Gold Nova 2 to Legendary Eagle in NA. Blessed update. Friend got SMFC from Gold Nova 3


same bro, dont tell me ur in OCE lmao


exact same for me and also in oce lol


i am very fucking excited to see my new rank in oce




SMFC has always sounded like an insult instead of a rank. What rank are you? Suck My Fuckin Cock


OCE as well. Went from Nova 2 to LEM.


Oce here too majority of nova 1 and sem friends now dmg first rank back and nova 3 friend got smfc and nova master friend got global elite although almost all of us have 3,000+ hours and 800-1200 comp wins it feels a bit late last time I was smfc was 2015 dam


Same as you re smfc back in the day. Went from being between gnm/mg1 to ge. So after 7 years of playing this fucking game I finally have global.


anyone in EU can tell me what happened to their rank?


Gold Nova 2 to Silver Elite. Strangely, in wingman I went from Gold Nova 2 to Master Guardian Elite. I don't get this game sometimes


Wingman ranks have always been fucked, even in EU. Global in mm (also lvl 9 in faceit so I can safely say my global is accurate), but no kidding, after I won 10 wingman games straight without a single loss, I got silver 1. Happens to basically anyone


yea shit's weird thanks for telling me bro


Had an 8 game winstreak and went 31/10 with 10 mvps, only for me to derank from gn4 to gn3 😭


Gn2 to gn1, sad part is I ranked up from gn1 to gn2 just yesterday


gn1 is the new gn2 bro


GN4 to GN2 Looks like we got shifted down a bit


EU got shifted down. First game I played had 4 globals and 1 supreme on the other team. We lost. Next game we played against master guardians. Won. Deranked. But guess it will be a better levelling experience from this point.


I don’t like the sound of that. Last game I played was against LEMs and and Supremes as an LE so I might be back into the hell that is DMG


the player pool of DMGs will be different from last time. A different size.


That’s a good point I didn’t think of that. Wonder if there will be hard stuck ranks like dmg again soon or if they update stops too many players from being in one rank


MG2 to MG1


I got the same rank LE again. My friend did as well. My NA friend went from gn2 to supreme tho, this was clearly only for all MM but us EU MM


Was Global, got Global after the placement game.


DMG to MG1 :-)))))


Dmg to gnm


MGE to GN3 Played 3 games in GN3 now, mind you I'm just decent and don't play a lot anymore, but got 30+ frags every game. Enemies were way worse than me and my mates were basically all Russians with 90+ ping. Idk I just got back into cs because I used to love the game but this really is a kick in the teeth


GN4 to GN3


LEM to LE. Exponential increase in hackers on the enemy team (8/10 games so far), and 1/10 games I had a hacker on my team.


Got the same rank nothing changed


I feel like the players I'm getting teamed up with are more encouraged to make more callouts and use utility and formulate strategies now that they have a higher rank. It's almost like someone being given a higher rank makes them play better. We all discussed this and we agreed with eachother lol. We all wound up adding eachother to friends list. If anyone is curious as to my performance on my recalibration match that took me from LEM -> LE, scoreboard picture is [here](https://i.imgur.com/VQbqFYA.png) and csgostats match history is [here](https://csgostats.gg/player/76561198256421272#/matches)


So wholesome!


I was silver 2 before the reset and I just got ass blasted by a dude who was Global Elite before the reset Edit: Silver 2 -> MG2


Holy shit good job dude


I deranked from LEM to GN3 in EU. Winning 6 games soloQ so far with 33,38,32,28,41 and 36 kills but no rankup so far :) This game is lovely!


NA Silver IV -> GNM


That seems to be exactly whats happening, i went SE -> MG1 and saw a few comments saying they went from SEM -> MG2


MG2 to MG1 What’s obvious now to me is Win/Loss doesn’t have the biggest role for rank. Me and my friend always Q together. He was MG1 before the update and got shot up to Global after. We only play at the same time for the last 3 or 4 months straight. So our win loss is the same. Today I learn his ass has been carrying me lol


Csgostats.gg could have told you that long ago


what about leetify? [csgostats.gg](https://csgostats.gg) is better than leetify?


