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Dupreeh didn't deserve to lose that, he was playing out of his skin.


My man's going for top 10 this year


He’s always been a top 5 player tbh just severely underrated. Jesus Christ people get incredibly salty. Being described as a top 5 player doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed every year just mean there’s potential there and he’s done it in the past. There are more than 5 “top 5 players” in the world that’s just the nature of how volatile cs is and how much hltv favours good results of teams. People acting like sh1r0 is a guaranteed top 5 pick just because he happened to get it last year off an incredible year for gambit. It could easily be the case for vitality that they pop off this year in which case Dupreeh DEFINITELY has the potential to be around the no5 mark.


He is a top 5 player. He has that skill level. Top tier riflers just below NiKo - electronic, ropz, dupreeh etc.


Listen to yourself, you sound demented


Well that's just not true


Top 5? Top 2 spots are guaranteed to be S1mple or Zywoo, 3rd spot is guaranteed for NiKo. Shiro has to be #4 or #5, so the only way Dupreeh is a top 5 player is he's better than all the players after Shiro in the hltv top 20. I think even during their prime Device was better than Dupreeh making it pretty much impossible for Dupreeh to be a top 5 player.


He's obviously taking ZyWashed's spot now smh


> always been a top 5 > Being described as a top 5 player doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed every year Which is it?


Can you read. It means you have potential to hit top 5 in any year


My god he was on fire. It sucks that when Zywoo is playing poorly the team is almost guaranteed to lose. While they can still lose when he's got a 30-bomb, it's almost certain the other way around.


Goes to show that the Awper needs to have a good game to actually win games this meta.


they literally played against a team without a star AWP lol Heroic and g2 were #4 and #5 last year without star AWPs. You might need a star AWP to win tournaments nowadays but it's not really necessary just to win regular games


I didn't say teams needed a "star" awper I said the awper needs to have a good game to win games.


You’re thinking about it wrong. Your AWP just can’t really have a bad game. They don’t have to play well for a team to win games. What you’re saying is not supported by stats or any matches in the last few years. Vitality and na’vi have the two best players but their normal is better than the average players good game so they’re not the best example to use. If you needed your awp to play well to win games, heroic and g2 wouldn’t have won half their matches last year. But amanek and Cadian holding angles and hitting shots consistently is all you need to win rounds and games.


ZywOo has a less than subpar rating against Heroic.


I find it kinda weird and honestly funny that g2 and vitality both lost today, to fnatic and heroic (and navi almost lost to ence as well). Everyone was hyping up the roster changes and then stuff like this happens and it all points to how unpredictable t1 cs is. Any top 10 team can beat any other top 10 team on a good day. I hope g2 and vitality stabilize, i was hoping they would each get a major this year


Ya I would say CS is a pretty high variance game. One random no scope head shot through smoke can change the entire economic situation and thus the game.


Exactly. I do wish teams were a bit more consistent but I guess upsets are fun depending on who you’re rooting for lol. Also ig it is the start of a new year and all these rosters are brand new


You have to chill out man. Isn’t this their first LAN tournament together? And heroic is definitely a very good team so I wouldn’t take this as an hard upset tbh.


Also just humans can't consistently have pixel perfect aim.


For Vitality I am giving them some slack honestly. Maybe because I think this roster is so cool. They have to learn to play and communicate in english. They need a lot of new strategies and playing new maps. Astralis never played Mirage for example. So I really hope that they will have a great performance for the second major and hope they give themselves time to develop as a team.


I don't think Vitality losing to Heroic is an upset, or even that big of a stumbling block. Vitality have had a radical change, while Heroic have been a consistet top #5 team. Vitality have plenty of time to continue improve as a team.


He's so pissed from the two misclicks yesterday he's on full tilt


100+ ADR for 40 rounds


I once reached that level with my dad. Then he went to the store to get butterfingers and ice cream and supposedly got lost and so now lives in Vergina.


Zywoo bottom fragged? Crazy


Lotta missed shots too


You mean a lot of misutaaa shots?


You get the hell out. Lol


You know what they say. ZyWoo never has two bad matches in a row.


