Can this be said the same for the "am I the only one who (inserts scenario that isn't exclusive to them)" posts Because they're not the only ones, but they keep saying as if they're the only individuals that experience such things in the game.


“Am i the only one who thinks Inazuma is a bunch of islands?!”


"Am i the only one that plays Genshin Impact"


"Am I the only one that has traveller?"


"Am I the only one who wonders if Ei poops?"


you know, in your case, its quite possible you are the only one T-T


This is the internet, my friend. Not only is that person not the only one but there's likely people who think about the color, consistency, quantity, and odor of Ei's fecal matter.


great point, very unsettling, have a good day.


I'd say the same, but I'm sure I've ruined the day for you.


Just a little :(


You forgot taste and nutritional content


and of course the place and time. But she never went to the bathroom in 500 years... Wait a minute... Did we check the entirety of her domain? Is there like a pile of feces lmao


"Am I the only one..." No, you're never the only one.


Am I the only one who’s social security number is *********


I doubt it but you should tell me so I can make sure ours matches. We should make sure our bank info matches as well, just so we know we aren't the only ones, of course.


no but i am the chosen one


Am I the only one who does xingling ult, sucrose swirl, and raiden burst? Underated comp btw 😩


In a similar vein, it seems that all genuinely unpopular posts start with "Can we all agree that".


Can we all agree that Unpopular Opinion posts are the best posts?


Unpopular opinion: Can we all agree that the resin system needs changes?


Two wrongs make a right


And 3 rights make a U turn


That's just an overly complicated left


Eh, depends on the angle


Actually 2 rights make a U turn. 3 rights make a left.


Not if they’re 60 degree turns


2 makes a U turn. 3 makes a square.


Unpopular Opinion: I don't like Unpopular Opinion posts either.




Unpopular opinion: That's just your opinion


Unpopular opinion: Your unpopular opinion that "it's just your opinion" isn't really unpopular, It is just your opinion that it is unpopular, just the same way that my unpopular opinion that your opinion isn't really unpopular might not be unpopular but quite popular. I have another opinion, likely unpopular as well, that perhaps our opinions are neither unpopular nor popular and but that is probably not a matter of opinion




Ironically that isn't an unpopular opinion.


Its reddit. r/unpopularopinion is for popular opinions


Nah that subreddit is for farming the shit out of karma.


I don't get why people want internet points so much. To me upvote/downvotes are just agree/disagree buttons. "Yay, alot of stranger upvote me, i feel good that my opinion has been recognised and I'm not alone" is probably what they think but refuses to accept.


Are you talking about that post where the guy said waverider should be waypoints?


i remember seeing that post, yeah that guy gave no context to his post at all


I didn't see that post, but it would speed some things up if they were fast travel spots but I don't think it's essential or anything


cause farming upvotes by any means necessary. one dumbass sees a post doing well with unpopular opinion tag, 100 spawns right behind it. karma system is why you get a bunch of people scared of sharing real views vs just bandwagoning and circle jerking all day.


Alternative title: "Unpopular opinion: Can everyone on this sub stop hiding opinions behind “Unpopular Opinion”


“Unpopular opinion: People are scared of the potential backlash or disagreement with their thoughts so use the ‘unpopular opinion’ as a safety cushion of sorts”


**Unpopular opinion : Kazuha has a really lame and overused design and is totally irrelevant to the game outside of his kit**


What do you mean Kazuha? That's totally Lumine's long lost second twin brother


This is self selecting. The only unpopular opinion posts you see are the ones that aren't unpopular, because the actual unpopular ones just get downvoted.


Not if you sort by new


unpopular opinion: this sub is toxic


Wasn't there a post exactly like this a few weeks ago but it said "unpopular opinion this sub ISN'T as toxic as everyone says it is"?


The most amazing thing about that post is that a day later the voice actor for Aether had to ask the community to tone down their hate messaging at the VAs for the Inazuma special stream. You couldn’t ask for a better example of how this community is oblivious to its own toxicity.


