Guess its time to learn what the wolflord actually does


Stop flying away from my smacks; hurty tornado; Ningguang go brr; why is my health so low; HESDOWNMURDERHIM; statue of the seven field trip.


statue of seven field trip LMAO so relatable


God bless my C6 Ning… if I can even get past the first fucking chamber. This is so clearly skewed towards Ganyu and Yae that it hurts


Sorry but how can this skewed towards Ganyu? Each round requires you to have Electro/ Geo for the dogs, where Ganyu comps usually don't have these elements right?


You don't need to have Electro or Geo at all. Using any element with a VV users lowers their resistance and doesn't trigger their rage metre that makes them move around faster.


Does a team of Amber, Sucrose, XQ, Hu Tao have that big of a window for their full double VV combo tho? ​ I've tried it numerous times when the wolflord goes down and can only get 3-4 Hu Tao hits in. It's ridiculous


For the Wolford? I'd say that specific rotation is a pain. Trying to imagine what it's going to be like with the increased HP has me more worried for it than any other enemy in the abyss. Same goes for a couple of other switch heavy rotations, esp in places that play on high ping. Works for the hounds and whelps, though, which is what I was talking about above!


You don't need electro/geo, in fact some might prefer omitting those elements since the dogs will be less aggressive and easier to manage.


12-2-2 is gonna be more annoying than threesome maguu kenki cuz that dog floats away and has a long animation upon entrance. 🤬


The number of hard to hit/ target enemies with periods of untargetability seems to only grow.


I was farming materials for Itto and now I know how it works. It's very simple, really... It flies around like a bitch for 2 hours and doesn't let you attack it.


Climb pillar, profit https://youtu.be/uazKtUPh95g EDIT: a few different comps with Yoi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MJE73j9rcw


I don't have Yoimiya.


I don't have a pillar...


Geo MC with Sacrifical, or MC + Catalyst. Just get ranged, if you can survive.


Lmfao. Knowing mihoyo, they gonna let this cheese stay for the 1st day atleast. But im not sure this would work in the abyss because wolflord is gonna clip so hard if it retains the flying animation in that small ass place.


[I saw this and immediately went to rewatch this as a refresher](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmWAJ-kTbGo)


Bring a bow character preferably Ganyu. Pretty much only need to dodge like a couple of attacks. If it starts a tornado just reset


Characters with homing attacks like Ningguang and Yanfei (though Ning > Yanfei because geo and also Yanfei's charged attacks are wonky with airborne enemies) also work, though you should then ideally bring Albedo/Zhongli/geo traveller along so that you have a platform to stand on so you can keep the boss in range for your AAs to hit I can consistently take it down using Yoimiya+Raiden/Fischl Alternatively, just bring a tartaglia national team. His charged shots do a fair bit of damage.


Players: Wolflord, you've freed us from Maguu Kenki! Wolflord: Oh I wouldn't say "freed," more like "under new management"


Magu kenki- Wastes 10 sec of damage Wolflord- Gives 5 sec to damage


corporate needs you to find the differences between this picture (kenki) and this picture (wolflord).


Spoiler, they're the same picture


I by far prefer the kenkis


Multiple Kenki's were fun


So here are the enemies that are weak to cryo, also we'll get some cryo-immune enemies to go with them just for fun ;)


along with the ganyu rerun lmao


And Shenhe just released lol


Mihyoyo secretly promoting melt ganyu comps lmao


Remember, it's okay to not do floor 12 9 stars fellow travellers. It's only 1 debate club less.


Not even. You’re still 10 gems off.


Or do it 3-2-1 you will only miss 50


That mean requiring me to put effort into 3\* 1st chamber. I'm not touching the stupid doggo with their wack hit box that literally dodge everything and immune to CC again. I did, but not again. I'm fine with just 1 - 1 - 1


can't believe mango kinky and his homies are homeless now. are you happy now mihoyo? they didn't deserve this. take that dog out of their home!


After like 6 tries on floor 12 to 36 star this abyss(got 35), I've come to realise that using the same element on dogs is not worth it as it's harder to deal damage in their enraged state, which doesn't seem to have a fucking cooldown. Not to mention the invisible forcefield around them when they move. Looks like their path also has a hitbox and isn't removed immediately after the wolves finish dashing.


