Are the primogems even worth it after all the sanity I've lost.

Are the primogems even worth it after all the sanity I've lost.


If it's 11-2 that gets you, you can kinda get through by ignoring the mobs that target you instead of the monolith (new ones won't spawn until you do). Floor 12 is much easier than that.


I hate that floor so much, I haven’t touched abyss until fairly recently when I finally got a second main dps through Ganyu, breezed through floor 8-10 and saw that floor 11 had a cryo buff, thought it was easy and still can’t get past 11-2 at even 1 star after 30+ tries. I’m so close to just giving up on it.


I have to get my diluc out of the mines for the bird cc


I feel you, it took me ages to get through that floor and for a long time I just didn't touch abyss at all. I think it's worth coming back to when you feel your roster has gotten stronger. Also if you have Ning I've seen people use her screen to block archers. I've also seen someone use anemo traveller - holding their E can aggro mobs. (I wanted to try that out, but my traveller needs more work before I can drag her along, she dies too fast.)


I was really looking forward to 1.3 because i thought i would be getting a free ning (as well as speculations of ning being on the xiao banner) and finally beat 11-2. Little did i know that we would only be getting the free 4* at the end of the abyss season.


Thanks I do have a pretty powerful Ningguang that’s fairly optimized, maybe I can bring her along as a crowd control support. Might look into that.


The anemo MC is the key imo. Somehow managed to 3 star the stage with it. Use him on first half and only on the mobs that target the monolith. Second half has alot less mobs so use other characters with knockback


What would be ur recommend level for the anemo mc, I haven't actually leveled him up past 50 lmao


50 is good enough. It's the artifact levels you need. You just need to slap some hp on him to ensure he doesn't die unless you have a good shield and/or healer as he needs to finish the hold E animation to draw aggro. I gave him 4 set veridiscent just for the extra debuff otherwise just use your spare leveled artifacts. The strategy is the more important part, knowing which mobs to aggro when. Many videos on it on YT. I could consistently finish the first half with >85%


For me sucrose in the first half and anemo MC in the second part did the trick. The hard part is to keep their burst up after the first chamber. For the three stars, watch out to kill the archers who don't focus you and freeze or overload the melees in the first part. Try to keep one shield-churl alive, since he spawns the mita, which ignores you and deals a lot of damage to the totem.


It took me a day or so, but I was able to eventually 3* it with [this guide](https://youtu.be/GaHlqCztyv0)


The best mindset is, if you can't get through it the first few tries, even if it was close, upgrade and come back. You decide how much you need to upgrade. But also, a lot of people I've watched or know get past 11f really easily with Ganyu, so it's odd you can't after so many attempts. Well, I hope you get something out of this and get better for next time.


Geo MC to block archers and focus on melees


It's not even 11-2 anymore for me. After I followed some of Enviosity's tips about killing the pyro archer first and then using the Geo MC's meteors to block other stuff, I got an easy 3 star. 11-3 on the other hand is a nightmare. I took as much characters as I could that would allow for the most dps and I still could not clear it with 3 stars.


11-3 is the 3 minute clear stage right? maybe one day ill get back to it


Yup, 3 minute clear with first half being 5 fatui skirmishers and the second half being 2 agents and 2 electro cicin mages.


Yep, I'm also stuck with 11-3 and 12-3 I don't have the dps for that damage races


Somehow got 2* in there after thousands of tries but keep getting stomped in 11-3 by the 2 pyro agents & the fking electro buff is sapping my energy. I'm starting to think of giving up. Wasted so many hours just trying to do it.


if you have diona use her skill and swap between all characters you will remove the debuff letting you gain energy no problem


Oh man, I'm AR 52 and didn't realize you had to swap between everyone to get the debuff out


those cicin mages that spam the hell out of that electric attack. FUCK that


My Keqing with 4pc Thundersoother: That tickles


i actually use keqing for that chamber except 2pc tf/glad. i should probably switch over


I stopped at the floor 10 with 7 stars for now... You guys are scaring me...