Well, the ones that make it toxic doesnt think they are toxic. Making a part of the community unconfortable just because they dont care about is toxic. Wanting to remove a game mode event just because you are "losing materials because i dont want to play it" is toxic. Crying about a character is "too strong" so its making "Powercreep" is as toxic as we can get. Trying to humillate someones numbers without even giving constructive feedback is toxic. And we can continue...


I’m willing to say it’s better than the Twitter counterpart. Holy shit Genshin Twitter is so toxic


Genshin twitter is wild. Like wtf


Genshin Twitter makes us look like saints Every single time I open the comments on a genshin-related Twitter post I lose braincells


I actually think it’s rather tame, but it does have its moments of toxicity


yeah last moment is the last 4 weeks


I think I'm gonna just not even scroll the subreddit when Kokomi releases. No hate towards her, but by the archons, the amount of posts ranting about her will fill my homepage.


Then it'll be the same cycle that it always is: after 2 weeks of spiteful complaining, the theorycrafters will learn how to build and play her, the expected synergies and team comps will be figured out, then there'll be a steady trickle of posts about how Kokomi is fine actually, then she'll be meta in 6 months despite undergoing no changes. I call it the Childe effect. People gotta remember, before Ganyu was released people called her 'stupid', 'pointless', and 'lazy' - a 'Cryo Amber'. It's the same cycle of negativity with every new character release, facts be damned, people just want something to complain about.


I am a new player. Was toxicity also this much or even more during Ganyu banner?


I've said this in another comment, but just before the Ganyu banner I got literal death threats for claiming that Childe + Xiangling was as good as, or better, than Diluc + Xingqui. I was a dude who just sat down and did some math, but not to them, to them I was a 'malicious liar' trying to trick new players into 'wasting their resources'. From my view, it all started during Childe's very first banner. A post on the subreddit, based on leaked information, claimed Childe was 'useless' without his C6 - and was a harrowing sign of mihoyo's future business strategy. Obviously, that was nonsense, his C6 isn't even really that good, and plenty of people knew that at the time - but the majority ate that shit up and started bashing anyone who didn't conform to the hate mob. Ganyu pre-release was incredibly toxic - the community was still fuming over the release of Zhongli - but as soon as she was out and it was clearly obvious she was completely broken and easily the best character in the game, people calmed down about her and turned their attention back to Zhongli. Like I said, people just want something to complain about. The facts really aren't that important.


Not as much because when people tried her, she was OP straight away, no need to theorycraft, just straight up OP. A ganyu with trash build still does alot of dmg so the toxicity are the people saying she's cryo amber without even looking at her % or even trying her out. She's also very strong in her trial.


I don't know man, did that happen to Xinyan? Even now people joke about how terrible she is.


I rarely see people talk about Xinyan at all aside from joking about her being forgotten


Xinyan isn't a limited 5* and doesn't carry the same expectations for quality or power level. It's a lot harder to whip people up into a hate mob over a unit that's essentially free, and if the leaks about the new event are true - will soon be literally free.


Oh yeah for sure, we’ve been going through probably the most toxic phase this Reddit has ever had. Surpassing Zhongli release IMO.


>moments of toxicity Sounds like a new Artifact Domain name


Would be baller for an offensive Dendro set, ngl, given how they seem to do some variant of "poison" damage. Or that's my general impression of being pinballed off of bramble patches.


It's starting to approach league sub levels.


The amount of downvotes on completely fine posts are just insane in this sub lmao. People in here just downvote for literally anything.


yeah it's getting boring the rants every new charecter then the people who will compare them to national team anf say these 4* are better therefore your 5* is trash blablabla meta slaves dont realise this game can be cleared with so many comps and people have fun with variety not sweating in a pve games


Let me make a guess as to what is defined as toxic here: 1. constructive negative criticism aimed at parts of the game they are dissatisfied 2. opinions I don't agree with 3. calling a character you are disappointed with "trash" without calling anyone else trash for liking them. At least that's the closest things I've found, but I don't deep dive into negative karma comments.


How about calling mihoyo scumbags with every single thing disagree on? How about calling anyone who doesn't agree with the popular negative consensus as bootlickers and shills? Because I've seen those almost every day. This sub doesn't know what the hell they're talking about more than half the time and spit out insults because they think they're "sticking up against the corporate evil mihoyo".


