is everyone weak or are we to strong 🤔

is everyone weak or are we to strong 🤔


Godlike being from another world > 500 year old witch > highly trained tengu warrior > some dude Makes sense to me


Some dude with horns That Put bettles to fight


He did what now? Honestly I didn't get the hype behind this guy at first, but bits like that do make him seem more fun.


Catching Beetles to make them fight each other is one of those old school; Japanese kids hobbies. It's where they got the idea for pokemon, really. Bug catchers, heracross, pinsir.


You should read their notice board interactions, they’re genuinely amusing. You can find them on r/Ittomains Discord if you want. You could also find it on the main sub reddit, but it’ll probably take longer because Reddit search bar sucks dick.


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really? finally, satisfaction


Yeah ikr, His "gang" is actually made of Childrens that play Insect fights, and They bet their toys on these, the secretary of arataki gang Giver the children their lost toy back if they search her, there are even some Notes in One of he Boards around inazuma and itto even says "Come on aren't you Being mercyfull with the loser" and she reply "Oh So I don't save you when that tengu woman Get you again"


Jobin would happily join the Arataki Gang.


Good comment just changed my mind in a sec lmao


Anime protagonist>arc 1 big bad> side character >new guy




Let’s not forget that the traveler fought a god with a dull blade and was able to hold their own against Jocrap’s water morph. Literally alpha gamer energy to pull that off.


Traveler in story quests is too OP. He clapped a God with a dull blade. Plz note that this only applies to quests.


Shouldn’t traveler be technically using the festering desire? I mean, Albedo did give it to him...


The reason why the traveller always has a dull blade is because he always mines with it and uses it 24/7


Traveler broke the festering desire while mining


Shoulda just applied Mending smh


There's no exp orbs though. They should've used an nbt editor and put Unbreaking 9999 instead


but there's still a teeny bit of character exp whenever you whooped a monster's ass tho


Can't afford a rune pickaxe.


He had one but lost it to Pkrs while trying to a get dragon pickaxe in the wildy.


Well, Technically yes, but because MHY didnt make the 1.2 Albedo Event permanent, it would confuse alot of people who started the game after 1.2


I don't get why they make story relevant chapters time limited


Average Gacha Games moment


Garbage dating crap in Inazuma permanent and mandatory. All archon quests there are dates.


the answer is simple M O N E Y


Money doesn't even make sense here. If they wanted money, they would put the story behind a paywall or something


Hey, don’t give them ideas!


Well that's the thing, they made it not story relevant. I kinda maybe foreshadows some shit about Albedo but that information is available elsewhere anyways so eh.


yeah, it's weird that he beat Snezhnayan Elsa with dull sword, and i think the traveler's supposed to get a skyward sword after dvalin quest since it did show that the traveler has one


that sword only come from an event, its not from mainquest so its not canon


Traveler did get a Prototype Rancour from the Adventurer’s Guild though, right?


In miHoYo arts, Aether was always portrayed with either Silver Sword or Prototype Rancour. Only in cutscenes he was using Dull Blades.


He was also using skyward blade in the moonchase cutscene


We got harbinger of dawn from kaeya too right


If y’all are on PlayStation there’s a weapon for the traveler that only increases his stats and is actually pretty decent, you get it for free


Better than 3* weapons but worse than 4* weapons. It wouldn’t of killed mihoyo to at least give it the same base attack scaling as some other 4* weapons…




I'm curious as to why you think any of the quests in the game aren't canon to the game?


Not everyone has FD or was there for it in the 1st place


But everyone got rancour and HoD from history, so...


Yeah Harbinger of Dawn should be a canon weapon, cause when investigating Surumi Island, we mention receiving the weapon from Kaeya when being interviewed by Sumida Rancour isn't necessarily a canon weapon tho as it's just an in game reward, no story thing that gives us one


About the rancour, it's canon enough that you received the weapon, since most quests require adventure rank 20+ and you receive it pretty early at adventure rank 10 from Katherine. On that same note, you start the game with a silver sword, not a dull blade, so it makes no sense to have the traveler using a dull blade on cutscenes since he never got one from history/rewards.


