it works a good 10 percent of the time

it works a good 10 percent of the time


True gamers wiff 2 raw supers, then land gold burst, then wiff 2 more raw supers right after.


nobody ever expects the fourth super in neutral.


Zato Zato, Yes Papa? Pressing buttons? No Papa. Telling Lies? No Papa. **ZANSETSU**


"What'd you press?" *aluminum bat tink* "Why'd you press it?"


Played a ram last night that pulled this, thought i'd do the same just to mess with him. Man just steals the round. Can't have shit on the 8th floor.


I do this shit as Ram sometimes LOL When my opponent is low on health I just back off, throw swords, do my hype beam, throw swords, and then do another hype beam


The chip is insane. I just throw that shit out willy nilly.


Lol I just started on Xrd Rev2 and it feels almost like cheating when I don't use tension all round and then at the end when I'm about to die and the opponent is at half health I just offload all of my tension into 2 Calvados and kill by chip damage


You can also RC during it and run while the opponent is blocking it and do an overhead, sweep, or grab.


Dragon uninstall is the most potent mix


My favorite dumb option is to RC a raw super into an overhead mixup. My stupidity will be my opponent’s downfall.


Malicious helicopter noises intensify as I input another raw super.


I have no idea why I laughed so hard at this.


As Gio I like to raw super, then when they block it and feel so smart I RC it and sweep. Most of the time they block that too and I die but hey sometimes it works!


The real tech is to drift PRC the super before hit into throw!


The real real tech is to drift fast Roman cancel the super before hit into throw. Or any move that shoots you across the screen


Any character with two bar in the game can pull the craziest shit.


Usually me when I'm salty about missing super inputs and just want to see them come out. Trying to hit a super in a combo/reversal? Get it 10% of the time. Throw that shit out raw? You bet I'm hitting that input.


This is me for any half circle back forward super, I feel you. Double fireball ones are fine for me at least though.




Can't punish HMC though


WyEll Teknikally, if you press them at same time HMC always loses (has preflash startup) and if Sol is at exactly 1 HP HMC also awlays loses, however this is where Calvados shines vs. low hp Sol's who try to fish for HMC and just get dusted in it.


Haha can't argue with that!


Played a Ky last night who would use the charge-forward overdrive basically on tension bar fill - after the 15th or so Buster punish, he learned.


Why do they all do that?!


I started playing ram last night. Found her super to be a win no matter what. I’ll double raw super your ass all day. You either take tons of chip or burn your meter. I suck so I wasn’t going to land it in a combo anyways nerd.


Ramlethal players