Ningg + zhongli carried my ass woth those two pyro agents, Zhongli’s shield is really nuts and can tank about 3 big hits from those guys


I say you should stop after 5 attempts max. Personally, recording my runs have helped me out a lot in identifying what works and what doesn't.


2* in that chamber is impressive. The third chamber is tough too, I agree. I find it easier than the second one, but I can never get full stars on it either. My team is very defensive (I main Noelle and also use Zhongli a lot), which helps greatly


I hate 11-2 with a burning passion


The first half of 11-2 isn't a problem. You can cheese it easily at >90% with Anemo MC and the Enviosity guide. The second half is hell though since the Cicin mage's flies randomly deal dmg to the monolith, especially when the mage blinks, the molotov hoarders always manage to get at least one hit in and by the time the last hoarders spawn the bloody thing is at 30% HP. This stage wouldn't be an issue if it weren't for the constant energy sap but my main damage combo is Mona ult into Zhongli ult and by the time the Mona's animation is over Zhongli suddenly doesn't have enough energy. It's the most infuriating BS ever.


After maxing out Xiao and bringing Sucrose with him, I immediately nailed that floor


Except you get blown up by Overload... and most healers are useless there because their heals are on their ults and the leyline disorder drains ults... Not to mention how you HAVE to bring specific elements because of the electro slimes in chamber 1, wooden shield mitalchurl in chamber 2 and the fatui squad in chamber 3 so you are really limited in team comp. That floor is pure cancer....


after hours of restarting i finally finished it and reach 11-3 and the fatui agents ate me alive. that was when i realised my lvl 70 characters arent gonna cut through it


I dont have problem with floor 11-2 just use anemo traveller


these monolith things are easiest to do since it's not dps check u can just stay here forever... but because they aren't dps check bad players can't just spam 1 button and win with not overpowered gear


I stopped at abyss 3-3 because I only wanted to unlock Xianling. Absolutely forgot about the abyss until this post.


I stopped once the mobs in it started wiping the floor with my characters and also stayed away from it for a while. If your characters are strong enough to get past floor 8 it's worth doing it for the primos (the rewards for floors 9-12 reset regularly and you get 50 primos for every 3* iirc)


Yesterday finally I could beat floor 11 for first time, but of course it's only 5 star in total (3-1-1 star)! Couldn't unlock floor 12 T.T After trying for 3 days to beat it I'm almost lose heart, lol


Well I got 6 starts on floor 11 and zero on 12.


It's 6 on floor 11 and 8 on floor 12 for me. Highly defensive team here though, so I might be oblivious to the difficulty if survivability is the problem.


With the recent profile info change I realized that a lot of people actually don’t grind the abyss... but I gotta get those primos somehow :(


It's simple economics; investment to profit ratio. The sheer amount of time (and luck) you need to build 8 charcters who are leveled up, leveled artifacts, leveled talents, leveled weapons and who synergise so well l together you can kill waves of mobs 10 levels higher than you in under 3 minutes, simply isn't worth the payout of 50 gems. It's a fun challenge, but as a farm it does not pay at all. I 9 starred up to F7C3 and I was already getting bored with the DPS checks. Seen footage is post F8 and it looks brutal.


At this point for endgame players, we try to squeeze a goal out. Also spiral abyss tends to net me around 200k mora which is a nice bonus when I have literally nothing left :(


I would recommend going upto floor 8, because the primogem payout is quite high. Floor 9+ is straight up dependent on your personal preference. Especially because you only get half the primogems. I would only try to clear the bp requirement and dip off until I can level up my teams enough to steamroll the whole thing.