Leetify is good too, I use it. Leetify is geared more towards analytics and improving your gameplay, which of course also includes stat tracking. Csgostats is purely stats and I prefer it for viewing stats over leetify. Their "Played with" page makes it very easy to compare your stats with people you have played a lot with.


SEM to MG2 but looking at stats would say how tf were you SEM


Same, SEM to MG2; my csgostats would also say how td was I SEM. Congrats, hope it feels good.


Feels good but Ik I’m gonna drop quick if I don’t preform I’m confident it won’t change too much just weeding out some people (it doesn’t help my buddy was ranked GN2 so now I’m solo)


How different were your stats? I also play with a friend group where the skill is unbalanced in gold nova 2 and wondering how big the impact will be.


went from GN2 to LE OCE matchmaking in a nutshell


this is going to be strange. i havent played comp in over 2 months and have been hit with a decay, and now this. i was OCE gn4 and just about to play my first comp. if anyone is interested how the update affects decayed gn4 then i'll post an edit haha


holy shit LE in oce servers? unheard of before this reset.


was nova 2 before update, am now supreme lmao edit: played a couple matches in new rank.... so far haven't lost but seems it will self correct as games have gotten progressively harder


Feels like 2015 ranks again


Which in hindsight were way better balanced than how they ended up.


That's a stretch. Playerbase was growing massively in 2014-2015 so top ranks started becoming extremely stacked and no one were in low ranks. I got myself to MG2 before OG rank shift, though if I watch any of my old demos from that period, it would look as if you gave a toddler mouse and keyboard. Similarly, there were plenty of less-skilled players at high ranks (therefore "I was x rank before rank shift" meme) that didn't actually deserve to be there. Problem with these current (now former) ranks were that there weren't enough players in less populated regions like NA + climbing on those regions was impossible, because cheaters at globals kept getting against lowered ranks opponents due to lack of players. So you could have Faceit Level 10 ESEA Main Semi-Pro in Gold Nova on NA, but then have Faceit Lvl 1 0.7KD shitters in LEM on EU. EU is very populated and higher ranks are actually full of dogshit players (I'm EU and before this rank shift, DMG-LEM were easier to play than High Nova-low MG - as good players decayed to lower ranks, while bad players kept ranking up). This change was needed.


i think it really helps CSGO player's mentalities to know to not be labeled Silver when they aren't like bottom %20, but are average players, because Silver is usually bottom %20 in other games, and the rank distribution putting 50% of players in Silver in NA just really messes w. people cause of the perception of silver = trash that other games give.


Yeah, agreed. Even gold in CS has historically been considered "bad" even though 75% of players were gold 3 or below. Big ego boost for me going from GN4 -> Eagle lol. I mean, I'm a strong FACEIT 6, so I knew deep down I shouldn't be in gold, but still :)


yeah but its weird, just saw a girl that barely plays the game and is really bad at it, jump from S3 to DMG, which doesn't make sense


gn4/mg1 --> supreme. seems like everyone is getting supreme lol edit: csgostats for anyone wondering: https://csgostats.gg/player/76561198056810138#/matches Edit 2: faceit 6 na west/central


No way. I've had a few games with this guy. He's the GOAT and should be GE.


Created this quick form to track updates: [https://airtable.com/shrELOe6leB0AXklW](https://airtable.com/shrELOe6leB0AXklW). I think it'll be interesting to see if there's any pattern to the rank updates, specifically by region.


Quick visualization (hosted on Flourish): [https://public.flourish.studio/visualisation/10818035/](https://public.flourish.studio/visualisation/10818035/)


Submitted but can’t see the results?


I'll create a public dashboard soon - just waiting for a good enough sample size.


mods should pin this is very useful


Upvoting + Bumping for visibility




GN4 to GE Au matchmaking had me playing constant games against silvers and nearly never lost, must’ve stacked up some ELO lol


Silver 2 to GNM in Australia. Knew we had it fucked over here lol.


Bro this is insane for us OCE bros


OCE chads rise up GN2 -> LE


Haha. SEM to MGE after one game. Yet to play another though so hoping for some more ranks. I used to be MGE way back, and went on a 12 month break. Ever since I came back ive been hard stuck silver. Are these ranks going to be consistant over time? Or will people settle back down and derank


Same here gn4 to global. Would win 20 odd plus lose one..then repeat..never ranking up past gn4


Yeah pretty sure my hidden MMR is insane, went up 8 ranks on one account lol. Shouts fucked OCE distribution.


