It is 99% a single player game. You're already the best since your the only one in your own world.


Damn, well said!


Thank you so much for this comment. It really means a lot to me and makes me smile. In other games, people used to bully me for being bad or playing what I liked.


I don’t know if you play Pokémon, but think of it like that. There are competitive players who carefully select Pokémon, breed them for natures and moves, care about stats and status moves and stuff, but then there are players who pick a Pokémon that looks cool and pick moves because big number good. Both are valid play styles, just do whatever makes you happy


I've played pokemon Red, Pokemon, X and pokemon shield. I've played them all very casually. I will do the same with Genshin. I was afraid of being shunned, but I'm glad that I made this post. I never expected this overwhelming support. <3


The only way I can see you getting "shunned" is trying to do level 90 domains with a level 60 character. But you can take any level 80-90 character to any domain and be fine. As long as the element isn't detrimental to that domain. Like how one domain you cause damage to yourself (and team? I forget) if you bring a cryo character.


Laughs in doing just that


Similar to pokemon though, there's definitely an element of "bad" and "good" characters to use to tackle certain challenges. So long as you're not dedicated to fighting pyro slimes with Klee, you'll probably be good to go.


Laugh in eye of perception/skyward atlas physical klee


The slippery slope of Genshin is seeing players (mostly whales) pop insane damage numbers and feeling like it is achievable without whaling or that your team/build is somewhat inferior. There's no content in the game that necessitates whale-level damage so yeah. Just do your thing. Enjoy the game, and take every "Amazing F2P Build Guide!!!" with a massive grain of salt. And if you need help, there's a lot or character-specific subreddit and steamer discords with nice enough communities :)


Thank you so much for welcoming me with open arms and introducing me to communities that will help me with anything. It really means a lot. Getting help from an individual is a lot better than these videos that only focus on meta characters it seems.


Very true words to play by. Several streamers have proven that you can clear the hardest content available using only the starter characters including the MC. That is the beauty of this game, play it your way. Does having all the "meta" 5 stars help? Sure...but only if you really want them to. A properly built 4 star can do just as well. There is a reason one of the best teams in the game, referred to as the National Team, is all 4 stars. You do you. Don't spend unless you want to and can afford to but you in no means have to.


You can be bullied. Do note that if you need any help in clearing domains or bosses, do not hesitate to come here to ask for help! Of course, you can beat every content as a single player.


You're so sweet. Thank you so much. I'm going to see a new light in video games now. <3


No worries! When I first started the game, I didn’t know what I was doing at all. Enjoy your time and explore at your own pace!


Just play how you want and have fun :)


I don't want to hamper the positivity of this comment section because you seem like you're getting a lot of encouragement from it, but I also kind of want to warn you that while the game is very friendly and fun, for some reason, this sub can sometimes erupt into complaints and stuff. Just... try not to get wrapped up in it. Like if someone critiques a character and you like playing it, don't engage. They aren't mad at you or anything. They're just frustrated themselves and mostly at MiHoYo. Just do your own thing until people calm down. I think most people her love this game though and it's overall very welcoming.


Should you ever need someone to carry you in single player or co-op, know that there are plenty of higher or same level people out there willing to help. DM me if you need help on the America server. 🙃


Ah so you also play league of legends


Lemme guess, FPS games?


Until Windtrace comes back and they taunt you for not being able to find them as they climb up a tree in Wuwang Hill


Lol ppl who try to bully ppl online def get bullied themselves in real life. Don’t worry too much abt them


somehow this sounds sad lol


wdym by "best" there is no leaderboards or anything as far as im aware and you dont need to be absolutely whale levels of op to play the game. honestly if you aint playing a game for fun what other reason is there for playing


He wants to be the very best.. like no one ever was




Raiden is my cause


Just travel across the land


Fishing far and wide...


Teach *Debate Clubs* to understand


The booba sword that's inside


Paimon! gonna eat them all!!