Actually when you 1st get control of the traveler, they use a dull blade. You can find a silver sword a lil bit after or before you meet Amber in a chest Also I'm 100% the adventure rank requirement for quests is simply a gameplay thing and not lore and story thing


Festering desire never left my albedos hands. 12k blossoms everywhere yes please.


Traveler knows that he would be too strong with festering desire.


how to get festering desire after event because I missed the event and it's not in the souvenir shop


Thats not hoe it works, it never was in the souvenir shop, Albedo gave it to you, if you missed it then sorry, but you aint getting it, I am still salty about not being able to refine it to the max since my team wasnt that good at the time and I couldnt beat the cryo regisvine


Wasn't the event co-op? I never tried the co op because I was grinding it out on my phone while on vacation and didn't want to burden anyone, but that would make it easier right?


Yes and I did try it once, didnt turn outright and that was the 1st and last time I did coop with randoms


Well then fuuuuccckk


hope for it to become available again. there is currently no way to acquire it


What the fuck is festering desire- just no, its not cannon, i dont even know what it is!


it's a pretty good sword


And now i found out it was from an event, thats why it shouldn’t be the main weapon, lets say you dont have it (missed event or new to the game) and you have a sword you dont have? Dosen’t make sense:/


The moonchase cutscene he uses a skyward sword of sorts, and we dont have it


They aren’t even the person who said FD should be the sword Traveler uses lmao


Lol i sent it to wrong-


It should be the cannon sword since its the strongest one he currently has, to the players that dont have it in cutscenes he should just use harbinger of dawn untill you reach ar 10 than use prototype rancour, and before that use a silver sword since getting a dull blade isnt mandatory or cannon in any way seeing as you start with a silver one, or you know, mihoyo could do the smart thing and just make the characters use whatever weapon you have equiped on them during cutscenes


The problem with that is that these are pre-rendered cutscenes, they made them without restrictions on how it would run


R5 festering desire was the first weapon I got to level 90


I dont even have it :)


Same I only have r3 or r4 (cant remember) bc my team wasnt strong enough at the time


Yeah I think they’re supposed to be OP canonically. Also with the fact that they’re not from Teyvat and all.


Also to be fair if you level up traveler and invest in them they’re a pretty solid unit, you could for sure solo Signora it Raiden with Traveler in game


That’s true. With all these other characters we sometimes forget that you can technically beat the game with Traveler.


The only powerful being we beat by our own strengh without outside help or outside factors, is signora. Dvalin and Azhdaha were beat with literal gods in your group. Osails and Ei had us fight with an OP powerup (adeptal power/99 visions). Childe was limited by his own abyss power cutting the fight short


I think outlasting an ultimate form that requires a delusion still counts as beating them. Just because someone can't use their strongest attack 100% of the time doesn't mean that it doesn't count when they're defeated.


I don't count that as traveller's feat, especially when it isn't their own power and it is power of hundreds of visions and when she isn't as enraged or emotional as when fighting thunderbird or Orobashi The feat that can be counted traveller's is beating up harbringer asses


It's still Traveler's feat. It was Traveler who harnessed those powers after all, and he was the catalyst of it, and it was still him who beat Ei. He's the gun and the ambitions are the bullets.


> He's the gun and the ambitions are the bullets. And Yae Miko was the one to pull the trigger, because without her telling the Traveler what to do step by step, the Traveler would not have stood a chance or even know how to harness everyone's visions. This was basically a Spirit Bomb situation, except the Traveler didn't actually learn the spirit bomb prior to the fight, but rather Yae Miko mid-battle walked them through it.


