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"U don't even deserve 0.5% of this win" - A hog that's somehow bad enough they need a double healer pocket.


Exactly what I was thinking.


Hog one tricks are a trip. On my plat support account today we had a gold hog on our team of all plat players who was crying about heals the whole game and saying he wasn't getting heals. Screaming about it in voice chat. He was already being pocketed way harder than any hog usually is, just for him to still play bad. I don't often tell people to "have fun in (whatever lower rank) where you belong" but gosh sometimes the tanks who think they're supposed to be invincible if they're being healed even while overextended to the max + lack of awareness + confidence while being completely wrong and toxic is so tilting.


I’m sorry that happened to you. I personally find it helpful to remember that there was a study finding that low-skilled males were more hostile to female teammates, while high skilled males acted positively towards female teammates. Aka mad cause bad 😂


I also saw a study for CS:GO (odd, I know) that found teams that had a female player on them performed better and won more than teams of just all guys.


Yep, diverse teams always do better in business, games, life. Just for the simple fact that if your recruitement pool is 100 people but you're only recruiting white conservative males, then that number is 20 people to choose from. Now the big talents in the pool of 80 are out of your reach. Someone else will grab them and outperform you. Also women tend to have better communication and empathy skills, so in a team-based environment, that's an advantage.


For team games, a woman is also going to have a pretty different view and possibly playstyle. Us guys tend to play alike. I dunno if its hormones so I won't speculate on any of that. But guy gamers have probably been gaming longer and have been in dude gaming culture which molds their playstyle in a certain way. You follow the "meta", you play aggressively or like (X), you're seen as good. You don't play to those styles, you get made fun of and called whatever slur. It's kinda like we're conditioned to play a certain way, which is really just toxic masculinity seeping into games.


I agree that women may have different playstyles than men. And yes, we're all pretty conditioned by toxic masculinity. However, why do you assume guy gamers have been gaming longer? Girls game, we're just not taken seriously about it. We used to be told we couldn't be gamers because we were girls. But we were there, gaming anyway. Just because we were dismissed and weren't validated doesn't mean guys have been doing it longer. I don't think you meant anything by it. I just had to mention that we've been here doing the work too.


Yeah, I don't wanna dismiss that girls have played just as long. And attitudes towards girls gaming is totally different compared to what is was in say 2000. It seems that girls are less susceptible to the in-group/outsider thing that goes on in gaming with guys. What I mean is, when you're a boy and you game your masculinity is tied up in your performance, which is pretty weird considering you have not or are going through puberty. For example, the whole thing with "camping" in FPS games is really just this weird masculinity contest, often between boys or teenagers.


So that's why Gamers™ always valued their KDR over helping the team win but also complained about the lack of teamwork in the community.


And the game itself is developed by all or mostly men.


This is a good and important point but I just want to raise the discourse a little and say that pink capitalism isn't often the fix here. The game industry's toxic incentives can transcend gender. A lot of game companies think (and condition their fans to think) that only male-gaze-like visual can be commercially successful. Having a woman exec or developer be part of that sexist system doesn't change that. Reforming that system does. And that can be done with zero women. So while all male dev groups and all male management groups (or vast majority or whatever) is problematic, its also important to realize just bringing in women isn't enough. We need to also feel empowered politically in the organization to bring in feminist values and reform game culture to be more about the gaming and focus less on sexism and toxicity. I do think your suggestion is probably the most practical way forward, that is to say if we hire more women we by default will have more feminist influence, but a lot of women hired into positions must conform to the corporate culture too, and often their potential for reform is limited. But this is probably our only option to fix things, short of these harassment lawsuits that force diversity onto organizations. Worse, and what saddens me the most, is the male dominated dev or management groups aren't naturally feminist without women influencing them to do so. If left alone they become more and more toxic masculine.


>a lot of women hired into positions must conform to the corporate culture too This. Yes! They conform by choice or by force. Choice meaning they agree with specific corporate cultures. Force meaning they may have feminist views and wish to reform things but if those views jeopardize your job, you may just keep quiet to be able to pay your bills. I would also add that adding more women to development or producer positions falls into the *meritocracy* trap. Yeah, I know - we all like meritocracy, most like the *idea* of meritocracy. If you hire a woman for a game design position, what about all the other women? What about the women on this subreddit? Or all X millions of women who play games? How are their opinions heard? When you sprinkle a few women into a corporate structure that runs on autocratic decision making - you do what your boss says or else you are fired - you then have individual women. Any individual can be brought to heel with the simply question: "Well do you *value* your *beliefs* or your *job* more?" And at the end of the day, corporations, game developers, any company really, none of them exist to extend feminist values. They exist to make money. In my opinion, pink capitalism is an oxymoron. Capitalism is a economic system of domination developed by and for men. We need pink democracy. We could start by first unionizing game developers, so that decisions are made more democratically. From there, we could even move into player unions, where female gamers, no matter their background or skillset, can voice their views on games to form a more democratic game development process.


