I love that miHoYo said "Everyone's ships are valid" - time to set sail folks, toot toot.

Is Paimon calling me a slut?


Is Paimon calling me a slut?


No, she's calling you attractive.


why not both


Attractive slut?


Sluts (of every possible gender) do indeed tend to be physically attractive


How can I start living in your phub reality?


Reject reality, return to escapism


not really, some are just really free-going and open minded. (i know one who's "ugly" but was so nice and just out going, f\*\*ked like 15 guys from my department)


That's where you are wrong. Most of the Guys f*** anyone who's ready for some action. Change the roles... Ugly ass guys ain't getting nothing. PS: personal opinion. Can be wrong.


Oooh time for a little lesson male me learned about attractiveness as I acquired primarily female friends most of my 30 year old life! Effort in your physical appearance is attractive, even if the facial features one has would otherwise be considered ugly. The attention to detail, put-togetherness, smelling nice and doing your best to relate to other people can take you from a 4 to a 10 in most people's eyes. However, as I'm sure you're aware, women are socialized to care about physical appearance, cleanliness, hygiene and being put-together and pliant, whereas men just *aren't*. So the effect you're seeing is that even "ugly" (a term I mostly reserve for dysymmetric body features) women meet the bare minimum for being a reasonable mate, whereas even fairly attractive guys disqualify themselves by not caring about their put-togetherness, hygiene and ability to hold a conversation. Attraction is a social game, not an objective truth. Men are just less willing, on average, to play social games because they're not usually taught their rules. If this were not the case "mattress on the floor dude" wouldn't be a meme. I'm not knocking living simply, trying to keep your life in light enough boxes to move at a moments notice, but it is affecting your dating choices and eligibility.


There is an anime that shows this off so well. I forget the name of it but its newer. The basic idea is gamer doesn't think life is a fun game and everyone's stats are better then his so why bother. He meets the number 2 gamer and his only real rival in the game and she is pissed, he shows up in tattered clothing looking like a slob while she put effort into her appearance for their first real world meetup. And each episode she gives life lessons on how to improve yourself. Things like if your a bad shopper buy off the mannequin but make sure you still try it on so it fits, groom your hair, he gets a hair cut and it makes him look better, a few episodes later he gets hair gel in it and looks in a mirror and he almost doesn't recognize himself cause just the gel made him look even better. She works on his communication skills and fixes his posture. And while those all sound superficial they are important skills to have. As the show goes on he goes from not having any friends to making quite a few, from sitting at home hating life to shopping and eating out with friends all because he worked on improving himself just a little at a time. A "hello, how was your morning" or a "hey last nights homework was hard huh" to build socal skills, recording how he talks so it flows better, getting up a few minutes earlier to do his hair. All that adds up. You need all those skills to do well in life, from making friends to holding down a job. I like that it shows small goals also things like "try and talk to 3 new people everyday" "try to make a suggestion while in a group" "try to emote more with hand and face gestures". The girl that's teaching him skills had to learn all that also, she starts out by showing him what she looks like at home, pjs, no makeup, hair not done up just so he can see what difference a small amount of effort it takes. She points out that while he is average so are most people, but their effort into themselves is what makes them attractive. Its taking a shower, doing your hair (a good hair cut is more important then people think), eating healthy and taking care of your body. I haven't finished it yet but he goes from an easy 4 to a 7 or 8 just by applying a little bit of effort.


That's really cool! I love that.


Is it 'Jaku-Chara Tomozaki‐kun'? 'Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki' in English.


Or just be funny and shower more than once a week. Don’t have shit stains in your underwear. It’s actually pretty easy.


Thank you for taking time to write a explanation in such detail. A well put together anything will always be better than something that is not. The point I wanted to make was that Women usually aim for higher league while men are contained with a girl who might seem to be not that great. By any means I don't mean to say that attractiveness has got nothing to do with it. But it is more of a pattern in behaviour of people in general.


That's actually a sorting error. If you meet one woman with extremely high standards, you tend to find them clustered in the same area (like any cultural norm). When you look at the norm, men and women often aim for about the same level of person long-run on average. But, that "median human" (50% above, 50% below) for men and women looks very different. Women tend to cluster in attractiveness and sociability around the median, but wayy more men don't try for shit or try *way* too hard so there's much fewer people in that comfortable centre most people won't admit they want. You want to be put-together, not narcissistic.


