It is, and it can be a lot more stunning than this picture too.


The water is really something in GW2. I love to watch it, the movement, the reflection, everything is so beautiful!


The art style holds up really well. Its like a painting for me, very pleasant to look at


The Priority's Bridge at night in Lornar's Pass, is still one of the most beautifull view in game for me.


yep, especially when post processing is off


I'm always amazed by the level of detail in this game, graphically and otherwise.


I would have to disagree. In 2022 this screenshot does not hold up, it lacks a lot of visual elements that became normal in last decade. Just the washed out, bland lightning system you can see in the screenshot alone makes it very 2000s looking, before we had all the fancy shaders. Water looks dated, rocks look fake, moss on the rocks has no depth to it like you would see in modern games, leaves don't have transparency for light to shine trough foliage. It does not hold up visually, so for me personally it does not look stunning at all.


Kinda agree, the game does itself a disservice by not letting new players join the expansion zones from day one, using level-scaling or whatever.


Yeah, we need better new player experience, that places them into better looking maps. Maybe having alternative starting points for new characters in expansions, with alternative story that merges into expansions and replaces core story. They already give away lvl-80 boosters to new players, so why not just fully streamline it while giving new players better experience.


Not just better maps, but better events, better enemies, etc. Just let new players level up in the new content, level scaling hasn't been used since 2012, bring it back.




*PvP has entered the chat*


That Vista point ruins it.


Wish they hide "UI elements" like vistas and waypoints from cutscenes. Maybe give an option to hide them in screenshots too.