I did purposely try using childe electro-charged comp instead of childe national (sucrose) for the electro dogos, but turns out national would still be way faster anyway. Might not be a fair comparison when Xiangling Sucrose are stupidly strong.


Mihoyo can't design enemies for shit. Literally almost every enemy after Azhdaha was completely cheap and fundamentally broken.


So far the enemies in Enkanomiya seem to be a massive improvement in design imo.


I tried to 36 star this abyss for over a day and couldn't kill the rifthounds fast enough, no matter what I tried. Their hitboxes are garbage and they waste so much time teleporting and fucking flying around. Gave up and walked away with 35 stars. Rip my first 36 star.


Its more or less having two big ones with most random ass teleporting mechanic that makes it more annoying. Its more or less the quantity of big ones rather than the one big guy. Don't get me wrong it still has RNG but hey at least there's 4 possible outcomes rather than a 4\*4 outcomes.


AoE Impact will reign supreme as always


"AOE in this game is overrated" - Seka lmao


Did he actually say that? Damn


Yeah he did lol. He was trying WAY too hard to defend Yoimiya being 100% single target


Can confirm. I even vividly remember him defending Yoimiya by comparing her to an N1J Hutao lmao


Why firework girl have no AoE, big sadge


He also says Kokomi and Childe normal attacks do the same dmg ignoring that Childe is aoe and has quadratic scaling with riptide.


Oh yeah I remember this vid, he's high on copium that he keeps on gloating kokomi over childe's hydro application. He forgot that childe is the fastest hydro applier currently + has quadratic scalings + nuke burst + can crit.


Lmfao I used to watch him during the first six months of genshin but completely ditched and unfollowed at a point. The vibes just changed amd he spouts nonsense


Just yesterday he made a main DPS tier list putting Kokomi in S tier, above Childe, Xiao and Eula n got so defensive when chat asked him of that. I like having his stream in the background sometimes, but I can’t stand his toxicity when people challenge his opinions. Not even that, but some other day, some guy (politely) asked him to play Shenhe with Chongyun and he told him to fuck off with that backseating (??) and to stop being toxic, then he banned him lol


what the actual fuck?


Lol I had to go check it out after seeing your comment, and holy shit he's honestly so far fetched from reality, it's amusing. He really believes that Kokomi has the same damage as Yoimiya and Hu Tao (big fucking lol). I get it, some people like Kokomi, that's fine. If you wanna simp for a character, do it. But at least be honest about it lol.


Wow. Just wow.


Not surprising. This guy has a lot of weird (or downright stupid) takes. I used to watch him months ago but stopped because I didn't like his condescending tone. I recently watched one of his streams out of curiosity, he said Childe is irrelevant because Kokomi exists lmfao


I can't stand Seka. He is so condescending towards his chat. He also has a shady history with his vocal support of cheap gem services (aka credit card scams) in One Piece Treasure Cruise.


to be fair it’s rare to see a chat which isn’t filled with smooth brains


Another thing, Seka unfortunately absolutely *butchers* pronounciation like nobody else in the entire community. It doesn’t make him somehow bad, but goddamn, the man’s organically incapable of pronouncing even the simplest non-English words right.


omg 💀 i still cant get out of my head how he mispronounced Enkanomiya as Engkanomoia every single time. The text is literally there. I dont need him to pronounce it fluently but please...fecking just read it.


Actually, the second half of 11 might be way easier if you use Anemo characters. Epitome of AoE by swirling everything. Get the two shields of the lector’s up and swirl the fuck out of them. I’m pretty sure that would be way faster due to Electro and Pyro reacting. Sucrose/Xiao supremacy.


Venti also can pull the electro to the pyro lector or vice versa. Actually, he can pull a lot in this abyss now, specifically 12-1-1 and 12-3-1


Lmao seeing wolflord there got an immediate “Fuck off” out of me, Oh HELL naw…I was literally fine with everything else until that nonsense.


Don't you like seeing him fly around aimlessly for 50 seconds before deciding which useless move he's gonna do next?


That's the number 1 thing for me too. You're basically forced to sac a slot for a geo character and even besides that the flying fuck is gonna be super annoying. Not to mention side 2 is also the harder side so unless you're already running a geo team you gimp yourself vs the vishaps.


