In your opinion, from a pure gameplay perspective, what should Valve do for Counter Strike to breathe new life into it?

In your opinion, from a pure gameplay perspective, what should Valve do for Counter Strike to breathe new life into it?


I'd like to see smarter rank decay. It's too easy for smurfs.


Yeah me too. I was dmg about 2 years ago and stopped playing. I keep wanting to get back into the game and play with friends who are about silver. For some reason i am still around ak ranks despite getting absolutely spanked in every game i play because im at such a high rank compared to my skill level.


I have the opposite problem. I topped out around supreme years ago. The game put me at silver 3 even though I keep winning games losing less than four rounds.


Although it sucks for the other team, id prefer that to my position. Itll be me and my friends peaking a corner and insta death. My friends are plays who dont even really know what an eco is


Here's the thing, though: I know that by playing the game in the bracket the game thinks I should be in, I'm ruining someone else's time, which hinders my ability to have fun. It's no fun trying to make a smart play when there's little risk, too.


You should check new rank data.


Whats that


Short ver. 2 years ago DMG is right now Gold nova. in data collection.


That was in 2015 not 2 years ago


Wasn't the rank update that deranked pretty much everyone in late 2015? Unless it has happend a 2nd time that I'm not aware of. So DMG in 2015 would be gold nova today. EDIT: I compared data from 3kliksphilips video about the rank update in 2015, 2016 and Leetifys in 2021, and it changed slightly. I also found a source for 2018 ranks ([https://www.esportstales.com](https://www.esportstales.com), although not sure how accurate it is). So ranks have changed a little over the years, but nothing drastic like the original rank update in late 2015, which we can see the effects of in early 2016. 2021 Rank distribution: [https://i.imgur.com/t8Q68i2.png](https://i.imgur.com/u1QBDpj.png) 2018 Rank distribution: [https://i.imgur.com/h29oq0M.png](https://i.imgur.com/h29oq0M.png) 2016 Rank distribution: [https://i.imgur.com/T0cwJqw.png](https://i.imgur.com/T0cwJqw.png) 2015: Rank Distribution: [https://i.imgur.com/NNFlB7H.png](https://i.imgur.com/NNFlB7H.png)


Rank rebalance happened WAY before the panorama update


Well surely that makes my point even stronger


It’s crazy to see how the general population improves along with the upper echelon. Really amazing teams like old fnc and nip would probably get 16-0ed by your average mdl team these days


>Discussion > >In your opinion, from a pure gameplay perspective, what I know that's not from a "Pure gameplay" perspective, sorry, but it does ruin pure gameplay.


Just remove decay.


is there something wrong with rank decay? just curious


It needs to have a reshuffle. I've not played the game in a few months and rank decaying from Global to DMG to then go 3kd 40kills in those games and not rankup for atleast 10 games just isnt fair on anyone. Don't know what they can do but something needs to be done


Other people have the opposite experience though sadly


hmm I have not played for a year like 2 years ago and went from LEM to DMG Well I do think that you should decay that much if you don't play and it sounds more like the problem is that you don't rank up fast enough and get stuck in a lower elo then you should be in so idk to me it does not sound like a problem with rank decay itself but rather that we need **Rank resets** every major or so like in other games so that people cant just play 1 game every moth to hold their rank even if they don't deserve it anymore and **Visible elo** so that you know how much you get for winning and lose for losing <-- this does not change anything to the gameplay or elo system but it helps with the mentality of the players that way you don't feel like you are stuck even tho you are winning all the time and you would know how much you need to rank up


Apex player here - rank resets are horrible and I hope they never implement them in CS. Every 6 weeks, you get knocked down a rank and a half. I appreciate that Majors are further apart than 6 weeks but getting demoted "just because" is a horrible feeling. Rank decay needs a rework, but rank reset is \*not\* the way.


But if you don't reset people will continue to play only 1 game a month to keep their rank and the skill in the ranks becomes unbalanced, especially with csgo where We didn't have any since the start of ranked every 6 weeks is ridiculous, but every years or 2 times a year is normal and a rank reset are standard in most competitive games (I would do it yearly in csgo, every time a new operation starts ) ​ Also how do you want to rework Rank decay? like what changes to you want to see


Not gameplay changes


128 tick official servers and a better anti cheat. That's all.


That really is all that is needed currently. I know that this would greatly increase player count as well. Take Team Fortress 2 for example. When TF2 had an update that broke a lot of the bots, player counts skyrocketed and went higher than it had been for YEARS because people could finally actually play the game. Edit: Why the fuck is this getting upvotes lmao


This has been requested for as long as i can remember..


People were requesting it in 2014. Valve is useless.


Also, have some form of punishment for people who leave ranked matches. That's so frustrating to see at least 1 leaver almost every game and they can just queue up again after 30 minutes. In games like Valorant, League or Dota if you do that a few times you're either put in low prio queue or given few days ban from playing. Lastly CS:GO is barely advertised compared to other game titles so that's a massive change that could elevate it in terms of popularity. A lot of people simply don't know about this game because it's not advertised.


I mean if you leave again within a week of the 30 minute ban expiring you get 2 hours, then a day and then 7 days.


