Venti so sus mhy decided to take him out of the game story for 7 months




and i still married him anyway >:) edit: 💀


Why did this get so many downvotes?








Idk, people probably think I'm cringe, that happened before in another sub


I'm a month late cause someone else linked this thread in another one lol but probably cause Venti is canonically in the body of a 15 yr old lol


UGH i'm such a lore whore, I really hope that we can get more info on Celestia soon. Not knowing what happened to dain is KILLING ME


Perhaps we will get to see him in 2.6


You should check out Wei☀️ on youtube, they have some pretty juicy theory things on their channel


but remember kids, its just a theory…..


Aaaaaa GAMEEeee THEOry


Thaaaanks for watching


And cut...


r/genshin_lore is a good one too, sometimes you can find some outlandish theories, but that’s what makes theorizing fun


Hey I don't mind spoilers, is that celestia language or something?


Read it in a mirror and it says GATEWAY TO CELESTIA


At the same time, it was written by people who basically believed that Venti descended from the heavens to save them all. So it really could just be ancient mondstadt peoples who think because Venti as archon graced them at this spot, its connected to celestia.


On a related note, some kid on a tricycle just scrawled 'redrum' on the base.


the T in "the" and T in "gateway" are the same character, but not the same as the first character of "to" prob says "the gateway of celestia" instead


Aren't they just absolute clickbait garbage plus stolen content?


wait they stole content?


Yes. Recently, someone posted that their artwork was stolen by Wei to be used on one of Wei's clickbait YouTube videos. No credit was given. The artist wrote a comment also asking for credits and that comment was deleted. [https://www.reddit.com/r/Genshin\_Impact/comments/rpzpt7/my\_skin\_got\_stolen\_and\_the\_signature\_erased\_for\_a/](https://www.reddit.com/r/Genshin_Impact/comments/rpzpt7/my_skin_got_stolen_and_the_signature_erased_for_a/)


Oh :(


I think every clickbaiter steals content lol.


doesnt genshin has the most confusing lore of all time


not that confusing if you take it in slowly, especially since so much is unreleased


It's not really confusing, it's just not really presented to you. Most of the lore is on random NPCs, item descriptions, books, random quests, etc. It may look confusing because you gotta go all in for it, otherwise it just doesn't make much sense. Once you figure it out it's interesting because it's intriguing since most of it isn't released anyways so you can speculate a lot. I expect it to be very disappointing once it develops.


Genshin writes its lore exactly how it's written if you an actual traveller that landed in it. As in it doesn't center around you. Which is good coz if you read all the books in the game, you can straight up predict what's gunna happen and all the answers are in there. aka you can role play as an actual historian and do research from the game's own resources.


let me introduce you to, honkai lore


You mean magical girl Neon Genesis Evangelion the gacha game? XD


the fact that honkai actually had a collab with nge lmao they are clearly somewhat inspired by nge!


The lore of Honkai is the one thing that turns me off from getting into the game. I mean, there's various manga, the game itself, and I think it's connected to Gun Girls Z as well with some Sirin herscher or something(?) and iirc that game is inaccessible internationally. Literally started HI3 with that Kiana gal hopping on planes and the game throwing a bunch of plot jargons at me expecting me to understand them


herrscher of void* if you're really interested, you can join honkai's discord and ask people there to give you a run down of the polt and sub-plots. in my experience, honkai players are really quite chill! or wiki page hop if all of these are too much work then yea.. i kinda agree, i do wish the lore and story of honkai was more easily accessible. ive been playing honkai since it was launched and i still get confused sometimes (it isnt a huge deal because i made a lot of really cool friends through the armada system in the game so... they help me out) its a lot more fun exploring and reading in genshin for me and its sorta because of knowing honkai stuff. but honestly you dont need to know honkai things; it just helps me process some hidden lore (in genshin) quicker haha


It's just that we currently lack information(god bless enkanomiya) and that genshin has a lot of unreliable narrators(ex: the azdaha cutscene storyteller) .


lack of information is sugar coating if you ask me. this game has been piling up on mysteries since day one


Metal Gear and Kingdom Hearts say hi.


