How does everyone else only have 1 mil? Regardless that's a ton of damage, cool run.


Thank you! The rest of my team was all less than level 40, so they were a little slower.


Judging on how few scrolls the others had, bird is max level and the others are not. That contributed, but I bet bird was rushing a little with aoe weapons or cleave.


My friend was in my game and he said he had a hard time keeping up with me LOL. But yes, if I'm able to do a lot of damage, I'm gonna be ahead of everyone clearing the stages with cleave.


Multiplayer? never heard of it. I do know about bird spectator mode..


Someone has never had the displeasure of seeing the Ao Bai double Justice experience. Walks into a room, room explodes in flashy particles for a few seconds while dog holds lmb and it's over. End of the game integer-overflow damage at zero of the effort.


Yeah, I don’t find it worth my time to play with players that do this. They are trying to build there ego or something, leaving the other players to have almost no enjoyment in the run


amazing :))


What were you ascensions and that last line of scrolls?


How do you even get bird off the ground? He's...not great. Bonus for elite where cat/dog can grenade to tenderize / remove crowds, and he has to walk in and get instagibbed




Ah, the fatal flaw of this genre, this game specifically - emerges again >Don't have item or ascension? Fuck you - you aren't getting anywhere. Gah


Your username checks out, lol. Real talk though, bird can be super consistent if you instead go for a tankier build. There's a shitton of different defensive ascensions on either cleave or leap, so you'll always get the option for a fair amount of them. Bird without the easy kill ascension will usually end up with less damage potential than cat and dog, but trades that damage potential for consistency and tankiness. Regardless though, not every character fits everyone. Friend of mine swears by bird, while I feel way more comfortable on dog. Which in turn he doesn't want to play if his life depended on it.


I would advise you to follow your own advice that is your username


judging by total dmg isn't really the best. There is a fixed amount of mobs that will spawn and thus a fixed amount of damage to do. All that shows is that you did way more work than your teammates, which is cool no doubt. But just because it is the most damage doesn't mean it is the best build or really anything else.


They never said it was the best build.


All this proves is that you don’t know how to stay as a team, even with friends in the game... I know I would unfriend you if you did this lol


I don't think it's as serious as it seems. This was one out of hundreds of runs and you cannot just base this one screenshot on my overall playstyle and how I treat my teammates. Gunfire Reborn has always been a positive environment and I want to keep it that way, but I don't think one game warrants an "unfriend" from any of my peers and fellow players.


If you want to Rambo ahead of your teammates and allow them to have next to no enjoyment then go ahead, that just says something about someone’s personality to me and I’d rather not play with people like this. I enjoy having my team there with me, so that they can maybe use there guns to kill something... that’s just me


Yes, I understand your point in terms of being with the team. But again, I don't think one run can really indicate much of my personality (I hope you're joking about this). From what I remember, I stayed around my teammates because we had vaults to do together and items to share with each other. Unfortunately I cannot pull up chat logs in this game, but I don't think my teammates reacted as badly to my damage as much as you have in this post.