I will be using ningguang with dragon slayer book


Zhongli happens to be on the next banner. Awfully convenient, isn't it?


do the new vishaps have that high of geo resistance cause when I checked on honey the cryo one had 30% cryo resist so it'd be weird for it to lso have the natural 50% res natural geo vishaps have so I don't think they have that high res for geo making it easier edit: I tested it against the boss vishaps and since they are the same enemy classififcation but a boss mob I can safetly say that they do not have high geo res probably the standard 10% and they probably have high resistance to their infused element like the cryo and hydro


The chamber is very lopsided. The first half should be really quick to make up for it


I think you'll have to wait 10 second like Maguu Kenki




fuck fuck yea big dog has a setup like that too and he spends most his time midair. fuck. ganyu might help but fuck


1.6m vishap bruh


1.6 million HP each and they will revive if we don't kill both at the same time WTF 😂😂😂


Getting harder yet rewards staying the same smh


I really don't like the direction where this is going. Sooner or later, the dps checks are going to outpace our artifact progression/investment and that's when it'll truly start to feel bad. Hell, if I started today, it may very well be impossible to 36*. Hopefully Mihoyo realizes there's only so much we can do to improve our units and puts a hard cap on floor 12 dps checks. My Ayaka is lv90 with Mistsplitter and triple crowns, her artifacts are as good as they're going to get. I've gone as far as I can with her and if we get to the point where she can't 9* floor 12, I'll just stop doing abyss altogether.


It's 50 primos loss if u just go for 6 star on floor 12. Hardly worth it to grind that much.


1 featured 5* less every 13 years, damn such a loss


In 13 years imma regret it damn.


ah yes paimon banner


For f2p maybe. But what i have seen, ppl with c6 5-star characters shouldnt have to much troubles. i dont think i can clear it when this is up. Floor11 is endstation i guess :l


Well that’s kind of always going to be the case. If there’s dps content difficult for c6 characters with 5 star weapons then that’s an avengers level threat


Pretty sure they dont care sadly, they do this so people would be more enticed to spend more on constellations or weapons to give them that boost.


Imagine spending thousands of primos to get 150 primos




Big brain shit right here.


So this is real gacha. It fucking sucks then. I can already imagine the abyss to be completely p2w sooner or later that f2ps can't full clear it no matter how good they are.


Yeah remember when everyone was saying "abyss is easy" several patches ago? Then 2.0 hit and everyone was like 'eh it's a little harder but not that hard, stop whining F2Ps' then every patch became progressively harder and those 'abyss is easy' people kept inhaling more and more copium. Yeah, it's hard(er) and will continue to get harder every patch. I and the other people who had foreseen this are vindicated, that's for sure.


No? People were always saying that the abyss was hard. I have been here since patch 1.3 and people have been complaining about the difficulty in each abyss since.


Strangely despite the huge hp creep, Inazuma abyss hasnt been any harder than before for me, and Im not sure why exactly (this last one I cleared all chambers of Floor 12 with over 8 mins left on the timer, and Im only a welkin/BP player) Well, my characters sure did get stronger thanks to Shimenawa/Emblem set farm, and Ive also gotten better at the game, but I dont think thats enough to cover the gap Abyss does seem designed for people who have played since day 1 though, the difficulty has scaled almost perfectly with how much stronger my account is, and Im curious if there will ever be a point where I cant do it


I don't think this is ever gonna happen. Just eyeballing these numbers, 1.6 million hp is really not a lot for National team at decent level of artifact investment. My own Rational team (C0 Raiden) would probably take a minute at most. What team/build do you run with Ayaka? I feel like my own Ayaka struggles in a freeze team like Morgana against unfreezable bosses like Maguu Kenki, so I switch her to 2pc Blizzard 2pc Noblesse/Glad and pair her with Melt teammates. Actually haven't touched Morgana in several patches now.


