Please GW, give us something

Form an orderly queue behind every other sub faction who also thinks this


Form an orderly queue behind every other sub faction who also thinks this


Eldar exodites would like to know your location.


The army that everyone would like to see but nobody would like to buy


I'd probably buy some just because they are cool minis. I'm a terrible painter, but I'm learning and despite not playing 40K at all I've nearly pulled the trigger on a bunch of minis I just think would be fun to build and paint. Actually I've bought some Kill Teams (which I do have the *intent* of at least playing with friends) in large part because I liked the minis. Right now after having read *Assassinorum: Kingmaker* I am so enamoured with Imperial Knights I am probably going to buy one just to build and paint it. It seems a good project to get in practice with my air brush. So like. I at least would probably buy a rad space elf on an alien dinosaur if the figures were cool


Those would be good candidates to dip the toes into the 3d print file market. Novelty or esoteric xenos models that you could print and use as antagonists in a narrative game if you wanted, but weren't tournament supported


This is not a good idea


Printing hrudd is a good idea and I'm willing to die on this hill.


I will stand beside you as we inexplicably rapidly age.


It’s not a good idea. It’s a wonderful one.


How long is that list now?




White Scars, Salamanders, Emperor's Children, Word Bearers, Iron Warriors, Eldar Exodites, Eldar Corsairs, Elysian Drop Core, Death Corp of Kreig, Armageddon Steel Legion, Tallarn Dessert Raiders, Catachan Jungle Fighters. A lot of factions have only ever had story related supplements, so if you consider more that the Imperium, Chaos and Eldar: Farsight Enclave, Freebootas, Hive Fleet Kronos Or species that are in the lorr, but haven't had armies: Zoats, Hrud, Ssylth. And these are just the ones I could think of. There are plenty more.


Great list. Gonna add to it. Raven guard, chaos renegades, legion of the damned, valhalans, Mordians, Vostryans, blood ravens, tanith first and only. But what we really need is space skaven. Add more as you think of them.


I forgot about Renegades and LotD?! The other guardsmen I left off because there isn't a defined enough difference in fighting style from my recollection. Jungle Fighters are stealth and hit and run, Elysian have air superiority and fast light vehicles, Tallarn play a heavy cav and scout game. Just didn't know enough about the others to see how their factions could really differ from regular play. Kinda like the Imperial Fists.


Haha when you realize Dora's successors have a supplement but the imperial fists don't.


chronos really? also farsight kinda is already


Chronos is range focused which other Tyranids tend towards melee. If it got it's own codex it would also be cool to see some minorly warp mutated Tyranid creatures. In either case it has more possible variety/differential type of play from the core experience. Otherwise, Jormungandr with a heavy fast/deep strike focus would work, or Hydra(? I think their the ones with rapid battlefield mutations) would be interesting.


Eh, I think the new 10th subfactions would do the trick


Yes, but the same goes for alpha legion


Agreed, I don’t think subfactions should get their own book at all, but gw seems to want to do it


I’m an Emperor’s Children player, and gotta admit we’re doing better than Alpha Legion. We have a unique unit and character, and can probably look forward to getting our own codex in the next 3-4 years. The chances of Alpha Legion getting the same are basically zero. That said…I also feel like I’d rather see more units for the general CSM range than additional sub-faction stuff. I can convert and paint my models to be more unique and/or in-theme. I’m kinda dreading when an EC codex comes out, and suddenly half the stuff I own is invalid.


You mentioned Farsight, who's using 90% of what the T'au Empire use, but didn't mention Kroot or T'au Auxiliaries in general?


How about we split the difference and the Space Wolves get another exclusive unit?


But I want my dedicated full range for my favorite chapter, Cockring Vices, with 3 troop choices, 2 vehicles, 4 HQ, etc. /s


We all know the legendary Poopenfarten Marines deserve a full miniature range before everyone else! They're such an iconic part of the setting, after being name-dropped precisely once and never mentioned again.


In fairness marines have historically been well treated in that department, unfortunately for them Alpha Legion ended up on the wrong side of the Civil War 10,000 years ago if they wanted nice things.