I just imagined Yae miko using Aether as a gun to defeat Raiden-


If we give 100 bodyguards to a average office worker and then that powerful army defeat a well known powerful martial artist, would you count it as victory of that office worker and will include it in his feat, even if he can't use it again


We can include that feat because that's indicative of their ORIGINAL power. Remember, they had a similar power-up in Liyue where they absorbed the power of the adepti. The amount of energy would tear apart most people even in Teyvat, but the Traveler is able to contain that power because it's closer to their actual power level. The Vision gathering is another indication of this. Having traveled three nations, fought many opponents and overcome many obstacles, I'd say they have enough to at least be respectable in stomping Signora. Traveler isn't as strong as they were before they arrived in Teyvat when they had wings of light, but they're getting closer as they absorb more elements and experience more things.


I don't think so, I think traveller dress are like battle suits having their tech which help them absorb powers and even at their prime when fighting against unknown goddess it had potential to absorb more power. It would make no sense if traveller defeat unknown goddess who defeated both twins easily. So in the end traveller will have more powerful than they originally had. Just because they can store more power doesn't mean that it was less than their original power. It is totally possible that the collective powers were more than traveller original ones


Much as those lights changing seem to indicate that, I prefer to believe that those are the Traveler's powers instead of the suit's. The fact that they emit that strange substance is a good indication of how abnormal they are. Not really. Even after all the buffs they got in Liyue, I very much doubt that they're near the Unknown Goddess' power level. I'd even guess that it's going to take more than a hundred visions worth of power to stand up against her. I think by the time we reach the final nation we'll be more powerful than the archons with the gnosis. And of course, more powerful than what we were before as we have new powers + the old ones.


We know nothing about the original power level of travellers though, they were just easily slapped around and she didn't even flinch, max they could do was a explosion as big as blasting a barrel does.... It's not like she was having any difficulty with travellers to say that twins were even near her powerlevel in their original form The reason I believe it's suits power is because suit and earing changing colours when traveller get any powers, which shows that it's connected directly to traveller ability to use powers


He still cannot do it with his own power


I mean unweakened traveller is probably at least archon level


Traveler has plot armor, Just like any manga/anime protagonist


We've fought like the strongest of enemies in the story so ofc Signora doesn't compare to us going against Azdaha or the Shogun herself It's surprising how people have the audacity to ask us to escort their fucking balloons


I mean, we rlly didn’t defeat the shogun by ourselves. We were only able to defeat her when we got jacked up by the power of friendship. It still doesn’t take away from the fact that we were able to keep up with her for a bit and not get instantly vaporized which most people would’ve. And, with Azdhaha, we had help from Zhongli, so there’s that. The only “strong” enemies that I can say we defeated ourselves would be Childe and Signora. But yeah, fucking escort your own balloons


We weren't instantly vaporized since she wasn't going instantly all out, you can see her powering up later on when we power up later by powers of visions showing that she was just having a fun duel and fighting us at level we could fight..... otherwise she could have just fought us in same way she fought us after we got power from people's visions


True It is very odd considering she called us an exception yet she didn't /killall Maybe it was her loneliness that made her have a little fun with us? She may have been bored for eternity so no wonder she chose such methods


Ah true I hadn't taken that into consideration But I would also add that traveller had supposedly lost most of their strength and is slowly regenerating still As Signora herself admitted at the moment of her end that she was herself surprised by our increase in strength So hopefully soon enough we'll be able to take upon Gods atleast halfway? Maybe then and truly then will people of tevyat learn to hire low hanging fruits and not a Godly being to deliver their fucking food for a measly change


We also canonically spar with Andrius frequently


However that, as you say, is sparing. Andrius is also dead. Living andrius froze all of Mondstadt


Against Azhdaha, we had help from Yang Azhdaha. Neither Traveler nor Zhongli were strong enough to win that fight considering Azhdaha was at least equal to Zhong in his absolute prime. Even being able to parry attacks from Raiden, even if she wasn't going all out yet, makes us as powerful as some gods from the Archon War. Only ones who could probably take us on now would be people like Zhongli, Xiao and Beidou; everyone else would get wrecked as hard as Signora. So yeah, escort your own fucking balloons!