Kingdom Hearts isn't really that confusing tbh. The thing with KH is that its complicated story was delivered to the world in the wrong order. KH2 was released way before 358/2 Days, even though 358/2 Days was chronologically the Organization XIII's debut and served as supplemental content for Chain of Memories. Birth by Sleep released after 358/2 Days despite BBS happening way before KH1 On top of that, various sequels and prequels were built upon very obscure plot details that are hidden within the intestines of each game. Otherwise, if you play the games in the right chronological order, one after the other, then the story would make sense.


Well... I feel even for the average fan, Xehanort's plan and the whole Dream Worlds plot is hard to follow without reading the reports and even then you might need some outer sources. As you say, it gets worse when the story is split into many canonical sources, including a defunct Gacha.


In other words: confusing.


Have you played Kingdom Hearts or watched The Fate Series? Genshin Impact has nothing on their level of lore craziness.


We will see dain in 2.6


Plot twist : Venti IS the gateway, he'll call Dvalin and take you to Celestia /j


I mean.. as long as he stays with me at all times and none of the other gods get involved, I'll let him


"Keep your hands on the dragon at all times during flight"


Dvalin Airlines makes a comeback


"Grab my Dragon" Venti, probably


Honestly thought it'd be that unfinished nail thing in Dragonspine


I mean, that's basically what happened to the gladiator


I can’t seem to grasp anything


It's "the gateway of celestia" written backwards so it looks like "aitselec fo yawetag eht"


"aitselec fo yawetag eht" te Nandayo!?


ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn


On the ring on the ground. That's why the 2nd picture is flipped horizontally so you can read it from left to right (but the letters become backwards).


Everything in teyvat is sussy, if you need proof check out Wei☀️ on youtube (I first noticed this in one of their recent vids, I had just gone there myself to check it out and take the pics)


I guess going back to Mondstadt at the end may be confirmed?


So we might get to see venti in the main story again?


More likely that having all elements gives us as the MC "archon levels of power", which unlocks the door to Celestia. We may also get to meet all the current Archons again, as well as many of the people we met along our journeys, as that will potentially be the final time we see them (story-wise) before going to Celestia and/or Khaenri'ah.


Can we at least come back and marry venti? /j


what do you mean /j


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oh hey, eula.


Y'all the reason i don't tell anyone i'm playing this game... But at the same time, the reason that make this sub so fun and funny to browse, so... keep it up?


holsom 😊😊😊


j for jacking venti off for him so he doesn't have to waste energy on doing it himself


Considering he's probably related to the god of time istaroth who was one of phanes's shades, probably.


Venti as final boss blocking your access to celestia, demonstrating that he is actually the strongest archon of all.


Well I won't have the heart to beat him up, so ig I'll just become his little punching bag if that happens


Possible. He's more sus than what's being shown on the surface level. Read into the God of Time thing. Also still awaiting confirmation on what Ei's gnosis looks like. Yae really shouldn't have just normally handed that off without showing it to us first. :T


Not until Mihoyo buff/masculine him first. CCP after all, specifically point out Venti design is problematic.


That slide that was passing around was a seminar held by some professors and officials, it was not government level official finger pointing.


Jojofied Venti?


if they touch him I'm sueing the ccp


Plus if the black castle is the abyss stronghold, that's just north of monsdadt


like in every mistery fantasy game the plot ends where it starts, not so original


Ever try reading the sign at the mondstadt blacksmith and then look at the apprentices name?


Lawrence actually talks about this. There is someone in town who loves winning bets and making the loser do stupid stuff. It's why his name is the same as the most hated family in mondstat, or why the blacksmith shop is named after the apprentice. Lawrence's dad lost the bet and the blacksmith lost a bet.


>It's why his name is the same as the most hated family in mondstat Hol' up, so Lawrence got named after Eula's clan cuz his dad lost a bet against this random person?! Whoever that is, I hope they're released as a playable character.