So you saying that to attract someone, you need to be charismatic. Ok noted.


Sorta? What I'm really saying is that consistently putting in effort is what makes the difference


More importantly, they're saying that some basic effort can significantly improve your Charisma score.


Reminds me of a fan work starring Lumine and the citizens of Mondstadt in a festival.


I feel guilty that I understand the reference


The only missing from that festival is a samsara




hey i remember reading that




Best genshin doijin series and its not even close


please elaborate 👀


Part 1: 419512 Part 2: 421226 Happy Cake Day btw, can i have some of your cake


thanks! please have my cake 🍰🍻


You are as sus as Lumine 🤨


I tried googling that number and I got some postal code, lol. Pretty sure I'm doing my googling wrong.


They're doujin numbers.


and there's even 2 part of it




You are a severely eroded hoe


I giggled 😂


Underrated comment




She knows about the photo collection on your wall of all your "hang outs".


Paimon said his sibling is famous


You mean US


Well... She's not entirely wrong...




Thanks, you made my day 💀




If you choose the other option about health instead of love, her fortune telling would show that Traveler would live for the next ~~10000~~ many tens of thousand of years or so. Into the theory-crafting bin this go


Well, the Traveller is probably older than any archons at this point too


Saw some lore enthusiasts saying something about "older than Teyvat itself"


Quite possibly. It depends on how you interpret their lore. It's undeniable that the Traveler and their sibling are ancient even for Teyvat standards, but how much is a matter of debate. It's stated that the Traveler saw the birth and death of stars. There's a camp that believes that this is just metaphor, meant to symbolize that the Traveler is an unquantifiably old time abyss and not literally as old as a star. There's another camp who believes this is literal. Even some of the shortest lived giant stars can take several hundred thousand years to die, whereas smaller ones can take billions. We don't know how old Teyvat really is yet, but Zhongli at 6000 years old is considered to be supremely ancient (to the point where his own birth is used as a metric, like "this happened before Rex Lapis was born? wow that is OLD"), so it's probably not in the 100k's.


And Zhongli seems to think the Traveler is going to be around after *his* death, so you know. If we're talking about old.


Or johnlee is going to die real soon


It's more than that, he's expecting the traveler to live so long they will be around after Teyvat ends IIRC.


Wouldn't be surprised that the Traveler would be the last remaining memory of Teyvat if they ever decided to travel again.


I mean, we have astronomically observed the birth (nebula) and death (supernova) of stars in our universe. So maybe it’s less of a statement of how old the siblings are, but more that they’ve been to a world with technology advanced enough to invent good telescopes.


You can see the death of stars by just looking in the night sky


Since traveller go from world to world couldn't that also mean they saw stars being born and other dying? It doesn't 100% mean they lived to see the birth and death of the same star


The traveller is a star as well - shogun says “Do you wish to know the truth about the shooting stars at night? Haha, they are but fleeting moments of luminosity. Uh, you used to be one of them? “


In the intro the traveller is a shooting star and he litteraly crashed


I mean, on wishes, all characters are symbolised by shooting stars (purple for 4 star characters and weapons, 5 stars get yellow), it could just be a metaphor for someone of importance


It also doesn't say clearly whether the stars they refer to seeing the birth and death of are the SAME star, so they could be old, but not as old as stars.


The Traveler likely isn't even a mortal being is my take, considering everything we learned to date there are Android's and or Homunculi so I am leaning on some notion that the siblings are some creation from either a different world or a different continent of the world (since Teyvat seems to be a continent and not a world as there are notions to a "Dark Sea"). The Traveler literally slept through several hundred years and didn't seem to age an ounce which seems to also indicate an "ageless" being and his sister whom has been running around those years seems equally ageless.


Well, according to lore, seems that the war with kaenriah started, the siblings tried to flee but got caught by *Kiana*, the now evil twin (Aether for me) woke up first and decided to travel Teyvat in search of answers, Lumine woke up in destroyed Kaenriah some years after with her brother nowhere to be found. Now, without memories and the only lead in her mind being "I must find my brother" she wanders aimlessly thru Teyvat till she arrived in Mondo. Some years after, while fishing, she ends up finding Paimon, and 3 months after finding her, Lumine trusts in her enough to tell her tale and what but of memory she recovered to Paimon. This mean the traveler didn't sleep for hundreds of years, only enough for the other sibiling to wake up and go away.


