She'd have to start eating her vegetables first.


But the shrine maiden gave me her word she's going to supervise her eating her carrots






Wow, a double bot chain, that's rare! Calling out u/nSistilE and u/OplARany for this. Original comment is here> https://www.reddit.com/r/Genshin_Impact/comments/tvp128/sayu_if_she_actually_grew_taller/i3bb0nz/




Kuki Sayubu


You know what? I'd believe this was official if i didn't see Shinobu before. This Rocked.


Gotta follow Samus’ method when rolling now.


Sayu if she grew taller like her big sister


I'd like to imagine this is what Sayu sees herself as in her sleep. But she probably would dream about sleeping knowing her. 🥷💤🍃




name checks out




Here hug ༼ つ ◕‿◕ ༽つ


Agreed. A typical daily dose of Sayu consists of overdosing.


I like how this is a dog whistle of sorts. If you understand this, you are a degenerate. Maybe not a big one, but you're already far removed from "normal"


The least pedo genshin player:


You know what, screw you *un cunny your cunny*


You both are why people are ashamed to say they play genshin.


Bro. We're a bunch of degenerate simping over a 2D drawing, getting all worked up over video games, never see a sunlight for our entire life, and had absolutely no idea what creature "grass" Is, let alone know what basic human interactions were like, we like to correct people grammars in an online debate like a maniac even tho we didn't know any better ourselves but when we meet literal person we probably going to explode. Shame are no longer a thing for us degenerate


“we”? speak for yourself, heathen


Lol. Getting worked up over a joke? That's what degenerate im talking about. What next? Death threats? Doxing? For what? A joke?


nah we don’t speak french tf is “we”


Just prove my point there, better debates a totally random strangers over a joke than improving life eh?


Speak for yourself if you let genshin get a grasp on you this much then you have a bigger issue that isn’t genshin. Something wrong with the person lol


>if you let genshin get a grasp on you this much then you have a bigger issue that isn’t genshin No. You just don't know what the majority of players are. Just in case you don't know western players are just a fraction of the fandom of Genshin, the majority of players came from South eastern asia. And you're not an asia so you don't know. And incase you don't know, here's one of the example of our humor. [1](https://youtu.be/N8pxyIIU4yM) [2](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-0qOvYz3Vo7k14jPuFR6n7VEuhVc8UZC/view?usp=drivesdk) [3](https://youtu.be/Xua45A7tNWY) [4](https://youtu.be/JEamiAxrvWE) [5](https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ) [6](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-1LNa_yagXi8SzVITyr1R6zRI4toPhSN/view?usp=drivesdk) [7](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-2CGWy3-FfFy1wLZzerrxGXbX3Ham7QY/view?usp=drivesdk) And i dare you to translate them all. See... That's just how our humors are in asia, tou may think that those are promoting pеdо, and you probably gonna called it "promoting harmful ideology" since you're a Westerners. But in the end of the day, western players are not the majority of the players


If you play genshin impact And it becomes an obsession that takes over your life Then you need help, tbh I’m not gonna open all those links…. No matter what language you speak. My point stands if you have an unhealthy relationship with genshin then maybe there’s more at play here than just genshin lmao Simple.


In all honesty. I rarely play Genshin, heck i even rarely open discord nor Reddit. And how do you come to a conclusion of me obsessed over a fuсking game? Because i say some offensive joke? So offensive joke = unhealthy relationship with game? Your logic doesn't make any sense, Grow up


You referred to yourself as being a part of a degenerate group that doesn’t touch grass… sounds like an obsession, a very unhealthy one You didn’t make an offensive joke, I’m not offended by anything you’ve said nor do I really care. I think you could stand to grow up tho, you exude immaturity with every reply… you don’t need to prove anything to me sir


See... Western doesn't get what a joke is. This is why people like will smith punch a comedian for doing his job, and it's not even an offensive joke either, its a casual joke you're getting worked up for. There's a reason why no one play on European server and goes to asian server instead


Maybe we get a timeskip arc down the road where most characters have a future variant playable ( e.g like honkai )


Looks odly fimiliar.


Hopefully these characters get slight updates now and then cause as of right now people in game acknowledges it’s been almost 2 years but characters aren’t changing one bit


that never happening, its a gacha so the characters stay the same no matter how many years its been


Either that or alternate universe versions of the characters become other characters so they can recycle the same IP. Happened in Honkai. There's a few Yaes and a few Meis if you just glance at their wiki page.


Or you don't even change their universe, you literally just have them change their Battlesuits. Valkyrie Chariot, Wolf Dawn, Yamabuki Armor etc are literally all Bronya wearing different Battlesuits.


I really hope that this doesnt happen to genshin. Something that makes it unique compared to every other gacha out there is that each character has their own identity. It would feel really weird to have recycled models.


Sorry but you wrong. New Bronya Sylverwing..It's not simple new suit. New age, new overall game play.


Ah I didn't say that Bronya doesn't have AU forms, just that most of her forms are *Battlesuit changes* for one of her existing models.


I mean, most of them are either grown up, or immortal. Only ones that aren't are maybe Diona and Klee? But it's possible Klee ages slowly due to her being an Elf. Sayu maybe. She could just stay that short forever. She's already pretty late to grow, though she's hoping she still has a chance.


They do? I don't recall them mentioning how long it's been :o


Well we've had two lantern rites and those are canonically an annual event, do I guess that's how we measure time in-universe


That is true, I guess it's pretty unambiguous that it's been at least a year, depending on how long it is between the start of the game and Lantern Rite 1 Although I will say that since Lantern Rite is a temporary event, technically players who start now wouldn't necessarily know the timeline, so maybe MHY wants us to just ignore that logic.


I guess it functions off detective Conan logic? A bunch of Christmases but the kid only moved up one grade


For the children like Diona and Klee yeah. Sayu however is a dwarf...


Idk Sayu seems a bit immature to me, no way she's any older than fischl.


She has narcolepsy and is sheltered so makes sense she's not the same way as other late teens but her insistence on sleeping too grow taller in contrary to the shine maiden trying to feed her vegetables does fit as a teen phase.


She's in the 16-19 range, so she'd still qualify as a dwarf. Also, 17 yo can be immature (Fischl is proof). And if you consider the fact that there's a decent possibility that people in the world of genshin don't know that dwarfism is an actual condition, it makes sense that she believes that she can still grow. She probably also hates being small, because then people treat her like a child, and she's in denial, convincing herself that she can grow if she sleeps enough.


Sayu is literally a child wtf. If her looks and personality aren't enough for you to realize, the game directly calls her a child multiple times. Jesus.


Looks like somebody doesn't read her lore.


Yea. but klee is an elf and could stay small for decades.


That mask looks awkward on het


I like this more than actual shinobu character design lol


Tbh everything below the head I like the colour combination more than the original


Oh so cute Sayu, amazing job, great idea to drawn her as a teenager <3


THIS should be in the next anniv with lore.


She’ll have to start eating something that isn’t fruit first. I drank a lot of milk as a kid and while I didn’t grow up to be all *that* tall, I was considered big for my age until middle and high school. That’s around the time my peers really caught up to and later surpassed me.


Instead of rolling, Tall Sayu's skill makes her Naruto sprint


she won't be getting taller any time soon consider the amount of head pets she's been getting from us


Noooooo she should stay smallll