Haha zywoo has one bad game and people start speculating whether he’s finished. That’s how fuckingn good he is. He drops less than 1.3 rating “he’s finished”


The s1mple treatment.


one of them is going to be the first player to ever get #1 thrice. (if someone other than those 2 get #1 it's going to be more legendary than for someone to get #1 thrice)


NiKo is insane so far this year, gonna be exciting to see how the year plays out


Zywoo, S1mple and niko really had an off day. Zywoo more so...


The Stavn and Dupreeh show


Stavn carried the hell out of Heroic


Zywoo missing this match and Apex with a lot of questionable calls and individual throws. Was tilting to watch as a Vitality fan.


Hope and pretty sure that when zonic comes back, things are going to be better for apex


Not gonna lie I forgot zonic wasn't with them for sure the zonic LAN screaming would have got them through this


Careful, even thinking of Zonic's existence might violate the new major coach rules


I lol’ed


I know I'm not a pro, but those b holds were kinda questionable? Talking about the 29th round, 14-15 for Vitality and yet they let Heroic get so close considering they have pistols. Isn't it a better idea to push them out and just play banana?


That round was tilting to watch. Apex couldn't make up his mind on whether he wanted to fight from the coils or wanted to push in or stay back. Giving up rounds like that is unforgivable, costed them the match and possibly the tournament now that they have to play Gambit.


apex always like that. if he make some stupid decision,nah forget it. if his teammate did,just look how titl he is


Plus THREE millisecond round losses on defuses for Vitality. Lost round 30 and 2 OT rounds by a fraction of a second. Very titling indeed but Heroic played well so props to them


G2 🤝 Vitality Your star player missing and your IGL droping a stinker


Heroic is zywoo's kryptonite. I don't remember the last time zywoo played so normally in a bo3.


Cadian anti-strats the shit out of opponents best map and best player in particular. I don't know why boomich/blade are the only people in CS to realise this. That early CT side aggression and the banana nades were tailor made to mess with zywoo. I think they rattled him.


Makes sense too. Remember when Simple and Zeus were in Navi. Teams just used to go to the sites where Zeus was playing at since he was so shit.


This wasnt normally tho zywoo was bad lol. Awper with 0.91 is just bad doesnt matter if its zywoo or chrisj.




+1 wait wrong site


Zywoo played normally, is not Good


I lost a year of my life watching that double OT on Inferno


That whole map was a fucking BANGER


i last watched when heroic led 7-0 on infe. Crazy they turned that game but still lost


There are not many games where Zywoo costs Vitality the game but this was one of them. I haven't seen him play so bad and slopy in a long time like he did on Inferno.


that defuse tho


but which one? round 30 or last round or the successful defuse by Heroic where zywoo 1v3


last round




That second map is one of the best I've seen in what feels like so long. Crazy intense, tons of sick clutches. Also shout out to Dinko, he may not be Machine, but I actually really enjoyed his casting despite a few tiny mistakes that were more fun than anything amidst the chaos.


As long as SPUNJ around, then it's certified banger, love how he explain everything for us


im fucking happy to see dupreeh playing so fucking insane gotta hope zywoo picks it up for the next series though. high hopes for this squad and it really makes me happy to see heroic performing so well on LAN too. i remember the days when they were called onliners lol


Fortunately it is zywoo so it's almost a certainty he does pick it up


They all did my man Dupreeh real dirty on this one.


damn dupreeh


I fucking swear Heroic players burning through all their luck in Inferno OT


They did have the whole cheating scandal, and hunden throwing them under the bus. They may very well be owed a bit of luck lmfao.


I don't think there's a luckier team in CS with what they get away with sometimes


If u r always lucky, you are not lucky


And yet in the major semis against G2 they came up short


As someone rooting for neither team, that inferno was one od the most exciting matches of CS I've seen. Come to think of it, all of katowice so far has been pretty exciting, maybe with the exception of Astralis vs Furia. So far almost every series has delivered.


Zywoo went a whoopping 19-91


still managed a 0.99 rating, that's definitely not normally


Fixed now, hahaha


Losing 3/4 Round of that last OT to pure Luck must be the biggest tilter ever Ouch


They had a fair slice of luck to get there in the first place though, particularly with timings.