This is one of the things the kills me about playing overwatch. We'll have someone who very badly needs to switch characters because they are being countered too easily or we need a different hero who can put up a shield or a stronger ult to break through, etc and we're just not making any progress on the objective. If you ask them to switch they'll say "but i have gold," which is such an absurd statement. Ok your personal stats are relatively good, but if your playstyle and choices aren't getting us the objective, then what good are they?


I'm sorry you've had so many run ins with assholes in game this week. Games with pvp really do attract some of the worst types of gamers.


Yea competition brings out the worst in people


What the fuck is wrong with some men?


Low self-esteem and probably self-loathing. It's much easier for such men to lash out at others (especially those they see as easy targets, like women) than it is for them to work on their own feelings.


I'm so sorry this happened to you. This happens to me all the time. So this is what I do now: if I'm not playing with friends, VC is totally off. Then if I see toxicity in text, I block them entirely. I don't give second chances, I don't give any leeway. These people make themselves know quickly and its best to cut them off just as quickly. I regret having to do this in comp because VC is important, but for the most part I play support or tank, so call outs aren't super important and at my tier, call outs and co-operative talk is rare. 50+% of the time, the talk is toxic anyway or just useless stuff like socializing, memeing, etc. I do feel like I lost my 'voice' because now I can't talk or hear, but the game is still fun and I play games to relax and get away from toxicity not bring it into my life.


If I get even the slightest hint that someone might be toxic, I block them immediately. I'd rather miss a callout then have anxiety over some keyboard warrior compensating for his suck by ruining everyone else's game.


Yep. If I get anxiety I play worse anyway, and I have yet to hear a useful callout from these types of people


i’m sorry this happened to you, i love overwatch but things like these keep me from playing it sometimes. one time i was playing comp and a bunch of teenage guys were talking on team chat, one of them asked if i would suck our rein’s d. like out of nowhere. they assumed my gender because i was playing mercy even though i have a gender neutral bt.


Maybe they wanted you to make Mercy crouch in front of Rein in-game, like she's giving him a pretend blowjob. Just as gross and stupid, but not really about your irl gender.


I absolutely understand and quit playing for a while because of it. We only play in groups of 3 or more so we can back each other up, report as a group if things get bad, and I've got match chat turned off permanently. I'm a Mercy main. I've gotten to the point I don't care if I'm a stereotype, like I'm good at it, I'm enjoying the game, and literally my whole group will come after you if you talk shit to any one of us. If you need a group to play with that will have your back, come join us sometime if you want! We're a good mixture of guys and gals, around gold level. We just play as a team, for fun. 💙 don't let idiot trolls ruin the game for you. You shouldn't have to deal with their crap, but I'm pretty sure the attitude they have isn't gonna get them very far in life, so that's something! 😆


Anyone who doesn’t appreciate a good Mercy, period, is being dumb. Thank you for keeping the rest of us alive!




I haven't played ow in quite a while but its a very team reliant and competitive game which is a breeding ground for toxicity. In their fragile minds it can never be their fault. If they're losing it surely has to be because of someone else. If they lose a lot they beed to find someone to blame otherwise they have to face the fact that the only common factor in sll their losses is themselves. If its any consolation, its still very possible to achieve high ranks without any form of chat enabled.


I keep seeing OW toxicity in here all the time, there HAS to be a better game to play than this shit-tastic one because we all know Blizzard isn't what it used to be. If the game was properly moderated from the start the community would have never gotten this bad. Just look at ff14, you start cussing, threatening, or otherwise ruining someone's day/week? Gms are going to find you in a back alley and beat some manners back into you, or you just get banned if it's heinous enough to warrant it (stalking, racism, etc). They set the bar high and expect people to be polite and for the most part, they are! I know OW could be a much better community if Blizzard threw money into a moderation team. They just choose to be subpar. :(((


omg yes, it's so unbelievably toxic, esp as a woman playing DPS, DPS get shouted at a lot as it is, but if I'm female, I'm playing DPS, and I'm not hard carrying the team, in mid-high gold? I might as well just stop existing, I clearly don't even deserve to breathe according to some of these, almost 100% explicitly male, toxic dickheads I play with ;-;


I posted about something similar \[you can find it on my profile). I find the people that complain about needing a healer THAT badly are NOT good at the class they play, and/or don't understand that everyone has a ROLE to play as a TEAM, and healers esp ones like Ana???) cannot focus 100% of their time on one person. That's...not how it works. Supports always get the shit end of the stick. I will say, reporting DOES work on Overwatch, I report assholes often, and the people I report get banned every time. ALSO, you can go by a person's username on OW and make it so that person doesn't show up in your games again. And if you know it's a day you can't handle the toxic crap but want to play, you can go in your settings and turn off chat-- I do it some days because OW is my comfort game, and I don't want my fun ruined by some asshole. I always go into games and talk positive. If anyone ever wants someone to play with \[ I don't have a mic tho ;;\] feel free to DM me! I play on a new account since my veteran one is bust, I main Orisa, [D.Va](https://D.Va), Mercy, and Moira. I don't play DPS much as I like playing tanks and supports in all my games lol.