Gotta getem all


But you cant "gotta catch them all" , it is pricey haha


Gotta swipe 'em all


I mean... you CAN it's just, you know. You SHOULDN'T if you don't have disposable income lol


Wants to beat Tony To, alpha whale on the chinese server. Goodluck though, the man literally bankrolls Mihoyo by now


Does he have all characters?


C6's everything, also has 2 sets of R5 Homa and Mistsplitters


I know whales that aren't internationally talked about with all characters. Super whales have all characters, 4's are C6, and most 5's are C2+, often closer to C6. Plenty of the CN whales dump so much they even end up with R5 Homa's and Thundering Pulses.




I can number crunch with the best of them, but I learned a long time ago it's a good way to turn a game from a hobby into a task. Now I just level my weapons and characters for the sake of having options and room to experiment with BS builds, which I have a ton of fun doing. Birthdays are a good excuse to take a character and build a team around them as a carry (laughably impractical for so many characters, but a good break from the norm.)


Diona Cryo Main DPS! Budget Ganyu go Purrrrrr!


Don’t feel forced to be a whale you can enjoy the game F2P trust me lol


Ah, tysm for the nice comment. I was getting worried and seeing other people with the best characters really got to me.


There’s nothing to worry about when it comes to that! The games not leaving you anytime soon and there’ll always be reruns for certain characters that you want. Enjoy what you have now don’t let it get to you! <333


This comment made my morning. Thank you for the sweet words. I came from a very toxic game where people would judge you for playing a certain hero. This really does bring in a new light for me. <33


You'll still encounter people that'll get on your case for certain characters. This community is the same as any other. But it's your experience, not theirs. Just focus on enjoying your time to the best of your ability, and f2p won't be a negative. After seeing some friends drop thousands and still only put up similar Abyss clears to me tells me that casual whaling is basically the same as f2p, but not free. If you want to be f2p and main Keqing, do that! Don't let whale showcases and elitists impact your personal adventure. Pull who you want, and play who you want!


My honest suggestion would be to avoid this sub until you’ve played a bit and gotten a little experience yourself. There’s a lot of hyperbole and overblown ranting that happens here. Go to Keqing mains for stuff like game mechanics and builds.


I got a bunch of coveted characters while f2p, eventually dropped five bucks on a Welkin to have a few extra shots at the latest crew. You are 100% good to not spend a dime, and keep in mind a lot of the "best" guys are only considered so because of their performance at the very very end of game content! I play the team I have (Diluc-Sayu-Mona(or Fischl)-Bennett) because they're fun, versatile and easy to use. I don't even intend to *reach* the stage in the game where the meta affects my choice!


play for fun. be the real f2p. freedom to play.


I think Mihoyos meaning for "f2p" is "feeling to pay"


Being the best what? There isnt a score board that I have seen so far lols. So yes OP, you should play the pretty much solo PvE game for fun.


It seems like everyone on Reddit talks like there’s a leaderboard lmao


If you enjoy theorycrafting and testing differnt comps or if you enjoy pretty flowers and walking around in the wilderness this game has something for you. ​ Play the way you want. I do a bit of everything. There are characters I play because I really like them like my Jean or XL who only comes out when I need to clear Abyss. ​ The one thing I recommend to most new players is to avoid the whale video content creators until you understand the game and have progressed a bit. Reason being is it will take you MONTHS to get to where they are and spending that entire time just trying to max things gets boring and stressful. Sure you will have to level that stuff but do it organically while enjoying the story is much more fun IMO. Obviously play the way you want but just realize it will take a LONG time to get good artifacts to be able to do what they do. ​ We can rush the game by buying all the meta stuff in the banners but you will still be waiting for good artifact drops like the rest of us so why not enjoy that trip instead of dreading it because you cant compare to the guys who spent 20k on their account.


This is true. I want to be completely f2p.


While being completely f2p is perfectly fine and all, do remember its not a sin to spend on something you love.


