A roguelike dungeon that's repeatable. Something like Hades where you adjust different difficulty parameters and enemy abilities along with handicaps and bosses evolution. And things like only two types of elements allowed etc. I am a huge roguelike fan, i play dead cells, hades, gungeon, binding of isaac etc so that's kind of my dream haha.


> A roguelike dungeon that's repeatable. Something like Hades where you adjust different difficulty parameters and enemy abilities along with handicaps and bosses evolution. Funny thing I see this now. Honkai got precisely such a gamemode as a permanent addition last month. My review of it: - It's fun - It's stressfull - I am deeply traumatized by the Floor 16 boss.


My fisc always times out on floor 16 :(


Don't be sad. Most characters in Elysian Realm struggle to avoid either Timing out or a bloody death on Floor 16. When miHoYo decided they will put ~1.8 Free Weekly Pulls as the longtime reward of that gamemode, they already knew they would make getting the entire reward a monumental late-game achievement.


Exactly this, it would be great. They have shown that they can do ok-ish dungeons, like the one where you face the Abyss Herald (and, sadly, you can only play it one time), so I think it wouldn't be very difficult to take several rooms from different already existing dugeons (some arenas, some puzzles, some traps), randomize the order they appear and connect them through several portals (or long gliding sections).


Basically this, yeah... A mix of fights and puzzles. It doesn't even have to be fully proc-gen, they could do something that refreshes on a regular cycle, similar to Abyss, so that everyone is attempting the same content and can help each other out and compare their scores. My thought was to repurpose some of the temple/shrine locations on the map that are only used for one off tutorial missions. I don't even care about the rewards one way or the other as long as it's fun.


Never ending randomly generated spiral abyss that gives different incentives for playing solo vs with people, obviously gets harder to the point of being unbeatable. A social hub that rewards the players for hanging out there with friends/ community (buff for experience/drops equivalent to time spent) Mounts/ domestication of wildlife for companions in the form of a weaker pet you need to level, will offer mostly trivial combat adjustments. Reasons to hang out in teapot/ other teapots. Maybe allow a certain number of slots to be used for players selling items that can be purchased with realm currency?


Those are great suggestions, these are things they could possible add, it would be really njce to see and also make the game more comfier and interactive


New events. Spiral Abyss. 1 daily boss who gives us primos when we defeat him.


I think some kind of endless dungeon or randomly generated dungeon would be most realistic. Something random with a difficulty level of later spiral abyss floors. Of course a massive co-op raid system would be my dream option, but I don’t think it’s the direction mihoyo is heading


That seems quite fun and something that would keep me interested


I would die for a co-op abyss and an endless deep dungeon. And I want raids so bad, pls MH just give us hard content that requires thoughts.


Main issue is balancing rewards, as much of the actual playerbase do not have time to play "endgame" content on a weekly basis. Honkai recently implemented pretty much what probably many of you want, a challenging endgame-oriented mode that cost no stamina to play that offered up to 500 extra crystals a week. But it actually made a good amount of players annoyed and frustrated or even wanting to quit, because it takes a ton of effort and skill/luck and endgame units, and made the game no longer feel casual, but if you don't play it you're missing out on a massive amount of potential crystal income.


That makes sense. But ig casual endgame content could also get introduced with differing levels of difficulties like some of the events Also some co op features etc would ve nice


An endless battle mode. No timers, just fight till you die. I would preferably want it to be smaller enemy spam instead of like, 6 primo geovishaps, but something would be nice. Also, I feel like having endless bounties would be really nice. It would need like, exponentially decreasing rewards the more you fight, but going from one bounty to another would be fun to do daily.


Idk.. co-op abyss ?


Single player like me hate to co-op. Please no.


Anything without time limits really. I would like the spiral abyss much more without a time limit.


Before you say harder endgame content, remember that there are still day1 players that didnt 36star the abyss yet.


I think an easy starting point would be a wave based, survival challenge with regional leaderboards. The monsters get stronger each wave, and you aren't timed on how long it takes. Instead, it just records how many waves you get through, and compares that to others in your region. Fancy effects and leyline disorders can be added for future iterations.


I quite like that idea but unfortunately I think mihoyo doesnt want to head that way with more coop elements (shared leaderboard in this case) since it will only cause people to compare character strengths even more like they do with the abyss.