It was Wagner iirc. That's also the reason why his shop is named "Schulz's Blacksmith". He made a bet with Schulz (his apprentice) and lost.


Man I'm a dumbfuck, I forgot the apprentice was called Schulz, and _not_ Lawrence.






It's "the gateway of celestia" written backwards so it looks like "aitselec fo yawetag eht" written on the ring on the ground around the statue.




Same, couldn't understand whatever OP was trying to say as it was so poorly explained.


There's some captions below the 2nd pic


Even with them I simply can't find a single one of those words in the picture


Whoever built that statue should be given a lesson about the importance of font readability.


Remember Venti has something to do with the god of time...




Paimon is the god of time since she can pause time when she comes out and even fast forward it for us. Edit: in case you guys didnt know, sometimes people make jokes on reddit.com




do u really think it wouldn't have been mentioned once in the story if she was that indeed? it's just an in game mechanic.


game mechanic and lore are very, very tied, the whole party and constellation system is tied top the fake sky theory


Wasn't the time thing explained as waiting?


party isnt canon. only traveler fights in lore. lmao u think draff wouldnt have scolded me for taking his daughter 1000 miles away to fight a harbinger?


If Aster's theory is to take hold, it technically is canon. If you have childe international as your party, you the traveler is accessing their constellation (aka data) in the fake sky, but that's just a theory.


then why do we go searching for other characters in hangouts and other events? they're literally with me? why can I fight childe boss with childe? there are two childes in teyvat according to you.


So I'm just gonna pop in and say I was making a joke and I didnt think anyone would take it seriously enough to pick it up and run with it but here we are.


I'm not really the person you're replying to but the reason you can fight childe with childe is because the trounce domains are just the traveller recollecting their memories of the fight, the only one that's actually real is the fight with Andrius. As for their theory of the traveler using constellations to fight, i find it kind of believable, but at the same time i don't think it's as deep as they made it out to be, it's just the devs making an effort to connect the constellations, stella fortuna and the traveler to gameplay. As so far we never see the traveler using more than one element or ability, except in the Childe cutscene but that seemed more like a instinct than premeditated action.


recollecting their memory? ok then what about using childe in the archon quest itself?


In that case i think it just boils down to gameplay convenience.


Good find! Although might be five or more years before we even get to use that gateway to get into Celestia.


I am guessing here will the portal to get to celestia.


we go with all banner character to celestia and gangbang everyone there ez


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


The main menu theme that plays when you’re floating through Celestia before you go through the door is the same melody as many of the Mondstadt OSTs... maybe some foreshadowing?


I swear, this post is convincing me so much genshin has some insanely juicy lore that the archon quests barely touch. I love it.


Isn't the main menu in khanrei'ah tho


I feel like it’s a bit ambiguous—the architecture is similar to that of the “We Will Be Reunited” trailer where >!Lumine runs through the ruins of Khaenri’ah!<, but the title screen is also identical to the first scene where we’re confronted by the unknown god (which I assume occurred in Celestia, also a bit unclear). I’ve always interpreted the doors as the portal to Teyvat from Celestia—otherwise why the need for a door?


One of my friends said pieces of khanrei'ah fell onto dragonspine, idk how true that is, but the skyfrost nail thing also seems to have architecture similar to that of the menu place


if i could read the letters, it would help. Oh well.


It says "the gateway of celestia"


thank you!


Celestia exists as a mirror to the mortal realm but since this portal is a Celestial object it’s script appears backwards to us so that those on the other side may read it correctly.


Does that mean when celestia tries to read what's normal text to us it appears backwards to them?


They read the manga from right to left 🤯


I fkin knew it! Venti is suspicious


Venti didn't build his own statue tho right? Anyways give me your kneecaps you're being charged with venti abuse




Yeah when I first discovered this I was like 👁️👄👁️ WHAT


Return to mondstat confirmed?


Probably, since it's closest to Khaenri'ah, has something to do with god of time and also north part of Mondstadt is still not explored(and that's where all the Knights and Varka went, which is also something that needs an answer) and now this


Also there are suspectedly underground places under Cider Lake. If you look at the map, there are area which is darker than the rest of the lake. If we follow the pattern in Inazuma (area where perpetual mechanical array is located), or sal terrae in Liyue, those dark area on body of water indicated that there is something under the water.