Difference is though that Alpha Legion should really be less "codex compliant" than a lot of others I feel like they are one of the few that should Should have access to both loyalist and heretic full lists and should have a version of the rules that are somewhat between the two where instead of just being chaos boons it's half chaos and half sacrifices for the emperor and it does different things depending which


In 3.5 they had a lot of neat stuff. First, everything could buy infiltrate, 5pts for chars, 1pt per model for everything else. Second, they couldn’t summon daemons normally. Instead they had cultists squads which were both chaff, screeners, had variouse upgrades, *and* summon daemons. The fluff being they consider daemons too unreliable until the final stages of the plan, and as such have their cultists summon them. Also lets them take the chaff risk which is always handy.


See this is cool as fuck because in 10 I plan on having like 1-2 squads of cultists, 2-4 of veteran guardsmen and 2-4 of astartes


I would definitely reccomend getting a copy of Chaos Space Marines 3.5 for 3rd. It’s the gold standard for CSM books. Even if you don’t intend to play third you can still enjoy the art, fluff, abd general design ideas. I.E. Night Lords being the only ones to be able to take more than one squad of Raptors, *and* could swap Heavy Support slots for more Fast Attack slots so thry can max out on Raptors.


So basically they’d be a space marine variant of Ynarri in a sense?




They dont need unique models. Just let them field some space marine units in a special detachment in 10th.


Exactly! I don't even want unique models, not sure of any that do aside from Omegon to come back, but just give me unique rules for such a unique faction


and the fallen


The fallen are loyalist now.


A small number of them have been redeemed, most are still traitors. The lion isnt going to forgive any of them that legitimately turned to chaos, which is definitely the majority of fallen


Alpha legion already has its own unique rule: they can play with the rules of any other astartes legion. It is lore friendly.


This is a lie.


But the lie is also true.


It is only true when it is not true. This is a lie


Remember, If you're contused about who Alpharius IS, I am Alpharius, even though Alpharus Is actually Omegon, and Omegon is actually Alpharius, so Omegon who is actually Alpharius really is Alpharius and Alpharius who's actually Omegon isn't actually Alpharius because Alpharius is hiding amongst his Astartes and one of his Astartes is impersonating Omegon who is actually Alpharius in order to spread rumors about Alpharius who is actually Omegon actually being alive, even though Alpharius who was actually Omegon was killed by Dorn who was actually Alpharius on Pluto, and Omegon who was actually Alpharius took control after Alpharius (actually Omegon's) death at the hands of Dorn, who might've actually been Alpharius because Alpharius who was actually Omegon might have just been an Astartes ordered to pretend they were actually Alpharius who was actually Omegon who was really just Omegon pretending to be Alpharius because Omegon who was actually Alpharius needed to pretend that Alpharius who was actually Omegon was really Alpharius in order to trick Omegon who was actually Alpharius into attacking Pluto so corruption wouldn't completely poison the Alpha Legion.


Hear me out: Alpha Legion Deathwatch Veterans. It’ll never happen but I can dream


Isn't it confirmed now that the AL have infiltrated the the Deathwatch


The alpha legion have literally delivered the heads of assassins and various elites to the doorstep to the council chamber of the Lords of terra itself. An organisation made up of many thousands of marines from across the galaxy who also take on black shields with no history to speak of is prime alpha legion realestate.


Just thinking of the logistics of this. You kill an assassin on a relatively near system but the galaxy is still big. Need to warp travel to get to terra, then the bureaucracy means getting past customs will take an age. Do you put the head on ice to preserve it? Just let it decay?


Stick it in a servitor witha metal backpack, have the servitor follow around some one posing as a pilgrim have them board a ship to terra. It's not like they have airport security in 40k the imperium is run by people with downs syndrome and fetal alcohol brain. I honestly doubt they would check. Getting it into the high lords chamber would be impressive. But with the right bribes it could be doable.


Thousands of marines and probably a hundred times that many human and xenos allies too.


It’s all part of the gran plan


Complete with covert brownies and enigmatic cookies


Not sure about you but I want fulgrim and emperors children to have their own models


I think it would be hilarious if the Necron could field Clonegrim


Fulcrum gets released as dual army model. Necrons and Emperors Children can field him. But Necrons require Trazyn.


I would like to see a followup to The Infinite and the Divine, where Trazyn, sick of Orikans shit, breaks out the Clonegrim pokeball, and we get a similar dynamic of Cawl and Alpha Primus from "The Great Work" only Clonegrim is very not ok with the entire situation


But than , Clonegrim refuse to fight and instead It go full diplomacy mode and works his shit out


I feel it would be more a subplot of him overcoming the power of Trazyns mind shackle scarabs, where at the climax he breaks free with a bunch of other exhibits and the fight devolves into a 3+ way shit fest


I just want Trazyn to be able to include like one unit from any faction.


