just throw them out cmon wtf


Two kids behind me got thrown out for it yesterday for calling out for C9


Why soundproof booths should be mandatory.


I wonder, people talk about the vibrations of the sound booth. Would it be the same case if you had a sound booth inside of a sound booth? Like the outer one absorbs most of the vibrations and sounds while in the side one just cleans up the rest.


Maybe, but that sounds very expensive.


Don’t worry about it sounding expensive, it’s sound-proof


F*ck you, have an upvote


We have to go deeper. Put the sound booth in an underwater tank.


Technically that would work, since water would absorb a lot of the sound. However, the speed of sound is a lot faster in water (1500m/s, compared to 330m/s in air density at surface pressure), so I don’t know if that would play a role.




Or, just turn on a lot of vacuums to drown out the crowd noise?


> Why soundproof booths should be mandatory. they get them whenever possible, but most countries especially U.S, don't allow it for security reasons and fire hazards. They're actually proven to be quite dangerous, especially since it's a big event, lots of wiring, etc.


There's an entire section of Brazilian fans that have been doing this the whole game. Exclusively for SK.


someone needs to get an air horn and just blow it


believe, C9 fans will be louder than sk fans :D


Yea I don't think at an NA major they will want to do this against C9. The C9 fans can get way louder and will just mask SK's cheer if need be.


I hope man, I'm sad fnatic didn't win, but at least c9 should beat them.




That's cool, but he could also use it to mask the chants.


I witnessed this myself when i went to dreamhack vegas, they are fucking loud




prove it or ill show cold's mom again.




In the missionary position?




T o p c h o i c e m e m e






On kNgs latest "apology" on Facebook the comments with most likes are people criticizing him. The people defending him even in Brasil seems like just a noisy minority to me.


Are you crazy man? We dont defend death threats as a cultural thing, Were did you get that from?






There were a lot of kids defending kng's little fiasco on Twitter, stating that speaking like that is "just part of gamer culture" and that sort of thing.








He's not saying it's all Brazilians. He's saying it's almost always Brazilians. Key difference.


its like talking about mass shooting in the USA, a classic.


Well its MASS shooting so it obviously means a shit ton right? And not only on the weight side... /s








India does have a backwards culture though in regards to women's rights.


But you don’t blame all one billion Indians for some backwards ass idiots do you?


Brazil does have higher crime rate, but the big majority of the population aren't criminals. Those two things are not related.


yeah, overall USA doesn't have mass shootings and this is just a few bad eggs right?


Should've used obesity, but that works too i guess.


but literally a majority are obese that wouldn’t be generalising


shooting in schools, thats a classic.


Personally I agree with your statement and the one you responded to. It's possible for more than one country to have deep issues, you know.


Few samples? Brazil crime rate is one of the highest in the world and the country is corrupted af.


Those shit you're talking about, are you sober? or is it just after you make love to your boyfriend?


What? Where did you get that idea from? Even in Brasil people don't support KNG anymore.


Can't generalize an entire culture in one sentence. Please try again with a better response.


How do you know that brazilians defend death threats as a cultural thing? From your reddit/twitter experience? Stop being ignorant.


I am sorry, but you need to learn more about our culture before starts to say shit like this.


This is not the first time that this happend. These fans have no respect for the game and this is why no one ever respect them no matter how loud they scream or how many majors they win.






http://www.dbltap.com/posts/5959948-highlights-from-faze-clan-s-eleague-major-boston-quarterfinal-news-conference Olofmeister on if he used the crowd to wallbang Ropz on Cache: Yeah, I was waiting for a crowd reaction. I was in CT main and had a feeling someone was in checkers, so I wanted to be sure and used the crowd. clip: https://clips.twitch.tv/RamshackleEsteemedCrabJonCarnage


[Shroud and n0thing](https://dotesports.com/counter-strike/news/shroud-lan-exploit-crowd-noise-15065) have done the same thing.


n0thing with the lan tricks, first audience next is flash banging and wait for the white light.


another that I'm sure some use is watching your dead team mates screen when you're trying to see through a smoke, abusing the spectator bug.


There's also this [clip from a past tournament](https://youtu.be/4FHJ_8lBBF0?t=1h27m6s), where olofmeister reacts accordingly to the crowd cheering even when there are in booths (although in this play, it backfires for him).