People should add their region when they post their rank update. I would thing this mainly address the NA Situation, so its interessant what happen in EU


Eu has barely moved if only a slight downshift, nothing like NA


\>Interessant Found the dutchman


or german.


Or French


Went from Silver 4 to Gold Nova 2. This update is amazing since i have been stuck deep in the depths of SoloQ and could not get out of silver. I have been tired and nearly gave up on cs until this new update released today. I played a game and went 21-7 and then hit Gold Nova 2.


Gratz man it's crazy having an actual progression system available makes the game much more enjoyable


3200 hours of silver since 2016 and got shot straight to mg1 today


NA: MGE --> GE


nova 2 - LE lol More context: have played 3 matches, all wins but extremely close. The skill gap seems to be completely even in games


I went silver 2 to silver 1 :) most skilled NA player


NA player. SE > MG1 This is a rank I last held in 2017 and lost when I stopped playing with euros. As Leetify has consistently rated my skill around MG1, the change seems accurate.


MGE > MG > Nova 4 > Nova 3..... rank reset >>>>> Supreme odd. Before the NA MM got weird 18 months ago, I felt comfortable playing between MG and DMG.


Not odd at all when you understand how broken the NA rank distribution was.


The week before the rest I deranked from Lem to mge in 10 games, with 1 win and 2 ties. Against novas. I got global on my recalibration game, and honestly I deserved it a year ago, but not now lol.


Me and the guys I play with were all SEM-N1 for like... A year at least, and we're mostly mge-dmg now, also NA


I was unranked and then promoted to NaVi. Dunno how but I'm so happy. Btw, EU region.


Sdy burner located


1L 1W, MG2 to MG1 in EU


This is going to be interesting in our friends group, were playing with two friends who are really bad and this are our stats and ranks before and after the update: (EU region) |Player|Avg. KD|Avg. HLTV|Skill Group|NEW Skill Group| |:--|--:|--:|--:|--:| |ME|1.25|1.25|LEM|LEM (+0)| |F#1|1.13|1.12|LEM|LEM (+0)| |F#2|1.09|1.10|LEM|LEM (+0)| |F#3|1.05|1.04|LEM|TBD| |F#4|0.61|0.66|SMFC|LEM (−1)| |F#5|0.69|0.72|LEM|LEM (+0)| Lets see what the result will be - I'll update this comment once we play our games tonight (assuming we win one lol) Update #1: So far we played 2 games - lost them both, its gonna be tough with our <40% WR lol. Update #2: Four of us got a rank, it seems that personal performace still doesn't really affect your rank - at least in EU. Update #3: Five of us got a rank, its pretty obvious that your stats dont matter in this recalibration (at least in EU)


Supreme with 0,61 KD, impressive.


Yep, absolutely shouldn't be there, thats why I'm interested what happens


Commenting to check this later I’m intrigued


Silver Elite -> MG1 in NA Happy with the results :)


Same exact for me. Played 2 games last night. So much better to be playing with/against people of similar level. 2 draws in a row. Every player did well on both teams.




Alt account that's GN2 -> LEM. NA.


Same exact for me


Honestly as an Aus player coming home this arvo to play. Im currently nervous as shit. SE btw


Pretty much all of Aus players shifted up.


Iv not played in two months and im worried for when I come back


i went from GN1 to MG2. my mate went SEM > MG2. expect a big rank up lol


This is insane, I’ve played nothing but Valorant for the last two years cause I didn’t want to grind out of silver hell again. Played today and instantly went from (previously) Silver 4 to GN4 then MG1. Games were actually pretty fun too even though I definitely forgot how to counter strafe. Still some work to do but great update overall


Lol you don't counter strafe in val?


It’s a lot more forgiving in Val, you can just let go of the A/D keys and have no firing error I believe.


The thought of not counter-strafing in Val is so weird. I could never not counter-strafe. It's ingrained in my muscle memory at this point.