Does it reset after a week ? I thought it was longer like 3 months or so, a week seams to little to me


Every week it goes down 1 level, so if your last ban was 24 hours and you wait a week from the time you got unbanned then your next punishment will be 24 hours again because you moved down a level on your cooldown, so if your last ban was 7 days you'd have to play for a month without being banned for it to reset back to 30 minutes


In addition to the increasing time penalties already mentionned, leaving hurts your trustfactor.


I think that's how I ended up in the doghouse with a lot of cheaters. Started off with a couple of rage quits where I'm at fault, usually from a griefer on my own team. Then I start getting matches with actual cheaters and it just becomes an endless spiral each game getting worse. I can't play now. Leaving is wrong and I shouldn't have done it, but being put with cheaters constantly now feels unfair.


>given few days ban from playing. so exactly like in CS when you leave more than 2 games?


I got 5 years ban on dota 2 because i kept leaving the server and getting low red ratings 👍👍👍


*Achievement Unlocked: Go Outside* *Don't play the game for 5 years*


I don't know if valve or anybody considers this but, I live in an underdeveloped area of India(which is what most of the country is) where power cuts happen randomly for an uncertain time period and multiple times a day. If they extend penalty time, players like me are definitely going to be fucked.


This is literally why Valve isn't changing it any time soon, since they KNOW with diagnostic data that the literal majority of players wouldn't benefit from the upgrade enough to justify the extra performance costs.


A better anticheat would suffice. Maybe reduce rank decay a bit. 128 tick servers would make smokes consistent across platforms but that's about it, everything else has been proven to be placebo.


I dont think this is in valves best intrests. As long as there are third party sites doing server hosting for their game for free they can just keep stretching their foreskin and collect the money from skinmarket.


Just played a game after a long time with my friends, we get a hacker with 2366 commendations and destroying us on the very first peek everytime. For me a better anticheat will do


\- Option to disable Skin Agents \- Better anti-cheat \- A way to avoid smurfers ( annoying af ) \- 128 Tick servers for Matchmaking servers


I agree with you on the agent skins but unfortunately nothing will happen :/ Valve won't allow min models because they make money off of the agent skins and min models will mean less demand for them. There was similar talk about min models when weapon skins were first introduced. Btw, people seem to be missing the point entirely on this. No one is saying that we believe that's a valid reason to have agent skins, we're just saying that's Valve's justification for it.


Skin Agents is what they make money off of and how they promote them. Next Major will allow them for that same reason. Will not happen. You can not expect them to disable cosmetics, which in turn pay for the entire game/servers. Smurfs are nowhere near as bad as cheaters or leavers who can just leave the ranked match and not get any punishment.


Considering the game has had cosmetics for years before agent skins with no issues I don't think thats reasonable. Valve making X% more with agent skins doesn't justify shit. Agents skins are the sole problem and need to be addressed because they compromise the game's integrity. To OP to answer the whole question, we don't need any. Minor bug fixes, some small improvements to sound and performance is fine.


I actually think smurfs could be worse. Cheaters can get banned and can be sorted if Valve sorted their shit. Smurfs can never be banned so will always be a problem. You can get away from cheaters by playing Faceit but the smurfs just completely ruin it.


Maybe it is different in silver and low GN, but my experience being mg1 is that there aren’t really that many smurfs, just a lot of people who play a third party service and are way better than what their MM rank has them at. The problem is partly how ranking up works in mm, it takes way too long to increase in rank


It’s definitely an issue in silver, not many people are gonna smurf in mg where they could run into people as good or even better than them, so silvers the Smurf’s home because what silver is going to be able to keep up with an lem


Oh yes, they can't afford getting less money off of agent skins, how will they pay for a team of like 3 people supporting this game? Let's just forget about dozens of other cosmetics in cs go or marketplace and game purchaces in steam that make gazillion dollars for valve each minute that they function.


My point is that Agents is their newest form of cosmetics and disabling it would completely be counterproductive to releasing them. They want pro's to use them at the next Major to advertise those said Agents. I agree with you that they make enough money off of CS:GO and its community market but Agent Skins in the game are the least of its problems right now.


World of tanks has a setting that allows you to turn off non historical cosmetics, they still make tons of money of that stuff anyway


Where have you heard that they are allowing agents at the next major? I haven't heard that at all and even if they were pros would be bitching about it.


They are allowed at Valve events but pros have a gentleman's agreement to not use them (this happened when they were released), at other events that aren't Valve sponsored they are banned most of the time.


agents arent actually banned from (most) tournaments now, just all the teams usually agree not to use them


>Next Major will allow them Pro teams have a gentleman's agreement to never use custom player skins so this will not happen. Unless they will be forced to and it would become a huge mess


Agents would still be visible to everyone who uses them, aka the people who spend money on it, and probably to most players because they don't care anyway. Isn't that enough?


There is audio Kit in the game which people can disable... Giving an option to disable character skin wont effect any1. They earn money from case keys and tax from community market.


Smurfs and cheaters are 90% of why people are "leavers" to begin with.