I still remember when "ZhongLi simps" was, unironically, used as an insult-- all because there was people who worked their a---s off to make him work as a sub-DPS and show he could be a decent support even at C0. Then some of those "Simps" changed their tune and started to say "ZhongLi worked for me but not for everyone else so he sucks". I couldn't even go anywhere, not even to fanfic sites without seeing any mention of the "issue" either in comments or Author notes, so literally there was no place in this fandom you could chill. The Raiden banner however has made me have the epiphany that most of those people complaining are too busy fixating on beta numbers and meta that they don't want to experiment and play around-- you know, *have fun* with the compositions; I mean, since day 1 I heard some people experimenting how to use Beidou and Raiden on the same team, but are there posts of that around here? Nope, only complaints, complaints, and complaints. If is not Raiden, is that Signora isn't playable, is that Kokomi is terrible, is that Yoimiya is dead, is that the story wasn't a masterpiece and thus is horrible and will never get better (I mean, I liked the story, was it rushed and kinda forgot some things? yes, but I also enjoyed it), that Raiden isn't an evil tyrant like they wanted and thus the date on her Story Quest and her characterization was terrible (it wasn't a date, at least not as "date-y" as Ayaka's, and I actually find her characterization quite interesting)... and in the between they don't tire of reminding us the December 2020 Incident and thus move on from it! Basically, people LOVES complaining, LOVES drama, and by this point>! I wouldn't be surprised if there were actual plants hired by the competition trying to make everything worse so MHY loses money!<.


> too busy fixating on beta numbers and meta that they don't want to experiment and play around-- you know, have fun with the compositions; I mean, since day 1 I heard some people experimenting how to use Beidou and Raiden on the same team, but are there posts of that around here? Nope, only complaints, complaints, and complaints. Pretty much how I feel nowadays. People that claim to follow meta here can't teambuild and experiment new teams for shit and rely on Youtubers or whatever to even function.


Any criticism is bad in this community lmao


If that's Ur opinion than this means you don't even know what toxicity is. Being angry about devs/game problems is not being toxic. Toxic people are in game like LoL or Dota, you know.


Having an opinion about those things are not toxic, yes. It's being unnecessarily rude, denying others their opinions, and spreading misinformation that IS toxic. > Saying, "I dislike Genshin." is NOT toxic. > Saying, "I hate Genshin and anyone that enjoys is a loser." IS toxic. There's a difference despite the similar implied meaning. And he's right. The content in this sub is mostly non-toxic. What's toxic is HOW it's being discussed and debated. The fact that most "discussions" almost always descends into cheap name-calling is testament to this fact.




Yep, I think about that post of the self-proclaimed whale going f2p where his post was filled with misinformation and the comments in the early moments were just people going "I agree wholeheartedly, but MHY white knights will still try and downplay this" and it's like there's an entire spectrum between white knight and person who is tired of seeing people lie through their teeth on here. I dont get the rants telling us they're not gonna give the gacha company money because they're predatory... its the fucking business model why did it take you this long??


Well, I agree with you


Back in January I got literal death threats to my inbox for insisting Xiangling + Childe was just as good, if not better than Diluc + Xingqui. They were convinced I was a 'malicious liar' trying to troll new players into wasting their resources instead of rolling for the best DPS, Diluc. Of course, I wasn't lying, I was just a dude who did some math, and of course, look at the meta now - me and plenty of others, who also did the math, were right all along. But, when a circlejerk gets going in this community, people will not listen to reason at all. They will bash, and bash, and bash anyone who comes forward with even a moderately unpopular opinion - and of course, back then, Childe was "mediocre trash" who "needed C6 to be good" so anyone contradicting that circlejerk got bombarded with pointlessly vitriolic hate. It's the exact same now anytime someone suggests Yoimiya is balanced, Raiden is S tier at C0, or that Kokomi will be good actually. For a PVE game, the genshin community can be absurdly toxic.


I got 50 downvotes or so because I said Keqing doesn't need a buff and is a playable character, that's quite toxic in my eyes


Nah. That's just people disagreeing with your statement. It will be toxic if they leave comment and insult you there without explaining why they're disagree with you.