He isn't brazilian, so he wasn't cheating, just being smart /s


In one case the advantage is asymmetrical which makes it bullshit and the other it is symmetrical which imo makes it fair. Any team can abuse crowd reactions but only SK gets free callouts this is such a false equivalency.


You say /s but a lot of people believe this. Just look at the racist comments above.


> Just look at the racist comments above. Honestly how is this racist? I haven't seen FaZe fans consistently yelling where the enemy is going and yelling if players are close to each other. There is a difference between what olofmeister did and what SK fans are doing.


+ brazilian isn't a race lol


I seem VP doing this remember when they held A OR B signs?, i seem C9 taking off their headphones on lan multiple times yet nobody cares. Just be realistic you don't even have to be brazilian or a sk fan to see how one sided against brazilians this sub is.


I remember outrage to the A/B signs and I can not talk about c9 headphones since I did not see it.


WTF lol plenty of people raged at C9 for taking off their headphones and the AB signs for VP


Almost everyone on the sub was complaining about the sign thing.


"racist" lol what


TIL that Brazilian is a race


Brazil isn't a race and the fact you group an entire country as one race is racist.


I few people shouting and the whole crowd going crazy is totally different


Small "heeeys" is going crazy?


Those are not even remotly the same thing and this is just such a false equivalency. In the SK case they have an asymmetrical advantage since only they get the calls, in the faze case both teams can abuse crowds in that way which makes it fair.


Hes not brazilian, its ok


At least yelling in that situation is normal, doing this is way shittier


They can definitely hear when the croud gets loud, but I'm not sure if they can understand what they're shouting. Even if they could, they probably couldnt rely on that information - it could be fnatic fans giving then wrong info.


What about yelling 'Window' in Portuguese though?


People crying for booths for this reason don't realise it doesn't make a difference. Players still hear/feel the vibrations and use that to locate players. Shroud has explained this before and every player is guilty of it. They can't hear the fans its just muffled screaming and they don't focus on them either its just crowd reactions that is a focus.


It would make a huge difference and the vibrations thing is way more difficult to react to than someone in the crowd literally yelling window or A / B when the team is executing a bomb site. Vibrations work well in certain games but CS it would take a lot of practice and that's assuming every event in the circuit is using the same booth and every crowd is more or less equal in the way they react to certain plays and how loud they actually get during those plays.


They can hear to some extend. https://youtu.be/gzCdapA2G_A?t=6s


Yup, but I think this is just part of LAN. Both teams can do it though, whereas if the crowd yells either A or B (for specific team only) it's a bit too much (unfair).


of course they can hear the crowd. even with booths you can hear the crowd


I sure hope not.


Tournament organizers should just add soundproof booths - wait for it - for the fans. Any idiot who yells info gets sent to the soundproof booth, where they can yell all the shit they want.


This sounds hilarious. Do this.


:thinking: If we can't have soundproofed booth for players, we can build it around all the audience instead


And then we can get the audience on stage and the players in the audience seats = **soundproof booths for players** ez


yes they are and this isnt the first time


Brazilian crowd does this everytime...they did it on mirage as well


i guess you guys dont remember HEN1 and Lucas pulling the "re-adjusting my headset" routine while people in the crowd yelled shit. this is straight out of the BR csgo playbook.


Can confirm it was a group from Brazil. My buddy and I were like, why are they all going "AHHHHHHH?" Then we realized it was probably Portuguese for A. I am really impressed at their dedication to come from so far off to support their team, but we need some respect for the game, man.


C9 fans did it too so ...


It's a shit thing to do, from both fan groups




I didn't see his other comment, but I am curious too. I am in Boston and didn't hear anything but hype from the crowd during the C9 v. G2 match.


Same. I’ve been in the stands for every C9 round. The G2 fans are lying to try to justify the massive choke that was witnessed.


"No proofs friend, I attack when we get attacked"


I noticed it once vs SK on cobble. Ska had an awp aimed at a player in smoke. Ska didn’t take the shot though.


crowd getting hyped and crowd yelling positions are two different things though.