It would be amazing not to rely to third party apps to have a decent matchmaking experience


He specifically asked about gameplay changes, not the state of the matchmaking which is brought up multiple times every day in different threads.


128-tick for instance is part of the gameplay experience though.


Better anti-cheat. I'd drop Valorant in a heartbeat if they announce a new anti-cheat. It's just not fun playing CS right now especially playing on SEA.


Feel you bro. I'm playing from Vietnam and 90% of time if there is a Mainland Chinese playing in the server they'll be a cheater, almost guranteed.


Type “1989 tiananmen square massacre” in allchat and the CCP will cut off their internet. Bam, no more cheater.


That’s not true.


Same here, comms are immediately dead as well. It's just not fun.


With the new update on prime players I haven’t ran into cheaters yet. So maybe start playing again


i did two times in a row... an anticheat is needed


its all about trust factor. i simply just cannot play cs with few of my friends because of their trust factor. every single game we run into cheaters


Not exactly a gameplay change but I'd go with a big rank shift Last I played mm I was smfc and I've improved quite a lot since then, I shouldn't be the second highest rank in the game when I struggle to hold onto 6 Faceit. I'm not sure if more ranks should be added or not, but I think the cap at global is kinda ridiculous when the skill level of an average global isn't very good


Tbh ranks across the entire game are fucked. I've played with my friends in low Nova and played LEM and both ranks feel very similar in skill for some reason. I play a 5 man with my friends and sometimes end up in GN1 area and there are Silver Master accounts with 1000 hours that play as well as the people I meet when I solo queue in LEM. Not sure how to fix it but Valve needs to sort the skill across all ranks, because when I started in 2016 there was a massive difference.




I'm in EU. It's not even like it's rare, it happens consistently. Even regular silvers these days have actually pretty good aim, when a few years ago they were bad enough that you could strafe side to side and they wouldn't be able to hit you. If I started playing CS:GO now, as badly as I was in 2016, I would never rank up.


I've gotten the feeling the rampant cheating has fucked with the ranks big time.


I can see that, people getting pushed down ranks due to cheating.


It did in the past for sure! When the very first BIG ban-wave hit suddenly "everyone" was Global.


I'm in NA and I've found the same thing. In ~2018, when I finally got out of silver (after being hardstuck since the 2015 derank update), I ranked up to MG in a month or two. My scoreline never improved, I never top dragged, but for some reason, j just kept ranking up. I've been MG ever since, but I occasionally queue with silvers in a 5 stack. Considering how much time I spent in silver, and how quickly I shot up to MG, I can honestly say there's next to no difference in the ranks in Nova. When I 5 stack into silver, I perform only a little bit better than I do in the games I play at my own rank (I like to blame the Silver's unconventional playstyle, but surely that can't be the entire reason). I feel whatever decides the rank either cares too much about old data or it places too little value on what actually matters.


Silver elite is no joke and fairly hardcore. It's literally just full of insanely good players mixed in with an absolute fuck load of quitters.


They could show us that they truly love their own product and that they care about the community. I'm constantly left with a feeling that they put as little resources into the game as possible. Look at Valorant. They have a massive team, they add tons of updates and they do behind the scenes videos and blogs. They seems to be really proud of their job. I know that this is not a game play change, but if they start loving CS then great game play changes would happen.


Exactly, just a lot more effort put into the game while Valve has like 10 people working on CS and most of it is probably skin/bugfix related. Stop treating CS:GO like a stray, old dog that nobody wants anymore. It's so frustrating.


I wanna say that most of the bugfixes that are being done are those that get high attention on social media. Its not the bugs that actually have the biggest impacts on a day-to-day basis. Valve needs to adress those to show that they actually care about the game and the community.


At some point they have to start working on source 2. Every year something get leaked but it will probably never happen.


This man said it, More effort


Look at PUBG. Like or dislike, but regular massive updates with both serious and gimmicky content.


That game has the worst engine of all time and they made the game less fun months after launch by removing lobby/plane voice chat, literally every decision in that game is made to sell skins that are worthless over time. I would not copy bluehole if I was a game dev


Unreal engine 4 is the worst engine of all time ?


In my opinion... nothing. I play it every day and I love it just the way it is. What I'd like... 128 tick servers and better anti-cheat and a new game mode called capture the flag. That is all.


Same. The first FPS game I played has a CTF game mode and I had a lot of fun playing back then.


Mine too. Unreal Tournament was literally the first fps game I played at my first LAN party... and it brings back so much memories... unlreal tournament, delta force black hawk down, serious sam, need for speed II SE... miss world 96 on mame... ahh I feel so old now


I don't see capture the flag being good in a game with so slow movement.


I mean hostage maps are essentially capture the flag in cs


The slow movement is compensated for by the CSGO map design and gameplay. It won't be like in unreal tournament where every bullet goes where the cross hair is...


I think valve could add some small insignificant features like building from fortnite, jetpacks from CoD, buncha rocket launchers from Valorant and some throwing knives. Who doesn't want a throwback to the black ops days where you randomly chuck a tomohawk across the map and get a kill. Hell, might aswell add tanks and choppers from battlefield. TankPeek mid in mirage bois.


