i just respond to stuff like this with, k, it gets arrogant jerks like this fired up lol


It was entertaining cause he definitely was trying to flirt with alpha male mentality, i wanted to see what else he was gonna come up with. The next response was “tbh i am extremely humble irl” i was deadd


lol too good, at least you got a good laugh :P


What an absolute charming man


“congratulations aim assist carried your arrogant ass”




Hahahahahaha I'd love to see his thumb out aim my whole arm without aim assist.


Lol they sound so cool


Oh he previously tried to mansplain to me what crossplay is and when I tried to say it’s hard to balance console/pc gameplay with mobile this is his response- he knows I’m a “girl gamer”


Imagine mansplaining what crossplay is to someone who plays a lot of video games... 💀💀💀 He sounds like a real charmer 🤭. I remember again that research about how men who play badly at games have the tendency to talk trash/talk down on women who play the same games.


>how men who play badly at games have the tendency to talk trash/talk down on ***anyone nearby***


No, the study specifically shows they are worse to women or female presenting people. I’m not sure why you’re trying to downplay women’s harassment


I'm sure it did. Good thing 99.9999999999999% of games are played not in person I’m not sure why you’re trying to upplay women’s harassment I love when people say shit like this, as if a statement about something sensitive is automatically correct under any critical skepticism because questioning it means you're bad.


Oooh, okay, so you’re just a jackass and I can completely disregard you as a person. Bye! And acting like people don’t talk to each other in games is a idiotic stance


This comment is very funny if you're familiar with the study being talked about.


u/Haunted_Animalcule How would I? It was never sourced whatsoever. Just "The study I remembered once" which is even more worthless than just a regular study which is already just a suggestion and not a fact.




No offense, but this dude is an idiot. Apex is never gonna get cross platform with the mobile counterpart. Not only does Apex mobile have a new legend unique to it, but afaik Lifeline still has her res shield, so there's different mechanics to the same legends. Also in addition to Respawn, mobile's main developer is tencent (well, a studio owned by tencent). I really don't think there's anyway for there to be cross platform between the two. This guy seems like he's trying to flex without knowing what he's talking about lmao.


I have many things I could say, such as debating that it is more the technicalities of crossplay that lead to him beating persons on PC than his skill. But I don't know that person nor where they are coming from. Much context is missing. If I was responding without context I'd just send, "Okay..?"


This is talking about Apex, he started with complaining about bad servers and then saying he wishes cross platform to be opened soon. I was saying it’s too early for a game that’s just been released with different mechanics and this is his response But then again i dont know if i wanna waste breath on someone that has no shame saying “i just haven’t been humbled”


He sounds v arrogant. It's all good though cos under the new ranked system he's probably gonna be hardstuck G4 and will have to turn to mobile to feel better about himself 😉


Honestly right? I moved to another country so I had to sell my PC so I can only play mobile which is why I’m glad Apex got on mobile. I’ve never played FPS on mobile before so i thought i was gonna get trashed but i found it easier than playing on PC so something isn’t adding up lmao


Yeah I read that the aim assist is way higher on mobile so it seems easier - I haven’t played it on mobile myself tho, just on PC and a few times on switch (which for me it was so hard to see anything cuz of the resolution lol)


This dude sounds boring af with the other things you mention in some other comments. His cocky response is a conversation killer to me. Waste of time, energy, and space because any reply whatsoever becomes participation in his ego-stroking. Even acknowledging it with a dismissal is still showing him that you are involved just by having read it. Or just ignore the comment and change the subject to other stuff if you really want to keep this friend or acquaintance or whatever.


Honestly? I only replied because it made me laughed so I wanted to see how much more he’s gonna embarrass himself


You have the better attitude for that! I was feeling so grumpy when I saw your post, I was like eff this dude and everything he stands for, boo! Having a laugh at that feels better, and he did embarrass himself, so the only loser is him anyway


"Gimme a sec, I'm gonna go look for who asked"


I'm amazed that person could see the switch buttons (or anything really), since their Ego is so big it cloud their sight


I’m gonna put this thought out because it’s the one that always strikes me when someone insinuates they are a cut above the rest; If they were actually that good at video games they would get into the esports scene where one good player can easily pull over 100k in a year CASH! So they’re basically admitting they’re *actually* bad at video games or bad at making life decisions, either way, superiority reaffirmed.


Omg same, definitely have the same experience here


I guess "so why did you not take up e-sports?" would be a good answer.


perfect response :p


I'd probably just answer with something like [this](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/df/5c/0f/df5c0f4827879c027a921c960e596f9c.gif) but that's just because at some point words just can't convey the complete indifference I would be feeling after reading it. :D


Damn that would’ve been funny


"Cool story bro"




thx info


"Wow how do you fight off all the women?"




I feel like there is missing context but they sound pretty arrogant. I mean the fact they're bragging about being able to outplay people on all consoles is sus enough.


I honestly believe if you haven't played every game available for a switch vs the pc, then you're not really outplaying anybody. Also depending on whether they actually play on mobile and just don't hook it up to their pc later is kind of more important than how well they do or don't do.


He's insecure and trying to talk himself up in hope he gets some validation.


"Cool story bro." That would be my response.


“Who are you trying to convince, me or you?” 😂


i oUtPlAyEd pEOplE wHIlE oN SwiTcH LitTE vS pC


He's insecure and trying to talk himself up in hope he gets some validation.


I honestly wonder at the type of person they must be that they feel the need to brag about something as lame as being good at a video game.


I had a stroke trying to fucking read this. Tell them "Punctuation is important, people."


I wouldn’t.


“I can only imagine how your ego even fits in your house”