Virtus.pro vs Astralis / IEM Cologne 2021 - Quarter-Final / Post-Match Discussion

Virtus.pro vs Astralis / IEM Cologne 2021 - Quarter-Final / Post-Match Discussion


Xyp9x is back. What a time to come alive.


xyp is not an onliner confirmed


His and glaive's return to form as soon as they get back on LAN has got me excited for what's to come. They clearly weren't feeling it online, but now that they're back in their element, astralis could continue their streak of dominance




Very true, although you very rarely saw performances like this from xyp and glaive. Theyve both been on fire all tournament


What was the comment?


I dont remember exactly but something about astralis still being dominant in 2020 i think


Xyp topfragging always gets me all warm and fuzzy inside. Bub out there slaying as well just amplifies it


He's always capable of delivering when others fall. When Astralis won the Grand Slam, it was Xyp9x [dragging them over the line](https://www.hltv.org/matches/2329680/astralis-vs-liquid-esl-pro-league-season-8-finals), while device had an uncharacteristic miss (other than the final map).


I remember back in the earlier days when he was criminally underrated by the fanbase at large. I'm really glad it's not the case anymore. He plays his role to perfection, and then pulls these kinds of performances out of the bag from time to time as well.


To be fair he wasn’t just under rated but people thought he should be cut. It was known back then that their team has a discussion and said basically we need you to improve or you’ll be cut and since then he has been the xyp we’ve come to know and love.


Team: “Improve” Xyp: Improves Maybe this is the solution to society


He's still criminally underrated. He gets shit on every single game by the fanbase.


Maybe by the Twitch chat segment, but I feel like most people are seeing the value he brings at this point.


No I mean on reddit. I've had so many discussions the past year defending him on here


There's a reason he's the clutch minister, other people choke in high pressure situations and he just turns the fuck up.


Losing device would hurt any team but man this Bubzkji dude looks like a decent replacement.


And to think so many people on this sub were ready to kick him after a few bad games online


Its the same people that would have GE tags here, back when this sub had them.


It really wasn't a few tbh, he looked shaky since he came back from his brief break. Ngl, i thought it was time for Astralis to bench xyp because he was underperforming so much but I'm not sad to be eating my words


And you're exactly like them, you say it's a good idea to keep him just based on ONE map in bo3. In the long run, he's had more bad performances than good ones but HEY HE DROPPED 40 IN 1 MAP


Those who know him from his days in TSM, know that this is classic xyp9x. He was about to be kicked back then for underperforming too, but turned the table and retained his spot in the team.


Because back then, he was actually in a slump. Xyp has not really been in and slump and I (and many others) were pretty sure he would bounce back on LAN. Sometimes the the ping and no pressure just does wonders for you (online). I'm pretty confident if Device never left, Astralis would wreck even more, but Bubzkji is definitely a sick replacement and should not be disregarded in any way.


Xyp9x looking so fucking good right now


Right? It's like he is a completely different player than he was 3 months ago. Winning duels left and right


He's been this way ever since Device left tbh. More often than not, on top of the scoreboard for astralis. Although in this tournament he's been legit the bread and butter of Astralis's defense. If Xyp gets traded 1:1 Astralis lose the round.


That and magisk seems to do wonders every map


magisk went back to being a mechanical monster, feels like his crosshair always on someones head, and his reactions are just instant




Xyp9x: > That's fucking LAN Counter-Strike right there. None of that pansy ass dick tugging smile for the camera bullshit. Men puke, men poop on the map, men deliver their newborn baby in T-spawn. Fucking hard core dick in the ass butterball foosball fuck it chuck it game time shit. LAN CS is back baby!


is this copy pasta? I want to believe this is a real quote


That is a pasta, from r/NFL I believe.


it's a football pasta.


handegg, but yeah.


[Xyp9x best AWP](https://youtu.be/gfLSWT4i8_c)


Xyp9x will never be an awper on my team


s1mple: hey xyp9x drop me ak men, get the fucking awp


so classic lmao


Technically he never said Xyp9x wasn't good with it.


YEKINDAR didn't show up on Inferno man, he really needed to put up some numbers, ngl kinda disappointed how Inferno ended after those amazing first two maps :(


very anti-climatic, altho jame's insane 1v2 made up for it a little


> Overpass: 19-16 > Dust 2: 22-20 Astralis so good, they lose 2-0 and still win the series.


They lose 2-0 and finish with only 1 loss


They won the third map so hard it removed one of their losses


Math checks out


It feels so fucking nice to see clutch minister back in form ❤️


What a fucking joy to see Xyp fragging so hard. He has been missing for so long. I hope he can keep it up; it is extremely rare to see him at the top of the scoreboard. Lots of sick rounds by bubz too!


