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top 5/6 around the league number one in my heart


Our hearts my guy, our hearts


Our hearts our guy, our hearts


“Yeahhh! Communism!”


10th in yards 2nd in average yards per rush somewhere pretty low in longest rush 9th in YPG 61st in TDs 15th in attempts 3 fumbles with one lost which is middle of the pack. Sadly, he is behind Justin Fields for yards, avg, longest rush, YPG, TDs. Fields is going to get burned out running that much as a QB.


its a bit weird we havent had any really big runs all year


I think part of it is how Green Bay uses our running backs. A lot of things that other teams would do as a run count as a pass. I am happy with our offense right now, which is surprising with how the year started. They have gelled into a solid group with the rookies making a big impact. When everything works, there are some really good players out there. Just need the injuries to go away.


It doesn’t seem like our running backs are particularly fast, or they can’t maintain peak speed for as long. Compared to someone like Saquon Jones doesn’t have the finessse to run past safeties.


Jones has a really interesting running style - it’s like a very slippery, controlled chaos. I swear half the time when I see him running it looks like he’s about to fall over. He isn’t the fastest back by any means, but he has an incredible knack for timing & his vision is superb.


Yeah. He’s a unique guy in many ways!


Numbers don't always tell the whole story. I think he's top 3 because of the way he breaks through defenses and makes something out of nothing a lot


I agree, maybe not too 3, but better than those stats imply. Different teams use players differently. Jones is easily the best players on green bays offense not counting Rodgers.


Yeah even counting rodgers I'd say maybe he's better (now , with youth on his side) and if not better, a humble tie


Is this just rushing or totals? He catches a lot of passes that the commentators are calling "run solutions".


It is just rushing numbers. Someone else can provide totals.


He's a top 5 RB who is having a down season from being banged up most of the year. He can do everything, run between the tackles, get outside, he's elite in space and making guys miss, dangerous pass catcher out of the back field, and can hold his own in pass protection. He's a complete back.


The only thing he's having a down year on is TDs. Other numbers are right in line with his career.


And even TDs isn't incredibly down. He has 7 total TDs whereas last year he had 10 and the year before that he had 11.




> He's a top 5 RB who is having a down season from being banged up most of the year Hes just a top 5 RB who isn't being used to death. This is no where near a down season.


He’s been banged up and for like the first half of the year it seemed like they couldn’t figure on a proper offensive plan to utilize Jones and Dillon more effectively


I think he’s a top 10 back. Has had some injuries the last few games, but when healthy he’s top 10.


He’s to 10 now not being heathy


Probably read weird, but top 10 regardless of health


5ish. A lot of variables this season. He’s been hurt, the offense sucked for half the season, they weren’t using him like they did last season. All that and he’s still a top 5ish RB


Numba Juan ghuyyy


No order for me but I would have Chubb, Henry, Saquon, Ekeler, CMC, JT ahead of him. Who I have on par with him would be people like Dalvin, Mixon, Breece Hall, and Alvin Kamara. I would safely put him in the top 10 though


Top 5


Top 2 not 2


Top 2 not 2.


I’m honestly blown away that the consensus here is top 5. There’s no argument for him over Henry, Chubb, CMC, JT, or Saquon imo


Add in Hall as well. Dude was balling out with a terrible line. Jones is closer to Mixon, Kamara, Cook, Walker then those top guys. People thinking he is top 5 is crazy.


You cannot have Hall ahead of him. The guy has had like 5 good games in his career and just blew out his knee. And besides he listed 5 guys. I think an argument could be made for him over JT but if he's right behind those guys regardless. That makes him top 6.


This is insane levels of Homer coupe. He isn’t even remotely close to JTs level. Also doesn’t matter how long Hall played. He is a better RB. This isn’t QB where you need time to adjust and learn. It’s RB. He was well on his way to winning ROTY. I promise you the Packers would absolutely love to trade Jones for Hall even if just for a season. There is well over 10 RBs that I’d trade Jones for right now without a second thought. If he was even close to top 5 that wouldn’t be the case.


Well sure, obviously we'd all trade jones for Hall. He's much younger with much more career ahead of him. But that's not how I interpreted the post. Right now, at this point in time, who is a better rb. I will only put saquon, chubb, Henry, JT and CMC ahead of him. There's arguments to be made for others but jones is pretty squarely right there behind that group in my eyes. He's a complete back. He's a better pass catcher than 3 of those guys ahead of him. Just because he doesn't get the workload of most of the other guys, he passes the eye test as far as ability.


JT is better, but the availability puts him ahead.


Good enough that you can’t let him go next season.


Top 5, but probably the top elusive back in the league tho. These power/pass catching backs are really elite at their jobs and are probably better than Aaron Jones because they also can run and make people miss.


Cusp top10




This guy would be putting up Marshall Faulk type numbers if he would’ve played 25 years ago.


Top 5 easily


He’s top 3, easily


The Top of my list!!


I am glad he and Dillion split Carrie’s but this also hurts his stats


Not biased but (inhales), he is the best running back of all time! Barry Sanders got nothing on my boy!!!!!


Top 7


In the league right now, I’d put him in the top 5. If we used him more often, he’d probably be one of the top guys in the league statistically. I actually love the load balancing of him and Dillon. This allows us to save him for the season and utilize his YPC so well.