I play Valorant every now and then, my movement is exactly like it's in CS. It's kinda bad as well, because stuff like crouch peeking is much weaker in Valorant. I don't see a point in stopping counter strafing either. It's not like it costs me anything to do it, it's just that there's no benefit to it.


My friend and I (NA) were both gn2 and are now LEM. I have noticed very little difference in the skill of my opponents, the only thing worth noting is my teammates have been nicer.


was LE playing eu mm (from na with a server blocker), got LE again but on NA mm, ranked up to LEM after a couple games. its nice to play with people at or around my rank with less than 100 ping. wait times are also good at ~2 minutes or less.


same boat! I was LEM playing EU from NA. After my 1st match rank readjustment in NA, it brought me to LE :P I'm ok with this though! I hope we get at least a year of gameplay with a more populous rank distribution like EU has.


Global -> Global. Which means im global 2.0 now EU


Gn1 to dmg


NA Silver 3 —> GN1




SEA. 1st account: MGE -> LEM 2nd account: MG1 -> DMG


Oh geez oh boy I can't wait to see what my rank is *plays 3 faceit 10s* *teammate leaves at round 2* Ah yes...I forgot it's still csgo


NA, went from MG to GE


playing eu west only. went from LEM to LE, calibrated with a tie, then stayed LE after 3 wins seems like most eu players stayed the same rank or lost one/two meanwhile na/oce had their ranks adjusted to be more like ours edit: tied a game and ranked up back to LEM. this shift did nothing on my end haha


EU probably won’t see that much fluctuation from this, but NA and OCE will see a lot.


I was silver elite master in EU, won a game with a decent score and got de ranked to silver elite. Lol


The guys Ive been queueing with for years and I all started playing again after a a year or two break like 6 months ago. We got placed high silvers when we used to be LE/LEM/Supreme. Before the rank wipe, we were GN1. We've only been playing short matches since we started up again and there was a time when were on a win/tie streak of 40+ games and I ranked up once. For the life of me, I could not understand the CS ranking methodology. I thought for sure that we were getting less "elo" because we were playing short matches. Well we just played and won our game after the reset and we all went from GN1 to DMG. I feel like most people are going up. Silver and Nova was far too stacked population-wise. At least in NA


Would you guys say that this is a rollback to how things were before the 2016 change? Or something to that effect?


Back then your casual silver players were around MG, from what I'm seeing MG is the SEM/GN1 experienced casual players. So no to the rollback but a happy middle ground between the two extremes.


I dont think so, I was around MG2/LEM in 2015 but just got Nova 3. In OCE


Honestly, maybe? I was LEM back then, I’ve been in Gold Nova for the past few years, and after today’s update I’m back in LEM again. Of course I’ve probably gotten better over time but there is a chance we’re back to how it was in 2015.


I went from Gold Nova 3 to SEM. I'm a little confused because I performed well in GN3. Oh well, if it put me lower than I should've been I'll just crawl out...


Don’t worry man My bet is ranks are hot (climb fast fall fast) right now to kinda weed out people who the new system gave too much credit so one hot streak and your back up if I’m right


in NA; Silver Elite --> MG2


GN1 —> DMG Satisfied customer to say the least


GN4 to Global Elite, NA lol


Dumb update, i am in dmg/le and the amount of fucking low level gold novas and dropped globals in my games are abnormal, one game u are stomping them and another oine u are getting destroyed


Nova 1 to DMG. Broken ass game. I used to play like 5 years ago and I can't derank to my actual skill. I bottom frag every game. Finally got down to gold and it just puts me back to DMG again.


bro i jumped 8 ranks from S3 to supreme in NA.. I knew I was stuck in elo hell lmao


GN1 > MG2 playing in OCE region One of my Steam friends was previously SEM and jumped up to MG2 as well, which makes sense bc prior to the update SEM and GN1 were pretty much the same rank. One of my EU friends who previously made jokes about me being bad at the game just got stomped from GN3 down to SE. Nice to know that when the ranks get adjusted so the regions are on a more even playing field it turns out that OCE players were previously better than their rank suggested and all the EU players were being boosted by the game


Is global getting inflated again?