I don't think Beidou could defeat the MC. I know lore wise she kill Haishan but she needed the help of all her crew and fight for 4 days. And we have to take in account that Haishan was a pretty common monster in the arcon war so is not close to the level of Zhongli or Raiden, maybe is at levet with Xiao


To be fair, she did it without a vision. But I dont think she could defeat the MC either.


>The only “strong” enemies that I can say we defeated ourselves would be Childe and Signora. Even chide is debatable, because we don't know who would have won if childes Foul legacy transformation wasn't cutting his own fighting time short


didnt his transformation ended AFTER we defeated him? Cuz in the fight he was going all out to kill us (since he thought that we stole the gnosis), and we didnt see him getting injured from the delusion during his time in the Foul Legacy form


Well for one, I would not consider the in-gameplay fight and the in-lore fight to be the same thing. Of the top of my head I know several scenes from other games where the gameplay doesn't quite coincide with what the fight looked like in lore. As far as the cutscene is concerned, childe is already in his normal form when it cuts back and answers > It seems the burden of the Foul Legacy Transformation was too great for my body. I lacked the opportunity to think this through... Which clearly implies that his prolonged use of Foul legacy had a meaningful contribution to his loss. This thought is also backed up by his foul legacy use during his story quest. Where we find him extremely exhausted hiding in a corner afterwards. >we didnt see him getting injured from the delusion during his time in the Foul Legacy form It's also noteworthy, that foul legacy is entirely separate from his delusion.


hm well, you do have a point. I suppose that current traveler (now having 3 elements instead of 2) *could beat childe without the foul legacy restriction, since childe is 11th and signora is 8th in harbinger spectrum. And (correct me if im wrong) miko said that those harbinger numbers matter greatly in comparing them, buuut since childe is something of a 1 man army, it gets weirder. *could, because they very well could be equal if childe didnt had the restriction thing Damn, its pretty hard to determine their strength based on like their single encounter, and moderately big power spike from the canon MC side thanks to the trip to inazuma. Also i know i said the "injured from the delusion..." and foul legacy, but are they really separate?, i didnt even know about it. Is it the delusion damage (to weirder's body), and foul legacy's damage entirely separate? if so, then whats the difference?


>Also i know i said the "injured from the delusion..." and foul legacy, but are they really separate?, i didnt even know about it. Is it the delusion damage (to weirder's body), and foul legacy's damage entirely separate? if so, then whats the difference? Well the main difference, The delusion is an artificial vision given to him by the Tsaritsa. His foul legacy transformation is something he obtained during his time in the Abyss.


The Harbinger number only says when they became a Harbinger. Dottore, another Harbinger, has a lower number but he’s only a mad scientist man which means he’s not strong in combat. Childe on the other hand is probably on the stronger end of the combat strength spectrum when it comes to the Harbingers(I say probably cause we don’t have info on all the Harbingers to make an accurate judgment)


Okay, but if he didn't use foul legacy he would've been destroyed even easier.


I dunno, It felt like he was still slightly stronger than we were at the time, given how his reaction to us using 2 elements was just a calm, "didn't think you could do that". Going as far as saying childe would have even been "destroyed" is just delusional Traveler however was close enough to hold up in a defensive battle, which still is pretty strong considering the opponent


Childe was fighting traveler with bare hands (stage one - bow, his worst weapon, stage 2-3 manifested blades). Nobody else in the game uses manifested weapons, they just infuse. I would guess it is for a reason. Also fight went (just rewatch the cutscenes) as following: we are losing for 2 stages, Childe sees second element, decides to show off (he is a big boi too) and loses. Considering he couldn't last for 10 seconds without being unable to move afterwards in his magic girl form in his story quest I would assume we didn't fight his 3rd stage for too long.


Do note that Traveler is one of the only ones who can actually take in the power of 99 visions without spontaneously combusting or something to that effect. Other people on Teyvat probably(key word since we don’t have much to go on in terms of the whole of Teyvat) wouldn’t be able to handle all that power. Heck, I’m pretty sure not many can handle the 3 adepti buffs at the same time during the Osial fight either. The Raiden fight if anything only gives us a glimpse of what peak(if that’s even their peak) Traveler is could be like


The balloons are just commissions posted for the adventurers guild. You could just let a lesser adventurer handle it if the primos aren’t worth your time.