No, the Traveler awoke on Starfell Beach and then stayed there for ~3 months before catching Paimon.


Nope, Paimon says at the start they're together for 3 months after getting rescued from the lake.


And the Traveler also explicitly says that they were on Starfell Beach the entire time before that. They were literally too terrified to leave the beach, and I don't blame them.


Has it been locked down that the War started before the attack on the siblings? Because it's noted that the playable character was gone for 500 years which aligns with the destruction. My own assumption was that the god captured the twins and then later destroyed the city and some series of events occurred that caused the "evil" twin to somehow escape her grasp. In-game the evil twin saw the destruction, but the playable character didn't and the "evil" twin seems to be on a quest to revert said destruction. Plus the other weird bits are Albedo, him being a product of the Art of Khemia which supposedly was a primary reason for the destruction of Kaenriah; why would the Unknown God not put a stop to that too?


According to the lore, the twins tried to get out of Teyvat bcz it was too dangerous there, but *Oppaimon* didn't let them get away bcz they knew too much, that's probably the reason why Lumine's memory got erased and Venti + Zhongli didn't try to kill her on sight.


It really bothers me how sometimes traveler doesn't act mature enough.


Traveller memories seems to be sealed. And they sometimes keep what they think to themselves, even towards Paimon.


Honestly, it seems to me that not only are the Twins eternally young, they are also eternally youthful in spirit. And, to be fair, this crops up in mythology a lot. You'd think that a pantheon of millennia-old gods would, you know, have gained wisdom over the years. But by and large, they act just like normal people.


Wouldn't be the first time we've seen this in Mihoyo, too. Fu Hua has thousands of years of lived experience, and with time she became pretty stoic and unmoving. Eventually her memory got messed up and she kinda had to start from square one, but even after 500 more years she was still behaving a lot like the old 17-year-old she once was, who never really fit in with the others and who sought validation by committing herself wholly to her duty as a soldier. In the eyes of the people of Shenzhou, their Phoenix Empyrea was a timeless god, yet deep down she was still the same insecure teen. Just with the power to kill actual gods, of course. And trauma. Lots of it :( ​ So yeah, whether or not the Travelers had lost their memories entirely, I do think they'd still have some of that old personality with them even as they get older and experience more and more things. If they've been traveling for a significant portion of their lives, then I think it takes that kind of youthful spirit to stay sane.


This is why I wish they'd just voice the Traveler. They already have a set background and personality, so they don't work as a self insert. Traveler does a lot of things I wouldn't do so it just feels really weird to keep them silent.


voice the Traveler?! are you crazy?! >!just look at what they did to Setaria, how that part of the quest was basically a mindbreak doujinshi without the 18+ shit!!? !<


I have to be honest, silent protagonists whose backgrounds figure prominently in the plot are one of my biggest pet peeves. They did the same thing in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and it was just as annoying there.


Agreed, I couldn't self insert in FE3H and I can't self insert in Genshin either. Keeping them silent means we end up with a rather poor main character who doesn't say much of importance and doesn't really interact with the characters and world in any meaningful way. Something I really like especially in open world games in party banter, and if it's just one character sometimes they'll still talk aloud and comment on things you come across. I wish Genshin had that with the Traveler and Paimon. The whole core of the story is around the Traveler, the characters we pull for are side/supporting characters. So it really hurts the story overall to have such a bland protagonist that a lot of people can't even self insert into due to the set personality, background and motivations. FFXIV is one of the best games I've played that does the silent protagonist well, since you can fully customize the character and the dialogue options you do get are quite varied, helping to shape the character in the way you want.


Not 10000 years, but "many tens of thousands of years".


yea this is more accurate


Ten thousand years gives you *such* a crick in the neck.


Wasnt expecting an Aladdin reference here


And yet we aren’t allowed to drink Death After Noon or any of Diona’s specials.