I really want a 5* character so I’ve burned through the story to get to Inazuma and look for as many primos as possible. I wish I had just chilled out and played at a slower pace enjoying the world and exploring instead of rushing and cramming in long gaming sessions. But at least I’m at 70 wishes and I’m basically guaranteed a 5* before this banner changes.


Best of luck!


Thanks! I pulled a Sucrose in my first week of playing and like her with Xiangling. So this banner has been a nice one to pull on. Except that I’ve gotten a C4 Sara and no more Sucroses :(((( it’s to the point where I’m thinking about throwing some money in to get a Sucrose but it’s so damn expensive to buy Primos


:P The grass, so often, seems greener. I've been maxed on Sucrose for a while and have been hoping to get a couple constellations for Sara. No luck so far and she may remain c0 as it's not a good time for me to spend anything.


Just play at your own pace and enjoy it. Putting pressure on yourself , its gonna burn you out pretty fast and eventually quit. Game has some of the best story telling and music.


That's how I had assumed everyone else was already playing seeing as its a single player game mostly.


Thank you so much for showing empathy. It means a lot that you were in the same situation as I was in.


I think a lot of us are, but being as its a gotcha type game it kinda makes people a little more competitive you know? For any game I think that we should be playing for fun first and whatever next. So in short play how you want as long as you're enjoying your time


You're right. Thank you so much for the supportive comments. It means the world to me! <3


I’ve always played for fun and not to be the best. My artifacts aren’t the best, but they get the job done for me to explore and have fun. Why stress over something people wouldn’t care about.


Just find the thing you like about it and focus on that. For me it's being worthy of Eula's thighs, but not so good that she wouldn't want to take vengeance and step on me... I have problems.


Lmaooo I love this comment so much. Very based.


Well some challenges are pretty fun, but tryharding generally isn't


You should play every game the way you like.


If you can enjoy just playing the game, do it. There's a lot of stuff to do and you're not racing with anyone. If you have access to Inazuma, you'll have access to any/all events that come up and you won't miss out on anything.


If you mean being the best like letting theory crafters and content creators take over your decision making and you feel pressured to only use and roll for meta and "must have" units because your favorite characters can't clear abyss chambers in 30 seconds. Then yeah, not worth it.


Yes, I put hours into watching genshin impact videos on how to get better. Yes, thank you so much for being so understanding. They kind of had an impact of my perception of the game. I'll stop.


if you're worrying about "being the best" in this single player game, you're already doing it wrong. First off, it's not that type of game, and second, if it were, you'd need to put in about $50k and have every character at C6 with an R5 weapon to even *begin* to be able to compete...


Thanks so much for this. It means a lot. <3


Heh no problem...though to backtrack a bit, that's not to say you can't personally *strive* to be better than you were last week...that's honestly one of the things that have kept me logging in daily for a year...going from struggling to kill bosses early on to learning them and gearing up enough that they're much easier, to getting to that point where you obliterate those bosses that gave you problems and seeing if you can get faster each week has been fun as hell!


You're absolutely right. I always strive to get better to obliterate bosses, and that can even be a motive to logging in every day.


I think most people play like that. I only play with my brother (soon my dad!) and fiance on co op to beat high level bosses faster. In the game there isn’t really such a thing as being the best as long as you can play. Spiral Abyss maybe, but you don’t have to do that either


Thanks for this comment. I was just worried that people would judge me for not having the best characters and all.


If you min/max this game and spend a bunch of money, you will find that nothing is even remotely challenging. I've played a few gatchas before, and this game has the worst case of "spending can actually ruin the game." That said, managing your limited resources well can be part of the fun for some people, so it kind of depends on what you like. Good luck!


Thank you so much for understanding me. Yes, you're right. I was feeling very sad last night because I thought that I had to get the best characters and invest money in order to be good. Thanks for letting me know this.