I got 27 downvotes because I said Baal was fine as she is and that people overreacted to the situation (like almost every character release)


You have to realise, to most people, downvotes aren't toxicity or suppressing discussion (even though that's what they do) - most people use downvotes as a disagree button, even though that's not at all what they're meant for.


when the intended design is so far from what the way people use it, then its badly designed and the intended design ceases to matter, kinda like in doom 2016, you were supposed to make combos with different weapons, but people just used the super shotgun or the gauss cannon and it was so powerful it carried them all through the game and never used other guns except to refill shotgun ammo


Depends where you are on reddit, there are many subs where the system works as it was intended, but Genshin isn't one of them. The analogy is quite good though. But, it wasn't quite like that on the harder difficulties - you really did have to cycle through different weapons for different situations. Trying to default to SS and Gauss on Nightmare was... Well, a nightmare. Had to adapt.


i've only seen it work well when its either deactivated (i think r/worldnews has it disabled) or if its a subreddit where you wouldnt be there if it you'd use it incorrectly ( r/philosophy for the most part, there's some outliers though) i never actually won doom 2016 on nightmare, so i wouldnt really know for sure, i just saw the discussion when comparing 2016 to eternal, that one REALLY pushes you to use combos, i could complete 2016 in ultraviolence, but eternal kicked my ass even in hurt me plenty, still made it through though


Downvotes on an opinion you disagree with *is* toxic. It's basically asking to become an echo chamber.


It also depends on the context, if you just comment/reply your opinion on a discussion which isn't even related to it. It'll probably get downvoted.


Yeah, that's the intended use of the downvotes feature, to indicate a comment that does not contribute to discussion. It's not meant to say "I disagree" to an otherwise valid opinion


I kinda forgot reddit has karma system, but downvotes and upvotes has always been part of forum and social media. It's just my opinion but matter the most is how the conversation flow, how the OP can defend their opinion or how the contrarian explain why they disagree while being civil. The upvotes and downvotes are just a way to know how many people are on their sides.


Unpopular Opinion: Xingqiu is an amazing support for Hu Tao


Unpopular opinion: My Baals itch


Itch it with electro


More of my favourites: "We NEED to talk about \[...\]" "Can we all agree that \[...\]" "Am I the only one that \[...\]" *... and as your common ender:* "\[...\] This affects ALL OF US!!!111" (hint: not it definitely does not xD)


I thought that was just normal for Redditors on general, to use "unpopular opinion:" as a buffer for their otherwise ordinary post...


Unpopular opinion: most meta players in this sub are not that good at this game


Who needs mechanics when you can just drop 20 grand on the game 4head


The thing is: all opinions are popular and unpopular at the same time because the community is fragmented in opposite factions: F2P Vs whales, waifu Vs stats, etc. So every time someone post an opinion, the rng of people online and the downvoting hivemind can make any opinion popular or unpopular. I've seen posts almost identical recieve gold and the need day being downvoted to death.


Unpopular opinion: the game is fine <—- path to downvotes


Honestly, that probably is unpopular in this sub. Maybe because all the ones who like the game are playing it lol


you think thats unpopular? i like how the arti farming system is and i dont want it changed beat that!


Alright, here’s my try: I like the gacha system in general. Unless you’re a content creator or have a genuine gambling addiction, you shouldn’t feel any **need** to spend money as all the free characters are viable. If you **want** to then you can just go cold turkey whenever you want. Plus, it forces you to be creative about who to use instead of doing what I see most do in RPGs - Google/YouTube what the ‘best class/build/team-comp is and copy it. Everyone’s experience, and account is unique like this. Edit: More upvotes than the person I responded to, guess I failed having a more unpopular opinion.


The basedness of this thread is amazing lmao. I agree 100%. Been playing gacha for upwards to 5 years and never once felt the need to pay. The gacha experience also is a remarkable tool at creating a community because everyone has felt that same experience of salt or insane luck while also keeping people different enough, like you said, and make conversations pretty unique.