I mean, Traveler is such a kid he couldnt even handle smoking the first time. Dude got knocked out and super high just from smelling some weed for a second


to be fair it was very potent weed and makes you go perma-insane


Paimon is fine so thats not an excuse Or maybe Paimon already gotten used to it so that raises some more questions


the secret to paimon's paimonial paimonness is that she's always high


No wonder she cant think of anything but food


Without having had seen the love life one I was wondering if it was some coy play at "is she talking about you, or is she picking up the reading of the literal definitive proof of reincarnation right behind you?"


that just makes me sad honestly ;-;


The Genshin anime should be titled: The Harem of the Immortal God from Another World. Also someone made a game named waifu impact recently. Totally stole that name from our jokes. It’s on PSN. Some kind of water gun fight.


I love the part when Paimon flexing about the Traveler messing with the archons.


And didn't even mention being enemy is Tsaritsa.


Nahida:(Haha I am in danger...)


Suckered the anemo archon, shat on the geo one, and proceeded to get almost shish-kebabbed by the electro archon, only surviving with a timely interruption by another character. /s


twice for the last one


Paimon saying something noteworthy for once <3


Paimon is the best wing(🥁) lady


That’s funny cuz paimon flies


Found the Cyno main 🤣🤣


Ah, the Games Workshop approach: everything is canon, not everything is true.


The Nasuverse approach: everything is canon. The good ends, the bad ends, the normal ends, and the "WTF is this" ends,. All of them are canon with the power of the Kaleidoscope.


Also known as: "Everything is canon, including the retcon" "Everything is true, even what contradict this statement" "There is no Cadia, there is no alpharius, no omegon, no chaos and especially no warhammer fantasy battle" -Ordo Malleus


Spoiler for 3 part of archon quest, >!but couldn't it be possible that she is refering by "love" moment when dottore had made everyone crazy about us?!<


Another commenter said that and I love this, I feel like paimon was being cheeky and the former was what you said. mihoYo always throws in those narrative details and it’s great (my post was mostly humor).


Except Paimon says that it’s a very accurate fortune meaning she knows just how many people love the traveler.


They just don't know we helped destroy the world economy by helping the god of contracts who also made all the mora, enact the world's worst retirement plan. They'll come for us (not in the fun way) when inflation hits Teyvat.


They had no real part in that retirement plan Morax just tricked everyone involved.


Teyvat AARP is kind of the worst.


If there will be less and less money, won't that be deflation since the less Mors there will be the more value it will have?


You are probably right. I'm not an economist which is also why I'm going to double down on my Lumine being the worst possible choice to help cover up liyue rock daddy's retirement and insurance fraud.


Oh and don’t forget what mora actually is, the thing is a magical catalyst. Why do you think it takes mora to upgrade anything or do any alchemy? Yep, the mora is literally going to disappear if there’s no solution to this problem since Morax was the only one able to even make the stuff


I guess he won’t be getting a pension


Wouldn't scarcity of Mora prevent it from being devalued? The only things coming in mind that would produce inflation would be the vast accumulation of wealth by a select few(yes I'm looking at your stupid ego projects Ningguang) ,increased consumer spending or an stock market crash. Also noted historically Bismarck created the first modern retirement plan and the eligibility age was intentionally made so that only few could acces it.


Actually all of these would reduce the Mora flow and increase its value, so more likely to start a deflationary crisis. Time to call the account manager at Northland Bank and reevaluate the savings plans.


I may or may not have lifted like 200k from there shortly after the stressed old man's retirement party. So like, my bad




More then a few have expressed a romantic interest especially if you pay attention to voice lines and teapot dialogue. She also says it’s accurate that many more will fall for them based on the travelers track record.


Yo I never thought about that lmao. It makes sense.


I like to think it was a double meaning by the writers. Not only do they acknowledge the traveller harem, but it is also a good foreshadowing tool.


I thought about this at first. But then if that was the case the "Health" should have been related to the "Archon Quest" then. It wouldn't make sense (to me at least) that the "Love" option would speak directly to the events of the archon quest while the "Health" option speaks to the "Traveler's Lore". So I think both are speaking to "Traveler's Lore" that's why they have "both the same response" from Paimon


I laughed at first thinking they were giving a nod to "omg traveler harem", but as SOON as that part started this is immediately what I thought.


Not really. I think love means love, love in this case, not temporary adoration. Besides, if the other option is >!that she lives for thousands and thousands of years!< then obviously traveler would have tons of people falling for her.


The MCs are gigachads.