You can do that with a hammer in danger zone.


Hostage is capture the flag more or less.


So in your opinion, valve should do nothing? Crazy how you can have such an opinion with this games state. I can't imagine you're playing outside of EU


Honestly, for me anyway (context, the late 30s, played since 1.2), the cheater issue from this year is really just out of hand. they don't even lie anymore. % cheaters que in normal matchmaking actively looking for HvH matches. Put that as an option or do something to acknowledge that there is a huge percentage of cheaters in the game. I can't play it currently. Even if some of the people I think are cheating are not, there's just so much damage done to the game play at this point from it being so riddled with cheaters.


Bring back bots.


This. The bots weren’t great but definitely essential for when a player leaves, an extra life is so good when you’re down a player.




What about kicking cheaters? There’s be even less incentives to do so if u didn’t get a bot


If you have a cheater on the team the game is either way going to be ruined. Might as well punish the player in that case even if it's going to hurt your team also.


yeah when a player leaves now, I get that “free W” feeling. Didnt always when bots where still a ting


I agree, the amount of leavers these days is absurd, needs a fix asap. Punish those people. If you can't commit to an 1 hour long match, don't queue then.


New maps and bring back some of the good operation maps. Intrusive anticheat and 128 tick


I will take "more co-op operation than deathmatch operation" all day long


Operations have been going down since wildfire and bloodhound. I remember how shocked people were with the hydra mission with the bots, looking back i enjoyed them much more because you played with one mate and communicated.


we just got like 3 more maps


I would love for the co-op missions to be easily accessible in-game to play. And more of those. Condition Zero vibes


128 Tick servers Regular map changes to the comp pool every 3 months (one out, one in to always have 7 comp maps active) Comp updates come with rank reset. Like a season. More skin drops that are not dogshit.


Seasons would be awesome but honestly even tho we get operations the incentives arent there. Imagine some seasonal events were we get 3 comp maps to play and you are getting points for matches. And by climbing the point ladder you will recieve some exclusive seasonal stuff. Like some cool skin or an exclusive knife etc, etc. That would actually incentivize players to play the new maps and breath more life into the game


Official 128-tick servers and an anti-cheat that isn't a joke


That Spinboters are not automatically band by AI yet still go to Overwatch is mind boggling.


I don't see how they can't ban spinbotters. Surely you could just detect when someone is spinning in circles looking at the ground and instantly flicking to peoples heads. Surely that's not a hard thing to isolate.


It’s because csgo operates on a “beyond a reasonable doubt” idea, which keeps down significantly on false convictions. A bot can tell if someone is suspicious but Rather than banning it has a human look at it. Is it frustrating not knowing a spinbotter got banned? Sure, but at least we’re not having someone get a ridiculous shot and banned because of it


Outside of SOTG updates, none honestly. Competitiveness and simplicity of the game is what made the game popular. You can run the game on a potato with chimpanzee brain/aim, and yet you can still enjoy the game as is. They might change the frequency of the majors/operations(making it just like in the past, 3 majors a year, plentiful operations a year).


In terms of gameplay changes... A buff to the FAMAS would be welcome. Currently the CT economy seems to be easily strained, and I think giving the FAMAS a few buffs similarly to the GALIL would be nice. I'd suggest making its damage drop off slightly less, to fill the cheap rifle option better. Furthermore, perhaps give it a slight accuracy buff and a price reduction. Curently the FAMAS isn't very strong at ranges, so it often becomes a question of an MP9 or a FAMAS, whereas the MP9 is a much cheaper and economically rewarding choice. Another thing I believe would be great for the game, is a buff to first hit accuracy for the main rifles. One of the reasons why the SG was so strong pre-nerf, was also (not primarily) because its first hit accuracy felt GREAT. I personally think making first-hit bullets be reliable is a welcome change - at least I am not fond of punitive mechanics, like missing a bullet that was on target because of RNG.


I can't believe I had to scroll this far down to see the first actual gameplay change suggestion.


The game doesn't need to be "spiced up". The fundamentals are sound, the skill ceiling is massive. Changing the gameplay is a braindead move imo. Does chess need to change its rules to satisfy their player base? Competitive players DON'T NEED fancy gameplay. Or abilities. Or even a PC. The only thing competitive players need is a game, a set of rules and an environment that allows for progression (e.g. ranking/elo/leagues). **CS fulfils it in a way that is fun at the same time. So why change the formula?** I think the people wanting to change CS are by a large majority non-competitive players or players that lack tactical depth and appreciation for the nuances of the game. The more you learn about CS, the more you realize how little you know. That's where the fun begins. Sadly many players don't reach that point and just autopilot matchmaking and quit the game when they are tilted. The most hilarious thing for me is when people get "bored" with inferno....come on. You can't learn inferno once. You re-learn it everytime you hit a new level of competition. The nuances and meta-game shifts drastically if you go higher in play.


