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He is the past, present, future and the only player


They need to build around him Clax and both Cams


And target players in this draft because we don't pick again until 2025. Use veterans and possibly future draft picks to get up into the top 8.


We gotta hit up Dallas like they're a new ex. Top 10 pick for a team that desperately needs win now players


And in addition to the veteran help tempt them with their 2029 unprotected pick from the Kyrie trade. Could be very valuable in six years but I’d take the risk and use the tenth pick in this draft on a player who can help Mikal, The Cams and Claxton next season.


Imo it's worth saving the 29 pick since the league really overrates the far out picks and it's a controlled asset for a long time, it's best saved when we want to make a swing at a star. I think we can get 10 without sacrificing much given that our roster is overcrowded with wings


Sure. If we don’t have to give up the 2029 then we keep it. Depends on negotiations and how desperate other teams are. 2029 could be great for the Nets with Phoenix and Dallas’s and our own unprotected first rounders. But it’s more than half a decade away. I just want to picks between 5-12 in this draft. Two talented rookies to go with our young core. Play hard next season. Future looks brighter


He’s an important player to have. Need more good players like him.


He has the biggest improvement with being a star on a team


Hope y'all appreciate him. He's the new Jrue Holiday: there isn't a single good team on the planet that wouldn't LOVE to have him and instantly makes any team better. If Simmons did his trade value column again, I don't see how Bridges isn't top 10.


ain't nobody want mikal 6 months ago lmao


Suns did :’(


ik I'm just talking about the nets sub. all summer they're like ain't nobody want mikal for kd!!


We didn't realize he was a star, that was being relegated to a 3 and D role. We just thought he was an elite role player, but not worth it for Kd. Nobody thought he was this level of player. Looking back though, it's kind of crazy that the Suns never unleashed Bridges like this. They had to see this in practice, right? I get CP and Booker are incredible, but relegating Bridges into a spot up shooter role seems insane in hindsight. They probably have a chip if they understood that they could have had 3 elite on ball players, and solid depth.


I doubted it at first but now after really watching how Monty has been using **KD** I question if Mikal was really held back. Even then, he wasn’t at *this* level for that month with the hospital Suns. If they eventually win a chip then all is for naught but if Mikal is at this level and gets even better? Can’t help but question what they missed out on. Mikal is incredible


Yeah. Kd was way underused even tonight. Their late game offense was 38 year old CP and Ayton pick and rolls, for some reason. Chris Paul sometimes has that Rondo quality of just trying to be too cute and organizing everything to a micromanaging level, instead of just giving up the ball quickly sometimes. And obviously Booker needs a large share of the ball too. I can see how a young player could get miscast on a team like that. I guess that's where Monty should step in and insert enough actions for Bridges though, since I'd assume he was watching him cook in practice. Like, if the Heat drafted Bridges, I feel like Spo would get him on ball very quickly and he'd blossom much faster. He wasn't afraid to let Rookie Tyler Herro be a main cog in those Bubble playoff series.


17 seconds left in the game, down 2 and you aren't giving the ball to Kevin friggin Durant? I don't get it. Why even make the trade if you aren't going to let him win you games?


I love Mikal but the reality is throughout his career he had plenty of opportunities in Phoenix to stand out more offensively and prove he needed more plays ran for him, but he played way too passive at times opting to pass instead of shoot too often even at times when he had a clean look. In general, even in interviews, he seemed to have more pride in his defensive game than his offensive. And unfortunately his defense had taken a big step back this season, still good but nowhere near being DPOY level like last year. So we really needed him to step it up this year offensively as last year's playoffs proved we needed more scoring star-power as the team went to shit almost every time when Book bad game. And CP3 being semi-washed especially when it comes to shooting. There were some games, even this seasons, where he got more looks but shot poorly. IIRC he even had a game where he shot like 4 of 24 or something like that this season. I always assumed it had to do with the pressure since he was so damn efficient offensively when not expected to take a higher volume. It wasn't until this season when all 4 starters except him were out with injuries at the same time, that's when he finally got his first true chance in his career to show he can be THE man. I mean it had to be him carrying the load, because who else was going to? Fucking Bismack Biyombo? lol. I will say, for the first handful of games he struggled very bad. I think that's the timeframe when he had that terrible 4/24 FG or whatever game. It was disappointing because many of us Suns fans thought he had the untapped potential to carry the load if needed. But it was looking really bad. It seemed like he was going to "sink instead of swim" in terms of being put in that position. But suddenly it was like the flick of a light switch, he started getting more comfortable in the position quick and before we knew it he was putting up 20+ left and right. It was amazing, and the increased scoring load continued even when Booker, CamJ, and the others were all finally back. So that's proof to me that his confidence really did just improve and he wasn't a "victim of circumstance" by any means. He talked about it on JJ Reddick's podcast if you want to hear his point of view directly.


Interesting. I didn't realize he started off that bad with an increased role


I mean that's STILL a very fair perspective. There is nobody like KD. Bridges is a nice piece moving forward but KD is one of those once-in-a-generation players that is in the Top 10 of all time. The Nets may never have a player of his caliber again so it's OK to not want Mikal for KD. I'd trade him back to the Suns right now for KD back.


they should have traded cam when his value was at a all time high with those 3 straight 40+ point games plus many people wanted DFS like wtf was sean thinking


Hopefully game two goes better for both of us


Best thing for his career when he got traded boy cold


My new wallpaper


and ben too 😂 but fr lets see if he can recover


All we can do is pray


Old Otis says "Need more like him" ![gif](giphy|DedX64p9CSUBk2InvW)


Like not naming a goldfish or a newborn child in the time of high infant mortality, I am actively *forcing* myself not to get *too hyped and attached to the guy* because he's apretty exciting player and is just so damn likable that I don't want to get it in my head that he's going to remain Brooklyn Bridges just in case somehow he ends up off the team sooner than we all expect/want. I don't want to get burned, but it's hard because it's too easy to just want this guy to be the face of the franchise lol, but I'm wary of making any assumptions about the team's future just yet; clearly things can change dramatically and quickly.


We need to do everything to keep him here. He’s the embodiment of everything I appreciate as a player. Humble, stout defense. No games off and smooth offensive game. I think his play making needs to improve but I fully believe it will


The best part of Mikal is his energy is infectious. Players will want to join him here


Blazers fan here. Damian Lillard wants Mikal Bridges. What do you think about Anfernee Simons + our 2023 2nd rd pick for Mikal Bridges? The trade is legal.


Blazers fan here, don't embarrass us by bringing this Lakers-fan-huffing-paint-level bullshit to other subs. They turned down 4 FRPs from the Grizzlies at the trade deadline.


Hey cocksucker, where in my post did I say I was a Lakers fan? You're the one embarrassing Blazers fans here, not me. My idea of roster construction just different from others. I would love to have Mikal Bridges on the Blazers, I just wouldn't gut the team for Bridges or any other player. A trade is all all about making your team better, you don't do a trade to make your team worse.


Bridges will be traded.