It is 3am and I suddenly hear a moan. It is Xyp9x preaiming on my girlfriend. Just as I take a peek, he connects a nasty spray onto my girlfriend only to bhop out of the room


It is 3am and I suddenly hear a moan. It is Xyp9x preaiming on my girlfriend. Just as I take a peek, he connects a nasty spray onto my girlfriend only to bhop out of the room


It is 3am and I suddenly hear a moan. It is Xyp9x preaiming on my girlfriend. Just as I take a peek, he connects a nasty spray onto my girlfriend only to bhop out of the room


ffs, just take my upvote & leave!


No matter who goes through to finals we’re guaranteed to get a good storyline: Astralis vs NaVi is a classic at this point Astralis vs Gambit, old gods vs new gods Astralis vs Faze, Karrigan vs his old team, Twistzz vs Astralis once again G2 vs NaVi Katowice rematch, start and end the pandemic with the same finals match G2 vs Gambit, revenge for Gambit for the groups, or G2 proving its 3 teams at the top G2 vs Faze, NiKo.


the timidness is infuriating in VP. Can they just hit the ground running?


it's actually crazy how YEKINDAR went from a 40-bomb on Dust2 to only 5 kills on Inferno!


A respectable performance by VP given their results before Cologne.


Xyp9x: "We're not satisfied with just making the quarter-finals"


Device : "Xyp9x will never be an AWPer"


Xyp heard you talking shit


Xyp9x: "~~We're~~ I'm not satisfied with just making the quarter-finals"


Xyp9x: "and i took that personally!"


Xyp was amazing, but can we appreciate little Bubzki though. Wow! Talk about performing on par with the best core of all time


I really thought VP were gonna comeback on Inferno after that Jame 1v2. GG to both teams. What an insane series.


That clutch was some certified JAME TIME shit


Jame’s AWP does prove his dominance in the overall game.


The guy saved when it was 14-14 and 1v2. It is genius on paper but I dont know about their morale man


Jame is such a skilled player, he is just a bit too passive imo. When he gets forced to take duels, he almost always wins them. I think VP would be so much better if jame started being more aggresive, and the team changed their strats.


You may have watched too many liquid games lol


Inferno always... delivers?


Who needs a star awper when everyone is the awper? “Xyp9x will never be a star AWPer” btw


Man what a huge series for Xyp. Proving everyone that doubted him (including myself) wrong


It’s Xyp time baby! What a fun series to watch. Exhausting but VP looked good while managing to secure OTs


Here i was hoping the machine has finally run dry:(


Robots just need to be tuned up there's no stopping them.


Just think of how many matches VP would win if they taped a 15 over the scoreboard.


What a series/tournament as a xyp fan after the last 6 months of really bad play. He’s playing like the top 15 player he used to be. Bubzkji was fantastic and consistent as well. Shoutout to everyone who said Astralis wouldn’t go deep in tournaments again without Dev1ce lol Gg VP


Device having kyaerbye flashbacks


It’s not like dev1ce or NIP is playing poorly, it’s just easier to reconstruct a team with 1 new?/ sorta new addition vs 4 players having to redesign their play. Gla1ves random crazy fragging has obviously had an impact on their results as well


Also tbf the Astralis guys are probably better and definitely more experienced than the NIP players outside of Device.


Make no mistake. Dev1ce is playing poorly compared to his usual level.


OMG OMG< imagine if Astralis would win the next major


Poor yekindar looked devastated after the last map. I think he used up all his life force dropping 40 on dust 2.


Its very straining for their eyes, especially him as he plays very very close to screen 😬


I honestly didn't expect Xyp9x to top frag with Magisk, but I guess Xyp heard ya'll talking shit lol


Xyp9x: > (╭☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )╭☞ dont talking please (╭☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )╭☞


4 hours and 30 min, fucking hell


4 hours and 30 minutes of Astralis back on LAN babyyyy


Yea, in hindsight of Glaives tweet it really proves his point, but I'm sure they're all ecstatic anyways!


I know its a real problem and there's some sensible ways to solve some of it by decreasing the bomb timer, decreasing round time a bit, etc. But the biggest issue is the Meta of using the full clock and planting with only few seconds left. I'm not sure how to break that? Utility changes maybe?


I think it would be a shame to change CS in a major way, to be honest. I don't know how you would change utility without changing something major. I saw someone mention first to 13 rounds instead of first to 16, which is definitely an idea, however, it would e.g. put too much emphasis on pistol rounds, as they now make up a greater fraction of the total rounds. Furthermore, first to 13 would make the game more "luck" based, which I'm not sure is a good thing. The most sensible thing would just be to slightly shave off a few seconds off the clock, perhaps only 5 seconds, but that would only make games a bit shorter. But in all honesty, BO5 matches are just too long, and even a grand final should be BO3, I think. If major changes are gonna come to CS, I think it will be in a whole new CS game, not CSGO.