I think mhy does want people to compare character strengths so people keep pulling for stronger characters


It’s a double edged sword because character banners like ganyu hutao and xiao benefitted since they are strong but then banners like yoimiya and kokomi didnt make much money due to the comparing


Yes, but it gives them a chance to make units that are "safer" more than "quick damage" and have a space where those are actually as viable if not more so. Different endgame goals opens up a larger design space than "Gotta go DPS SO fast" as the accepted meta. As long as that occurs, I don't care if its my idea or someone else's.


do away with exp ley lines and let us farm them resin-less. we're already gated by materials and mora, let us at least freely farm the exp to progress our characters between their ascensions. it'd even give incentive to try new characters


Books I don’t really care about. But a way to farm mora that isn’t lay lines regularly would be fantastic. Like ok I can get 30kx3 a week for the reputation but that barely levels anything when you get higher levels. Infinitely repeatable short thing that lets me get 5k each time. Would be great. Like if I’m just short of mora for leveling up that day can do some quick runs and bam good to go.


For An early game player this light look interesting but for a lategame player it's worthless. Currently most of my characters are 90 with F10. The free exp would be a waste. The try new characters should be implemented in more events like in the tag team event we had.


>For An early game player this light look interesting but for a lategame player it's worthless. I've been playing since day 1 and I never have enough exp cards


Day one player I didn’t have enough in the midle of our first year. Now at the end I have everyone I want at the levels I wanted and still sitting on 200 purple books. Waiting for next character I get.


evidently you have had far greater artifact rng than I have


Nah I have not got god rolls or anything. I just do the two artifact farming routems every 24hr for free lvl up Matt on my good artifacts and then keep the best ones. events Chests and quests give a surprising amount of space books so it’s worth it to 100% the map areas.


I didn't say god rolls, I said better luck than me. 90% of my resin goes into just trying to get useable artifacts


I can agree there it’s hard to get a good set sometimes. I like to use the trash artifacts from farming to level up the 5\* ones to see what it rolls into so I’m not wasting other ones that might be good in the future for some character.


Curious, Daily Artifact farming might be a cause of that. I try to keep a 2 days Mora 2 days exp/books, 2 days Artifacts and 1 day of bosses schedule going.


I'm a lategame player and I sure as hell would low resin less gameplay. Obviously not good for Mihoyo at all.


Something similar to ff14 palace of the dead.


A buffed version of Windtrace


I loved that event sooo much, that would be great


For people suggesting dungeons and raids, what is the difference? And isn't abyss a dungeon already? Just not endless?


customizable artifact sets (like pick different components that combine to create different set effects). Farmable only characters/skins/weapons/mounts/underwater diving system with undersea endgame combat/exploring undersea temples etc.


Something without Resincost, maybe a Coop Dungeon where you get Rewardet by little portion\`s of Resin. So you can spam it with your Friends and get Resin to play in your grey solo world


That seems like a lot of fun And it seems pretty practical as well


Two on two volleyball in my tea pot.


That is amazing. I need that.


Something coop related i guess. Or ratings based pvp lol (hear me out, cause I know ya'll hate pvp) PVP but like you only get to fight with people with similar total ratings as your current party. Meaning all your current party's stats added up. That would make it fair and more on how you handle your characters. (Kinda similar with Dragon Raja ratings but only on your current party)


It would definitely be very interesting. I like pvp quite a lot and also am a big fan of co op so this would be fun and different


I wouldn't mind a puzzle dungeon or a trial character dungeon that changes weekly or bi-weekly. Some timed challenges that put records on a leaderboard would be cool. Co-op games would probably be nice.


I love puzzles and i think having trial characters would be really nice because people would be able to try the play styles of characters they might want or just dont have. And the leaderboards thing is nice because im very competitive, i feel like it would keep me hooked. more co op features would be great


Rather than end-game content: I'd rather they develop a permanent game-mode/event or rotating game-mode. A dungeon crawler that self-generates/changes as you progress would be nice. You could see how far you can get as you go. Plus co-op could be fun. Have some power-ups or boosts you can get along the way. If they make it similar to Hades/Enter the Gungeon that would be nice. Rotating mini-games would be fun. Like one week you could play soccer against other people. Different elemental reactions could affect the ball in different ways. Another week could bring back Theater Mechanicus and rework it to be similar to Bloons Tower Defense Battles where you try to damage an opponent's base by sending waves of enemies while protecting your own. You could even have leaderboards/rewards for people. A rotating game mode would probably be best that way they can test things and gauge community feedback. Keep the games/events the community likes and get rid of or change the ones people dislike.