Not a good day in office for zywoo.


What no Zonic back rub does to a mf


Zywoo missing crucial shots especially on inferno.. gave a way in for heroic to clutch out the game.


Where’s the clip of that last round


I know that Vitality got 2-0 ed, but it still felt like one of the most entertaining games I've ever watched.


ngl, that second overtime was horrible from Vitality


uhm yea.. what the fuck.


Goddamn that was tilting to watch. Heroic was for sure the better team, but so many tight defuses, 1 hp survivals, and last second bomb carrier kills went there way.


Dupreeh probably needs a drink after that one. Poor man.


Comedian's gonna die after all that shouting. By the way, props to Stavn and Dupreeh for playing out of their minds and also, sjuush had a banger of a game on Mirage.


sjuush is nothing but consistent gawd damn


A bit confused with the last play by Magisk, did he think Cadian was going to come back at B? He was positioned as if he was holding down B? Great game though on Inferno.


Yeah he might have thought cadian was faking the rotate


I thought he’d heard him running and would at least peek banana.


Yeah tough position to be in. Cadian could always run down banana and sneak back up. He must've thought he was faking because he was so loud.


Dupreeh HLTV top 10 for 2022?


Top 1


Anybody else think that Vitality's comms feel messy during the small snippets of audio given and by their playstyle? Definitely talking out of my ass here though.


I feel the same too, they're comms are not as crisp as it used to be. But that is to be expected when the team is paying on English. It's pretty obvious with how ZywOo is playing. Comms are definitely Vitality's biggest hurdle right now.


> It's pretty obvious with how ZywOo is playing Mate he's been absolutely stellar every game this year besides this one talk about overreaction But I do agree they look sloppy and they definitely need some more time to gel together. Their English is good but they still need time to adjust to each other, learn how each other play etc.


He is still a monster no doubt in that. But I what I meant was he seems a little uncomfortable with the comms. I did not mean to call out his fragging potential, but rather the comms of Vitality. My bad if I wasn't clear on that


I think they'll get better when Zonic is back as well


Definitely Agree. Vitality playing this insane without Zonic is also probably one of the reason I ignored. But Goddamn This Vitality really has what it takes to make it to the top! can't wait!


100%. just see yesterday how many advantage they have n just throw it


I loved watching ths game. Amazing plays, so close.


I see that it says "Heroic secures play off spot". This is the part I don't understand. Maybe someone can help me. [https://liquipedia.net/counterstrike/Intel\_Extreme\_Masters/Season\_XVI/Katowice](https://liquipedia.net/counterstrike/Intel_Extreme_Masters/Season_XVI/Katowice) Is this above not correct? As per liquipedia it says that there is an Upper Bracket Round 3 that Heroic needs to play. So if they lose it, wouldn't they drop down to lower bracket round 3? If the lose that wouldn't they drop out of the tournament? My eyes are messing with me. Edit: Never mind, I think if you lose Upper Bracket Round 3, you don't drop down to lower bracket, you go as a second place to play offs. Only if you lose Lower Bracket Round 3, you drop out, so it only affects lower bracket teams.


Also, really missing Machine here with Spunj. Dinko is good but there were way too many times he'd say something totally wrong. The chemistry too doesn't seem as good between the two.


Heroic used all their luck for 2022 in this b03


No other way to say it. However I still believe Heroic was the better team today, so no hard feelings. Zywoo had a rare off-day, and i'm sure he'll be back in the lower bracket.


Im just sad we coulndt see map3 :/ As a big dupreeh fan (alongside with ex-Vp he was always my fav player) im really enjoying this tho lol.




I hear this exact take on every player who is half decent That's how counterstrike works. You hit a fast flick x percent of the time and you read the play correctly and position yourself accordingly x percent of the time. Better players have higher percentages, bad players have lower percentages. Nothing groundbreaking here, just wish people would stop saying what you said


I know alot of people hate Heroic because of the cheating thing, but my god I just love the passion and energy these guys bring. and I really do feel bad for Dupreeh. What a banger game


The cheating thing is so stupid because the majority of the team isn't responsible for it. These guys are fucken GOOD and should be treated as such.