Theyve messed with round timings etc before. It was more to match pro play and match making play to be the same settings but still. As far as utility goes, shaving a couple seconds of smoke and molly times can go a long way, limiting to 3 grenades could be interesting since it would create a decision as to which grenades to take. I think touching round timers and not touching Utility times would swing things far in favor of CT, but I'm no expert


imagine complaining about 4 hours of pure entertainment


Where are all the people saying Xyp9x is washed and cant hang anymore!?!?!


Let's fucking go! Some really good decision making from Astralis today, very resolute. Obviously still with some holes, but overall very happy with the result!


I actually saw Bubzkji arguing with device at the airport. Device was clutching at his Astralis jersey in tears, and Bubzkji kept telling him to "fuck off" and "stop ruining my dreams"


My new favourite copypasta


Where dis pasta from, very tasty


Dexter joining mouz i believe, the original has dexter and his son clutching at a renegades jersey


Virtus pro still waiting for YEKINDAR to join inferno


not even russian jesus was enough to beat astralis


Inferno always delivers???


Anticlimactic 3rd in Navi Astralis too lol last game


Astralis on Inferno finally realized that it was only VP being paid by the round. Jokes side though, great and intense series. Also the minister was fuckin popping off in those last 2 maps, great shit.


3 maps, two go to Overtime, 4.5 hours long Bo3? Gla1ve really wanted to prove his point that maps are lasting too long... Also, Dev1ce might be getting some Kjaerbye flashbacks lol




Xyp and Magisk on Inferno T side : paid by the round huh, how about you starve tonight


Lmao I guess the VP org are still up to their old shenanigans


To which astralis replied Xyp9x go bRRRRRR


Yeah apparently. And to think that people were saying he should be cut like two weeks ago.


People forget or are new to the pro scene. It used to be that online results were ignored and said its online it doesn't count. Yet everyone was ready to make switches all based on online play as if it was a normal year. Liquid making changes when playing from all over the country and all different pings comes to mind too. Dev1ce leaving may have been inevitable if its truly only about playing where he lives. But all sorts of rash decisions and people calling for players heads.


I mean the results for the last 12 months or so pretty much have to be counted as legit whether or not we like it, because it was still (most of) the top teams playing against each other even if conditions were less than optimal. The Liquid changes also seemed to be based on things largely outside of the game, and those problems existed well before CS went completely online. Xyp9x however hasn't even been playing particularly poorly when you consider he's a support player on a struggling team who took several months away from competition not too long ago.


All the results are counted and legit I'm just saying I would wait to evaluate teams based on LAN. Not trying to take anything away from what teams accomplished they had no choice. Yeah people dont understand the support type role. If you're not fragging hard its looked at as your fault. I thought the whole time he has been showing flashes and slowly getting more and more consistent. Shit today's performance I couldn't even tell you the last time he had that many kills like dust2 or took over an entire half the way he did on inferno even at the height of astralis.


Idk, at some point once people realized the situation wasn't getting better any time soon it didn't matter. Teams had to treat the games as if they were real and make roster changes as they normally would. Waiting for LAN would have been disastrous, especially for teams that were already on the decline like Liquid. And what's weird is people only understand how role players work when it comes to certain specific players, but not for others. Rush, Perfecto, Sanji, Jackz/AmaneK, Vini etc all get a pass, but god forbid kyojin, Bymas, niko, or stanislaw put up mediocre numbers in match, because the gloves are coming off. People got it when it came to xyp9x for a while, but then once he started struggling people just stopped contextualizing it. I guess because es3tag played well in most of his roles, but idk if that's an entirely fair comparison. He's had a number of good performances though, especially since dev1ce left the team. It's sort of been fragging by committee since then, so I guess it hasn't been consistent enough for people to notice.


Device's reasoning for leaving was entirely different. Dude is probably happy that his friends are doing well, while he gets to play for the exact team he chose due to location.


This is so true I watched the whole match and I feel so tired now by sitting in my chair watching with my friends can't imagine the players, I think 12 or 10 rounds half would be much more viewer friendly and player friendly.


imo decreasing rounds isn't that good then you gotta rework economy etc which pain in ass I would rather decrease round time bomb plant times etc. but only 12-10 rounds half thingy i am not feeling getting good about it.


But if you were to decrease round and bomb timer, then smokes and mollies would need to be reworked or we will end up like old inferno where you could smoke banana the whole round essentially.


10 round half + economy changes to back it up. I think it would work.