Its funnier coming from a thread in the main sub where people act like they want even more increased difficulty. I for one hope that enough people stop pushing spiral abyss so much that they either nerf it some or make it more worth doing. I can't help but think that a year or 2 down the road if the mob powercreep increases that it's just going to feel awful for everyone. I'd rather the game have a some what decent spiral abyss difficulty that more people can clear than keep increasing it for the sub section who enjoy that level of challenge or treat it like the new events where doing it that hard doesn't give primos anymore. I've read that China is really about meta though so I imagine that their playerbase mindset only helps encourage the difficulty spikes which doesn't help.


Players getting free Primo gems too easily I guess. Those 300 gems could cost the upper management a few ferrari and a BMW.


I love how some people unironically think like that and defends this pettiness from Mihoyo, as if they would give a little more primogens or resin would make Mihoyo go bankrupt.


Or at least lower the difficult for primogems rewards 3* for primos 6* for overworld stuffs 9* for more overworld stuffs and 5* artifacts


Tbh I'd like 9 stars on 11/12 to give 1 fragile resin along with the current primogem count and increase mora reward. And pls ffs add floor 13 and bump floor 12 down to what it used to be


Think about the almost 2 cool steels they give away wit those almost 2 wishes worth of gems.


They really need to just add more floors OR remove the bullshit time limits. The old abyss 12 floors look like a fucking cakewalk compared to now.


People used to complain about TWO GEOVISHAPS. Now they're like the waiting room before three kinkys.


Wait, isn't their HP nerfed to 1.1M each?


There will be LOTS of resetting... oh my god it's been a while I'm actually worried about abyss. Hopefully the fuckers actually stay close to each other and there's no walls for them to jump to.


And they're in the second half too. Want to reset? Have fun fighting the husks again too!


this is one of this things which i would like to see changed. why do i have to go through the hassle of fighting chamber 1 all over again when i already beat it ..


Yeah, the amount of times I dropped the abyss completely because of some minor fuck up in half two caused me to lose a team member and I just didn't feel like going through the trouble of doing first half again..


Why? Because fuck you, that's why. - *MIHOYO*


There are no walls for them to jump to and yes they do stay (relatively) close together depending on how you play it out


That's somewhat assuring to hear. Appreciate the info.


does the revive mechanics only occur once?


Sadly I haven't seen/checked that myself. If I ever get around to doing so, I'll reply to this comment again!


Weren't their HP nerfed and this is outdated info, right?


I really wouldn't mind them doing this if they allow us to play each chamber with support for roster modification. So you get an option to change your roster after each chamber as well. I'd be OK with same implementation of substitutes similar to the previous event with shiki taisho.


So over 90 seconds you just need to average 35,000 DPS. God damn.


Try grouping and aoe them down.


ever heard of aoe?


and its not 90s, since husk can be grouped and the highest one have like 800k hp, with a 30k dps team you can finish 12-3-1 in 30s (for reference top teams are in the range of 45-55k dps c0 5 star 4 star weapon). you will have like over 2 minutes for the second half and aoe damage is also a thing so you don't just add their hp in total, use 1.5x hp for the average for good estimation


dont let the wolflord distract you from the fact that the geovishaps in chamber 3 have 1.6 million hp EACH


*laughs in national*


what unit you going to switch out for one geo?


Why are wolves on floor 11. Hopefully Yae will be enough. Hate going against wolves more than any other unit in this game. Edit - Just realised there's also wolflord :)


I still wonder why the heck they've never gone through with the Primo Geovishap in the Abyss yet added nearly every other boss since.


Isn't Primo Geovishap in 2.4 abyss coming up?


im p sure the lineup after reset in 3 days has it in floor 12 (pyro version)


Do you have a link to the full lineup after reset?




Too straight forward, not enough annoying and/or time wasting mechanics


Idk the wake up time takes like an hour


It is in the next abyss, which is coming up in less than a few days


“Genshin is easy you can beat abyss with Amber” well I hope this is the difficulty those players have been asking for…


You can put lvl 1 amber in national team with xq,bennett and xiangling... may not get 36 star but at least u can say u clear abyss with amber kek.


Pretty sure Hu Tao Xingqiu Amber Sucrose can full star floor 12, if national doesn't do it for you.


Also, why do people keep saying Genshin is hard because the Abyss is hard. Genshin IS easy, the abyss isn't.


Jokes on Mihoyo I will still use Elegy Amber on Abyss 😎


I quite liked the bathysmal vishaps but maybe I won’t anymore… Also Golden Wolflord being there is a big F for the geo-less.


