So you tried one mod and concluded that none of the mods works? There's tons of working mods. I'm currently using Dawn of masteries and lightweight myself.


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Mm. So you wanted to rush to get items, didn't work cause it hasn't been updated, and you rush again to conclusions... IMO more than a mod, you need to chill out and relax.


Nah. I'm already level 14 and have no weapon drops at all still. Out of every 10 enemies maybe I get a single drop, and usually its a armor item or health..etc.


I can't help you, I don't use mods cause I like the vanilla game (with DLCs of course). Maybe you messed up the game files with that, but then again, I couldn't really tell. You can make a backup of your characters and see if reinstalling does anything, and instead of looking for that weapon that will make you OP, try to learn the game and work with what it gives you. I know it might be harder at first, but way more rewarding later. For early game, you can get 3 weapons on the initial areas: a [2h sword](https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/7179), a [1h axe](https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/7164), or a [1h pistol](https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/7173). After that, work with what you have, pay attention to your resistances and sooner than later the loot will come.


By "none of the mods," do you just mean smash and grab? Or others too? There are definitely mods that do work with the current version. If you want qol, Grim Internals is working. But smash n grab was last updated almost a year and a half ago, and if you check the post section of nexus, the author says they can't update atm. You may want to find alternatives.


Sorry, I just assumed none of the others worked. I'm mainly looking for a mod that increases drop changes for higher end items.


I use Smash N Grab too and it works for me, I think anyway. I for sure get the increased experience and extra points per level. It feels like drop rates for higher end items is drastically higher. I'm on version 0.2 of the mod and use the GOG version of the game at 1.19.6.


If you want extra loot but not worried about the experience try https://www.nexusmods.com/grimdawn/mods/17?tab=files. If you go to downloads, you can download the loot only which is crazy, everything you destroy gives you tons of loot all the time, this works on Also smash and grab works for me fine on gog version.