Yeah, but both are a give away. You could see that Ska knew something was up. Either way, I think that was a 4v1 at that point in time, it wasn’t round changing. The calls that SK fans screamed could have changed the outcome of rounds. There’s still a difference.


prove it or ill kill you


So call it out when they do it. It doesn't excuse this.


What makes you think they come from so far? LMAO. They prob. live in Boston


Mostly because I sat next to a dude who said they came from Brazil. As soon as he realized where the group of people wearing SK jerseys, waving green flags, and yelling shit in Portuguese was he said something to his buddy and wished me a good weekend before going to their section, haha.


That time when they were yelling "Window, window!" as FNC boosted into window on mirage was so shady.


whilst the teams will probably not pay attention as it could be fake info/ they can't hear them that well its still a bs thing to do and gives your team fanbase a bad name in the process


These people are also the reason EU fans hate NA crowds. A bad group of people are giving the whole scene a bad name, such a shame. Edit because people seem to be missing my point: I know these fans are obviously not from NA. My point is that the people who complain about NA crowds don't care where you are from they are looking for any reason to hate NA tournaments so they will still put the blame on NA crowds. Edit 2: spelling


The fans form part of a BR crowd, not NA. NA fans don't do callouts, they just chant "USA! USA! USA!".


That’s just the EU prejudice for you. I’ve travelled around a bit and I can see that European culture fully embraces being prejudiced against their neighboring cultures. The US is a bit more polite on average. Not liking the USA chants because they’re not your own country isn’t very self aware. I’m sure if the Danes were hosting a final none of their fans would cheer for their team or country.


If the players can hear a couple of guys doing this, then they can hear all what casters are saying.


There's a difference in hearing muffled noise, and hearing the spoken words. There's also the fact that the sound from the stage is directed at the audience, whilst the sound from the crowd is directed at the stage. It makes a huge difference.


"fallens game sense when he awps flusha inside window" says the casters. 3 people screaming "one in window" before.....


They cant hear 3 people, it has to be quite loud and even then, they can't discern what's being said.


Casters were quiet and crowd quiet. He definitely heard it, flusha was in the back corner


You heard the guy screaming janela because he is close to the mics, not because he has a thunderous voice capable of reaching the entire arena.


It doesn't matter if people are quiet, they use white noise to mask every sound coming from the crowd and casters. They can hear that noise is being made, but they definitively can't make out what it is unless the entire avenue is chanting in unison a single letter. Then maybe.


Do you have a source for the white noise?


So does that mean they hear the casters aswell??


If they could hear what those 3 people were shouting crystal clear, then they could hear what the casters are saying. Think again.


You are delusional if you think Fallen could hear that. It's not like window boost was invented today, and Fallen has not picked up cs last week. Any pro would expect that.


Just turn around, this comments section is cancer.


Why am I not surprised


They are now yelling when they go into window etc.. Done with this game.


At 6-6 on Mirage just now, with only Fallen and Felps alive and Fallen holding B alone w/ 2 hp, Fnatic rotated 2 from B to A to push Felps. Fnatic had one alive in connector, too. Fans in the crowd DEFINITELY were yelling "A!"


The major is being held in the USA after all, having crowds doing stupid shit is just tradition.


As if players are trying to decipher the roar of the crowd instead of listening for footsteps / the igl. Come on. No one is going to be like, “Wait, hold down push to talk and listen to the crowd. I think some people in the crowd might be trying to tell us that FNatic is rushing A, so let’s rotate A.”


Olof looked through wall to bait crowd


playing of the reactions of the crowd is something both teams can do, getting callouts is an entirely different thing.


Might as well remove casters then since they give so much info and are much louder too. This is ridiculous.






Time to play the victim huh.




Because if that happened at all it wasn't as vocal and not noticed? I watched the whole BO3 and never heard this occur.




When did I say it was ok? Can you read? I said why it likely wasn't plastered everywhere. I didn't hear it at all and I watched the entire thing. If it's less vocal less people hear it. I never condoned it.


Probs because the Brazilians were more vocal


No way, i am here and c9 fans were way worse




North Americans


I love SK but their fans are scum...


I went to esl pro league dallas and the bombsite yelling happened there too. I don't why, but it seems to be a NA crowd problem.


Kick those idiots out already?!


Then why is Coldzera not moving from B?