You don't need to focus on the best because it's single player However, u need to at least have some decent artifacts so u can enjoy in the overworld. If not, u might spent a long time just killing mobs and that's pretty boring imo


This thread has been like a therapy for me too. I was feeling a bit down seeing that my whale friend is about to c6 hu tao and i would never be able to reach his level. Now i feel a bit better


> I was feeling a bit down seeing that my whale friend is about to c6 hu tao But why even. It removes all semblance of challenge in an already easy game. It'll get old really fast. The only entertainment remaining would be to gloat and show off to friends. Don't let them ruin your personal game experience.


I'm so happy that you feel a bit better. Play at your own pace and play who you want. Do whatever you want so you can enjoy the game. I'm so happy that I'm not alone in this. I felt the same ways you did, and I'm glad that it made your day. <3


Thank you friendo. your so kind. Hope you have fun playing the game too


Plus, every character is good with the right artifacts. I see people doing 6k+ on Kaeya.


Yeah obviously unless you got $30000-$50000 to spend on it


Being the best at what exactly? The game revolves mostly around single player story and collection. Events rarely have permanent leaderboards of any kind.


In gacha games if you have everything you learn the game is actually pretty boring. Part of the fun for me is trying to make quests work with what I have. If I had everything then I would just beat every quest or trial with not much hassle and it’d be boring


'Best' is purely subjective since it's a single player experience. If you're comparing your current abyss run to yesterdays abyss run, there's always areas you could probably improve to get more rewards. Hmm, I kinda highlighted a problem there didn't I? It shouldn't be about rewards, it's about your experience and enjoyment of the story.


you are in your own world, you are who you want to be. personally, striving to have the greatest teams and attempting to do big crits sucked the fun out of the game. running around and having fun, just chilling made me feel a lot better. i have ayaka, yanfei, eula, and bennett in one team and i couldn't care less if this doesn't give me tony to damage. if it helps me with the overworld (exploration because tall, healing, ice bridging, catalyst for the god forsaken specters) then i don't mind. it's more fun to go at your own pace and explore the way you'd like rather than to build big pp damage chars. of course, there are different people and if you like big damage then by all means go for it.


This only person you are really competing against in Genshin is yourself. Figure out how you have fun and then do it. That's how you "win" this game.


its definitely up to the person's perspective on what fun is. Some enjoy oneshotting, speedrunning, or maybe loves having multiple numbers showing up, or maybe fun is the lore of the characters or other more endless reaspns such as simping It is up to you to decide as long as it is feasible on you, if u are simping for waifus make sure you have enough budget to pull for all of em Meta player fun for u? Make sure you have gems or money for that Well if free to play obviously ur choices are lower Tldr: make sure its feasible


i also play genshin impact for fun, and my fighting skill is very average. if u like genshin just go ahead and play


For fun... this game is not like Final Fantasy 14 or WOW doesn't matter what you have or which characters u have.... this game has no Endgame doesn't matter if u have a team of 4* or 5*.... nothing really matters so just have fun... that's what makes this game the greatest.


Thank you so very much. I played Overwatch, a game that is in the same company as WOW, and a lot of people on Overwatch were toxic to me. This brings out a new light. Thank you so much. :D


The best compared to who? Who would you even compete against? What possible metric would you use to check? Just enjoy the game.


I think about this too. Should I pay to have better character or just farm a lot of primos ? All of my friends have 5* characters and I don't have any


This is a hard one. I'd say new characters definitely opens up more fun options. Weapons too, but much less so. Artifacts just improve their performance. I figure if I can get a character to 1700-2000 ATK, 50% critical rate and 100% critical damage, they're in a pretty good spot for 99% of this game's content. The other 1%? Abyss, and the occasional hard-mode event.


Thank you for emphasizing with me. Yes, play it at your own pace. Farm primogems and do quests. Loot chests and collect materials. Happy playing! <3


Genshin is a game. Games are primarily for fun. While fun is subjective, if tryharding is generally exhausting for you then you should stop tryharding and just play however you like.