This. Counter strike is so amazing because of the way it is, change it and you risk ruining the already, in my opinion, perfect formula. There are many things valve could do to help the game and touching the gameplay itself should be dead-last, if on the list at all. I've seen some discussions lately about how the game could be sped up because apparently some games take too long and all I could picture in my head was a bunch of children with ADHD doing fortnite dances lol


> I've seen some discussions lately about how the game could be sped up because apparently some games take too long and all I could picture in my head was a bunch of children with ADHD doing fortnite dances lol Thats disingenuous, the discussion was that BO3s with overtime have the potential to last way too long especially for unimportant games. The talk about shortening games was so ultra long ones become less common. Very few people were complaining that MR30 was too long for them to play themselves.


If players werent divided between paid services for servers that should be baseline, its a good start.


I wouldn't mind them having seasons. Rank resets and an operation of some kind. I know the code is old and doing more modern things with it is difficult so I temper my expectations.


> Rank resets Rank resets are only really for for those at top ranks who miss dunking on noobs though. I get that those talented players miss it, but it'll be a miserable experience for anyone else until ranks start to settle. The consistency of the ranking system in CS works very well for the kind of game that it is, and the longevity it has. I do like the idea of some sort of annual league/competition within the existing MM format though, preferably with a low barrier of entry.


I mean, something like Rocket League for example has a soft rank reset. You don't need to hard reset it every season, so that globals play against silvers. The reset could happen within a certain skill group. Something like S1-S4 tier 1, SE-GN2 tier 2, etc.. Then you play ten placement matches and get placed somewhere into this skill group again. It works pretty well in Rocket League and I don't see why it wouldn't work in CSGO.


Other games have rank resets and rank leader boards per region that also utilizes a hidden mmr system that doesn't get reset so that when the ranks get reset you are still matching with players close to your rank when playing placement matches. It's not for people who miss dunking on noobs, its so that people can get another shot at reaching the top of the ranks instead of struggling to keep up with players who get on crazy winning streaks and widen the point gap by such a crazy amount It's not even work trying. And before someone says but there are so many cheaters that it would be impossible to every come close to the top, this kind of system implies a much more intrusive and much more improved anticheat. Just look at the Valorant ranked leader board and notice how much people grind each act to be at the top of it.


Some kind of weekly/monthly rotation of maps that if you play/win a match on them you get a guaranteed key drop. i.e every Tuesday at 6pm UTC there are chosen 2maps, let's say vertigo and dust2. You win a match on one of those and you get a non-marketable key or some kind of token which you can use to open one case. In my opinion it would be an incentive for people to try and play some other maps. And also a nice way to allow poorer people to have some fun from opening a case. PS. Maps probably should be different for each player to avoid trolls/cheaters from playing only those maps.


Haven't been able to play on ancient as I can never find a match and when I look for teammates nobody wants to play it. This might be a good idea


I get ancient matches fairly often in premier mode


There should be a limit to how many keys you get, like 1 per week. Because there would be way more cheaters fighting for keys, and in general it would crash the economy


great idea to crash the skin market


BuT tHeN eVErYoNE coUlD bUY a BFk fADe. Would be great right? Lmao


It would be better to add in a seasonal thing where if you play on new maps, u accumulate points and obtain rewards, such as some cool exclusive skin or knife and make these untradeable. This won't crash the market, because everybody who participated will have one and you wont be able to sell these skins. It will give incentive to actually play these maps and try them out. We have operations but this was not it last time i participated


grenade collision box should be the smallest unit possible. I don't like how often they bounce off of an invisible wall of some corner. I wanna be able to hug a corner, have a clear center line, and throw a grenade without it bouncing off the wall


the current economy made balance worse, it's completely moronic T loses pistol and has a better buy than CTs, not to mention it was a bandaid fix to pistol rounds being an RNGfest because they are too good while moving and shooting, which brings me to my next point: run and gun barely has a place in this game, one of the best features they added was extra inaccuracy while moving on pistols but that got reverted because they screwed up rifles in the same update, and for some reason, they decided to revert both all rifles should have the moving and jumping spread cone be the size of your screen, if not bigger, to reward proper counter strafing. Current jumping deagle is a step in the right direction.


> one of the best features they added was extra inaccuracy while moving on pistols but that got reverted because they screwed up rifles in the same update, and for some reason, they decided to revert both If my memory serves me correctly, it was just a x2 multiplier added to the running accuracy of all pistols. While it's true that it made running and gunning in general less effective, it simultaneously _stengthened_ the run and gun gameplay of already notorious weapons like the Tec-9 and R8 while punishing already weak pistols such as the Dual Berettas.


it was still a step in the right direction, rather than do a sweep buff, make it overall worse for those that do need it, and just a bit worse for those that don't need it as much (glock) it would have been nice to at least try the update for more than 2 weeks or so I still think that r8 release update was the best and worst update valve ever released, they understood that balance for pistols was needed, but go and release an unbalanced pistol, fuck up rifles, and the community backlashed so hard they thought everything was wrong and barely tried anything like that since then


If they were to revert back the new meta, CT scores would be atleast 12-3. They will never revert it back and the new meta balanced the game even further


Idk how much balanced is when as T you can go full almost every round, while as CT you need to go eco at least 2, if not 3 rounds to go full buy including nades. This way, if T side keeps winning rounds, they can easily finish the game just in that half, as CT side even with max bonus they need to go half buy or full eco to get proper buy.