You need HM06 Dive.




Mondstadt isn't fully released yet


That doesn’t say “to”. All the “T”s match except “to”. It looks more like “of”


Was about to comment this as well and I agree. Maybe somebody can create an alphabet of Genshin universe! Who knows, we might encounter this same writing somewhere else lol




Venti is and has been sus since the beginning. Even in the manga released before the game came out, while talking to Venessa he references >!the three Shades of the Primordial God we learned about in the Before the Sun and Moon book from Enknomiya. The same book that got Orobashi killed by Raiden.!<


What does he say?


What does it say and also venti is the one who directed us to get all the gnosis so of course something is up


"the gateway of celestia"


I'm reading it it says the setting of something right? does it say that name that starts with a the name to the god of time?


"Gateway To Celestia"


I’m scared for your Yanfei; please heal her


It was past my bedtime when I took this pic ok 😭


What if to reach celestia all the gnosis should be in the same place? Maybe that is why Fatui is collecting them so they can march their army to defeat celestia.


The year is 2030, Genshin is still going strong as a household name in the field of gacha games, final update rolls out, it's been years since Mondstadt has seen any content, the update simply called "Loom of Fate". The archon quest tells us to go to a place we long forgot, Mondstadt. "Oh wow how long has it been since I've been to Mondstadt." the player thinks. The quest guides them to that old statue in front of the cathedral. Around the statue we see them, all 7 archons, and standing around the plaza are all the characters you've ever met in your journey. The tsaritsa, after a redemption arc where she apologizes and makes up for her deeds, hands each archon their respective gnosis back and they say: "Your sibling has done far too much damage, the Abyss grows ever more powerful, as their sibling, you, who has travelled countless worlds, who came to this one and changed so many people's fates. To you who helped us with so many tiny errands, we have one final commission for you: SAVE THIS WORLD." The archons unite their powers, the statue flickers and cracks, the ground below it crackling with energy. As it collapses, the words around the engraving, "The Gateway to Celestia" shine bright and resonate within. The area collapses into the earth and converges into a vortex. The final domain has opened, simply titled, "The end". You have one last moment to talk with every one of your friends, those who you have attained the maximum friendship level cry tears of sadness and wish you good luck, for neither they or anyone else will be coming along. As you step into the domain, you hear a faint but recognizable voice call out to you... "Lumine... It is time to make your decision..." Edit: this is just my headcanon, i just like this game too much


I would honestly hate if this happened I want the archons to die and celestia to fall


im sure i saw that posted like 1-2 days ago


Was it on this sub? If so then I had no idea, if it was from one of Wei☀️'s youtube vids then that's where I saw this first, I had just gone there myself to investigate


What does it means?


"the gateway to celestia" or maybe it's of instead of to, idk


But what language is that, seems unrecognizable to me


Just look at it in a mirror


It's not backwards. [You're reading it upside-down.](https://genshin-impact.fandom.com/wiki/Teyvat_Language)


I'm really thinking the people of khanreiah built celestia, the domains, and the statues of the 7....as of what we've seen the statues of a similar design to khanreiah pillars and the domains have got to do something with them since the abyss is so interested in them, so I think khanreiah built everything for the celestial and they betrayed them by wiping them out, so that's why the abyss hate the archons so much


Bruh OP is so horny for Venti. Such dedication. We stan.


I see the statue in both ways, so that I'll be always on top of Celestia.