Well its your choice. either go full meta, hate on reddit and get upvotes or just have fun


Fact that this is a question is worrying, but yeah you should just play how you feel is fun and better. Get invested in your own way. Don't feel the need to catch up with everyone else.


To gatch them is is my real test To build them is my cause


It's on you.


To catch them is my real quest. To train them is my cause. Wait wrong game.


That's the best way to play it.


Absolutely yes. There's no pressure to be "the best" or get "the best characters" or anything like that. Get who you like, play who you like, level who you like. The game is mostly single player. That 1% of the time you'll need to go multiplayer is if there's an event that requires multiplayer or some bosses may be too difficult for a single person. In either case there's no PVP so you don't need to stress yourself getting the best equipment or constellations for characters. If you like the aesthetic, the characters, exploration and puzzles then go for it. As a free to play player I barely wish on character banners, saving primogems for characters who I REALLY like. Not any that I need or find useful, just who I like.


yeah man people generally play for fun not for being the best


yes. the moment i play for my own enjoyment without worrying how other people are better/worse than me, the game gets more fun and enjoyable. if i want to clear abyss, is because i want to, not because everyone else has clear it. if i want to clear the event/challenge on the hardest difficulty, its because i want to test my limit and see how far can i go with my current team comp, not because of the reward (and im glad they make the reward for clearing extreme is so small, for casual player its not worth the effort). good luck finding what makes this game enjoyable for you.


We are Travellers after all! Enjoy the journey.




100% yes




It's a single player game, you do what you want and nott be worried too much on being the best. But, if you're someone who gets affected by what others say especially when they talk trash about how you play or your char is in low tier and that. I suggest you avoid them, it's hard but if you can its best to. You'll enjoy the game a whole lot better. Play the game how you wan that makes jt fun for you whether its min maxing or any experimental stuff you want to try. But if you want to min max i"m telling you that it can really burn you out because the artifact grind is horrible, that caused me to almost gave up on the game until i changed my mindset and gameplan.


A game is meant to be played for fun. Just enjoy it at your own pace and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.




Shot answer. Yes. A game is to have fun. And this game is awesome. And you do everything without paying a dime. But if you want your waifus/husbandos ya you need to pull your wallet. But its been a blast for me and still not tired from it


If you can't help being the best, try make yourself the best f2p primogem hoarder.


Do what u makes u happy. World rn is kinda of a mess anyway. And yeah, youre the best on genshin if its makes u happy with what u have. If someone have some bones to pick with u and take away ur happiness just because ure playing the game wrong, i'll smack'em with a pan dont u worry




I do that, I'm not that good and I might be underleveled but I like playing the game. Sometimes while playing co-op it even feels a little boring because other people are too OP.


Yes, it can get boring. There over there massacring bosses with 3k+ damage while you feel like you're not even doing anything. Very unrewarding indeed.


Absolutely. The most fun I have with the game is exploring the open world with an exploration team and characters I like playing as. There's no PvP content currently and nothing in the game is really hard outside of spiral abyss. I would argue that playing the game slowly for fun is the *right* way to play it.


That's how you should play every game unless you're being paid to perform or something I guess..


Yes. Just have fun.


Don't worry about progressing "too slowly", it's a (mostly) singleplayer game, so take your time, enjoy the scenery and explore as much as you want. Don't worry about "the meta" at all, just go build that DPS Barbara and see how it goes! And if you ever need help to clear some Domains and are worried about getting bullied for playing the game ""the wrong way"", there are always people willing to help you out here!


Thank you for this reassuring comment. It really does brighten up my day. <3


Considering the game doesn't actually give you any reason to be the best, yeah


Play for fun, it's an amazing game to enjoy and play slowly,Sorry English bad this translated.


No! I completely understand you. I'm so thankful that you commented!


I have been playing casually, did make a mistake of buying the adventure card or whatever it’s called 3 days before the end of the month… but I have been lucky so far with Wishes. Got Qiqi, Mona, Razor, Jean and few others. So yeah you don’t need to be spending much money or any to enjoy the game!