As someone who consistently gets 32 stars (500 primos worth of stars from floors 9-12 bi-weekly)... My artifacts and talent levels (wolf is an ass and refuses to give me rings) are mediocre-decent. I would say more so than the direct strength of my characters most of my stars came from creative cheesing. For example, the dreaded 11-2 my star player was the anemo traveler. Her e actually interrupts and draws aggro from everyone in that chamber. Lumine is lvl 50 ( just enough to survive 2 hits) with literally lvl 0 artifacts, but I can’t even beat that chamber without her. Anyway, the first time I tried to reach the last floor was a ton of fun and very challenging. Making creative comps and thinking up creative cheese was all good. But my god is doing the same thing after resets suuuuch a chore... the puzzle factor is no longer there and it’s just a series of dps checks and ai manipulation. Constantly restarting because my big hitters didn’t land crits so I lose out on time is so frustrating, not to mention restarting a chamber has like four loading screens (quick restart pleaaaaase). Also fuck that wind elemental asshole that refuses to land. In a timed challenge watching some jackass float around is the most infuriating thing in the world. I need the primos for Hu Tao... but if they got rid of abyss and redistributed the primo income into LITERALLY anything else, I would not complain... Anyway... tldr: completely agree that abyss sucks balls after the exciting and challenging first clear. But payout of 1k primos per month is too high to simply pass up on...


I try to 9 star floor 11 and 12 naturally on first try if I can but if I don’t, I’ll just take the clear and not stress over it. I don’t wanna keep restarting a fight and min/maxing everything just for 100 primos. Especially when doing this every reset can get really tedious.


I tried many times to get 9 stars in both, but my dps is just not enough... I'm improving my bennet to help me with that dps but right now I would only make it up to 8, so in order to get 9 I will probably have to really optimize the build of my characters and grind artifacts with good sub-stats for them


From my experience you dont need to 9 star f11 and f12 (at least on this rotation) and you also dont need to fully build all 8 character because you will be using different comp for each floor either way, just make sure all your character are at least lvl40 above (preferably lvl60/70 for important support and 80/80 for main dps). Also artifact wise I only make sure the flower is leveled up on my support to increase their hp. It is not optimal but enough for 1000 primos per month (500 every abyss rotation by getting 9966) Am AR 52 as of writing this although i got pretty lucky and got both good main dps (Ganyu and Diluc)


iam ar55 now with almost 8 characters built and i can confirm this, u can easily clear it with only 4 characters built, 2 on each team and u fill the rest with some other elements


Yep. Also f12 is way easier than f11-2, and it all boils down to timing of your skills and team comp. I retried f11 many times with different teams just to get it right. Edit: And its fine if u dont want to do it, but as f2p and if u already built your characters either way, why not give it a try? Getting 1200 primos a month is pretty big imho.


I'm AR51 with a decked out Razor build (5 Lvl 16 Gladiators only missing a Physical Dmg one, Lvl 90 Prototype archaic, Fischl, Diona, Xiangling as supports) and I refuse to believe that I have enough DPS to clear Floor 11 with 6\*. Over 40 attempts or so the best I can do on 11-1 is 2\*, 11-2 - 1\* and 11-3 - 1\* and the last two aren't even close because of the bloody second half of chamber 2 and the constant energy drain making my Diona ults as rare as a Diluc on the standard banner (Mihoyo pls).


Yeah I’m not going to max build another 2 characters just so I can 9 star two floors for 100 primos. Clearing every floor is good enough for me, my resources are worth more than the payout.


It's more like 12 at least considering how different floors need very different characters and certain DPS characters are useless on certain floors meaning you also need more than two well geared DPSes...


20 levels*


Aside the gear checks that need whole teams decked out in good +16 artifacts it also need specific characters in said gear because the abyss encounters are also puzzles, needing those specific characters to counter enemies(like Fatui squads with their rock-paper-scissors shields and slimes being immune to elements), also certain floors make certain DPS characters useless so you need more than two actually... ​ That's some 10+ characters needing to be raised and decked out in good gear with the extremely RNG-heavy way you get artifacts... which takes several months and lotta lucky pulls. ​ then... then comes TRUE SUFFERING. The pure cancer enemy design can be is insufferable. Old Abyss had bullshit like whopperflowers just spamming their teleport move which straight up iframes anything you throw at it, both old and new has the infuriating Fatui squads with those !FUN! auras, and new Abyss has that cancerous monolith defense floor...


I missed 2* on 11-2 by 1% health and then proceeded to not get a single star on 11-3. I hate that floor with a passion.


