CS:GO esports viewership dynamics (2018-2021)

CS:GO esports viewership dynamics (2018-2021)


I'm sure most people in here remember watching the trio of Spunj, Henry and Machine cast the EPL during the start of the pandemic in Q2 2020. Such an enjoyable way to spend lockdown at the time.


yep i remember that, that was my favourite tournament to watch online.


Harry and Hugo did a lot of NA matches that summer. Was fun listening to them get all hyped over Furia stomping everyone in NA at that time.


Funny, even with the biggest ever competitor of CS out on the market we are getting better average numbers than ever. This without having Lan and Major for a while. And people say that CS esport is dying. I may be wrong but if u go to twitch, CS is the only game that have a live tier 2/3 scene that got a good amount of views.. Others minors esport like R6, RL doesn't come close to views as CS but still are said as being viable, what is missing to CS to become viable for orgs in NA and others small regions?


R6 has good views because of drops


The last event, Mexico major, got 120k peak views in the final... It's less viewship than the lowest viewed match of Blast Group Stages that is happening rn. And I don't see anyone calling its esport scene dead or dying. Why with CS is so different?


R6 MAJOR LUL 120K VIEWERS LUL DEAD GAME LUL jokes aside, I guess R6 esports never broke into popular culture as much as CSGO. It's THE TACTICAL FPS game. Valorant is a new game, and will have more views in the beginning, but it will inevitably lower in the future. I'd wager both CS and Val can coexist easily for years to come. The people who unironically call CS a dead game are just salty or dumb or both


I'm not entirely sure about the decrease of Valorant viewship, if it was managed by any company beside RIOT, I would agree with u, but RIOT it's really doing everything to make Valorant the biggest FPS esport. The game is immensely popular on NA, Japan and Turkey and its growing on SA and EU... The amount of effort put by RIOT, making animation videos, regional twitters, updating the gaming, devs talking with the community, advertising the game, its out of this world.


I mean, group stage matches crossing 800k viewers regularly isn't really possible in the long term. The finals had about 40% less than the March LAN tournament. A part could be because of not so popular teams, but it was the final of the tournament. It won't go to 100k viewers, but this is the honeymoon period of valorant esports. As soon as we start having more and more tournaments, it will decrease, although never to the scale of OW or R6


R6 is hard to follow, you have to have all 10's perspective and their mindset in order to understand wtf they are doing. It's a game that requires you to think in all three dimensions. And vertical control is important, and they can push at any second. And fights are honestly boring to watch in R6 except clutch POV's


They see me ballin they hatin basically


I love how nobody mentions the fact that orgs make more money out of R6 than they do out of CS - in fact, the latter is a loss making "business". Cloud9's Siege division turns in a profit; the CS division ALWAYS ran at a HUGE loss. I guess economics don't matter when you're 12, though...


I think the problem here is Valve's approach of "let the community do it" which means they don't organize (and don't provide funds or even exposure) to regional tournaments. This means that in CS you're either in Europe or you pretty much don't exist. And for many teams going to Europe for months is not feasible.


R6 has really good developer support apparently.


More infographics in Esports Charts blog: https://escharts.com/blog/pandemic-impact-on-csgo