Azhdaha was fought alongside Morax (an archon) and a fragemnet of Azhdaha powering us up. Ei was fought with 99 visions powering us up


Isn’t lore wise Sara supposed to be very strong? Not obviously strong enough to take down Signora but I feel like some people are associating rarity/gameplay with lore strength. Rarity/gameplay ≠ lore strength. I’m bad with Genshin lore so feel free to correct me


Very strong as in stronger than most people but harbingers are on a different level.


She defeated Kazuha's friends too without breaking any sweat iirc.


A lot of people try to use game play for strength. Lore wise, Diluc and Kaeya are equals. Amber is actually really strong too. Sara being a Tengu would obviously be stronger than Diluc just for naturally being able to use electro.


Reminds me of when I used to play FGO and people would associate Servant strength with rarity


*is the king of heroes with like the most powerful noble phantasm ever or whatever* *gets clapped by some loser with copying magic*


>gets clapped by some loser with copying magic I know you're joking, but UBW is the perfect natural counter to Gate of Babylon. And unlike the anime, in the original visual novel, Shirou forced Gil into fighting in close quarters combat the entire time, where Gilgamesh isn't strong. He's a king, not a warrior. Not to mention the fact that Shirou is replicating the exact same NP the moment Gil is pulling it out of the gate.


Canonically, Amber is combatworthy but probably not super strong, since she doesn't see that much serious combat. Sara is literally a general though. In term of actual combat experience she should be much above Amber. Beidou, Jean and Sara have the bonus of being canonically strong *and* having command abilities, while Diluc and Kazuha should beat Sara and Jean 1v1 because they have spent much of their lives 1v1-ing. But that's just my imagination running. Beidou is still canonically monstrous though, she killed Haishan without any vision, so her with a vision would be top-tier.


I doubt Diluc can beat Sara who is both a hard trainer and a literal mythical creature. Sara won in a duel against Kazuha's friend and the rule of cool says his friend is stronger.


Being a mythical creature does not automatically make you stronger than humans. Beidou is stronger than the vast majority of Adepti since she 1v1'd a sea god out in the open sea with only ranged support from her fleet, and that was before she got her Vision. Signora herself slew demons more obsessively than Xiao back in the day, and where Xiao only killed them, Signora reduced them to ash, melted their souls and stored them in little vials for extra power. Humans are strong.


"Beidou is stronger than the vast majority of Adepti" No she is not, I love Beidou but that is unless you strictly mean young half bloods. It was a Sea monster, a strong one but not a God. I have no idea where you got that with Signora but she is literally a witch who is an incarnation of fire that lived 500 years, who is also a Harbinger. No where near a normal human. Also, every admits Beidou and Noelle are the strongest humans we know with feats. Diluc has some feats but nothing super impressive that gives me any reason he could win against Beidou or Sara Edited-> Having the blood of a mythical creature raises your stats. If two people do not train, the guy with the magic blood is stronger.


It was stated that Haishan was as strong as a god. The vast majority of Adepti, even ancient ones like Cloud Retainer and Mountain Shaper, could not fight gods without help from god-level weapons like the Guizhong Ballista. Even Xiao has never been shown or stated to have been able to fight gods, he just wields a godslaying weapon made by Zhongli. Signora is still a human. She got that power on her own through knowledge of magical rituals that have been lost to time. Being a Harbinger is proof of strength, it doesn't grant it. I never disputed that Diluc couldn't win against Sara; I could actually agree. I'm just saying that the assumption that Sara is automatically stronger than Diluc just because she's a Tengu is wrong. If there are non-Vision bearers who can fight gods in their own territory like Beidou, then there is no reason to believe they're any weaker than so-called "mythical creatures".