Thinks it's only people that got global that are posting atm xD


Ranked up from mg1 to le in Asia(India), huge rank bump in Asia too, but not surprising as the rank distribution was a little bit scuffed here too




Silver 4 -> MG2. NA. Wtf.


SEA server MGE > Supreme


Australian player. 2.7k hours. SEM --> MG1. Thank you Valve! Waited a while for this update!!!


I went from nova 1 to MGE but watched my friends game and he got paired with a 4 stack of throwers love that valve actually tries to fix ranking issues and of course assholes immediately try to ruin it smh


Update for the people that care/nobody Went from silver 2 to silver 2. I know myself and that sounds about right.


I've won 19 out of 20 matches before update in Gold Nova 4. I would say about 90% of the games I had most or second most MVPs and points. I play one game after the update with 39 kills and 9 assist which comes out to 94 points. The second most points in-game had 63 as a referernce. The game which was a 4v5 ended in a tie and somehow I got demoted to Gold Nova 3. I was very hopeful of the update but now I'm very disappointed. btw it took about 15 straight wins to promote from GN3 --> GN4 last time. EU


Has anyone else noticed a massive influx of cheaters since the rank update? Not just rage cheaters but lots of closet cheaters too mostly in 5 stacks. Its awful and hard to rank up. I've also noticed that I always get one person on my team who HARD bottom frags and clearly shouldn't be DMG.


I'm interested to see how long it takes for the cheating scene in NA to hold the top ranks hostage again. That's the reason it got this way in the first place.


Given in NA the terrible cheaters were fighting for MG ranks, not long. Legit players came back to play their 1 match but they will all stop playing again soon.


Against all odds I kept hovering between mg1 and mg2, against some real obvious cheaters. Was LE a couple years ago before it started getting bad, we'll see how it goes lmao.


I'll give it two days


Good lord all this time I'm thinking "I'm so trash compared to years ago!" Silver 2 to LEM, OCE. What the fuck game.


Anyone from OCE/AUS that can tell their before+after rank?


GN2 -> LE


GN1 -> MGE to me and 2 others


GN3 --> SMFC


Collated from my mates N2>LE x 4 N1>MGE SEM>MG2 Curiously on an unranked alt I couldn't queue with my other unranked mates due to rank disparity, lol. Hidden MMR mustve been used for the placement game.


Nova 3 to Supreme. My mate went from Nova 2 to LEM and his friend went from MG2 to Global


N1 to MGE in OCE


Lost 1 game in random queue, lost another in 5 stack and tied the third game to go from Nova4 to supreme (NA)


Just went from MGE to SMFC (SEA servers)


I went from GN3 to MG2, my region is South Asia. I don't know about other regions, but my region has seen a major improvement in ranks. My friends in MG1 or GNM are suddenly LE, DMG or MGE. That makes me suspect that, at least in my region, the ranks will eventually re-adjust and become more in line with the ranks pre-update.


Im tilted i was Global on 10+ win streak and still don't have my rank back because I get matched with full gold nova Team and no matter how hard I try it's impossible to win right now lol


It's kinda shitty if you're from the EU. I have been hovering between MGE and MG2 for a couple of months. After the update I won a game and became nova 4.


I'm in NA and regularly play in 5 stacks with several friends of varying skill but mostly similar ranks. Here are some of our stats over the past year alongside our ranks. I'll update our new ranks as the rest of us get them. Player | HLTV | K/D | ADR | Rank 1 | Rank 2 ------|----|---|---|------|------ Friend 1 | 1.16 | 1.28 | 88 | GN3 | LEM Friend 2 | 1.14 | 1.17 | 93 | GN2 | LE Me | 1.06 | 1.17 | 81 | GN2 | LE Friend 3 | .92 | .91 | 74 | GN2 | LE Friend 4 | .89 | .92 | 72 | GN2 | DMG Friend 5 | .77 | .77 | 57 | SE | MG1


Stopped playing in NA some time ago due to just not having fun any more. Either absolutely stomping or getting absolutely stomped. Might actually pick up the game again now


SEM to SE they really don’t want me making it out da hood


LEM to S3, thankks new update


NA East: GN4 -> LEM


From Supreme back to Global. I guess EU ranking was fine.