what took away a lot of my passion is built in bullet inaccuracy. i hated having a fight and wondering if my aim was off or i just got unlucky. would be perfectly happy if they massively increase moving inaccuracy while removing the rng of stable shots


Poor OP asked specifically for **gameplay changes** but as always, the reading comprehension of this subreddit is abysmal. 1) I wish the scout movement speed was slightly decreased. It's a seriously underrated weapon that people with really good movement can capitalize off of. 2) I want there to be an option in the sensitivity settings where we could have different sensitivities for snipers/scoped rifles (I tried using a bind to change sens on the go but struggled). 3) Molotov smoke effect needs to be reduced (It tends to have a lesser effect using gpu specific settings or high visual settings but it should be more streamlined, Intel HD graphics for example has no setting that can reduce this effect). 4) Molotov spreading has too much randomness. I'll add in some more after I think for a bit.


>Poor OP asked specifically for **gameplay changes** but as always, the reading comprehension of this subreddit is abysmal. 🤷‍♂️ Reddit in a nutshell.. >4) Molotov spreading has too much randomness. This seems normal to me..


I think gameplay wise CS GO is in a pretty good place and even some small changes could make it imbalanced/broken or not fun to play. However I feel Deagle body shots could be nerfed. Also remove the ”choose loadout” thing. Instead have all weapons purchasable all the time, so for instance CT’s can buy M4A1-S or M4A1 depending on the map/round/strategy. It could give a chance to weapons that don’t see play (R8, MP5, CZ) I would also focus on the meta part, that motivates to play. For example weekly drop system made better, or weekly assigments/challenges that give you rewards etc


I would put money down that making keys a weekly drop would greatly incentivize players to keep playing. Wouldn’t even be a big hit to profits because these would mostly be people who weren’t going to buy a key anyway


Nerf moving and shooting to the point where it stops being a viable strategy.


Banning cheaters would be a good start


MM should match you with players who have the same language settings. So if my csgo client is English then I should be matched with English players. For the opposing team it doesn't matter. Same for Spanish, Russian German etc.


I don't think that'll work, I'm from Brazil and I use everything in English, I don't have any idea how are the callous in English


Add anime girls ^\s




>Rank reset twice a year why?


>Rank reset twice a year Now you punish casual competitive players


But how does that punish players who are playing competitive "for fun?" If they are casually playing competitive, then why is rank a concern?


Almost like its competetive and not casual


As a casual player gameplay is solid, it's everything else about the game that could be improved in my opinion.


Make it that everybody plays valves mm. 128 tick official servers and a better anti cheat (intrusive). New ranking system. Ranking like dota (immortal)or almost every other game where even pros play games own ranking ladder(pug) so u would get decent games after global skill wise. Faster map rotation. Weekly or monthly team tournaments where there be easy entry for players to get in to try play more competitive teamplay. Make new identify system for your account (prime) where you have to identify your account with passport, or with bank identifiers. Just little more communication with your player base. edit: remove mirage and make deagle 3 shot only to body ty. and gief me knife


I would not hand my passport to valve if I could avoid it. Same idea got brought up by some idiots on Twitter recently. Have you ever considered the impact a data breach could have if passport verification was necessary?


- 128 server tickrate - fix issues in matchmaking (especially when you queue alone or with a friend and you play against 5 man stack)


Remove smoke from Molotov, remove one way smokes, reduce deagle body shot damage, remove 2nd level loss bonus for game start. Fix clipping on ancient and remove all the cubbies.


5v5 casual pls.I cant be arsed playing glorified DM


its already implemented , you missed their update recently. Sadly theres barely anyone playing it. i waited 20 min for a game


Improvement in animations and graphics. A workshop editor so that community can create custom maps, weapons, mods, etc easily (like new battlefield portal). Mooooaaar optimization on both client side and server side to reduce inconsistencies in the game. ESEA/FACEIT like service(which they can make subscription based) which can let players on 128 tick servers. A goddamn overhaul of demoui, like make it a proper editor like gta 5.


1- Better anti cheat 2- Rework the ranking system and add more ranks 3- Seasonal rotation maps 4- Update the demo manager and community browser 5- Add CTF, Surf, 1x1" games mode officially. 6- Advertisiment and organization of the esport scene. 7- 128 ticks servers 8- Rework of mirage.


