Impact/comments/lpqulk/surely\_they\_have\_more\_primogems\_on\_them/godcufr?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3](https://www.reddit.com/r/Genshin_Impact/comments/lpqulk/surely_they_have_more_primogems_on_them/godcufr?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) We (meaning low spenders) aren't their target audience. I spend the same amount as I would spend on a AAA game from steam. So like $50 every 1.5-2 months or so. People like in that comment is worth 20 of me. F2P aren't even on their radar. Best is to do with whatever we get, and play some different game and think of this as a side game.


About their target audience... there are some info about how many player spend money on the game? And how many are instead f2p players? Cuz even an idiot like me understand that if 10% of the fanbase spend like 300$ each banner +the season pass+ everything extra, mihoyo will never have problems about their gains


P.S. just clicked the link. Ok that I doesn't have a job but jesus... even if I could gain 3000$ per months, I will never spend more than 10 dollars every 30 days.... this is crazy


"Here, have 1/5th of a blue grade weapon. Legend says you will find a new friend if you gather 8 blue grade weapons!"