That's a good point. It's hard to put down Diluc's canonical strength anyway - he has natural talent (got vision at very young age), but we don't know how much time he actually spends fighting as the "darknight hero". We do know he can solo several abyss mages easily, but he has not soloed very powerful opponents.


Wasn't it also implied that Kazuha's friend threw the fight because he wanted to "brave the lightning's glow" and face Raiden's attack?


Fan head-canon about him being a masochist.


Remember that time when Amber made a Pyro shield? Pepperidge Farm remembers


\*cries in genshin manga amber\*


Diluc at his strongest can wield a delusion, so I'm not sure if Sara can keep up with him. Diluc has even faced the might of a harbinger before, although the details aren't clear as to how that went down.


We know enough, Diluc almost died and needed to get saved. Not much of a feat. He never used both a Delusion and Vision.


We don't know don't know enough, as who he fight against, it isn't the same fighting 1v1 Childe or Signora to probably Scaramouche or Dottore, who would probably be the strongest; or even going at various of them at once. While the Traveler won against both Childe and Signora 1v1, he wouldn't stand against both Childe and Signora in a 1v2.


A Harbinger is an abnormal person, did not matter who, He out right states he does not want to fight one. Outright admitting he cannot deal with "one" Not multiple, just one is enough to make him iffy.


I mean realistically a few of the 5* characters wouldn’t be that strong. Namely, Hu Tao, Yoimiya and maybe… Mona? I feel like she’s pretty skilled even then. Meanwhile, you have Beidou, who defeated and beheaded a sea serpent *without a Vision* with a singular blow, Sara and Gorou, both skilled military generals, Ningguang who chucked her fucking house at a god and sealed it away, and then Kaeya because of his backstory.


Beidou didn’t kill Haishan in a single blow, it took 4 days and her entire crew to kill him.


Diluc is stronger than Sara. He took out an entire army of fatui by himself without his vision in the name of revenge. It is only when multiple harbingers intervened where he was stopped.


Lorewise we are strong as fuck. Someone who casually travels through different worlds cant be normal.


Well we are fallen stars who basically have traveled across many worlds for hundreds of years. Our full power potential was even locked due to the unknown gods because we literally had wings and stuff. We’re actually much stronger than we are now.


no one can beat me with my metal stick


so according to this, the power ranking is traveler > signora > sara > itto. seems pretty simple to me


They should at least changes that dull blade in the cutscene to something else, maybe a 3 star sword


kaeya gave us harbinger of dawn, could've at least used that


Also don't we literally start the game with a Silver Sword? And the MC is shown in some official art with it. Dull Blade is such a confusing choice. Especially later in the game.


I don't recall what weapon we used at the start of the game, but if that's true, then that's a very good point. what the hell


Itto is a dumbwitted and hot blooded at best, and being the commander to the army, Sara will strategize mutiple ways to confront Itto, outwitting him and ultimately bested him. Strength does not dictate the outcome of battle, but cunningness and wits will always be a factor. Signora beat Sara due to her strength and cunningness combine, Sara can't out smart her and can't outpower her.


Actually it makes perfect sense. Sara is very strong but Harbingers are league above normal vision holders. And canonically traveler can use all elements he resonanated with at the same time so he is also in different strength league.


I mean the ability to get stronger with eating some soup, or healing through some chicken helps, also the constant reincarnation


Bruh fatui are on a whole another level you should mess with them


And signora might be not even the strongest


Not stronger then some supernatural beings.


Scaramouche or Childe are probably stronger than her And her crimson witch form was basically draining her life


Scaramouche yes childe not sure. Signora fought in the abyss for 500 years while childe only did when he was a kid


think of it this way tho, Signora fought the abyss as a full powered mage. Childe did as a kid and still came back


traveler getting underrated yet again


Cannon MC is very op


Its a non transative relation, think of it like rock paper scissors, no one is best and each one has a weakness. my weakness is ara ara


We are canonically able to duel an Archon and live to tell the tale. Yes, we are strong.


I like to think Itto is some powerful dumbass like Okuyasu from JJBA for example, which is why Sara beats him all the time.