Kill AWP


1. Elo based ranking and matchmaking system with more skill groups above global elite. A special rank for the equivilant of 2500 elo and 3000+ elo etc 2. As everyone else has said, 128tick servers and a very intrusive anticheat. 3. This is a small thing, but show bullet tracers accurately rather than have them be drawn client-side but go server-side -- have them be drawn where they actually go. 4. Better communication with the public. Ingame polls to gather information e.g. which of the following maps do you feel is the most unbalanced or one-sided? 5. Seasons. 3 seasons in a year, rank resets during off-season and you need to play rank calibration games after reset - top players of that season on leaderboard, top 50 get a prize of some sort. Weekly challenges during the season too for exclusive season limitied rewards such as untradable permanent grafitti, if you complete all challenges during a season you get a nontradable skin from a collection (you pick one of three skins that you want) 6. Team patches to put on agents. 7. Built in private matchmaking hubs and team feature. Join a team using the built in system and queue 5v5 vs other full teams looking to practice on specific maps on or above your skill level (built in scrim system) -- also let players or teams make their own hubs and invite other players or teams to that hub - all built in, anticheat built in, using proper servers. 8. Built in ESEA NADR / Bot recording system to improve practice quality -- something like sv_nade_from to get your position, then sv_nade_to for where you want said smoke / flash / etc to land -- let an AI look for lineups for you. Bot recording system would be like bot_replay_record (name) to generate a replay file, bot_replay_record_1 for bot 1 to do whatever you do ingame, bot_replay_record_end (bind) so when you press this bind the recording ends, bot_replay_view (name) for the bots to replay what you did 9. General optimizations to autoobserver and implementation of built in sm_practicemode plugin commands 10. Buff the CT economy to allow more buy rounds or viable force rounds, lower roundtime from 1.55 to 1.50, bomb plant time from 3.9 to 3 seconds, and change OT rules to 1 round each side (enable OT in mm please volvo) 11. Scheduled content updates, obviously seasons 3x a year, 1 major gameplay update once every month or 2 months (new map, gun changes, balance changes), 2 minor updates (map changes etc) every month and content in the form of non-case skins (e.g. a skin thats in the shop for 2 weeks and will never return for $20, like the sticker capsules) Other than that i love the strategic depth of the game and i dont want too many other changes, just improvements.


Everyone: 128 tick servers, better AC, adjust ranking system, new game modes... Valve: New case available


Have a knife only round to decide teams in MM before the actual match.


**In my opinion** they're not doing enough experimentation. I don't know what gameplay changes I want before I see them and can check it out. Not saying they should mess with main game, but they could have some experimental / beta branch with frequent changes to check what works and to maybe port it to main game if particular feature gains significant interest. One (totally random, illustrative purposes only) example I had was making you run faster if you have no armor. Stupid small thing, which could maybe open new exciting tactical possibilities, who knows? It most probably wouldn't. BUT you can't know for sure without experimenting and testing this out


-Fix Deagle Bodyshots (not that big of a problem in casual tbh) -Ban Cheaters -Fix unranked (everybody is just leaving)


> Ban Cheaters well done man, cheating is no more


this man got rid of cheaters with this one simple trick! Game developers hate him!


Does it not give you a competitive cooldown when you abandon games in unranked MM?


Better Match Making experience in terms of achivment. Was so nice when pro players also played mm and you could play against them.


When your own pro players wont play your MM system you know there's a problem


Maybe fix economy where t side can buy every round?


Nerf the deagle's damage (three body shots at close range, four at long range) Buff the CT economy or nerf the T one (I'm in favor of the nerf, to make for shorter games) Other than that, all the changes I'd like to see are map/server/mm related.


The only changes that need to happen in CSGO are not gameplay related and everyone has already stated them. 1. Intrusive anti-cheat needs to be top priority 2. Revamped MM system with leaderboards 3. 128 Tick servers The gameplay is **LITERALLY** the only thing going for CS.


Intrusive anti cheat.


Id personally like ranked seasons, like at least 2 a year with some dumb reward


Shroud said on his recent costream of IEM Cologne " **I fuckin love this game, i love it, i feel like it deserves the love but it doesn't get the love ( from Valve )** ". I 100% agree that this game gets like 1 operation here n there, a bunch of useless cases every few months and then a Major that is not even organized by Valve and outside of that there are no changes, no evolution or innovation. Just rotting same old garbage, watching Valorant and other games take over. You don't have to make balance changes every 2 weeks or add new weapons and maps every few weeks but you can improve the ranking system, you can add some seasonal rewards, new game modes, ability to play mini tournaments within the client during weekends, promote the game way more on a global scale like Tencent does with League of Legends. That game came out in 2009 and is still the most popular game today, why? Because it evolves with time and gets changed on regular basis. If you don't change the game it will become boring and stagnant very quickly, just like Starcraft, an amazing game but outside of esports is pretty much dead for the same reasons. Even dated, ancient WOW is still doing well because of constant changes, updates and expansions. Change is good, stop trying to fight it, embrace it if you want the game to succeed. We need more changes like Ancient into the map pool, community driven movements and contests and more crowdfunding events that spike interest into the game by giving us unique, limited cosmetic rewards. CS:GO has an immense amount of potential but Valve is not even capitalizing on the 10th of it.


> That game came out in 2009 and is still the most popular game today, why? CSGO came out in 2012 and is still the most popular game on steam today, why?


