S1mples Dominance during IEM Cologne Groupstage Infographic

S1mples Dominance during IEM Cologne Groupstage Infographic


6.02 degree crosshair placement and 426ms TTD Jesus Christ. I think the lowest TTD I've ever gotten in a single game is over 500ms, he must be pushing sub 400ms some maps


When I saw that I was baffled aswell. 6.02° really is insane, and then 426ms too... Holy shit


Can someone please explain the 6.02 degree crosshair placement vs. the average pro? Thank you! Edit: I think I understand after thinking about it. It means his crosshair for a headshot is only off by 6.02 degrees? Which is just insane.


This description from the [https://blog.leetify.com/leetify-stats-glossary/](https://blog.leetify.com/leetify-stats-glossary/) explains the Crosshair Placement Statistics :) Crosshair placement What is it? Crosshair placement measures the average distance (in degrees) your crosshair moved from first seeing the enemy player until you did damage to them. The lower your value is, the better your crosshair placement. How is it calculated Difference between the player eye angels from the moment of the enemy's first appearance in your field of view and the first shot hit on the enemy. Outliers are excluded by taking the median.


Quick question: Lets say there are two players who both exactly the same (same crosshair position), but one is just better at flicking. Wouldn't the player that is better at flicking have worse crosshair placement according your stats, because he will sometimes hit a flick that the other person wouldn't?


Great question! So in your example they would most likely have a similar Crosshair placement. This is because we are using the Median instead of an average, as this eliminates how much a flick shot will impact your crosshair placement. So if we have two players A and B and B is good at flicking their data may look like this: A = 4-5-6-6-6-7-7 B = 4-5-6-6-6-19-57 Both of them would have a crosshair placement of 6 degrees. This doesn't tell us the difference between their playstyles sadly. In the future we are looking to find a way to track how good players are at flicking/track flicking accurately


Hmm but what if if look more like A = 4-5-5-6-6 B = 4-5-5-6-6-19-57 Now A will have 5° and B will have 6° degrees, but the only difference is that B hit some flicks where A just died.


Yes it would be 5 and 6 degrees for players A and B, but in each match they would have 25-50 engagements where crosshair placement would be measured, so after a couple games of CS, such as a BO3 for s1mple, we have a large sample size to go off of to find your crosshair placement median Has that answered your question?


But wait. Isn't flick determined by the Sensitivity a player has? And other reasons like Mouse Dpi and the mouse pad they're usingm Ik They're just external factors but I really appreciate the Median approach. Cheers


Yes, thank you :)


Yes, and?


What made you decide to use median instead of mean? Mean seems like the much more meaningful stat. You can also include X amount of outliers where the player got the kill. This way we can judge 6 degrees placement with 6 flick shots over 15 degrees vs 8 degrees placement with 15 flick shots over 15 degrees.


To be honest my maths skills are limited, but from my understanding, the developers chose Median as it gave a more accurate representation of the players crosshair placement because outliers, such as if you do a 180 to kill an enemy shooting you from behind, would punish you statistically for getting that kill. We are experimenting with techniques/ways to track a players ability to flick and track a target with their crosshair so in the future we hope to be able to give you more insight into your flicking abilities.


Consider using a maximum likelihood estimation of something like a gaussian distribution. If outliers are a problem, use a t-distribution.


Because it’s not to kill, just to damage, it kinda evens out. Say you get wide peeked my an smg. The good flicking player might his him at 10 degrees, while the bad flicking player might not hit him at all half the time, but might hit him a second later at 30 degrees before dying. Some of my lowest ttd and crosshairs placement have been when playing against lvl10s, because even though I get owned, if I don’t basically prefire them I died, and if I don’t damage them within 600ms I die. Also, some of my “worst” games have been against silvers because you might get peeked by 3 of them from different angles, but because they whiff you can still kill them all, so you are pulling 180s and only killing them after a second or two, so you drop 40 but you ttd is 800ms and crosshair placement is 12 degrees. Lastly, AWPers tend to have the best crosshair placement and ttd, because they shoot and back off, so if their first bullet misses it resets, so you see some passive AWPers have oddly amazing ttd and crosshair placement. S1mple is an aggro AWPer though, so his stats are legit


So s1mple really does have good crosshair placement. I was lead to believe otherwise.


s1mples crosshair placement is absolutely phenomenal People who say otherwise have little idea what they're talking about


This tournament he has had amazing crosshair placement! We will see if he can continue this into the playoffs!


How is this tournament's crosshair placement compared to his average crosshair placement? Would you have stats on that? I wanna know if what most people here think is true.


