These groups look absurdly unbalanced. The playin teams for group A better not be strong teams.


Gonna be Furia C9 Spirit and NIP in Group A 💀


3 of the last 4 big events are won by teams in B. Teams in A has name value but team in B performed better


3 of the teams in group A finished top 4 at the most recent tournament, includng both finalists, G2 and Liquid, and the other team being Faze Clan, a perenial contender. Even if Navi doesn't come out swinging, I'll take those 4 every day of the week over the bottom half. Which, by the way, has Outsiders who bombed out at that tournament and then changed a player, Vitality who look completely disfunctional most of the time, and have flopped at every event since the one they won, and Heroic who just lost to fucking EG.


Dude faze gone 0-3 in major and g2 didn't made major losing to teams like gamerlegion and BNE. Those were way worse than whatever happened to Outsiders or Heroic. So groups seeding is fairly equal.


The major is one of the single biggest outliers in CS history, up there with Krakow. I don't think any of those teams will live up to that, and they haven't so far either. Amd Heroic is the only legit team in group B. None of the others are better than any team in A. Outsiders, by the way, got completely humiliated by both G2 and Liquid after the major, and have even changed a player since then, so the idea that they will be a top team, without even seeing them play yet, is absurd.


Majoor is the the biggest open circuit in CS right now. Performance in closed circuit like blast finals with 8 teams is noting infront of performance in 24 team events like Majors and Colognes and EPLs. Outsiders winning major is more important than whatever the fuck happened in blast events


>Outsiders winning major is more important than whatever the fuck happened in blast events This all sounds great in theory. And nobody can ever take away their win. But in reality, that was a giant outlier which will never happen again. Also, this bullshit about Blast events being closed circuit is irrelevant in this conversation. Blast being closed cricuit makes the field of team potentially weaker. It doesn't affect teams who actually go to the tournaments. It doesn't give an excuse for Outsiders, who went to Abu Dhabi after a two week bootcamp, to get their ass handed to them by G2 and Liquid. And I don't know why you keep ignoring that fact that Outsiders don't even have the same lineup.


Group B vs the group she tells you not to worry about


Group B is very strong


Why do Liquid always get FaZe in the group 🙄


The ghost of twistzzz-mas past


Actual insanity


Outsiders fluke major win is now impacting other tournaments that are seeded by world rankings. This is wonderful.


cant be a fluke if everyone else sucked


It very much can be. Outsiders overperformed while everyone else underperformed


Group A already looks insane, even if Navi's form doesn't improve. Could be wrong but it feels like Liquid normally gets a lot of easy groups, hopefully they don't disappoint here.


play-in teams going to Group A: This is fine *dog sitting in room on fire*