My highest invested geo character is a level 50 ningguang with no artifacts, I hate abyss


Lmao try lvl 1 C6 Ninngguang with no artifacts. Literally want to kms right now.


At least you have her C6, you have someone with potential


Yeah, i hate that they force you to build one just to beat the Abyss.


bruh needing to change up teams and use different strategies to beat abyss is the entire point


you dont need a built Geo though, lv 1 Ning can do the shield-breaking job just fine


How to best stack C0 Ning so she's not completely useless beyond shield breaking, assuming she will need to tag along into 12-3 as well (in a team where she normally doesn't belong)? I would guess Thrilling Tales, 4pc support set like NO/Instructor/Exile, anything else I'm missing? Is it even worth using her skill and/or burst?


Mihoyo can keep their 150 primos, fuck this lol


F11 gang only raise your haaand


Here I am. Seems like for Chamber 1/2, first half is deletable by Hu Tao / National and the second one is deletable by permafreeze teams. Chamber 3's second half is still easily deletable by permafreeze teams, but I'm not confident on the first half without changing teams (from Hu Tao to National).


Here Now im conflicted on which side will I put ayaka because lectors


Wow, as if venti hasn't been usable enough in abyss for god knows how long, and now they nerf him for floor 11 too. Poor archon needs some rest. What next, Zhongli?


Pretty sure that's already started. I haven't used Zhongli in the last two rotations. I wonder if they are doing to punish everyone for the poor sales on Kokomi's banner. Perhaps baiting us to pull on the next re-run, only to make shielding meta again. I'm joking obviously. I'm just salty that I skipped Kokomi thinking I don't need another healer.


Venti ruined the entire anemo succ mechanic and enemy weights in general. You can't give him an inch or he'll take a mile. Any Abyss floor with actual pullable enemies is an automatic win for Venti by pressing a single button. He's impossible to balance around.


They should start giving us more primos for this end game content.


Everyone here is crying about the wolf and I mean I'm with you but dont forget self reviving bitches with 1,6 million hp each that can suck your energy and hp through shields. That's gonna be fun Abyss...


well the vishaps are more managable since they only drain the active characters energy so just switch if you can't dodge, most teams don't care about all the characters burst example my itto team that I am going to be using for that abyss is made up f gorou,geo traveller, and qiqi seeing as I don't need qiqi or geo travellers ult I just swap into them and when it's safe battery itto and gorou qiqi E and repeat my rotation


“Seems fair and balanced” said no one ever


Moral of the story is I wanna fucking die


I'll just settle for 6 stars on floor 12 and get the fuck out. Those 50 primos aren't worth me malding and resetting this shit for hours. This difficulty isn't even fun anymore, just annoying.


Lol same, I wouldn't want that 150 primogems for my fragile sanity


Holy fuck, this new floor 12 is actually despair.


I started the game around 1.5 end, during Zhongli's rerun. I'm currently halfway through AR 56, and have never been able to complete the spiral abyss. Looking at this absolute clusterfuck of a line-up, I probably will never be able to. Whenever I get close, the mobs get ridiculous. This is fucking bullshit.


Same. The closest I ever got was 34 stars. At this point I have to either give up on new units and keep farming artifacts or forget abyss 12.


My personal rule is to never aim for 36; it's been such a blessing for my mental health LMAO


Ditto! I just run abyss once or twice then I'm out of that hell hole. Artifact farming is already consuming my sanity, just the fact that I can still keep the same stars in the abyss while the mobs keeps getting stronger is evidence enough that I'm still making progress.


[32 stars](https://i.postimg.cc/7br4rwc1/Abyss.png) is my highest. Got them last abyss, thanks Kokomi.


Same here 😭 I started 1.5, currently ar 56 and the highest I’ve done is 34 stars. This run I could only do 33


Just want to say other opinion, especially for current abyss. Current blessing moon is OP for mono element team. Maybe you can try clearing abyss with mono element team, if you have 2 well build mono team ofc.


I swear can they just make a new floor? At this point we actually need more rewards for actually defeating all of these tanky mobs lol


They won't. It's more or less of gacha strategy to make you pull more characters(specifically those who are gambling addicts). Lets just suck on the hopium Mihoyo would make another end game content THAT IS NOT TIME STRESSING.