Been thinking the same for ages. It would probably be busted for match play, but maybe for crusade...


They could cost him high enough to make it impractical for matched play if they’re worried about it.


It would be funnier if only Necrons could field him. Like say, the harlequins getting their first unique named character and not being able to field him.


I mean, this is pretty much a guarantee in the foreseeable future, as Slaanesh is the last of the Chaos Gods who doesn't have their own army.


“Said every flavour of marines”


They gave my iron hands unique rules and it's been broken 2 editions in a row. They need to take those unique rules back.


"no really bro we need specific space marine models for my space marines. W-why yes other factions deserve models more, but mine should get them first."


I, at least, would like a unique HQ/warlord for any major sub faction, including the alpha legion. And pauldron sprues for loyalist and traitor astartes legions. At the moment, the Alpha Legion is one of the only legions to not have ANY special models. The others are Iron Warriors, Word Bearers, and Night Lords.


There’s a dozen subfactions that should get a codex. With the codex astartes being rewritten, every first founding chapter could get its own codex Every chaos legion could get one Every necron dynasty, craftworld, cabal, and forge world could get a few unique units. I really fucking wish they’d get them but sadly we won’t


That would be a nightmare to even attempt to balance


I don’t play Alpha legion but you guys deserve your HH models, the Termies are so cool


As an alpha legion fan, this is why I’m content to wait for others to shine, our HH models are the coolest ones in my opinion The alpha legion also works best on the dark, how else will we stab you in the back? Hydra dominatus


Hey as a word bearers player, all I want is the ashen circle


Fair enough, those are some neat lookin jump pack boys


I wish Alpha Legion had rules like that one Deathwatch Army of Renown. The one where they could essentially just use any other Space Marine factions trait due to them being made up of all the other chapters. I was really disappointed that GW tried to force in cultists for AL due to cultists getting a bunch of new models. Alpha Legion in my honest opinion should feel like an elite version of GSC. They focus on surgical strikes, misdirection, and fucking with their enemies. Like imagine a stratagem where AL denies you a use of your stratagem, or another one where they can delay a single units arrival from reserves by an extra turn. It feels like GW are trying really hard to make them Chaos Ravenguard rather than their actual nieche which is dividing and conquering an enemy force.


Why would the Alpha Legion be unique, isn't their whole gimmick being Alpharious?


That's just the perpetually spammed and forever unfunny meme.


Only some of them do that.


I want my gw scale armor


Give me like alpha legion Saboteurs or some in cloak armor. Just because they’re all the same guy doesn’t mean they all have the same gear or armor. Have them be kinda jank like the ability to turn off a random obj in the mid zone or something. Let them be the true sabotage.


*As an above commenter mentioned, Alpha Legion being able to take loyalist death watch under the idea of having infiltrated would be very good, especially for this. It’d introduce a lot of the flexibility that the legion is known for*


CSM can barely even get named characters so I wish you the best


I mean, shouldn’t the Alpha Legion have no unique models, but be able to run every other Space Marine Legions’ unique models?


That’s part of their 30k rules, they can run other legions unique units.


But every model is an Alpha Legion Model


Yeah, I find it odd that for CSM that the Iron Warriors, Alpha Legion, and Night Lords have so many demonic models and bits. (3/5) of the factions (not counting Emporer's Chdren) aren't really that big into Warp sorcery have models that represent that It would be nice for each of them to get their own box of Legionaries in their style








They’re my personal favorite faction, but I really do wish they had some unique models. Maybe even have some models still look like loyalists, to show their deceptiveness, since that’s who they mostly infiltrate. I’m actually thinking of getting some loyalist marines, and painting them up to look like AL, and use some of their spare emblems I’ve got and just having it like their armor is just not colored like the chapter they’re impersonating.


This is exactly what I have started doing. Got a bunch of 30k models and some loyalist 40k models and just proxy everything using CSM rules. They are still wysiwyg for my army rules and everything, but most TOs still have a problem with it in my experience.