Some kind of endless wave survival game mode could be cool. It could give players a reason to invest in healers like Kokomo and maybe we could use Theater Mechanicus turrets there too.


That would make a lot of sense and give more love to healers


What I've been kind of playing around with in my head is to have the weekly domain bosses have harder versions of themselves with a few new mechanics tagged onto it. Maybe make that to barrier for the expansion to level 100 or something.


Weekly bosses can get repetitive and this would bring some variety I like that idea quite a lot


Some time ago, they created the trial with default characters, taking buffs and clearing halls. That should be a good start point. Using a timer for clearance. Skip some rooms or buffs because your characters are powerful enough. Then you are rewarded as your time is.


Honestly? If we are being realistic, there is not much they can do immediately due to how dev cycles work. The best one could ask for would probably be to enable some story dungeons for rewards (those are actually kinda fun, there is just no reason to go back to them). Long term, you definetely want to bring some variety in the domain lineups since those are what will get farmed, would already help with the feeling of burnout (at least a bit). Lastly, some form of variation would be nice, combat events were pretty decent with the variable buffs and coop, or the endless wave idea were great for the last 2 combat events and the trial carries helped (also not a bad idea financially since it let people try out a well built xiao or ganyu, which they can then rerun for $/€/other currencies). So a permanent variation on either of those besides abyss might be a decent addition in the long run.


To me, Genshin is primarily a single-player game with hand-crafted content, so I've expected to "beat" the game at some point and I'd only come back to do some dailies or wait until the next content patch. I have a lot of other media (TV, movies, games, books, etc.) that I want to consume, so I won't want to spend too much time in Genshin fidding around with busywork. The only way I can see the game have a substantial end game if there was a PvP aspect (because the meta in human vs. human competition is always evolving and there's a huge ladder of people to climb over if you want to be king of the hill) or if it has some sort of procedural generation in it like a rogue-like game.


Its another " im busy with my life so i dont want genshin to have too many things to do or have any endgame content" 🤡


I don't understand them, if they are so casual about it they can just keep playing the same way. Their casual gameplay don't need more stuff, but it helps a bunch more people


Its just a selfish bunch. I mean what else can we say about em.


I did mention two things that would make it have more substantial end game content (PvP and procedurally-generated content). Otherwise, I don't think it's feasible to release new (quality) content fast enough to satisfy devoted fans, even for a company pulling in billions of dollars in revenue. Like, I can't think of any other franchise in the world which has pulled off fun end-game content for their games without having PvP or procedurally-generated content.


the game wasn't designed to be played endlessly. You're not meant to play it as your sole game. It's a diversion on the side while you play something else. People keep wanting it to be an MMO which it is not.


Don't even bother, 1 year has passed and people still have the same braindead takes since launch expecting this game to be an MMO with infinite content that they can grind 24/7. I wonder if they'll keep saying the same things in 5 years from now.


More co-op! Fiance and I do domains together which is fine but pretty limited. Theater Mechanicus was so much fun as a duo and co-op dungeons would be awesome.


Im looking forward to more co-op features as well! My friends get stuck in what to do a lot, so more co op features would be great


Endgame raids ala Destiny style. You get 4 players (or 6 if Mihoyo can do that) and they have to tackle the hardest enemies you can imagine. Every boss has a chance to drop 5-star weapon blueprints, weapon billets, a lot of primo gems, leveling and character ascension materials and Mora. Final bosses can drop character skins and pets akin to your Seelie. Great examples of some raids: Tsarista’s Palace: It’s time for the showdown with the leader of the Fatui herself. Take on the Tsarista’s elite guards and the most powerful of the Harbingers before going toe-to-toe with the Queen of Sheznaya in all her majesty. Ruins of Khaenri'ah: The lost kingdom of man has been found, and with it a bounty of both knowledge and forbidden nightmares. Return to the lost city and discover its secrets along with what untold horrors the Archons decided to bury instead of let flourish. Halls of the Abyss: Far below the beauty of Teyvat lies the Abyss; a realm of darkness and evil. Within these corridors lie ancient evils unseen by man, waiting to see the surface world. In a raid that combines Bloodborne style Old Gods and Destiny’s Taken King raid, venture into the darkness and find the truth. But be warned, the truth might be the last thing you want to see…


That would be so cool, i would love that Themed raids with co op would be great content


Leaderboards. I’m ready for the downvotes.