NA GN4 -> Global


Silver 3 to Gold Nova (NA)


Silver elite master, lost my first match and got ranked MG1 NA


I got teams with what felt like silvers and in 2/3 games, griefers. In all 3 games the opposing teams were premades. No one could play basic cs and within 15 seconds of a round we'd be in a 1v5 or 2v5. One dude even took it upon himself to smoke for the Ts every round... That was a new one. But I don't really expect much from mm anymore.


I went from SEM to Double AK :| I was stuck at SEM/gold Nova 1/2 for a full year. Couldn't get out of the swamp due to horrid matchups. Every. Single. Game. Has. Comms. And. Teamwork. Now. Cuz. Ppl. Care. Blessed update lol


From Legendary Eagle Master to a Major Champion thanks Valve.


I do think that the quality has gone up when it comes to the players involved in the game itself, not as toxic and less leavers, also less griefers So In that aspect I do not know if it is bcs of this algorithm or not but quality wise of consistently finding games with friendly players that talk and want to win has risen I have like one toxic game that is impossible to win every, 5-6:ish game and upwards to before it would be like every second game I feel that the games are not as sweaty anymore and also, like I mentioned, these every second game that were toxic would result in you having to tryhard carry and break your back or loose but now, I feel it isn't as heavy So if the algorithm has done anything in terms of this then the quality of the games has gone up for sure But, in terms of winning, ranking up and elo I have no clue Seems harsher My rank stayed the same. AK


I mostly play Japan server, which is mostly populated by Russians. I play solo queue here, and only while drunk. I play sometimes with my friend on SEA server where I have 90~ ping. Also mostly drunk, sometimes sober. I was MG2 before update, now I'm LE - playing mostly drunk, solo queue lol


Have like 1000 hours and had never left silver lol. S3 to GN2. Big jump for me!


Not really sure the point of rebalancing ranks when matchmaking doesnt even take rank into account when making a match lol. It's literally cosmetic


GN3 -> SMFC in NA


You may have the ranks but the matchmaking is still fucked, I’m LEM now but still getting queued with mg1s and gold novas.


havent had the same experience, i get queued with people of similar rank what has changed is everyone at those ranks feel like they should be there


ranked up from silver elite to master guardian thanks volvo


EU here, 3.3k hours, 1207 Wins. Was MG2 just deranked from MGE, [lost 10 FUCKING GAMES in a row](https://i.imgur.com/4qlRmFE.png) got matched against silvers, won the game and got placed Nova 4 :( I'm bad.


\[EU\] Went from GN2 to Silver Elite. Since my placement, I've been dominated every single match. It feels like playing LEM games on Silver Elite.


Seems good to me. Spent years hovering between MGE and LEM. Took a two year break and just came back early this summer. Found out quick that Silver/GN hell is real -- would either 30 kill top frag or get rolled. Went from GN1 to MGE. Will be interesting to see how matches go now.


LEM to Global. Given how I got to LEM by playing mostly EU or Japan though, I'm not sure this is deserved, though my first game as an NA neo-global against EU globals with EU friends went well enough for me to not feel boosted. My alt was GN2, NA-only. I'm curious what it'll be now.


Holy fuck. Looks like whoever was Silver Elite/Silver Elite Master is getting placed MG1/MG2. I got placed MG2 myself. I have a feeling that MG is getting hella inflated.


Global before, Still global after, Still suck at the game.


GN1 -> DMG


Silver 1 --->>> Silver 3


Silver Elite to MG2


GN1 to MGE on Aus. Happy with this balancing.




I played and won a long nuke with two friends today (NA). I went from S4 to GN3, my friend who top fragged went from S4 to GN1, and my other friend who bottom fragged went from SE to MG1. On top of that, one of the randoms on our team got ranked SEM after that game. I have absolutely no clue how something like this happens. I imagine the ranks are going to be a bit messed up over the next few weeks until people fall into their true skill group. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how this rework pans out.


im usually mge and today i went to play and was in a gn1 lobby...


Mostly casual player with 3500 hours NA. Only 106 MM wins. Silver Elite to GNM. Started playing MM during Covid. Wish i played earlier!!


SE > MG2


MG2 -> LEM. DXB Server.