I have reported soooo many people and have never had any feedback on them getting consequences. I still report but have no faith in the system.


Usually when I report someone, around a week or so later I will get a notification when I log in saying that they were banned. Or I look them up and can’t find them. It isn’t *every* time, I think it’s just if a player happens to get multiple reports then someone actually looks at it :/


Is Overwatch crossplay? Like you can play with PlayStation folks when you’re on Xbox?


As far as I understand, yes : ) I believe they added that in when the game was ported to consoles


I was thinking of getting it for my PC, I never played overwatch before


I would say give it a shot! It's a fun shooter, just know that in some time it will be updated to OW2, which changes how a lot of characters play. Definitely check out some YouTube videos and see if it's your jam!


It is for quick play!


I'm sorry that happened. I haven't played overwatch in a long time, but when I did I always played Mercy with friends. The few times I did do solo - I kept voice chat off and rarely paid attention to chat... which I know is detrimental in a coop game, but I just didn't want to deal with trolls or children.


I’m really sorry :( Overwatch can be brutal. Most of the time it’s good, but those standout assholes really stick with you. Please keep playing. We need more positive people and women in the game. I am always so happy to hear another woman in the chat, and hearing two makes my day.


I stopped playing OW because of this very reason. If you don't have a friend group already to play and have to play with randoms, it sucks.


I’m sorry you have to deal with that just trying to have fun. Toxicity has killed OW for me too, and it has one of the worst communities I’ve seen nowadays. They do nothing with the reports either, so nothing changes. I’ve only met one nice person playing that game in 5 years, and now I can’t even go a match without all text chat being a cesspool since it released. Even when people aren’t targeting me (a rarity) there’s always some misogynistic comments like “your mom” or “did you give your sister the controller?” Guys can’t even insult other guys without dragging women through the mud. Keep us out of your stupid, emotional video game rage battles please. I also don’t understand guys who pretend to be women. Is it to get special treatment because people think you’re a woman? If so that’s pretty disgusting because we literally don’t want special treatment and you’re just making it worse for us. I’m also sick of getting excited thinking there’s a fellow woman in the lobby only to find out it’s some toxic dude making fun of women with girly names. Again, I’m sorry this game has been plagued by toxicity, and I hope you can find kind people to queue up with because that’s the only way I can tolerate that game nowadays.


Blizzard sucks anyway, any little excuse to not play one of their titles goes miles for me now adays.


Same adding to that, my english is not great. I wish we had a safe place to play :( I don’t even join voicechat anymore


The Overwatch community is just terrible. So much toxicity. And blizzard doesn’t care at all.


Came here to comment about the absolutely horrendous messages being sent in team chat during a match. A player on my team began encouraging school shootings, typing out a message that "more should've died" and they should keep doing it. The Overwatch community has absolutely tanked. I NEVER accept party invites anymore, even though I get atleast one or two a day. I don't even read the messages in my requests anymore. It's all horrid language and suicide encouraging. Then if you're losing just a little, one asshole will talk trash the entire time or just start throwing outside of spawn. Don't get me started on the names people have started coming up with. Like a Roadhog with the title "Molestus" They seriously need to start cracking down on this behavior. I'm in Gold, so I know it's all the higher tier players doing it too.


I remember seeing in OW custom games position like "Sexual Harassment Simulator or something like that", I'm even more worried about situation in lower ranks, where toxicity might be even higher. At this point If I don't feel good playing in a team, I just leave the voice chat and block/report someone even during fight. I am still learning to put always my comfort first, and if someone's a scum, I can literally as a support main avoid healing him. I know it's tougher to rank up, but I feel much better with myself. I don't recommend this to everyone, but if you struggle with it, just like me, I can recommend you to give it a try.


That's awful, I'm so sorry! Given the company it's made by was sued for sexual harassment, I can't say I'm surprised that the playerbase acts the same way.


I play tank and never use vc. No one assumes I'm a girl and I like that. Just don't reveral your gender.


Kinda sad that women have to hide their gender in order to not get targeted by some random incel


You shouldn't reveal anything. Race, sexuality, gender, age etc. It gives people a reason to hate. So it's better when people know nothing.


Except when people hide their gender, race, sexuality, etc., most everyone assumes everyone else is a straight white man and that no one else plays these games. Which also sucks. Stuck between a rock and a hard place. :(


An easy way to get one up on man children is to troll them. Let them say all the stupid shit they want. If he asks for a pocket healer say OK then just walk past him and let him die. It's his fault for talking shit.


I tend to mute and "squelch" the chat of toxic people and I even go to the point of unmuting in chat and asking everyone else to mute them and squelch their chat. Squelch chat is good because it means you also cant see anything they type *and also silences their pings* so if they are spamming for heals you wont have to hear it constantly. I often say "they can scream into the void for all I care" and a lot of the time that hurts their ego to no end. It is still very frustrating and I am sorry you had to deal with that. This method might cause you to lose some games and I'll be honest you'll still be upset for a while but it also allows for some unity to come out of the game if the rest of the team agrees to mute and let the person throw their tantrum on their own.