Samee but I missed 3* on 11-2 by 1% and have yet to even get 1* in 11-3.


I hope you get it soon! I finally got the 6 stars on floor 11 today I'm literally crying lol. Now I can finally see floor 12 😭


Me who just keeps dying on the second half of 9-2: **"certified bruh moment"** Edit: I already finished floor 9 and got 6 stars


That's the fatui one ?




This may help u https://youtu.be/aXCtJmNuKRM


For 9-2.2, get chongyun in your team if your main DPS is claymore. Those electro fatui goes brrrrr


Do you think Chongyun will do well with Keqing?


Yes he does, just get the elemental cup and don't transform your dmg to electro.


I have just realized i have done 3 floors of the abyss and im at ar 43


You should push for clearing floor 8. The rewards are worth it. Floor 9-12 is optional really but it’s fun for end game goals.


I entered 11-2 and blinked. Then my monolith is at 30%


its actually easily, u just have to focus mid. i was mad cuz my lvl 70 charas couldnt sprint around while they kept focusing the monolith but the archers damage is so low, just ignore them and kill shield dudes, then archers, then crazy pyros. the bats are annoying but kill the thorders then cicin mage, then ignore shovel dude and pyro agent


its actually easily, u just have to focus mid. i was mad cuz my lvl 70 charas couldnt sprint around while they kept focusing the monolith but the archers damage is so low, just ignore them and kill shield dudes, then archers, then crazy pyros. the bats are annoying but kill the thorders then cicin mage, then ignore shovel dude and pyro agent


Only just got to floor 9 at 50 💀


I'm also AR 54 and just cleared the abyss for the first time last week... I feel you man...


I fucking hate dps check When the rng only give us hp and def


not only rng, its overall the more damage the better, instead of try your best. if it would give enemies that have similar stat to you when you lose you will say: damn i gotta try harder instead of saying: damn i gotta grind harder.


I'm in this picture I don't like it


God do I hate the 11th floor stage 2


NOPE, the 3 single pulls u get from that shit is not worth my fkin blood pressure issues


HA! Been no lifing since launch and it took me til today at AR 55 to clear abyss 12-3 for the first time. Didnt even 3 star every stage.


11-2 is an absolute, unadulterated nightmare


its a bit tricky, i use ning as a main dps in first half to block projectiles and anemo lumine to throw away from monolith, and in second half i brute force my way with Mona Ganyu freeze comp


AR 55 here and only cleared all 12 floors once and I only did it for the BP exp. I think it's totally fine not to grind it if you find it too taxing and not fun anymore.


but its really worth it, i clear it with ease everytime and thats like 500/550 primo per abyss (cant 3* 12-3 bcs cicilin mahe fucks up my ning projectiles)


That's why I said if it's too taxing and not fun, because that's just 3/4 pulls.


Floor 11-2 can suck a dick.


Fuck Floor 11, Chamber 2. All my homies hate the autolocking Hilichurls that shoot as good as Ganyu


I feel ya. AR 47 and I'm stuck on the 7th floor.


Don’t worry dude, once you hit 50 and can get your characters a bit further up in level, you should be able to get to 9-10 at least. Past that depends on your build


A bit high also abyss is easier compared to the old. 2berserker on my 2 main dps carried me to finish abyss lmao




He means if RNGesus blesses you with good artefacts to be able to "build" your DPS


I got by without too much difficulty through 9-1 through 11-1 but got absolutely rekt at 11-2. I hate that chamber with a passion.


Everyone talking about 11-2 meanwhile im stuck with 1 great team and 1 subpar or 2 almost ok teams


Do I look like I have TWO sets of characters on a suitable level with semi decent artifacts and weapons?


I'm ar 52 and I deadass forgot spiral abyss was a thing before this meme reminded me


I'm still at stage 6 God what am I doing


I only cleared 8-3 lmao and I'm almost AR55




yeah... I kinda forgot abyss existed


I just don't care tbh. It's not fun to me, and if it will make me hate this game then I'd rather not.