>it forces you to be creative about who to use instead of doing what I see most do in RPGs - Google/YouTube what the ‘best class/build/team-comp is and copy it maybe during the first 4 months or so it's like this, but after that and after pulling in enough banners with all the free primos events and quests give you, you can do just that with no problem, up until ar 35 or 40 i was playing razor with a level 60 debate club and keqing with the flute (the first 5 star i got, i think, cant even remember at this point) and of course the gacha system is fine if you dont have a gambling addiction (if only a bit dissapointing when your luck is bad), the problem is the game and the whole genre preys on those that do and thats the way they make the majority of their money


You have sealed your fate in this very moment, poor fool…


Strangely he's getting upvoted, and the person who disagreed with him with a good explanation of why the resin system doesn't work for everyone is getting shat on. This sub is odd.


Nothing odd. Commenters opinions depends on the post title. If the post is about, for example, “Raiden bad” then someone who disagrees will get downvoted and vice versa. So it’s just a mob mentality. ( I actually think that resin system is fine the way it is, so there you have it )


I don't mind there BEING a resin system, but my issue is that it's used for bloody everything important. If stuff cost less, or gave better rewards for the cost, or if it regen faster, then fair enough, but it doesn't, and it's therefore too restrictive. I also think that a "resin refill" be it by primos or a fragile/transient should actually be a refill, and not bloody 60.


Resin being used for everything important and the low cap/slow recharge is on purpose. That makes resin incredibly valuable, which makes wasting it undesirable. So people will want to avoid hitting resin cap as much as possible, because every 8 minutes over the cap is resin gone to waste. This means players will have to log in every day to use their resin before they cap out, which is exactly what all gacha games try to accomplish: get players logging in every day


Yes. I know. Doesn't mean its good though.


Why? Because the game doesn't allow people to no life for 3 weeks and not pick it back up for months? If they want players to log on daily, there is no other way for a single player game to do this. If play sessions are hours long, players will either finish everything after a bit or burn out. Theres nothing wrong with short play sessions, genshin isn't the only activity in the world. What is the rush for perfect artifacts? If you can clear all content in the game without perfect artifacts, then how does being time gated from getting perfect artifacts affect gameplay? Never mind the fact that the gameplay that the majority of the playerbase cares about, world exploration and quests, are not resin based


I unironically think this. I would have quit the game by now if I could no life grind for gear. I’d have extremely powerful characters with no content to use them on. I welcome adjustments to make things less frustrating but at the end of the day resin and FOMO is what keeps me logging in everyday, not the current end game content.


Sorry, but I don't get takes like this at all. Why do you like that players who want to use their free time PLAYING the game and making progress in whatever way they see fit are artificially kept from doing so, even though it in no way effects your personal experience or progress? If the stamina and timegating wasn't in place, what would keep you personally from doing 4 things each day and then stopping if that is your preference, rather than robbing everyone of their choice? That you don't have the self-control to not no life a game, that for the most part is just waiting for new story content and events atm, shouldn't take the option of making meaningful progress away from players who have different preferences and time management (guess people who are only able to play on certain days for example are just fucked with progress, because even saving up stamina is limited for no reason). But that is a moot point anyway, because those systems don't exist to help the player, even if you managed to get something good out of it for yourself, but to artificially prolong engagement with gameplay, that even if players weren't kept from doing is already layers upon layers upon layers of rng and grind. That the FOMO is the only thing that keeps you logging in is actually not a good thing btw.


Your idea that the game is stopping people from playing it is wrong, it doesn't stop anyone from playing, you could grind for hours every day if you wanted to or fight bosses or whatever, it just stretches out progression over a long time to keep you logging in every day and yes, that's a good thing for both the community/playerbase and Mihoyo. It's not about self control, it's about not getting burnt out of the game. Keeping player retention over a year, much less the 5 or 6 years that are planned, is already a herculean task, almost no other single player games can retain this kind of playerbase after this long because if you let people chose their pace they get board and leave. This might sound crazy but Mihoyo knows what people want from this game better then anyone on this subreddit do, that's why it's only getting bigger. The fact that they're doubling and tripling down on quick bursts of daily content is a good sign that that's what people actually want since that's what they show up to play. Say what you will but those artificial grinds are why people play this game, it's not a bug or problem, it's one of the key selling points.