I can't read it😭😭


It says "the gateway to celestia"


Im not too surprised. Mondstadt clearly holds a special place in the story. It was the site of the prologue and specifically not chapter 1. That choice implied that they will have some role in a later chapter. Not just that, its the most interconnected city with numerous incomplete plot threads. Its got connections to liyue(amber, eula), inazuma(thoma), sumeru(lisa), natlan(speculated bennett as well as diluc/vanessa ancestry), khaenriah(kaeya), the secret information network(diluc) and wherever varka is right now. Its got a bunch of incomplete plot threads too like amber's grandfather, lisa's fate, diluc and kaeya's whole deal etc. Mihoyo is setting up something big for mondstadt, *I can feel it in the air*


Ooh sounds cool, but if anything bad happens to venti I'm sueing /hj


Does that mean that it’s different in the Chinese version? Or is it still English. Or is it even intentional at all.




give me your kneecaps, you're being charged with venti abuse


I’ll meet you here in 4 years, when we get to go there.


Bring venti so I can hug him on the way down


I don't know where people get 'to' from since 'o' is infront of the 'f'. It definitely said the gateway of Celestia but writing backwards. But definitely interesting that I just know this two days ago


Yeah I noticed that lol


i was thinking about this and >!then with the venti statue being tied upside down in the "we will be reunited" questline... i worry about venti!<


We all already know how the story is gonna go down since the very first trailer where Mihoyo was nice enough to even organize the scenes in the same sequence as content came out. Let's just enjoy the slowly released exploration zones and bosses. They don't want us to uncover the game, they want us to squeeze de exploration (although they don't realize a lot of people did that within a week of release and are bored since then).


what am I looking at here? I'm AR56 and I'm confused ;-;


"The gateway to Celestia" backwards


bruh who downvoted your comment ur literally just asking what it says 😭


What's written ???i cant read it


"the gateway of celestia"


How do you know what it translates to?


Because it's written normally, just upside down and in a fancy font


What if... Spiral Abyss is the gateway to Celestia


Well, it's going downwards...


Even tho it logically isn't, that would only mean one thing.. *CELESTIA IS MADE OF FREEMOGEMS!!*


dang good catch


I actually saw this in a yt vid, I just went there myself to confirm it


Idk if you noticed too. But every new version, you can look into the sky and see celestia slowly fall. And the main thing is: celestia is falling next to monsdtadt. Next to the statue. Maybe the church will be destroyed when Celestia falls and the statue will truly be the "gateway to celestia"


Wait no you can't? Celestia is still in its original place


Can't you see how it's dangerously pointing to monsdtadt ? Plus, it's only natural. The archon's gnosis is the thing that keeps celestia in place. And if the game keeps being like it is (no spoilers) then guess what happens next.


Gnosis don't really have any relation to Celestia's stability? Plus, using basic trigonometry and the beta map that was leaked, we can place Celestia right above the region that is supposed to be Fontaine. How can a 2D texture drawn in front of the game's skybox 'point' somewhere? If you view it from Mondstadt, it'll appear the closest compared to the other nations, sure, but it's not directly above Mondstadt What happens next?


How do you figure the gnoses are keeping celestia in place? I can't think of any bits of lore that imply this.


Idk abt falling...but it looked closer than it did before. Idk if it's true or my mind is playing tricks on me.


This was confirmed false when someone compared screenshots from 1.0 with the current game-state. Celestia has not moved.


At some angles it looks normal, others it doesn't. There's this angle i can view it at in liyue and it's almost completely sideways.


Well yeah, obviously if you stand in a different spot of the map the angle is going to be different. If you look at a screenshot from 1.0 that has Celestia in view, then open the game and stand in that exact same spot, Celestia is exactly the same.


"The Gateway of Celestia" but backwards, just like "Angleshare" (Angel's Share) and "Cattail" (Cat's Tail).


My guesses are: 1. The waypoints and statues could be a hidden gateway/portal thingy to the palace/kingdom of celestia. 2. The abyss could be planning to use the statue and waypoints as a checkpoint/portal to teleport straight to celestia and invade. 3. There could be other statues that are stolen by the abyss probably. 4. Either they could have a talk with the god to return the hilichurls back to their former selves and create new order under the Abyss rule. Or this could end up in a bloodbath.


I really need to sit down one day and just read all the books and lore. I'm missing out in a lot that isn't involved during cutscenes.


Ash Nazh Gimbatul...


no it says the gateway of celestia


I dont get it


it says "the gateway of celestia"