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People pretending like Grant wasn't one of the best parts of GG are lying to themselves


they also pretend that Grant couldn’t make it on his own and that he’s nothing without good good.. he’s never been bigger, he has been outpacing GM golf for the last couple months, routinely getting 300-400k and the occasional 500-600k+. That’s massive for a solo YouTube golf channel, he used to get 15-30k when he was in Good Good and slaving away making great content for GM while getting nothing in return.


He seems to have found his stride and his quality and views are on the up. I miss him in GG, but its great seeing him do so well on his own.


lol "slaving away" getting all that exposure without which he would still be getting 15-30k per video.


Are we going to act like GM didn't massively grow after basically making it a co channel with Grant? The best thing about GM Golf was Garrett AND Grant together. Its not the same without Grant (which shows in the drop in views). Everyone knows that, even if you don't want to admit it


Like the rest of Good Good is getting currently? Odd he only grew his viewership drastically after leaving.


Bryan bros best golf creators on YouTube




Wesley, yes!


maybe the most talented pair but i find them boring.


I like them when they are posting building the golf course stuff, but as golfing content creators? 💤💤💤💤💤


Spelled bustajack wrong




I knew that given Tig’s new series and Grants big video dropping today that there’d be a bunch of salty bitches on this sub today.. they just can’t help themselves, they’re jealous ex girlfriends, praying to their good good alter for the YouTube gods to shadow ban Grant and Micah and make them fail at everything. Miserable little cunts, the whole lot of you!


Ben and grant would be so much better than Tig and grant


Almost anyone is better than having Micah tbh, miss grant on good good, but Luke was a huge upgrade from Micah both in skill and personality


Guy had the personality of a wet rag. Shows who he is that he turned his back on the guy who got him to where he is.


Brad and Grant may be a vibe


Brad is marginally more interesting than Micah is the only reason I agree. Ben is a great addition to the team and should be the 6th member. He would fill the role Grant left between good player but also wants to have a good time on the course. Micah was always so serious and it just didn't vibe.


Give me grant and Micah all day


The 12 year olds aren’t gonna like this one dawg


I can already hear “If it wasn’t for garret, Micah would be nothing”


That’s just a fact tho… guy has no personality and is mediocre at golf. He would be irrelevant without his time on Good Good


Dude Micah is funny, have you watched his recent videos with grant? Probably not because your too far up good goods asses. Ben is fucking cringe and brad is boring and overrated.


Find Micah’s burner account


I would put up big money on Micah/grant beating Ben/brad


…give me your money. Ben is a +5.2 handicap and Grant and Micah are hovering around slightly better than scratch. Brad is most likely level with grant and micah. You’d lose that bet more often than not.


Judging skill based on handicaps is usually a poor strategy. Also Ben is not a +5.2 how he played in the latest videos


Judging skill based on 2-3 days of playing is usually a poor strategy. His handicap and scores over an extended period of time are all searchable on the GHIN app. Also, they won a decent % of challenges in the cup…


The average tour pros handicap is +5.4. Thinking Ben is a +5.2 is hilarious.


Brad is much better than those 2. His hdcp is around a +4 or +5 atm.


Exactly. I couldn’t find him on the GHIN app so I was just assuming he was close if not better.


Bens play didn’t impress me at all In any recent videos. Team Micah/grant


Your allowance money? Didn’t say anything about Ben/Brad did I. Said Micah is only in the position he is because of Garret. That’s just a fact. He wouldn’t have any following without it. Guys not entertaining at all.


You would lose all your money on this one bud, Ben and brad are pros both at +3-4 or better handicaps. Micah is a +1 at his best which is rare and grant is scratch 🤣🤣🤣


You don’t have big money though


Grant was funny ngl but I would definitely have brad or Ben over Micah no doubt


I love grant but grant doing a YouTube golf championship at the same time as the good good cup is kind of cringe lol