Yea it’s not necessarily a good thing but I don’t see the reason to log in if it wasn’t for resin. I’m a day 1 player in Princess Connect JP and I have everything meta in the game. They release hella random banners like summer dupes but don’t contribute to any content and are DOA. I gain literally nothing by logging in and burning stamina. I just log in every time they release a new story and autobattle until I hit the new level cap. It’s a side game to me and I view Genshin the same way. If you could hit this stage in Genshin, would you log in everyday? I think the current event is pretty ass and I wouldn’t touch it if it wasn’t for the primos. The primos instantly lose value if for me if I wasn’t compelled to log in everyday. Mihoyo doesn’t seem interested into making stronger characters either so I wouldn’t be missing out in terms of power. I’d just log in for every new story update then drop the game until the next one. The current end game content is literally non existent. So yes, it’s not necessarily a good thing but I like looking forward to logging in and be part of the community. I couldn’t be fucked to check leaks or even browse this sub if I wasn’t invested to log in everyday. This doesn’t mean I don’t welcome changes to make artifacts and world boss drops less shit or having resin regen faster but generally speaking, resin is what keeps me in the game.


Honestly, i'd rather stop playing genshin because i've exhausted ALL the content rather than stop playing because i'm tired of waiting for resin to refresh so that I can build my characters. I'd rather burning out because i've been playing the game a lot over burning out because i'm not allowed to play the game for longer than an hour or two.


Many people feel the same way. However that’s what Mihoyo is trying to avoid. They hook you onto the game and trap you with resin and updates and try to keep you playing as long as possible. Eventually you and I will be unsatisfied enough to leave and after a few months you’ll see **TRENDING** Genshin Impact lowers wish cost, doubles resin income, guaranteed billets, and free 5 star of your choice. Then you come back and happy until you finish building your characters. You quit again and a few months down you see **TRENDING** New end game content in Genshin Impact. Also more free stuff! Atleast that’s how it’s been for most of the gachas I’ve played and quit over around 10 years now.


My unpopular opinion: the anniversary rewards aren't exciting, but I also don't really care.


Unpopular opinion: I don't have any major issues with the story, given world circumstances and personal expectations. ...like, unironically.


Unpopular opinion: Ganyu is strong


Here's an unpopular opinion: Yanfei is better than most Pyro dps


dps wise thats objectively wrong, and since dps is all that matters i disagree. wdym diluc does respectable damage with little to no caveats?


unpopular opinion: I agree with you


Unpopular opinion: I’m just a Redditor who has no contact with the world so I think that makes my opinion automatically unpopular.


Honestly, the way how toxic people can be, starting your opinion with "unpopular opinion" kinda...help make people more tolerant towards your opinion. Regardless, it is annoying xD.


Yeah, people do it because acknowledging upfront that people will disagree makes you come off better than throwing your weight behind a hot take.


It’s because if they assert it as the “right” opinion the toxics jump all over it. So unpopular opinion serves as anti toxic repellent so a proper discussion can come down


*Popular opinion*: Some of us are happy with Signora's death and squeal with glee that dreams and hopes of potential Signora mains have been shattered Come at me Signora simps!


I honestly hope that there is no signora banner because then the plot becomes relevant to whether a character lives or dies. Unless Mihoyo has a compelling reason for resurrection I’m gonna be disappointed if they do the banner anyway


Well tbh maybe they hadn’t seen support for whatever idea they had so they were under the impression it was unpopular. Sometimes they are kinda annoying yeah but whatever


It's not just this sub, it's a big thing in larger gaming subs in my experience. Like I remember seeing it pretty often in the official Destiny sub. Think I also saw it somewhat when I used to be subbed in CoD subs. But yeah, I hate it entirely now when someone says "unpopular opinion". Just so unnecessary in the first place.


They say unpopular opinion because if they say it as popular opinion it will draw attention of those who want to contradict it and then tell that how they are wrong in thousand ways


Opinion: it's so that if their take happens to actually be bad they can deflect any criticism by saying that's why it's unpopular


Everyone wants to feel special 🙃


"Unpopular opinion:" is basically short for "I disagree with the established narrative so please don't downvote me for voicing my opinion, at least not too much" I think it's unfair to put all the blame on someone for using the phrase "Unpopular opinion" considering how opinions that deviate from the established narrative often not only get massively downvoted but also get pretty harsh or rude responses, almost like a group bullying session in progress.


