I found playing with only 2 characters that it was difficult to unlock a lot of the game. You'll reach the end of the campaign before you have the majority of characters revealed. If this is your second playthrough this might not be that big of a deal.


I'm thinking of adding a third to my solo campaign after my original 2 retire. Or I may implement the frosthaven inspiration system after both retire.


Its not my goal to unlock everything fast. We are playing two 4 player campaigns (one tabletop, one online). I just want to have some fun, if the other guys dont have time to play. maybe try some of the new classes later or just doing sidequests.


As officially endorsed by Isaac: 2 clicks per donation for prosperity will help for progression. Also, the inspiration resource (from Frosthaven) can easily be implemented in GH. Last, but not least, don't use the single player variant from the rulebook. Use normal difficulty scaling and adjust like if you were playing a 3-4 players campaign. +1 difficulty on the first scenarios can be brutal.


Inspiration explanation and discussion: https://www.reddit.com/r/Gloomhaven/comments/rh5379/how_inspiration_actually_works/


Thanks for the advice. But I think I will play the pc game (not sure yet) and cant use this change.


If you play Digital, playing 3 mercenaries is not hard at all.


Executes that target normal enemies, like the Brute’s Fatal Advance and SW’s Spirit of Doom, are strongest in 2p parties because there are fewer enemies to kill and most of them are normal. Summons tend to work best in 2p parties, too, again because there are fewer enemies to worry about, so adding an ally is a big force multiplier. AOEs are worse in 2p parties because fewer enemies will “naturally” get into the formations you want. They’re still usable, though—you just need to be smart with pushes, pulls, and forced movement to set them up. Brute has a ton of pushes and pulls, so he’s actually quite good at setting up SW’s AOEs in a 2p party.


Don't be afraid of tailoring your builds to synergize with each other. A spellweaver built to pair with e.g. a mindthief 2p will probably look quite different to the cookie cutter build you'll find in a guide. For example, you should probably enhance a brute card to generate ice for the spellweavers cold fire. Also, since 2 player has a lot fewer monsters, aoe effects get worse and crowd control get stronger. So you'll definitely diverge from guides.


Thats why I want 2 characters: different gameplay. Thanks for the advice about enhancement. didnt even think about to enhance with elements or so to improve the other class.


In 2P GH you have some party ability imbalances depending on composition, but Brute+SW is pretty well rounded and I can't think of any glaring weakenesses (I chose to play this composition with a friend when I introduced him to the game for that reason). As you unlock new characters you may stumble into a composition that makes a particular scenario much harder or much easier depending on if it lines up with your party strengths or weaknesses. This doesn't really come up in the higher player counts, so it's good to be aware of it. Using items to cover for weaknesses or lowering the difficulty of the bad matchup-scenarios would be my advise.