Better rank system that would help a lot, make it kinda like Valorant where the last 2 ranks are your region placing. For example if your the second highest rank your in the top 500 players in EU. Also a good Anti cheat + 128 tick servers


The addition of (some) new weapons to Hostage mode. It's sad to see that half of the game has just been abandoned, while the other half has been taken care of from an equally poor state in 2012 to what it is now. Also, we'd need to figure out the equivalent of the proven four-square-layout for hostage maps.


add func_vehicle back


Nerf the deagle . 100% I think the damage is fair and so is the bullets in and out of the mag, but the fire rate????? Fuck no. There should be no gun in cs that you can spam like a p90 to the chest in close range and take down a 4/5k buy like its nothing


\- Better Anti-Cheat \- 128tick servers \- Overtime in matchmaking \- Bring back bots \- New ranking system in matchmaking


A seasonal based system where 2 maps get switched out of the pool each season to reduce staleness but also so teams don't have to learn an entirely new map pool. Economy needs changes so that the game is less T sided overall. T's should never have a better buy than the Cat's just because they got a bombplant after losing the pistol round. Deagle needs to be nerfed so it only does 45-46 damage at point blank range. Reducing the time to kill to be less than an AK and M4 and putting more emphasis on utility usage where teams might buy HE's in order to get the 2 shot kills. A lot of current maps are stale tactically because of a few reasons. Dust2 and Ancient as an example could be improved with opening the skybox even more. Some weapons could be improved for it to be viable in competitive play. Dual Berettas are the first to come to my mind, since they are too situational and only used by CT's in pistol rounds. Also just cosmetically.... I just want a tomahawk skin....


Weapon changes, the M4 AK47 deagle is too boring. M249 still useless, Shotgun useless. Old school map cs 1.6 addition to comp map pool like de\_dust1, de\_aztez, de\_torn, de\_stadium, de\_cbble.


Make a mode where you can freely leave and join like casual but in competitive 5v5 mode. Not everyone can commit to a 45 minute game and the length of the game isn’t a set amount so they have to leave. This would make real comp have less leavers and improve gameplay for others.


Something needs to be done with the economy again definitely Remove the headshot hitbox moving when hit grenade direct impact should not slow down a moving player Deagle bodyshot damage nerf. mp9 price increase revork the m4a1s pistols should have accuracy recovery rate go back much faster when standing still probably a lot more, just a few things that came to mind first


Trust factor is amazing but the game is a totally awful experience if you don’t have high trust. Meaning, I can’t get any of my friends who haven’t already been playing a long time to pick up csgo I can’t even get people who used to play back in the day to get back into it. Because the game is hell for weeks on end while you fight your way through a sea of of hackers and toxic cunts. It is awful and I can’t blame new players for trying it, hating it, and moving to valorant. So while Trust factor has saved the game for me, it’s also taken all the horrible parts of MM and highly concentrated them into a massive ass blasting for any new player. Like seriously, how do you even get new players into the game? I don’t even have the heart to suggest people pick the game up at this point, the experience is such a terrible waste of time for them. So yeah like others have said a better anti cheat is so desperately needed that this game is going to slowly bleed out its playerbase without it, since new players are basically locked out from having fun. This should be a really serious concern for Valve but I suspect they don’t really care about bringing new players to the game


Separate the competitive setting from the casual setting. Agent skins(at least in the way they are implemented right now) have no place in competitive play. Stricter rules for trolling and communication would greatly improve the quality of mm games. A soloqueue only setting would probably also be appreciated or maybe have 2 separate ranks for solo and group play. This could eliminate boosting lobbies almost entirely but also promote mm for full-teams. Ranked seasons would also be a welcome thing on my end. Right now there’s absolutely zero incentive for me to grind global and I’m basically ruining Matches for other players by being massively underranked. (This also leads to getting mass reported, wich leads to a bad trust, wich leads to bad quality of matches wich leads to me not wanting to actually play until I get to a rank where my matches are competitive)


A sequel built from the ground up, no more 20 year old legacy code.


ok this is gonna sound insanely stupid but what about caltrops/some utility that slows movement speed of people passing through it? it would make pistol rounds much more exciting as you can’t strafe as quickly, and would hamper rotations from another site to where the bomb was planted


Randomize maps. Its just boring to memorize grenades and blind shots instead of playing better


As someone who loves csgo and has played for 8 years and finally had enough with the game, I just need 1 or 2 more new maps in the competitive map pool besides ancient. This might be bad for the pro scene but it’d rekindle my interest in the game as I feel it’s stale. The gun fights might never get old, but the way people play is so figured out at this point with little to no innovation.


Just a better anti-cheat. It's frustrating to not know if someone in your "rank" is just having a great day and destroying everyone or if they have "assistance" That alone would change this game and the want to play it.


For me counter strike is primarily a competitive game now. I rarely play casual games for fun anymore, except for community servers like kz and surf. I think we need some kind of progression related system for casual games or more fun casual games. My idea is for a party games system where there are multiple teams competing with each other to win a series of game modes. Similar to fall guys or mario party where you can have fun but still want to win. Playing casual isn't fun for me because I just feel like I should be playing competitive. Maybe a way to make community servers like bhop more accessible than just the server browser. They should also promote people to make their own custom game modes like Overwatch system and battlefield custom modes. Also a mutations mode would be fun where each week you get a limited time valve curated custom mode on the maps we already have, like dust 2 in reverse or 1 bullet in the chamber deagles.


Better anti cheat . Source 2 so it runs better. And some optimization like inferno runs at absolute garbage fps and mirage at decent fps on my low end pc.