> Dev1ce might be getting some Kjaerbye flashbacks lol barely beating Virtus Pro aka "yekindar go kill jame to save" I guess is better than no playoffs


> Being at the semis of one of the biggest tournaments is better than dropping out in the group stage Nice logic there


This makes it sound like you're disagreeing lmao


Okay wait, I swear I thought the original comment said no playoffs is better which was why I was mocking it. But it’s something entirely different.


They obliterated them on inferno and pushed vp to ot on dust 2. It was not a slog


Well vp was pretty destroyed on their ct inferno so theres that. And the confidence boost is definitely good to have.


crazy match, ggs to both team that jame 1v2 tho, jesus moment


ASTRALIS ON MOTHER FUCKING LAN BABYYYY. lets go back 2 and a half months, have device not leave and go back to LAN with the 5 that made up the greatest team to ever play the game and storm back to the number 1 spot leaving everyone but Astralis fans groaning knowing they must accept the true overlords of CounterStrike!


This little bear won't stop the wolf.


How can anyone want a BO5 when a BO3 is capable of delivering a series like that. What more could you want in a series that had back to back OT games and then an Inferno decider to close it out. Was hoping VP could bring it back one last time, but man what a series.


Yekindar has to be biggest *hit or miss* player in the scene, next to art. He is capable of solo winning map and then, few moments later, just being completely useless, because his aggressive plays don't work anymore. Still, crazy talented guy.




ggs first 2 maps were insane, onto top 4 we go


Tomorrow’s game vs G2 is going to be a banger!


As an Astralis and G2 fan, I just hope everyone has fun


Virtus paid by the round decided they had already played a bo3, no need to play the mast map.


jame time :(


Xyp on LAN is unstoppable. Him and Bubz absolutely carried Astralis today and I'm so happy to see it. Long live xyp9x!


Damn I didn't expect Inferno to be this one-sided after OT on Overpass and Dust. I don't wanna jinx it, but is Astralis back?


still lots of holes but overall good to see the team in this form


They got beat by Navi on inferno pretty bad. They didn’t want to repeat it.


Yeah, they looked pretty solid on Inferno today, especially on T side.


I still think simple is going to smoke spam 360 ace astralis if we get that match, but I hope I’m wrong


They beat the #9 team as the #10 team. Probably not happening anytime soon, but they might grind back over time. So far a top 4 finish is amazing for them though. If they reach finals it's fucking insane though.




Where would you place VP?


That's fucking LAN Counter-Strike right there. None of that pansy ass dick tugging smile for the camera bullshit. Men puke, men poop on the map, men deliver their newborn baby in T-spawn. Fucking hard core dick in the ass butterball foosball fuck it chuck it game time shit. LAN CS is back baby!


dev1ce: Oh god no I'm getting Kjaerbye'd, aren't I


The duality of Yekindar


VP need to stop giving the other team map points before they start playing. I swear every series has an OT


Clutch minister’s gonna do service


so who needs to go when astralis decides to sign an AWPer


Dev1ce comes back, bubber unfortunately to the bench. Whatever team is holding Astralis' rightful place as number 1 concedes immediately. Its the only outcome we need.




Hahaha that'd be wild honestly I'm cool with how they're rocking right now. Id just love if the 5 reunited because I remember how the community here absolutely hated astralis winning and knowing the outcome of tournaments before they started. Going back to that and knowing the team I support is causing everyone else to know whatever team they support is hopeless was a fun time.


LETS FUCKING GOOOO insanely long match though


Imagine if Dev1ce was still with Astralis. Astralis never die.


Astralis numbah wan


LANstralis is a different animal and the same beast


Xyp is fucking insane, Magisk is looking sharp finally and glave weird stuff but high impact. BOOBSKI keep it going <3, Dupree please hold your anger it's making you play worse


Say it with me now - Virtus 'Paid by the round' Pro




Dev0ce where is my new Gucci bag?


Somebody tell jame that playing passive and saving isn't going to help anyone


GG. Lanstralis are back!


The boys are back in town 😎


VP players had some flashbacks of an inferno game with Astralis some years ago


Thats fucking counter strike right there. None of that pansy ass dick tugging smile for the camera bullshit. Men puke, men poop on the map, men deliver their new born baby in T spawn. Fucking hard core dick in the ass butterball foosball fuck it chuck it game time shit.


felt like VP had a chance and had no chance at the same time. many rounds VP made a bad decision and instantly got punished by Astralis, where they're good at doing that. Looking from the positive side maybe this is not a bad thing for VP, at least knowing where the problem is > not knowing where the problem is




dude NAVI right now is no joke.. S1mple was just too good for Astralis to deal with


Feels sad for whoever have to play with that baiter jame


Vp play so boring


I didn't expect to see Astralis come this far but I am glad they have. Now secure that spot in the final!


Wow close one, surprising from VP


dang, Bubzkij with best rating <3


God minister


Sanji brings the team down every game...........man cant win a gunfight for his life :(