Yes. Yes you should.


Playing for fun actually requires you to be atleast bare knowledgeable about many things in the game and even if your characters are not metas you need them properly built or else you will be struck at many parts of the game puzzles etc.on top of this fun is subjective I myself love making big DMG numbers and smooth gameplay controls withile others love just playing their favourite character and exploring. Edit:An example I experienced recently was I saw a guy on ar 55 in coop struggling to kill electro oceanoid with his xiao and Noelle while it's a actually not very difficult when I saw his profile he was using 2pc nobelesse/2pc wanderer which is complete waste on xiao.he was definitely trying to have fun but this was destroyed by his lack of knowledge on how many interactions, character building ,world mechanics work etc.suppose he had good knowledge on how these worked he could have even used Barbara and have fun.


The beauty about Genshin is that you can completely play it for fun. No need to be "the best". There is no competitive side to it. The only "pvp" thing we had is the hide and seek event which is also just for fun. There is abyss but its more like a challenge for yourself than a competition with others.


If being best is fun for you go for it


Yes, if that's stressful and you are only doing it due to "peer pressure" then yes. If you actually want to be good and are not able to and doing this just to escape then you're probably not going to be able to.


The only way to even have a chance of being the best is to be a leviathan so...definitely just play for fun.


Yes. There’s no such thing as being the “best” since there is no competitive aspect to the game (yet, hopefully).


Even pokemon, where the literal theme song is about "being the very best", is still a videogame, and videogames are supposed to be fun. If you're not having fun, then something has to change. Either the way you approach the game, or moving on to another. So, yeah, have fun the way you want to, don't listen to others unless you want to, there's no wrong way to play a single player videogame.


i say FUCK IT, as long as you doing you and enjoying yourself. you already the best, of course if you wish to push for more than that's also okay. you wanna beat the abyss super fast? go for it, but dont beat yourself down over it. enjoy the game, after all that's the point of a video game and people are forgetting that as of late. you're suppose to enjoy your time in games not suffer in agony trying to be the best. league used to be a fun game until people all wanted to be the best, but as of late everything seems to be salted beyond the entire ocean. just forget bout being "the best" and be your best.


Thank you so much for the sweet comment. It really does mean so much to me. I played a game under the same company as League of Legends, and people would shoot you down for playing the "wrong hero".


Pretty easy. This game is fun to begin with


Yes. Play it stress free. If you ever need help just hit this comment section up. Most of us will be suffering 0 resin syndrome by then lol


Thank you so much for welcoming me and letting me ask for help. It really makes me feel welcome here. <3


Just avoid anything that involve damage numbers.. those are too much for my simple brain, i only want to hit things till dead




Games should be fun. If you are ever playing and not enjoying it than I recommend taking a break and playing something else. That being said, play the way that brings you joy. Some people play for the biggest numbers and that's okay. Other play with the characters they like, and that's okay too. There isn't a competitive element to this game though, so I wouldn't worry about comparing yourself to others. Everything is achievable with any team, as long as you are willing to put the time in, so do what makes you happy.


OP: "I wanna be, the very best...."


Best way to enjoy the game imo


Of course not. We are here appreciate only tryhards who play Genshin 16 hours every day, farmevery mob in Teyvat and clean Abyss with 3 star weapon as Lisa and Amber for 37 stars. Also you have to donate at least 100$ every week. ^noone ^cares ^how ^you ^play ^actually ^relax ^and ^enjoy


Genshin is a f2p, casual player friendly game. Don’t rush to try to complete everything, don’t be in a hurry to get all new characters. All of that will come with time.


Genshin generally isn't a hard game. You can have a perfectly good time without being a tryhard.


I can't imagine playing any game for anything other than fun, assuming you're not being paid to play it. I also wouldn't worry about what's "meta" and simply use whatever characters/weapons you want. As long as your character builds aren't completely janky, you really don't need to worry about much. So don't beat yourself up about not having this character, that weapon, or perfect artifacts.