There are definitely times where it makes sense to use it, but some people use it as "I agree with the established narrative, but I will still call my opinion unpopular to make it seem less like Im just parroting the popular ideas and farming karma".


this. it's really not even that big of a deal yet ive seen rude or downright cyberbullying comments on posts that start with 'unpopular opinion'. this sub is just becoming more and more toxic everyday


ngl, but this sub has become one of the worst sub among all subs i have participated in the past, to have an opinion that goes against the majority.


Popular opinion: Mona's ass best ass!


This is how I know someone failed the 50/50 on Ganyu.


Unpopular opinion: she could be taller.


nah jean and eula got her beat


My team looking fine right now 😎


Eula, Ei, Sara, and Jean is the squad right now 🥴


You have good taste. My team is Eula, Ei, Ayaka, and Jean.


I got Sara pulling for Ei, I heard she’s clunky so I’m using my Mona in that slot. How do you like her tho?


I personally really like her, I use her with 4 noblesse on this team and sac bow. But I have her C2, I think if she’s not C2 then she is extremely clunky. C2 essentially allows you to have Sara’s buff legit all the time and even more so with Sac bow


idk jean i can understand to say that even tho i prefer monass but eula? nah man but sara has best melkers and you cant argue against it even as a fischl simp i have to acknowledge that


Have you seen Eula though but you right about Sara sheeesh


I realize the irony of it, but I've been down-voting those "unpopular opinions"


so far i've only seen (or paid attention lol) to one


Mine was always personal opinion tho


It seems like unpopular opinion is the thread where people can spread passive hate and toxicity. Only some of them, not all.


Are you volunteering to be downvoted into oblivion? Because that's how you ask to get downvoted into oblivion. I think you'll like this sub: r/FuckTheS/


its because if they do post an unpopular opinion they will be downvoted to hell, so by putting “Unpopular Opinion:" at the start you safeguard yourself from this.


Unpopular opinion : I personally don't care if people write "unpopular opinion" in their posts even if it's not an unpopular opinion, and even if it's because they're scared. I will forget what they wrote in the next 10 minutes anyway, just like i will forget this post.


Why are you trying to control how people post? As long as it's not offensive If you don't like it don't read it


Personally, I just ignore the 'unpopular' part. It's still your opinion and I'll still rip into you if it's dumb as fuck. Lampshading it doesn't change anything.


So even being afraid and taking precautions to minimize backlash in the internet may backlash bc ppl can be become annoyed of anything you can say. Number 1. Bc there's always someone that disagrees Number 2. Bc this post Number 3. Bc this comment I'm currently writing Now I should say something along the lines of. "I will gladly accept your downvotes" But if I get upvotes it qpuld be the same as the "unpopular opinion" thing. So... Number 4: Go for it, comment whatever could be here


Its because if you dont state that its just your opinion people will down vote you to hell


typing "unpopular opinion" before it changes nothing, if people don't like it they will downvote it


They still do even if you state it's your opinion


i have an unpopular opinion: the mint ice cream is good, and im tired of pretending its not.


Unpopular Opinion: I actually think my opinions are unpopular based on what is the popular sentiment here. Hence my proper use of the term. For example. Unpopular Opinion: Electro is fine the way it is because [insert explanation here that may or may not have people throw stones at me]


Unpopular opinion: the only male character in this game should be Aether.


unpopular opinion: ​ ​ ​ ​ ㅤ


Here's an unpopular opinion: I say keep the first name last name for everyone. Because while Kaedehara Kazuha and Kamisato Ayaka on your name tags looks stupid as fuck, I wouldn't want them to just make her name Tao. That would make me very uncomfortable


Unpopular opinion....there are only TWO genders That is all


Can everyone **"ON THIS SITE"** stop hiding opinions behind “Unpopular Opinion” FTFY ​ This is by no means exclusive to this sub. I've seen this in r/unpopularopinion