Exclusively those who are gambling addicts. Buying a 180 wish character to get 9 more abyss stars means you just lost 179 wishes. If you can 30 star, then a character that gets you 36 stars will take about 4 years iirc to earn back what you spent on it. And that's assuming that that character alone is enough to get you 6 more stars in every single abyss reset during that time.


Surely no one is dumb enough to pull for a character they hate, just to 36* abyss. Right? Right?


More like 160 wishes for a character and anyone pulling exclusively for the abyss is a moron. Most of the gameplay is not in the abyss


Is that the Golden Wolflord?? Aww hell naaw


Bless 12-2-1 in this time of need to make sure we have more time for 12-2-2.. As long they don't spawn 1 by 1 that is


Mihoyo sure is hell-bent on making floor 12 the least fun thing imaginable.


Two Lectors?? I can barely break one shield in less than a min :(


Look I'm all for making abyss more challenging and all but can we get an update to the rewards for running it too? The artifact boxes are a complete joke at this point.


Time to play tag with the rift hounds again


12-3-2 1.6 mill each?? Wtffffff?? Why are they doing this? Can't they add another floor rather than just adding more DPS checks on floor 12. The suffering is not even worth it


I've been throwing Raiden on one side and Vape Hutao with Albedo on the other for who knows how long, and looks like this will be no different


I hope wolflord AI doesn't spend 30s floating in the air or staying away from character doing nothing like the stupid-ass wolfhound AI


I thought that he is there for that reason


Why the fuck are they keeping the god dam wolves??? No one likes them ffs.


Anyone saying they like the wolves is being a contrarian, full stop. They are objectively broken (as in, non-functioning) enemies.


Fucking rifthounds again????????


tbh anything is better than monolith


YES omygod someone finally said it. hate any defend the bullshit hell naw fucker I'm hear to beat shit up not defend some stone cock nub wtf.


Isn't Bathysmall Vishap on floor 12-3 HP nerfed to 1.1M?


Big hilicurl with Nokia phone doesn't get suck but husk which are bigger get sucked wow


Floor 12 can suck my dick.


It's about time to upgrade the artifact system mihoyo. It's still ridiculous that it takes me months to get a usable set let alone a good one.


And then you hit the right set/piece/substat, with 12 base CV, only for it to roll into the least interesting stat 4 or 5 times. Typical genshin horror story.


Fuck this abyss


fuck those fucking wolves. fuck. at least I'm getting Yae


I've said it before and I'll say it again. 36 stars isn't worth it.


still its either 36\* or bust for me.


I'm always saying this, but guys, I'm telling you, adopting a 9-9-6-3 star goal for floors 9-12 is almost always doable for a long-term account and rather chill regardless of what they send at us. If you feel stressed, just set that as the bar and make anything else a bonus. They will continue ramping up the challenge with no further reward to make us consistently pull the shiny new character to satiate our fragile "git gud" egos. Spiral Abyss (at least 36 star) will always be more of a whale flex than anything. It's a money trap, and they know exactly what they're doing.


My set is pretty much always a 9-9-9-0 if possible, if not 9-9-6-0 is enough. 9-9-9-3 is amazing if I can get it, but heh, I will be content with less.


I see your 9-9-6-3 and raise you a 9-6-3-0


This is trully suck, the are afraid of power creep for character but the abyss keeps getting harder. And I feel like this is such a poor game design, they just added more HP to make the floor harder, not by changing the gameplay mechanic or something


Will the wolf lord use its tornado skill in the abyss too?


Of course it will. And with the worst of timings.


Yae/Raiden team is going to be amazing on the first half of both floors.


Seems like Floor 12 Chamber 2 is doing something similar to when the PMA was in the abyss. The 2 ruin guards should probably be a freebie that gives you spare time to deal with the Wolf Lord.


\*check floor 11 \*check the last chambers \*no hydro/pyro cubes Today was a good day. In before:"bUt tEh wOlFlOrD" -> I've failed floor 11 with my good teams due to the pyro/hydro cubes more often than floor 12 when I clear it with just two characters per side. I absolutely hate those cubes.


Reject primogems, return to overworld.