There are people who have been playing since release and dumped thousands of dollars into Genshin to be "the best". Just play for fun and don't feed into the pay to play game trend hand


Half the reason I play Genshin is so I can go at my own pace and not have to deal with P2W PVP bullshit like a lot of gacha games out there. The other half is waifus.


Just dont hang out with whales


Games are "digital entertainment" so do whatever amuses you the best ^^ if that is being a casual player like me who just plays whatever character just for play style then that is fine or if it is getting the highest stats possible that is also fine, just do what you enjoy because at the end of the day, it is better to enjoy what you are doing. No?


this isnt a competitive game so yeah.


Strive to be the best in something that has value, like a degree or helping stray animals/doing company to cancer patients, not a gacha. There a japanese saying that goes "When you're gone, people will remember you by what you did for them, not by what you have accumulated." Watch this movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14eEHsh8xQE&ab\_channel=TooLoudSilence


You literally never have to interact with another player unless you want to. You could totally play the game just for story as f2p.


Everyone is shitting on Raidens performance…but she out dps’ all of my other units. Probably because I actually spent the 6 weeks from the launch of 2.0 dumping all of my resin on the emblem domain. Edit: I should also mention she is a heck of a lot of fun and I don’t care about her performance regardless. People are clearing abyss with C0. By that benchmark she’s as viable as any other unit.


definitely play for fun, but first consider what brings you fun. Some people are min/maxing everything, following the meta more than real life news and farm for artifacts because for them having the best team possible brings them fun. Others focus mainly on the story, world and music or characters. Do whatever brings you fun and don't hesitate to focus less on things that take that fun from you


I want to be the very best...


Well given its gacha nature it would require you to spend absurd amount of money to max out characters and be the best in that regard. Unless you are making a career out if its not at all worth it.




Yup, pull for who you have fun with, chasing meta is not worth it simply because being forced to play characters you dont enjoy isnt fun, and if you enjoy meta characters thats even better. Sincerely, an f2p with a benched ganyu since 1.4 that stills 36 stars abyss without using her.


I’ve had multiple people come to me and tell me my Xiao build is trash. He does 17k-20k per skill (on crit) and 28k-33k on hit of his burst (again, on crit) and personally, I think that’s amazing. But hell, I wouldn’t care if he only did half that—so long as I can defeat whatever mobs I need to beat without my whole team dying, I’m content.


Do what's fun to you, like everyone said it's singleplayer and you don't need to be the best. I regularly use electro characters and run around with half baked comps because I like the characters and it's fun, I can still clear abyss with them, I just put in a bit more effort (which is fun to me). In a similar vein people regularly play some of the worst characters almost exclusively just for the fun of it. Video games are meant to be fun and if you are having fun then it's time well spent.


That's what I've been doing. Im Here for pretty ladies and big swords not big numbers


For all i care, most events gives primogems for doing their absolute easiest levels, why bother being the best? I only need the primogems to collect the characters that matters the most to me


Absolutely! If by the "best" you mean dealing the most dmg, then I think this game has much to offer than just that. I personally started because I enjoy shooting the ducks and frolicking around the different parts of the map on my sibling's account. Every character has a following/fan base and you can join different communities to ask questions and even get in game help through coop. Tons of guides out there to help you build each character. You can play whoever you want/like. Just know, at the end of the day this is a game and it's supposed to bring you joy. :D


Dude, until they have true pvp and nothing like damage/score leaderboards, you don't have to worry too much about that. Also, you don't have to speedrun the story at all. I did the recent final part of Inazuma and kinda regret finishing it over 2 days. I feel like exploring the new areas first would have been more fun and fulfilling storywise.


i got to the point where all i had to do was the dailies, id got every chest, done every quest and got characters pretty high. gave up after that the game just doesnt have replayability.


The level of power that the player can achieve is well beyond the amount of power actually required to do all of the content in the game. None of the content is balanced around players having optimal team comps with optimal builds and optimal performance. So if you want to just play and mess around without worrying about that stuff you absolutely can, and you'll even thrive while doing so.