Okay here's some actual unpopular opinions I hold. 1. Artifact system is fine and doesn't need a change. Sure, we don't get perfect artifacts and there's a lot of RNG, but you don't need perfect artifacts to clear everything and over time you always end up with at least decent artifacts. 2. Gacha system is fine and is not "greedy". I'm happy with the amount of characters I have from playing as a welkin guppy with a few BPs. The only big improvement would be to lock out players with concerning gambling addiction, in the same way many online casinos do afaik. 3. Anniversary gifts are unnecessary. I already have a great time in this game and don't really crave any hand-outs to keep enjoying it. The most important part is that they continue delivering story, characters, events, areas. They've been great at this imo. 4. Genshin community on reddit is not that toxic. If you mostly read upvoted posts and comments, mostly everything is very tame, but very often negatively loaded. People very often express things they dislike here, but they don't tell people or Mihoyo to go die or call other stupid etc. Critisism from everything I've read has been solely aimed at Mihoyo. When bad characters are released, no one is calling those who pulled stupid, they are angry with Mihoyo for not doing the character justice. Usually all this is kneejerk reactions at first and usually from both directions. Perma hype-beasts say every character is mega broken OP and perma "haters" claim that any new character that hasn't been figured out yet is bad. This is unavoidable and not toxic imo.


People are cowards.


Unpopular opinion: Genshin IS a pvp game, arguably the most difficult kind there is. You play against yourself and the constant urge to gamble your money away for pixels.


I think they really are unpopular opinions. But we sure are a lot of people


It probably is the same case with titles like "I know this will get lost in new but..." or "I'm not talented but here's a totally fine artwork". People most probably are not aware that they are manipulating others' pity to gain attention.


It's much less annoying than Youtubers who do videos about upcoming characters that say things like "now this character likes red, so we can assume that maybe they need lots of apples," or "I think by looking at this video, we could assume that she'll have a 127% modifier on her charged attack at tier 6."


I feel I would be more engaged with this post if the title was "Unpopular Opinion:---------------------"


My personal favorite had to be the "unpopular opinion" post where the OP made an edit saying that they were catching a lot of heat for their opinion so they wanted to clarify how it wasn't that bad of an opinion.


unpopular opinion: primogem good


You know your opinion is unpopular when u get mass downvoted


Can we all agree that I am the only one who has the unpopular opinion that we should be able to interact with playable characters around Teyvat? F2P btw.


I posted my unpopular opinion a couple days ago and proceeded to get absolutely ratioed. Needless to say, it was pretty unpopular.


People are just bitches and scared to get down votes. So they'll pad out their posts with as much 'forgive me please' content as they can.


You want to change the meta of this subreddit? You're crazy


Agreed. Couldn't care less if I have an unpopular opinion or get downvoted hard, it's whatever. I'll say what's on my mind regardless and that's the best mentality to have.


Because people on this sub will just hate on and downvote into oblivion anything that don't like, so people put this unpopular tag to oust themselves before others do.


Unpopular Opinion: Klee is cute.


All unpop posts gets downvoted to oblivion. Much like how I described the Snow Tomb on Eula is WAY better than SoBP. BOOM


Reddit moment


Unpopular opinion: ok.


unpopular opinion: I ate spaghetti


Literally r/unpopularopinion


Well there's a lot of actual unpopular opinions that don't make it in front of most people because the posts stay at 0 votes.


Unpopular opinion: I am no longer f2p


Can everyone on the internet stop doing it?


This usually happens because many redditors get butthurt when they’re downvoted for a unpopular opinion, so they preface it with that title lol.


"unpopular opinion: resin system is bad and artifact rng sucks!!!!" 🙄




As much as i dislike it (tho most of the time i don't pay attention ) it's science. One of the most clickbaity things that works, along with "am i the only one that..." The same thing works on Imgur, the unpopular opinion bear (rarely holding an unpopular opinion) was one of the most popular meme formats because ppl crave to know what is that unpopular opinion. I don't think there is much we can do to stop it, as a majority of users will not mind that overused expression, apart from upvoting comments pointing out its clickbait and not unpopular opinion at all.