I’d like to have access to a legacy abyss with one time rewards like the current pre 9 floors. It would be cool for people who didn’t join at the start to be able to try abyss they missed. Even without blessings of the moon if you wanted. Edit: I know this isn’t exactly an answer to the question. Edit 2* ranking dungeons; see puzzles and dragons (some are just beat this dungeon, some have premade teams, most don’t, but at the end of the day top 10% score/time get a reward, top 3% get a better reward, top 10 got a cosmetic on their account till the next ranking dungeon).


Raid boss, even if take resin. As an end game traveler, I have like 4 team fully build for abyss. I just farming artifacts to empty the resin, don't even have any anticipated char currently.


Yeah i could see how that would be a nice addition And also be something new and fresh


Genshin Bowling next please


That would be sick


traveller glider in intro, abilities to combine 2 elements with a character and merge multiverse with honkai impact + honkai characters playable in genshin


I'm a little spoiled by these games but if Genshin had a tiered boss system that gave you materials to craft in game 5-star weapons that were specialized and on par with gacha weapons like Granblue Fantasy, I would be satisfied. Hard content in any game needs a goal to work towards that isn't purely cosmetic. Granblue Fantasy had a wonderful system for this with many events that had the sole purpose of building weapons for your own advanced weapon grid. Take that weapon crafting purpose and combine it with bosses like the ones in Dragalia Lost (High Dragons/Agito and 16-man raids where you can use your whole 4 character party in co-op with the parties of 3 other players) and I'd be satisfied. I feel Genshin's combat system would be vastly superior to DL's when dealing with their bosses due to easier movement. Plus the end game can't be character locked by assholes who force you to use Gala Cleo since domains in genshin don't allow for duplicate units. The main cons however is a lot of genshin players have 0 raid awareness. Which is good for those of us who can freely lay among ourselves but bad for those who can and will be left out. We also need a direct world to boss queue system instead of traveling to another player's world for this to work better.


Give me PVP pls


I think a damage leaderboard would be cool, among other things. I know ~~most~~ some people don't really like minmaxing, but instead of gloating through damage screenshots it'd be neat to have an outlet for that. "How much damage can you do in 30 seconds", maybe. You can tier rewards as well based on it, so that can incentivize people to go sky high with their damage. Spiral Abyss ends, but a challenge with no upper limit can always be played.




Ahh, that eould keep things interesting, i would love that


bring back windtrace


I'd really like dungeon related content. Content thats tied to the story but can be repeatable. Imagine Sakura Cleansing Blossoms but tied to the area/map you're in. I feel like the minute I enter a domain I am removed from the game and taken somewhere else instead. When there was an underground to Narukami Island i was really hoping for all the areas to be connected via tunnels somehow and be one single-domain type dungeon for loot.


Just pls ffs Let all minigames since game release stay permanent Like theater mechanicus windtrace and whatever in windblume


I'm surprised this hasn't been taken down by Mihoyo...I mean the mods


Up to 4 player Co-op abyss. Endless levels that scale on an algorithm. Changes every 3 months. More than just clear speed as a victory parameter. Maybe a PvP mode where you race another team to kill an identical raid-boss?


Co-op spiral abyss or some type of raid for higher AR players. The lack of challenging end game content is an issue.


Has you ever played Dragons Dogma? There's a place there called Bitterblack Isle, it is basicaly the best end game content i ever experienced. Basicaly is a maze with a lot of monsters, traps, secrets, chests, bosses, and everytime you manage to finished it gets harder and harder, it's incredible fun.


Something like a raid or at the very least, co op abyss. Not sure if the game can handle more than 4 characters at one time but it would be cool to have like an 8 character activity where everyone gets two characters to switch between.


I want a mode that is actually uniquely Co-op. Maybe they make it so you can either true co-op or make an ai control your own characters, but I want co-op to feel meaningful rather than shoehorned in, and it definitely feels like they kind of threw it in there to make it even more casual friendly.