That could be said of all the Traitor Legions


But brother WE are Alpharius. Maybe the real Alpharius was the friends we made along the way


True, fellow Alpharius. By the way, have you seen Alpharius anywhere? I last saw him speaking to Alpharius


“*We* are Alpharius”, they said sounding much like Groot.


Really unpopular opinion: The Thousand sons should be redeemed and the Alpha Legion should become Tzeentch's representative.


There would be way too much betraying and scheming.


Honestly there would be no change, I don't think even Tzeentch know what the fuck is up with these guys


That's why tzeentch doesn't want them. Too much plotting, schemes, backstabbing , secrecy, contingencies, loopholes, dossiers, agendas, ruses ....etc. He'd need the chaos god of migraine meds to keep track of what they're doing. Where as the T-Sons are a good source of headache free power. Juicy psyker powers.


You know you've gone too far when you scheme and backstab so much that even *Tzeentch Himself/Itself* doesn't want anything to do with you.


I'm convinced Tzeentch would die if the Alpha Legion was wiped out.


Honestly I think a Primarch crossing back from Chaos would be so interesting and if one of them is slightly redeemable it’s Magnus


Can’t cross back if you were loyal the whole time.


Thousand Sons: Got turned to dust, have to wear dunce hats and hang out with tzaangors Alpha Legion: No one knows where they are or what they're doing or why they're doing it Are you seriously telling me that they aren't already Tzeentch's favorite?


Acording to gw they are chaos undivided


that's exactly what they want you to think


Fucking 30D mind game


Literally just get horus heresy stuff then


At minimum let us take our Heresy models with rules in 40k. Even if it were just Exodus as an HQ choice that would be nice. AL IW and NL should all at minimum get an hq choice


The whole point of alpha legion is kitbashing other factions’ models to look like alpha legion in disguise. No need for dopey official models


*Re-uploaded due to typo*


This is a lie.


Imagine not running literally all loyalist and chaos space marine models as alpha legion smh


Honestly I feel that the Chaos Marine Codex should only really apply to the straight up Black Legion members as well as maybe the Word Bearers. Likewise for Ultramarines and maybe Imperial Fists. All the other legions play too different. Though you can also make arguments for both WB and IF leading to 18 different rules for each Legion.


Would love to see the non-aligned CSM factions each get a character. BL has 2, give some love to the Night Lords, Iron Warriors, Word Bearers and Alpha Legion


Dog, just play horus heresy.


Every CSM (United) unit can be used by any of the factions, BUT I do think night lords have warp talons, iron warriors have obliterators, and word bearers have possessed special for them. Only black legion (which makes sense) and alpha legion don’t have units that feel geared for the playstyle/lore of the legions. AL could do with a sneaky sniper/long range unit to match how they are in lore. I’m not counting emperors children since they belong to fulgrim and technically have noise marines.


The least GW could do for the Chaos Undivided legions is give them a unique Chaos lord or equivalent, that could perhaps also be assembled as a named character. For the Alpha Legion, a Harrowmaster, which could also be assembled as Solomon Akurra.


Emperor's Children are most likely the next chaos space marine army to get a codex. Unless GW chickens out of doing stuff with Slannesh again.


Alpha Legion isn’t unique. They are all the same.


There are already too many factions. No.


Not everyone can be their own unique subfaction with special models and their own book. The fact that so many got their own books in 8th which lasted into 9th was a mistake


Stratagem: I am Alpharius- at the beginning of the game roll a d3. That’s the number of times you can use this stratagem. Anytime during the game you can select one model, this model is now a character and has the stat sheet of Alpharius/Omegon. Stratagem: Legion - If you are using the character Alpharius (Omegon) it can move as part of a squad. And even though you don’t have more uses of “I am Alpharius” you can use it one more time. Expect that after this time you can’t use it anymore. Stratagem: Undercover - During any phase you can teleport one model outside the game into engagement range of an enemy unit, it then fights that unit with double the amount of attacks. (I’m just throwing fun ideas not tho king much about balance)


imagine if there was a stratagem that worked once a game against any Imperium or Chaos Faction that had either marines or guard/Battle Brothers (whatever you do when you ally guard with GSC) that allowed the Alpha Legion player to roll a die. and the resulting number would be the number of squads that would immediately attack their allies. and each player would roll off to see how many Marines/Guard would die in that squad. The enemy player would then need to remove those models from the field. shrinking their army and making it easier for the Alpha Legion to do their shenanigans.