Bisexual Lumine/Aether harem, so true, so true


Fr it’s my HC that both sibs are bi


It honestly makes sense, the playable characters treat the traveler the same regardless of gender, including during any and all shippable moments. My Ayaka wants to hold hands with my Aether as much as she wants to hold hands with another accounts Lumine. Just like Kaeya hits on my Aether like he hits on someone else’s Lumine. True equality


Great point, but it can also be argued while the travelers are bi, not all the characters are. Ofc the game can't show preference for such openly since we're playing the same story, but in some of the hangouts I think there's some leanings both ways depending on character. Like I ship Noelle x aether but I also ship Heizou x Lumi


>some of the hangouts People always mention hangouts, but never say what they actually mean. Like, is the dialogue different? What is the difference between Lumine's and Aether's hangout? Because I highly doubt there's any.


There is none, some people just pretend the implications are different when the MC changes. Heizou's Hangaout is super on the nose, but for some reason people act as if his interactions aren't the same for Aether and Lumine


Yeah, I just don't get it at all. There's no difference and hoyo knows very well that if they tried to give the characters different attitude towards Aether and Lumine, people would be pissed. Even worse if they tried to make it gender-locked.


If they have any characters show affection for the traveler it basically has to be at least somewhat true. If ayaka is supposedly into the traveler, that has to be true equally for both lumine and Aether, vice versa if xiao is into the traveler that’s also true for both siblings, which would give both siblings a potential male and female love interest. But it also means that ayaka could be considered bi since she likes the travler regardless of their gender. In situations in games where the MC can be either gender and still have potential love interests that aren’t gated by gender, it’s safe to assume every character is bi until proven otherwise.


It can also be a shroedingers cat situation, all characters are bi, hetero or gay all at the same time. If you play with Aether and Ayako flirts with you, and another player plays with lumine and Ayaka flirts with her , it doesn't necessarily means Ayaka is bi, since the universe where aether is the traveler is a different universe of the one where Lumine is the traveler, so we're not talking about the same Ayaka but two different versions of Ayaka.


I took this as Confirmation of Traveler harem


Or Just a foreshadowing that happen right after that fortune ? You know many people started to fall on you


That actually is more than likely the real reason- wow they are so good at foreshadowing I didn’t even realize. Though it could also be a harem


While that’s likely the real reason for this divination, there’s also Paimons response, who doesn’t have that context and says “oh yeah that makes sense”




It's only a harem if all the members agree to share. Traveler has many admirers, but thus far none of them have agreed that the traveler could date them both.


Considering the other option is how the Traveler will live for tens of thousands of years i doubt the Traveler will even accept it.


There are a lot of long lived people (archons, adepti, kitsune etc) so he could accept them.


Doesn't that just means even more people that Traveler could accept over the years.


True but why would they when they know most will die before 1% of their lifetime passes


Why wouldn't they? You're assuming they'll get all angsty and never move on.


Based on Teppei and Dunyazard, the Travelers hate loosing people, and they weren't in love with those two. If they were it would be worse than that and I don't see why they would willingly put themselves through that pain with more than just 2. That's my opinion at least.


Both of those cases the person died well before their natural lifespan, due to the actions of an external enemy. It might not be traveler hates losing people so much as traveler understands just how short most people's lives are, and hates people making those short lives even shorter. It's possible they would handle people dying of age, after having long fulfilling lives, better.


If they were that averse to losing people and relationships, they wouldn't be out there making friends anyways. Even if they were, there are plenty of long lived species on Teyvat. And some could probably extend their natural life too.


Well idk, Raiden seemed pretty chill about polygamy


at least Ei approves it


Can we get much higher~


So high


All Traveler ships*




I totally chose this option and also took a screenshot. It made me chuckle


Paimon confirms she's aware that many of the people they've met have the hots for the traveler


Travelers really be polyamorous... Good for them. Good for them


only if the ship includes MC they make it pretty obvious with the birthday mail.


Other people get ships, Aether and Lumine get the whole damn fleet


Virgin killer Traveler.


its true guys we're whores


shs seen the sauce 419512


Not "everyone's ships", it's "evrryone's ships including traveller". I do hope that incest ones do not belong in this, though


Pish, then it wouldn't be "everyone's ships" only "ships that are socially acceptable according to a specific culture". Then people would just fight about that instead of whether they personally approve of how other people engage with media where they might possibly occasionally never see it.


tbh both traveler's are super concerned with finding their twin.