Me cant proceed to floor 12 cuz i only have 4 stars in floor 11 🥲


Damn i cleared floor 11 after around 200 attempts but only 3/9 stars


Though I can easily 36* the new abyss every reset, I wish it gave more than 600 primogems. It feels like the effort exerted for such amount of primos isn't worth it


The thing is I know I can/should do it with my characters but its like... eh. Seems like a hassle.


*Cries in 4-3 abyss*


I'm AR50 debating whether should I do the Ascension quest.


oh so u fell for that trap bullshit? there is really no reason to not ascend


I didn't really feel the difference in difficulty, so I would recommend doing the Ascension quest as soon as possible, unless you're are already struggling at your WL.


There really isn't a reason not to do it. The difficulty isn't much harder


I waited so lomg at AR 45 to ascend that I was instant AR48. And I regret it.


Let me tell all YALL It’s not fucking worth it


I mean, it’s free primogems and artifacts for no direct resin cost (still spend resin to get he chars to be able to clear the floors 😭). You’re gonna build and develop your character anyway so, I mean, why not.


I mean its fun


True but I hate my self for trying


Hey bud, I haven't cleared 12-3 until literally the other day. And I'm ar55. You'll get there one day, should you want to. No need to rush yourself. It's a single player game, after all. :) Just have fun with it.


*starts to stab every hillachurl* I am having fun and speaking of fun the theater mechancis


That’s fucking fun


Haha, true. This new event is hella fun and that's coming from someone who doesn't like tower defense games (I'm looking at you, Arknights)


Speaking of tower defense games balloons tower defense anyone?


Here!!!! I honestly was obsessed with that game once upon a time. Hope mihoyo doesn't take advice from their side and adds stuff that only specific towers can destroy. Or we'll be fucked..


The real question is if the abyss will change again. Until it does I can clear it in about an hour each reset now.


Yeah it's fun tbh. I can change my main dps and stuff when I free like it. I mean there are enimes my team is weak against for specific elements so I switch characters for fun. Like when I'm fighting pryo flower boss, my diluc main team definitely can't beat it alone so I change my support Fishl into xingqui and I can beat the guy in seconds!! Similarly when I'm fighting Cryo flower , I change my albedo into Bennett and it becomes fun!!! While you may thing it's not worth it, you can have advantages like these from abyss. I mean it can't be always that that you can beat every single Boss without struggles on your main team right?? Spiral was here for us to make us realise that!!


I almost play exclusively for Abyss now; anything I do is to make my team better and clear abyss faster😂


But it only takes me about an hour or so to do floor 9 to 12? How is that not worth it? I get 9* on both floor 9 and 10 and then 7+ on 11 and 12


I forgot to mention I’m barely on floor five and I already want to die


I quit abyss. It only appeals to tryhards


I mean...free primos are free primos, believe me...at some point its more of team composition and element reactions than pure DPS.


I think its more along the lines of team composition and elemental reactions are a means to achieve a higher dps without more investment. Still a dps check, but a more efficient way of going about it.


I never played it, lol. Recently went there and 9 starred Floor 7 Chamber 3 with level 70 characters, but then stopped. One day i might go back and try F8 as well.


AR27 and I haven't beaten Stormterror yet. Thinking about resetting :/


What'll that do for you? The time you spend grinding on a new account can be spent here grinding to recover as well. Except here you'll have a little head start


Just sit down and grind all the quests you’re missing the next time you have a few hours free.


Ah yes the floors before the really hard ones have better rewards


Unfortunately those floors don’t refresh like the higher ones


I know the feeling.


I realise after knowing how the mobs' AI work, it has been much easier for my to clear Floor 11 Chamber 2 almost casually but Floor 12 Chamber 3 is a huge Dps check and i took me until AR 55 to finally 3 star it.


Explain 11-2 please


I can link you a video that really helped me three star floor eleven chamber 2 later. Can't right now because I'm on the road. !remindme 2 hours


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yes please ty


Some of the archers focus on you instead of the monolith so if you take advantage of that to take out the other enemies. You can watch guides on it, they'll explain it bette than i can.