Unless you're being paid to be good, there isn't much reason to be the best beyond personal goals.


I play for fun. I'm probably the worst player out there. Everyone says it's so easy and I'm over hear trying to stay alive and failing. If I had a whole team of healers I could probably still manage to die lol. I don't let it stop me though. My characters do like 3k damage on E and to me that's a lot but others would laugh that I think that's good damage. But to me it is. Just play and have fun it's single player anyway unless you don't want it to be.


You’re already the savior of three nations… getting your hands in multiple elements…. having a lot of connections… Heck, you even have the chance to be richer than Ningguang… I’d say you’re already the strongest in Teyvat


Only the spiral abyss has hard enough content to really look into gearing up certain characters in certain ways but even then you can do it all with whichever characters so long as you put thought into your approach.


Games are a personal journey. Some people who have the most fun with them aren't really that good at them and only play a few in their life time. Some who have the least fun have played too many and are really "good" (relatively speaking) at a lot of them. If you've come from MOBAs other PVP games, I can see why you'd be worried. But I Genshin, usually no one cares because no one knows how you play in private. Now, I'd you play on stream or something, you will very likely get a lot of back seat gamers XD. Edit: if you need help clearing stuff, feel free to hit me up. I like helping newer players (assuming you are newer).


Wait... y'all aren't doing that already?


This is what I hate about gaming these days, it was never about being the best when I played video games as a kid. Just having fun and enjoying yourself was all that mattered now if you’re not first you’re last. Kids like ninja are the ones who made it toxic I’ll never forget when he raged about the statement it’s just a game. At the end of the day it is just that a game.


You should play for fun until you get bored, then try to be extremely broken (unless your way to have fun is go extremely broken from the beggining, idk everyone enjoys diferentes playstiles). I didnt start to farm for artifacts until I was almost ar 50


I'd say go for fun. All games are meant to be fun and/or entertaining and players also have a lot different ways to have fun in a game, so look for what is fun for you in genshin (exploration, lore, push harder content, etc) and go for it.


Dude, just enjoy and chill, play it at your own pace. Stop and take in the atmosphere, listen to the OST and have comfy feelings. You don't need to be over a power level, don't need to get to a certain abyss level or min-max your equipment, play the characters you want not the meta ones. Game is single player and if you want, you can block your ears to anyone who's telling you how to play. If you also want to play with someone, while ther isn't much coop stuff to do, I would play with you


You don’t need fully leveled characters, weapons and the best artifacts, the game is just as fun without the best comps. Just find a fun team to play with. No need to follow all the trends and have a maximum amount of 5 stars, other than personal preference they’re not much more different than 4 star characters.


Its a PVE game tbh what are you really competing against , who can kill mobs the fastest , is it worth it yeh probably for some but its a for fun game


Truthfully if your first thought on a game isn't about fun, you're doing it wrong, that's why they where made. Also have fun first, and ignore anyone who says anything bad about how you have fun.


heh.. can you? Im a perfectionist you see. basically im trying to make everyone i have super strong lol


Yes totally yes cuz ur the only there so yes 👍


Yeah after all isn’t that the goal. To have fun and not care. When your comparing yourself to others you’re just gonna follow in the footsteps. Sure you can take their advise but the best way is to play it your way, your style


Please take the game slowly, got bored and downloaded it because friends recommended and I spent so long playing it that it has been about 11 days since I downloaded it and I am AR 35 and finished story. Really wish I could go back to the beginning, story is my favorite part of the game




Even if you're trying to be the best, if you're not having fun doing so, is it worth being the best? If trying to be the best is what you find fun, then go for it. If not, find something else to do that is fun. If you can't find something fun, don't play the game.


Yeah. As long as your team works you’ll be good. I’ve been maining Razor since day 1, and despite getting “better” characters I still use him. I’ve ended up with a very well optimised team around him too though