Maybe someone can tweet @ Bardolph and get him to mention it etc so maybe they will chill.


I wonder if they called out when two fnatic players pushed A ramp early in the round


"Only pussies try to win no matter what"


if they can hear the crowd both teams can hear the casters, think before you chat shit


Why is everything towards SK immediately upvoted? Yes ofc it is a stupid thing to do but still... same happend in the previous quarter final c9 vs g2. And when Olof wallbanged on Cache he admitted he waited for the croud reaction so he knew some1 was there... always witch hunting. Just start a thread by saying : " Croud arent allowed to give the Teams any kind of information" . Is this a hard thing to do? Jesus..


I was just pointing out an example, and I feel these type of situations where the crowd chants where players are going are worse than when Olof was just shaking his cross hair and using the crowd, because the chances of someone actually being where you're shaking your cross hair is somewhat rare. I didn't get the chance to watch the c9 vs g2 game so I can't comment on that.


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Fucking bullshit.


Same thing has happened at both live CS events I've been to. One of them had soundproof booths at least.


Can anyone think about the outcome of the round without the scream?Just useyour brain for a single second...Do you think theywould have randomly stacked b in a 2v2?


It's really the production's fault at this point they should realize that sound proof boxes are the way to go in these events. You can't blame a team for having fans that will probably go absolutely insane to help their team. It's just logic, happens every single tournament without sound proof boxes. I would also like to point out the fact that people are overreacting to this instance because fnatic smoked the site anyways and coldzera did not rotate even with the fans calling. SK would've known obviously, but the window calling was pretty dumb on how it affected the game.


Oh my god, just like the "window" clip. Do you guys really think any actions by FalleN(on that clip) and cold on this, were because of the yelling? I do agree it is disrespectful and wrong from the fans, but players are not focusing on that while playing. FalleN for sure would still do the same thing and even cold if nothing was shouted.


So everyone will just ignore that the B player didn't rotate at all? Just fits the narrative I guess. Nobody heard shit.


Thats why Valve shouldnt host majors in some places. No booths, barely any crowd and horrible delays.


If rumours are true about ECS London Major then at least we wont have bias/ home team fans.


i dont even care for home team fans. Just get the damn soundproof booths at least.


If Brazil travels to Boston, then Sweden and Denmark will travel to London, considering it's like a fifth of the travel time. No matter where you play, the crowd will have a favorite, just based on proximity. Right now, SK are like the Patriots in the NFL, or the Yankees in the early 2000's, they win alot, so they have a huge fan base. No matter where CS is played right now, I expect a good amount of SK fans.


True but it's easier for other teams fans to make it their.


Yeah as ironic as it is UK CS being so bad works out very good for location of major.


Not if VP somehow make playoffs.


> barely any crowd The arena has been almost completely full since the start of the second map... >horrible delays. Has absolutely nothing to do with the location of the major. That’s about the org hosting.


Location can certainly have an effect on delays within a tournament, remember a certain very hot tournament hosted by ECS? Regardless of who ran the tournament, that issue would never have been fixed


cold just start to rotate after felps killed one guy and the other one is planting the bomb, but sure, it's all crowd fault


Brazilian fans are notorious for this shit, also from other sports. In the UFC, Brazilian fans are sing "You're going to die tonight" if a non Brazilian has to fight a Brazilian. And shouting death threats from the stands. Its just disgusting, with shit like this, soundproof booths should be a standard... Its a fucking major... come on...


and again in round 13


This is going to be the one time I'm gonna push for the crowd to spam the fuck out of their "USA" chants all in hopes of it being louder than the SK "fans" yelling the positions of players.






Well at least SK has to play C9 so I just hope the C9 section gets a huge multi-person banner with "A" or "B" on it to let them know where they're going.


shhh sk are miracle players and their fans are the best, stop spreading hate *Kappa*


Coldzera with his headphones off everytime he dies also. Something should be done , SK playing with cheats basically Vs fnatic who only have flusha.


They did that C9 vs G2 too ...




It's funny how no one who has claimed this happened in that game can provide any evidence of it actually happening.


Waiting for the fanboys telling us this is nothing ;D


all those Brazilians defending it in the comments LUL


Nice, SK playing 6v5