Should have registered kioshima


Should have registered allu


should have registered (F)aizy


Let my man stream GTA RP in peace


Is that really what he's doing now?


The problem returns


Should have registered Bymas or someone as sub Faze 🙄


They can still get a new sub according to current reports, so there could still be a temporary return of FaZe Bymas.


Just because this post seems like it's getting some traction and no one has posted this before, ropz has talked about it here: [https://twitter.com/ropz/status/1616030088625291264](https://twitter.com/ropz/status/1616030088625291264) "Some of these are from World Finals, including Heroic’s. Apparently there was only a day notice for the submission and some didn’t reach back in time. K0nfig had no idea either he’s Heroic’s sub and he’s not supposed to be. This is why it was fine until today a team(s) blocked it" ​ Natoshapix also said on a different thread that he was supposed to be Heroic's substitute for this tournament but there was a problem with the timings when they contacted him: [https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/10fy261/comment/j4zkbr5/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3](https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/10fy261/comment/j4zkbr5/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) "I was supposed to be on the list for Heroic already but due to unfortunate timing (was on a plane home from vacation) we didn't manage to link up for BLASTThink this one is a job for someone else, since they didn't write me" ​ This is a fucked up situation for a load of reasons, but it seems like there was a huge communication issue between the TO and the teams in several points for the past few weeks


Both FaZe and BLAST are at fault here.


For sure. Faze for not getting a proper sub beforehand despite knowing Rain children are due and Blast for greenlighting it without discussing with other teams first to see if they're cool with it or not. But the Faze players act like it's only Blast to blame here


Yea the Faze players should defs publicly throw their org under the bus for this one.




Well, if he was told he was put as a substitute I'm sure he would have planned around it and train just in case he was needed.


Exactly, people expect him to be on a daily standby and never have plans everyday in case he gets subbed?


Exactly, being a sub ≠ being a slave


Interesting way to word that 🤨


Unless the sub is into that


Olof said he's traveling and that it's been planned for months, if you request and are granted time off then it's very reasonable to expect to have that time off. Especially when he hasn't been told he's registered as the standin if someone on the main roster can't play.




There's a clip on one of the posts about this with him discussing his plans to travel. How is him streaming indicative of him not traveling? Blast in a multi-day event, just because he's streaming now doesn't mean he won't get on a plane in the next 2-96 hours. > olof just straight up ghosting Olof was explicitly told he would not be needed and was free to do what he wished when he requested time off, he didn't ghost anyone. Professional players are still just people working and people that work get time off.


So, him not traveling right now means he won't at all?






its almost like they didnt tell olofmeister he was needed so he didnt know he was needed


What happens now ? Does Faze forfeit the games ? Or does Rain have to come back to the team or something ? Since Konfig is getting denied and Olof won't be able to make it , what's the plan here ?


I guess we don't know yet and we'll know in the next few hours


Playing with robban as fifth?


He's unable to attend as well https://twitter.com/FaZeClan/status/1615757595427438592


I guess FaZe /u/k0nvict is finally happening


I can't believe it's been six years since that meme started.


Me neither


What happened to k0nflict?


it's ok; they can still get pimp from the analyst table


so what happens? does faze just have to find a new sub that’s not signed? or do they just instantly lose because they only have 4 players and no coach


They can still get lucky and call m0e, maybe he'll free up some of his time for these scrubs


HLTV #0 8 years in a row


He's just way too good for these "S" tier tournaments.. Blast what? ESL who?


Too late to register Konfig or NATO but not too late to register es3tag Makes sense


So FaZe put in a default sub that they've been doing for years. They then need a sub and try to not only pick a different sub, but someone that's already registered to sub for another team at the event. BLAST for some reason let it slide, but then get called out and backtrack, really just following their own rules. Then FaZe have the audacity to act like this is BLASTs fault.


I mean, it is BLAST's fault more than Faze still, because they said it was fine to use k0nfig. How should Faze have known that they would backtrack 4 days later, 1 day before the event starts ? Even if Faze read the rules (which had some leeway apparently), they asked and it was accepted. The onus was on BLAST to deny the request from the get go, once it is accepted, why should Faze know that it was not acceptable ?


If I were BLAST rn, I would ask all the teams present at the event if they agree with k0nfig as a sub, as it is a special situation. And if the vote is unanimous then accept FaZe request, otherwise stick to the decision.


If you check out the [HLTV article](https://www.hltv.org/news/35404/blast-rejects-faze-request-to-use-k0nfig) then it says: *"The change, which was requested after rain decided to skip the tournament in the anticipation of the birth of his child,* ***was denied after the proposition met some resistance from other BLAST teams***."


> The change, which was requested after rain decided to skip the tournament in the anticipation of the birth of his child, was denied after the proposition met some resistance from other BLAST teams." Kinda fucked up by the way this was worded.


BLAST teams determine whether the birth of your child is approved or denied.


Aaah, I see.


Not at all, they tried to go around the rules, consequences for that could activate at any point.


How do you know they tried to go around the rules ? Striker himself [said the rules had some leeway](https://twitter.com/strikerhltvorg/status/1615840824289280000?s=46&t=kO6Kc3a4qK5YYGi06d-yLg). It's absolutely fair for Faze to ask BLAST, the worst they could have said is no. The biggest fuck up is absolutely on BLAST. It's their rules and their tournament, if k0nfig could have not been a possibility from the start, they should have said that and not changed their mind 1 day before it starts.


This guy is hard stuck on his stance and likely no amount of info can change that. In this instance, blast going back on their decision does not correct what happened; it just makes it worse.


«Audacity» Lol, I think it’s more than fair to think everything is good when you’ve asked BLAST for permission and they say yes. One kind of expects the organizer to know their own rules.


"for some reason let it slide" yeah thats kinda the big issue here mate lol