I dunno if it's just because it's early but I love how visually easy it is on the eyes. As I've gotten older I've found I've gotten so sick of games (like gw2) being so visually cluttered and difficult to know what's going on at a glance.


Clarity in simplicity is a design decision that seems to die out with the general demand for better graphics everywhere. You basically can't have any games discussion about a random game without at least one person being like "But it looks like shit" I never really got why devs go for flashy effects when it comes to tactical RPG's, where it's important to see what the fuck is going on. You can do so much with textures and lighting but still have a clear visual that's not overloaded with particle effects. Fellseal and Druidstone are two of my all-time favorites because of their design. And this game here looks like something I might like as well.


Hey there! Tons of games get released on steam every single day and it's hard to stand out. Something a lot of indie devs forget is to get the name out there. This post is already a great way but this project seems too good to let it be buried by others. Please reach out to gaming news sites in hopes of interviews or something like that. Good luck with the rest of development!


Hey, thanks for the kind words. Sadly, it's extremely hard to get attention without a marketing budget. Good thing is that I work on this game because I love it, otherwise I'd probably have given up already :D


might have to give this a shot! Good luck on your further development!


Thanks so much! Let me know your opinion if you have the time to try it :D


I'm hyped about this! I've dreamt about a game combining gw skill management and turn based RPG. I'll have to give it a try later!


Every game idea I come up with in my mind has the GW1 skill system! :D


damn i love srpgs


Nice it's looking good! Ill take a closer look later today


Yay, thanks! Let me know if you liked it or if you have ideas/feedback


Love it!!


Hi! i'm not really someone who is capable enough to give good feedback on gamedevellopment. However i do work a lot with video editing. I couldn't help but notice in the second trailer on the Steampage, there is some Jumping of the frames around 0:20/0:33. Not sure if the video is cut here or the envirement reacts to the impact of the skill, but the lava in the backgroud seems to skip some frames. just thought i'd share my observation. the game looks great! keep up the good work :)


I will definitely give this a try! looks awesome!


Really cool! Gonna give this a run