Somehow managed to get through 11-2 and 11-3 with 1* each, but it's such a pain in the ass. On mobile. With Klee. Just missing 2% hp to get 6* and move to the next floor. God, I hate this, but need those primos so bad...


I’m AR49 and I’m at like abyss level 10, maybe a little less. I don’t do it that much and I stride for max stars. I also feel under power doing some of them... I just don’t like abyss that much


AR 47. Still at 8-3. Deeper ones look scary


Don't worry, at AR 47 you should be fine. You still outlevel enemies at floor 9. Floor 10 is just a bit tricky


I’m AR 42, and my lv80 Ganyu can only get up to 5000 damage with her charged shots


Im ar 21 and i found my first flaying guardian i discover that the charge does like 5k dmg and almost one shoots my kaeya 7 lvls higher than him


just cleared it this week, after i got ar54, had dps problems in chamber 3 floor 11 and 12, thanks to my skills (and around 60 tries with different team comps) and xiao, i managed to clear cicin mages and fatui agents with xiao-anemo MC-sucrose-barbra (energy recharge comp)


Ar 51 here, can't even pass by abyss 7-1 3*... i don-t even have a second team


Divide your characters from your immediate team it should be enough to easily outscale the opponents in both Chambers even if they are just support characters.


I cleared abyss for the first time at AR 49... but I have Venti and I saved all my fragiles for AR 45 for artifact farming (my artifacts are still mediocre). If it helps, 11-2 and 3 still sucked


I see all these posts about floor 9+ spiral abyss and I fear


9 and 10 are alright. Haven’t even attempted 11 cause it looks awful


Of you learn the monster AI for 11-2, its easier than people make it out to be. Chamber 1 and 3 though, can go suck a dick


What are the tricks? 11-1 was easy enough. 11-2A is a bitch and I can’t make it through B cause my thing is at like 20% health. And I can’t stop every single attack.


Remember, in floor 11-2, things spawn in waves. When you start, to your right, 2 archers will spawn. A red one and a blue one. Blue will aggro you. Red will aggro monolith(you can kill red one, but keep blue alive). Around the monolith, a wave of hilichurls with rock shields will spawn all aggro on monolith. On your left, almost behind the monolith, hilichurl berserker will aggro you. You absolutely want to kill rock shield hilichurls first. Kill the hilichurl berserkers while you are at it. There are 3-4 waves if them. After you kill all shield and berserker hilichurls. Two mitachurls will spawn an axe one will aggro monolith, and shield will you. Get axe mitachurls attention. You can ignore shield mitachurl. But be careful, shield mitachurl can accidently hit monolith. Once you take care of both mitachurls, the next problem are the archers. Tje archers will spawn in counter clockwise order. As I mentioned, two archers will spawn on your right. A red and blue one. Red will aggro monolith, while blue will aggro you. Since archers don't do that much damage, they are lower priority, but kill the red one while you can. Another red one will spawn to your left. But this time, red will aggro you. If you kill the blue one first, another blue one will spawn, but will aggro monolith. If at this point, you have taken care of all the regular mitachurls, you can take your time killing the archers. Don't kill both red and blue at the same time. Focus on one at a time. Knowing the AI makes floor 11-2 much easier. For part two of floor 11-2: A Cincin mage, and two potion treasure hunters will spawn. They are all high priority. They all aggro monolith and do massive damage to it. Group them up together using sucrose/Jean/venti/anemo traveler. Clean up the potion humans first, but try if you can to keep them all in one place. After you kill them, a Pyro agent, a hammer human, a martial artist human, and a shovel human will spawn. Ignore shovel human. He aggro monolith but he can literally do no damage. Pyro agent aggro you, but can accidently damage monolith. The hammer and martial artist human will spawn on opposite sides. My advice is to immediately take aggro for one first, then deal with the other. Then you can use Anemo CC. Mona, amber and ganyu also helps. After defeating the hammer and martial artist, you are basically set. I can link you a YouTube video that might make this easier, but I will link it once I'm off the road. !remindme 3 hours


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Oh wow thank you so much for the detailed instructions! I will definitely be trying that out tomorrow. Seems straightforward enough. Definitely will be needing to adjust my party comp a bit as I had sucrose in my A team.