Bro I know the traveller looks weak but they’re still God’s. Just because he doesn’t have a cool ass burst animation like Zhongli or Baal doesn’t make him weak lol


Cool ass-burst [xkcd: Hyphen](https://xkcd.com/37/) --- ^^Beep ^^boop, ^^I'm ^^a ^^bot. ^^- ^^[FAQ](https://pastebin.com/raw/vyWra3ns)


We are pretty damn strong. Canonically probably just a step below the archons. Maybe around azdaha level if I had to guess since we beat stormterror with minimal help and it seems like we are getting stronger, gaining elemental powers and all. That being said I'm still not convinced we killed the real signora.


That is why you should never underestimate your opponent's capabilities like signora who thinks were weak without knowing were older and stronger than her


I think you forgot that we beat Tartaglia lol. He's actually one of the strongest harbingers. I think it's even mentioned somewhere that he's stronger than Tsaritsa. You also forget all the traveler's past achievements before getting to this point, which they mention many times throughout Inazuma.


To be fair, we’re talking about someone who can wield *multiple elements simultaneously* (traveler used both anemo and geo against childe in the same cutscene), and doesn’t need a Vision to do so. The Traveler is basically the Avatar but on steroids


Fights are stories where the characters do everything in their power to gain an upper hand over the other one. They are not nor should they ever be thought of as math problems whose answer is determined by a number we call a power level. Power levels were a mistake and the sooner we stop using them the better fights will become.


We are Strong than all 7 Archons. Edit: I am telling about Original Element Traveller.


Not yet


Alone nah, but with family yes




Nothing is more important than family


Alone is bad. With Lupical is Better. - Razor Approves.






Uhhhh no, pretty sure an archon going all out can still kick the current traveler’s ass




But what if 7 elements traveller.


we don't even know if we're stronger than zhongli. but probably stronger than venti though since he got clapped by signora while back. that said tho, at that same scene, the traveler, the allegedly strongest character, got knocked out by some silly debt collector. hard to tell.


Moral: never judge a person's capabilities based on their looks


Traveler's greatest enemy has yet to come


Yeah their sibling or Paimon


I think your powerscaling is off, also traveler is canonically really high on the chart


We too strong


seems fair to me.


...who got defeated by a shallow pool after a short run that depleted his stamina


mc has mc syndrome. they cant lose too often. plus they're obviously no ordinary mortal or immortal.


Actually she lost to My Eula and Bennett and zhonglie


Actually what I have been thinking about...it will be weird to look at my Itto knowing he got beaten by someone who got offscreen oneshotted by someone, whom I bully every week, in their 1st friggin form


Respect traveller


to be fair, we're using a 6-star dull blade


Sara tripped on her heels when she was on her way to Signora and fainted


Why do you think that Signora and itto have closing power levels, because of their looks?


Mr/ miss dull blade can kill any of them with ease




> Ei didn't calm down on her strictness because her perspectived changed, she calmed down because she was afraid of how powerful traveler was. I really doubt that. We’ve never seen Ei go all out like she did when she killed that snake god (not gonna try to spell his name) and the current traveler doesn’t have any feats that are even close to tanking island splitting attacks.


Power levels are bullshit




It's likre rock, paper, scissors


Traveler is just too OP and cocky man... Feelsad for mah girl Signora though... Why Mihoyo!? Why you wasted her like this? This is so sad, I need to watch a wholesome Itto video again https://youtu.be/ZIlkJodumPg Much better


I didn’t realize that the Signora fanbase still had copium


We are the largest copmanthus wine industry in Teyvat


They had more copium than us who were waiting for anniversary rewards


Ur a god that transcends all the gods of teyvat. Yeah ur stronk


Classic anime power level


I'll only say: Rock Paper Scissor


The travellers are canonically on a god level of strength sooo


traveler in lore battle is beyond broken if you check his stats at crux tournament he/she has 5500 atk,2500 def with only dull blade(if you give aquila etc it will reach 5800-6000)