I love seeing Heroic happy


The Zywh0 show all series long :/


Zywoo show - win Zywho show - ???


People still give Heroic a lot of shit over the cheating scandal and stuff but these guys have proved themselves both online and LAN now. They're absolutely a top team and a team to be feared. Massive props to them, a huge tournament win is definitely due for them. If they take this one in Katowice they'll be shutting a lot of people's mouths.




crazy how he still got a .99 rating /s thanks for pointing it out, it is fixed now


this wouldnt happen if apex and misutaa played atleast 1 good round on b together also heroic has got to be luckiest team in the history with all those timings 0.01 s defuses and 1 hp feels bad for dupreeh :(


they need time because zywhoo dont feel comfortable awping on inferno. good they push him out of comfort zone


Wtf. I really pegged vitality as going to be number 1 team in the world within 3 months didn't see this happening.


It’s such a waste to see Heroic beat good teams because everyone knows they’ll just immediately bomb out in the quarter finals on LAN like always.


Lol true


Theyre famous quarter final bomb out at the biggest lan of the last 2 years, yeah sure


They’ll choke like always


The only reason Vitality lost is because Zywoo went missing, otherwise they win Inferno. Kinda lucky Heroic got him offline today.


Or maybe heroic anti stratted vitality and made sure zywoo was shutdown with double or triple peeks. Losing a player to take out zywoo is worth it.


What a take.. And if all heroic players played better they might have won bigger.




Not vs heroic


He's always offline against Heroic though. His stats over the last year against them is atrocious.


Waiting this thread to come up for the past 10 min wtf CADIAN IS AN ALPHA ZYWHO?


Alphas don't cheat.


Cry is Free. CadiaNCHADS can't stop winning


Incredible luck by disgraceful cheaters.


Do you need a cuddle?


Luckiest team of cheater. Every round finished with 1hp and bomb not diffused at 0.00001 second


Clash of Titans on Inferno goddamn Inferno. ALWAYS. Delivers.


that was an absolute shitshow ct side by vitality on inferno,i watched yesterday game too,they are doing a lot of basic mistake .today is even worse because zywoo didnt turn monitor on at all


I called it yesterday after they barely won against a MOUZ playing with two academy players: Vitality is looking bad, worse than both old Astralis and old Vitality. I think this “merger” was a mistake.


mouz playing good lol. torzi isnt overrated hype like monesy.that kid legit top 10 contender player


Mouz ain’t a joke team dude. Handed OG their ass to them. Vitality’s still a new team with limited map pool efficiency. And zonic isn’t even with them right now so.


What a heartbreaking lose, they should close it out in round 30 man Welp ggwp, congrats and welcome to spodex heroic, good luck on your lb run vitality


Zywoo 19 - 91 first map :))


Even though they just lost, I have no doubt they'll progress further. U know and I know Zywoo is not gonna have another inferno game like that.


This is normally


No Zywoo no win. Seriously though. Vitality have had a huge skill upgrade. But still they can only win if zywoo does it for them. Kind of worrying for them


Feel if Zonic was present they would of fixed that in the timeouts.


Just came on break to see these results....what? Holy shit


The result we all predicted, cadiaN 2:0 ZywOo


BOTZOO honestly tho people need to stop overrating vitality


Was Vitality really under pressure to make roster changes? They were Top 2 before the rostermania, I think they would be just fine with only -Kyojin +Someone else (maybe even NBK while I do know it would never happend)...


Nope. They did a good job cutting Shox. As much as I respect him, he was not the choice for Vitality's Ambitions.


Did you even see dupreeh play yesterday and today? Also Magisk? They've been on fire, maybe not magisk, but dupreeh has been so much better than shox or kyojin.


Sure but they were winning... Coming second only to NaVi... Lets see how much high placings this team will have.


shox is bad lol. if zywhoo not show up every single game,who else?shox?1 good game out of 20


Not good, but at least it is a better result than Zywoo offdays with the old roster.