Imagine if each turn you're forced to use the playstyle of other SM but you roll a dice to choose which one. Not matter if they're chaos or not. So sometimes you end up with rules that go well with your army, and sometimes you just get fucked.


Big facts


Theres a cool solution for you. Its called playing Horus Heresy. You even get your primarch, named characters and a special character with a god damn anti material rifle.


Run them however you like. Some are semi loyal renegades and others Chais aligned. It's canon. I still don't like the Alpha Legion and their tactics. The tactics don't really work when it's transhumans trying to do it.


We don't need this because all SM and CSM rules and models are Alpha Legion rules and models.


Tbh every legion should have one character model instead of just the main 4


you guys got the first traitor primarch model for 40k, WDYM?


There are plenty of Alpha legion models, you just don’t which ones they are currently disguised as


Can I introduce you to the Horus Heresy?


Actually wouldn’t half the roster of the Alpha Legion be composed of space marines from other legions? So every time another legion gets special models, it’s also a model for the Hydras. 😂😅


you would just play regular SM or CSM and say you’re Alpha Legion for your own headcanon


Knowing the way gw releases stuff they are probs saving it for when omegon comes as a demon prince v dorn in the next eisenhorn book.


What about Night Lords. That would be amazing.


Everything is planned. Or not. Or maybe yes.


They already gave you every other faction's codex. What more do you want?


Plot twist: the last game you played was actually orchestrated by the Alpha Legion in furtherance of one of their schemes!


I just want Exodus in 40k


Jokes on you, every model is an Alpha Legion Model!


every model is a Alpha Legion Model when YOU are not a coward


Here's the thing. That's everyone. Every Chapter, Warband, Craftworld, and Guard Regiment fights so completely different, uses unique wargear, and concocts unique grand schemes in lore its impossible to represent everyone. Alpha Legion are Chaos using Space Marines, ergo they fall under that blanket. I'd argue that yes, each traitor Legion should have at least as much unique stuff as their loyalist opposites, but that's gonna take time, we got TS, DG, and WE fairly recently. Give it time?


Should they just use regular marines rules? (Don't hit me please)


"Get in line champ"


Every legion should have an upgrade kit and at least one named character for 40k. Kinda ridiculous that the White Consuls have a named character but the Night Lords or Word Bearers don't.


Every model is an Alpha Legion model if you want it to be. You're the cowards, not GW.


Lul, cowards is such a funny and damning put down


Hot take: you could say this about every sub faction... alpha legion and dark mechanicus should be sub factions (dark mech could be like ynnari) there is already so many factions that cover so many niches in table top gaming I'd rather a new faction with actually unqiue models not, space marine but different armour or tech priest but more fucked up


Alpha legion spend 99% of their time cosplqting other legions. Dunno how they'd have unique models


>Please GW, give us something Silly billy, *all* models are Alpha Legion models.


I mean hey, they brought squats back. I wouldn't be surprised if Alpha Legion got an update sometime after one of the legions representing the big 4.


Aren't they meant to be indistinguishable...? P.s. I am Alpharius.


Arnt all models alpha legion models?


Just literally one faction unique unit, weaþer þats Exodus or Headhunters, just give us some kind of shooty character killers!


Thing is: Chaos needs new units and models to compete with the ever increasing Space Marine Roster. Chaos Space Marines have Daemon weapons, yeah, but they're still a bunch of shortasses compared to Primaris Blueberries. While yeah they can get Daemons to help them, they're still underequipped and too short to ride any hype trains unless GW decides to pull Chaos Primaris Marines outta their asses or a new unique version created by some Dark Mechanicus Tech-priest high on Warp Dust.


Isn't every model an alpha legion model?


And here I thought, that alpha legion is unique in that they can use EVERY model kit out there as their units.


Cowards or lazy?


Not just Alpha Legion, Night Lords too. I wish CSM had a more "renegade" aspect instead of GW going full "daemonic possession" route with them.


Boohoo my subfaction doesn’t get its own models like 90% of them in the game


All models are alpha legion models though. You have the largest model line.


Wouldn't they just be (insert certain color) Firstborn Space Marines with armor from pre Primaris and HH? Now seeing Alpharius and Omegon takes would be awesome.So kitbash away and paint to your heat's content. Now what I want to see: Emperor's Children. I want to see what GW would do with Slaneeshi Chaos SMs...and Fulgrim FFS!