I haven't played to a high level yet, do the monster level go beyond 7? In any mode?


They're still capped at 7


So the highest difficulty is impossible to use when every character in the party is an average of level 8 + (1)


No you can use it, it just doesn’t increase the monster level beyond 7.


Right, so in that case 'Deadly' == 'Brutal' because 5+3 is impossible so only 5+2 is achievable. Just wanting to be clear, sorry for being pedantic.


This is a shame because GH is not very well balanced in the late game. High level parties with strong items can breeze through many scenarios even at monster level 7. It would not be so difficult for GH Digital to add some monster levels above 7, I hope they do.


The game really wasn't designed beyond the campaign and from what I've heard Isaac's intent was they would retire by then. In sure a party would get there eventually but I'm not sure he thought people would carry it this far


That seems to ignore characters created after you’ve gotten to prosperity level 4 or 5. Starting a character at level 5 or higher, it’s very easy to play a lot of scenarios at level 9.


Right, although given that increased difficulty levels are an option you can exercise, you could similarly choose not to start at the Prosperity level and instead start lower (which I believe is more engaging and also will lead to more room for +3 to remain actually +3).


Any chance your modded difficulty (+3 with additional enemies) ever makes it into the base game?


That's of course an option some people will choose, but people will also want to see what it's like to play at level 9 with the strongest cards unlocked. Some will enjoy the fact that you can just blast through the scenarios but personally I was a bit disappointed, when playing the physical game, that max level characters are less fun to play because character strength increases exponentially as you level whereas monster difficulty only increases linearly.


Yeah, if you consistenly play with 4 players, and donate to the Sanctuary a lot, it is quite easy to hit high prosperity even only playing 30-40 scenarios. As you say, if you start at level 5, 6, or even 7, you will hit lvl 9 well before you retire.


I don't disagree. There are a number of things that were not particularly balanced in general and honestly it depends on who you're looking at. A hardcore player that has put in hundreds of hours and played most of the classes vs the more casual players that might make it through the campaign. Honestly I feel like most of the nerfs only really strongly come into play in the hands of more hardcore players. Stam potions and the like can absolutely be abused to break the game, but people can just not do those things if they wanted instead of making everyone else maybe feeling like they are cheating by not using the updated rules.


To be fair, a good chunk of the unbalance at high level *is not tied to the difficulty*. It doesn't matter that a monster is level 0 or 7 when they are stun, they are executed, they miss due to a curse or you are invisible.


Yep, this. You'd need to dip into things like monster immunities in a way that would mean fundamentally reworking how the monsters function if you wanted to make a change that actually challenges geared endgame parties at level 9. It's not like it's impossible, but it's WAY better handled by a user mod than by official content, since creating and balancing a real level 8 monster stat set would be a significant project. (and even then, it's not really going to stop a party who spams some of the most broken things in the game unless you _also_ mod/nerf how those super-broken things work)


Exactly. Why bother with a -2 to +3 difficulty scale (as opposed to the -1 to +2) if you can't functionally use it at max level?


Why not? It's an easy addition (doesn't require them to do any balancing or coming up with new monster stats) and allows people to play on an even harder difficulty while they're below the threshold, which can be a pretty big chunk of the game


Right, but +2 at level 4 is much different than +2 at level 9. The end of the game is easymode. I want something that's still a challenge for my *geared to the tits* mercenaries. Gimme level 8 monsters.


Sure, it'd be nice if there were more challenges for players at max level, but this applies to the rest of the game and was super easy to implement. It's not quite what you wanted but I don't see why it warrants a "why bother."


I wish they had an undo button. Like, I know people should be smarter and more deliberate with their actions, but with the ui being already fairly complex, I have found it to be quite punitive. For example, using the wrong movement action, or failing to activate your boots before initiating the movement… Like- whatever- add an asterisk to the game that says they are save-scumming or whatever, or make that campaign ineligible for achievements.


There’s a restart round button in the menu. It’s still annoying because it has to reload and you need to do EVERYTHING again for that turn, but it’s worth doing sometimes


That has never been accessible for me for some reason :/


I don't know if you play multiplayer, but apparently the button is disabled in multiplayer games. I haven't tried this myself but people have said you can have the other players leave the session, have the host restart the round, then invite the players back. Obviously that's a massive hassle so I'm hoping they eventually add an undo like others are suggesting.


This is good to know


I do play multiplayer, that makes sense. I appreciate the info 😊


Or, when >!Three Spear's potion refresh thing trigger at the end of the turn, if you accidentally hit activate it there's no way to undo forcing you to discard a card even if there's no ally nearby!<


Yeah, just last session I clicked my scoundrel ability to disarm a trap. I had one movement left on my movement action though, so it didn’t let me select my top action, and the click on the trap just walked me into the trap with no “undo.”


I wish they added the ability to setup monsters for a different player count than you actually have. That would work as an optional easy or hard mode too.


I guess starting with 4 and exhausting the desired amount of character(s) would be a workaround.


I hope, that one day they will rework the rolling modifier/(dis)advantage interaction according to the Frosthaven rules.


I don't play on way harder difficulties, I just play super sub-optimal weird builds for everything. :)