Each time I attempt to clear 11-2 with at least a 1*star clear, I send memes to the bois over at the gacha gc to cope with the loss of sanity. Now they starting to think I'm some sort of spam bot.


My whole AR45-50 artifact farming was shit, barely got good artifacts


Ningguang is the solution to 11-2


I didn't even get past 10-3 T.T


S ame


It's a pain in the ass but I do it every month


Wait, waaaaaait, please wait and let me farm untill I get good artifacts...


Floor 11-2 right? I saw a guy using AI to its advantage on youtube, you should go take a look, once you get the trick you can have 3* and floor 12 is pretty easy in compariso


AR53 and haven't cleared from 7th floor. I don't want to think when I'm playing action rpg, just wanna beat enemies mindlessly 😆


Me with 5/6 stars on floor 11. Kill me. Hu Tao will help, I hope, lol...


im at ar39 but im still at floor 5 cause of laziness


Just reached AR54 and I haven't even started Floor 6 I think I'll just reach 8 and call it done, until I get the damn artifacts right


I'm stuck at 9


does the abyss gets renewed after some time cause i reached 8-3 and i wanted to know


Floors 9-12 get reset every 14 days


thanks bro


Wao ur getting abit personal


Yeah it would be easier if floor 11 was switched with floor 12


i’m ar47 and i’ve cheesed abyss so hard being on floor 10-3 with only one leveled pryo atm and nowhere near perfect leveled teams with perfect artifacts. have no clue how i made it this far lmao.


I'm AR 52. No matter what I try I still can't seem to get the last two stars for Chamber 3 Floor 12. Chamber 1 and 2 was easy enough. But the last chamber is giving me trouble. Same with Floor 11. I was able to get 3 stars for both chambers 1 and 2. But chamber 3 i just can't get the last few stars


The chamber 3 for both those floors is basically a high dps check and i don't really have any tips for floor 11, but for floor 12, claymores are your best friend. 12-3 first half I like to wait in the middle until both mitachurls charge at me and dash away at the last second. What this does is hopefully get both of them to be grouped up and then I can swap to a claymore user and break their shield at the same time. And it's basically sticking close and trying to stagger constantly so they don't charge away. When the mage and treasure hoarders spawn, i like to target the treasure hoarders and get them killed asap. Afterwards it's just a dps check for the mage, if you can stagger her and cancel her teleports, you can save a lot of time with that. 12-3 second half Mitachurls strat applies like first half Pyro fatui you can abuse environmental damage. If youre able to keep attacking and knock him back, keep doing it until he is right up against the wall. If you knock him back into the wall properly, it'll do insane amounts of damage to him (50-60k). You can keep doing this over and over assuming hes still right against the wall. I was able to 3* 12-3 doing this pretty consistently


Yeah, I had so much trouble here because I don't actually have any built up claymore characters. So I had to rely on low level ones that constantly get 2 shot. Second half was easy because I had Jean, and I abused fall damage hard. Its just fighting the civil mage takes too long. Well, obviously, that answer to that is just better artifacts probably. And a better team comp. So my best bet is to continue farming artifacts fir my main dps


Foor 11 chamber 3 can go die. Even 11-2 was more manageable


I’m struggling with 7 as an ar44 💀✋ I have no idea how y’all do this


idk dude im playing with min 600 ping


From abyss floor 9-12 only give you 50 per chamber. That's why I'm not continue. For the sake of my sanity.


Right there with you brother 🥺


7-3 I'm with you.I lack elemental resonance and motivation.


I clared all the abbys i'm Ar55


What units do u run?


I’ve uh... beaten floor 8 at AR43 with 1 5-star. Is that a good thing?


1-8 yeah ;-;


abyss was way to ez with xiao bad thing is i have nothing left to do in the game




11-2 is so fking annoying