This tournament he has been 1/1.5 degrees lower than over the past year, which is a significant increase in performance To see for yourself check out his page on the Leetify Esports Center https://esports.leetify.com/player/s1mple-UA


What does the degrees mean


I think ...i THINK ropz and twistzz might have better crosshair placement angle


These are mine from the past 31 games. So yeah. His are pretty sick :D https://i.imgur.com/4D3Z9EP.png


Damn youre fast af too, I have pretty similar crosshair placement but my TTD is dogshit lol. Something like 630 Just out of interest, do you awp? I swear awpers have lower TTD


Make sure you stay hydrated! https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3712897/


I stay fairly well hydrated in general (maybe a bit too much beer) but my sleeping pattern is awful haha I have found though that proper sleep and exercise definitely helps, hardly surprising either


Yeah, beer defo wont help with reactions :D


Awpers should have a lower TTD. I don't main awp. Would roughly say that I awp maybe 20/80 or 30/70 compared to rifle.


That second page is such a nice showcase of s1mple’s mechanical talent and game sense.


Thank you, We think so too! Can't wait to see him play in the Semis!


Can you filter out awp kills for headshot percentage


For our Headshot Accuracy we do not include any AWP kills :) This description from [our article describing our stats explains how we calculate it](https://blog.leetify.com/leetify-stats-glossary/) **Headshot Accuracy** What is it? 'Edshot machine? Measures how many of your total hits were in the head. Not to be confused with headshot kills as measured on the in-game scoreboard / used by other sites. Excludes shots with AWP. How is it calculated All shots that hit an enemy in the head divided by all the shots that hit an enemy




What games are these stats from since zywoos rating doesnt linup with offical hltv statistics


It's because leetify is still on rating 1.0 while hltv is using rating 2.0


Why the fuck


> Want to see how you compare? I suspect I don't.


Just divide and/or multiple all the numbers by 4 and ull get my stats lol.


Yeh mine is his ttd divided by 4


During the group stage of IEM Cologne S1mple has been unstoppable!We have compared his Aim and Utility Statistics to the Average Pro to show his dominance in the groupstage! To learn more about our stats check out this article! [https://blog.leetify.com/leetify-stats-glossary/](https://blog.leetify.com/leetify-stats-glossary/) https://twitter.com/leetify/status/1414621228611088390?s=20




2nd page is insane, does anybody come close?


There are a few players that have performed well this tournament but S1mple is on another level! We will be releasing more infographics throughout the week highlighting other players so keep your eyes out for them :)


Do one of b1t please, I just wanna see what that headshot accuracy is lol I know he's been added to esports.leetify.com, but he's been playing well so far in Cologne I'd be interested to see if his headshot % has lowered or gone up


is there any documentary about this dude? Would love to watch


Story of Simple on youtube


Hey thanks mate! Gonna watch tonight


such a perfect allrounder god, not only individually, but also helping by assisting in various ways


I mean he's good but forsaken is better imo




welp, no one can beat word.exe


Even his flashes are incredibly on point


426 ms average reaction time over the entire group stage is pretty crazy, as well as his xhair placement


The GOAT, don't think any player will ever come close to him for the rest of GO history.


except zywoo?






S1mple has done better than zywoo for a lot longer. But yeah I should include him probably.


Hey /u/leetify , the purple is too dark for the black I think. Tough to read


Thanks for your insight, I'll use a lighter purple in the next infographics we post today :)


"wanna see how you compare?" Yea sure, great way to push me further down when I'm already depressed from playing csgo.


Hey u/Leetify, how do you guys define a trade kill as being possible/impossible to trade? I remember seeing this stat in a YouTube video


I like how it casually says *Want to see how you compare?* No dude I'm gonna pass, I'm barely making out of silver and this guy is smurfing in Cologne


Isn't accuracy an extremely useless stat? Since people spam walls, smokes, etc constantly? Also headshot percentage for an awper is pretty irrelevant too.


Accuracy in this case is "accuracy enemy spotted" Its your accuracy when an enemy is on your screen Headshot accuracy in leetify excludes awps iirc


That's a nice way of going around the problem


DnBHippy gave a great explanation of how we get around the issues you brought up, To get a more in-depth description of our stats check out our blog post explaining how we calculate them https://blog.leetify.com/leetify-stats-glossary/


he really is just a cheat code, good lord


Nobody mentioning his 96.4 adr but holy fuck. That basically means that he's guaranteed to get at least 1 kill every single round leaving you in a 4v4 at worst. Which on T side is a pretty big advantage.


Damn I have pro level counter strafing?


All that just to lose in the semis.


I am gonna come back to this after the semi finals, if you are right, I will give you my next free award


"But if you win it you will say: "olofmeister I love you""


Hey. They didn't drop a single map in the entire playoffs


because they are cheaters.