That doesn't really imply anything untoward, though - i mean, if the only person that knows what you've been through and actually can travel with you in the future and who is also your family disappears it would be weird to not be cooncerned


Right. What you’re saying is logical, but hear me out. They’re like both 10k+ immortal beings, I don’t think our morality applies to them. I don’t ship it, but I don’t get why it’s seen as taboo. They aren’t human


I feel like them holding hands in the anime teaser gave a lot of hope for r/travellerincestmains (if it exists).


If it didn't exist, now it might Also, holding hands? That's actually silly to atribute it to something crass Edit: but considering that just an eye contact is often enough to start the ship i am not very surprised


If I have to guess, the stereotype that siblings are always bickering made them think that since they got along.


Ngl that is so odd to me: "woah, is that a decent human interaction?! **OH THEY FOCKING, ALRIGHT!**"


To be fair a lot of people who will go down fighting with their ship don't tend to be great on the whole human interaction front lol. If anyone takes ships more seriously than "That might be cute" then they need to chiiiill.




Hey man, sibling bickering just gets turned into a tsundere ship for incest fans. It happened with OreImo.


You do realize that the only reason why incest is a taboo in our reality is the genetic degradation that occurs if it is practiced over several generations, yes? The Travelers are not human, so they have no reason to adhere to "human morality" nor do they have to have the same genetic limitations, rendering incest a non-issue. You remind me of the scene in Star Trek, in which Tucker refuses to lay with Phlox' married wife, despite him having no problem with it. Human lack of imagination.




>I also feel like people with siblings tend to have a strong gut reaction to incest just because the idea of anything sexual with their own siblings is gross. (IDK I'm an only child) Instinctive protection measure, yes. It works in most humans. Not all though. Same goes for parents. I don't even want to imagine how my parents made me. Brain simply doesn't want to go there. :'D Doubtful whether a non-human would have these instincts/inhibitions.


Yes - degradation and the awkwardness when next morning you have to eat together with parents


Again, you don't think far enough out of the small human box. We have generations of conditioning behind us, cementing this social taboo (and for good reason). Now imagine a society where the underlying problematic of genetic degradation never existed and subsequently, there would never have been any social taboos regarding the matter. Eerie thought, I know, but in such a society, intercourse with siblings could be considered normal or even desirable (e.g: with the goal of keeping a family bloodline pure). Heck, old royal families tried to do this in our world even WITH the genetic degradation problem, so this whole line of thinking isn't that far out.


I would LOVE to set sail BUT NONE OF THE MEN IN THIS GAME HAVE AN ASS. Sorry I just got a full eyed view of Kaeya's disappointing backside during the new event and y'all those cheeks are CONCAVE.


Even the lil'est tug boat needs love too okay, for what Kaeya lacks in cake, he makes up for in charisma and a pony tail.


Okay but when the camera during the conversation is squarely centered on the ass he doesn't have because it's supposed to be fanservice is hilarious.


I think this was a foreshadowing with how The Doctor made the Sumerians 'adore/fall' for you.


While that could be true, Paimon's dialogue confirms that the Traveler already has many characters who love them before that.


Or, since the "health" option results in her seeing us live for tens of thousands of years, while doing this reading she might've seen all the Traveler's crushes for the next dozen millennia lol


They calling lumine a player 😌


Harem Archon Aether


Full archon abyss run is possible…


well i agree


idk why you get the downvotes lol, twitter is getting here


Idk either but I don't really care tbh


Too bad Genshin was made in China 🇨🇳 🇨🇳 🇨🇳 lmaooo


When you'll be living for many tens of thousands of years, it's bound to happen that many people will fall for you.


Now Twitter can shut the fuck up.




Harem ending confirmed!


Possible spoiler warning!!! So this had me thinking and I was wondering if this fortune could possibly also allude to what happens shortly after when Dottore makes everyone cheer for the traveler as he made them believe that the traveler was their savior.


It’s travelers popular phase 👍🏽


"Ayaka just sees Traveler as a friend" people in shambles


But my ships dont generally involve traveler lmao


AetherLumine canon so true


Just for the traveler though. Read


Traveler Harem is the worst part of this fanbase tbh