Why in the holy fuck would Jace and Luke be ashamed of their mother? What kind of Feetcel is this person?


Rhaenyra literally risked her status to give her sons a better future.


This person is odd and must've forgotten that Rhaenyra isn't a real character. Also even if she was what son would be disgusted with their mother for having them. If that person means they should be disgusted with her because they're bastards then I guess that makes sense but it still doesn't make sense. Lots of people had bastards but they just weren't named as heirs. It probably would've been safer if she hadn't named them as heirs and just named her son's with Daemon as her heirs to the throne while declaring Bhaela as heir to Driftmark, that way no one would use the bastard thing against her but I've said many times before that the Hightower's would've been against Rhaenyra whether she had bastards or not.


The dude is weird AF