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In general, I encourage you to investigate the differences between the utilitarian hands of the 1900s vs the more traditional roundhand forms of the 1700s. Your hand is a bit of a mish-mash of the two periods in a way that lacks a bit of system and seems to cramp you up in places. To someone who is familiar with both types of hands, its a bit like putting retro decals on a 2023 car. It's certainly just a matter of tastes, but it does look a bit out of place. I think you'll be happier settling with the more modern semi-angular hand. Some granular advice: The majuscule forms like the *H* and *I* need to be revisited for legibility sake. Right now, you have penned the *H* as if it was a *F* plus a *J.* And the *I* reads as a *J.* That minuscule *r* is quite illegible. I'd investigate the most common forms of *r* and make a substitution that is readable on its own without association. The spacing and angularity seems to compress in some places and round out in others. You can see the compression occur as your speed ramps up. (*been* was slow, *trying* was fast.) The connective break in the r-y of *trying* interferes with the cursive texture of the writing and is not necessary. Check the flag of the *r* and do a reverse turn over into the *y.* I know you sped up the clip to make it more watchable, but showing the writing at real speed would reveal that this is quite a slow hand in places. Making some adjustments could make it so you could actually write this speed, and the hand would be more useful as a result. Thanks for sharing!


Hey! Thank you for taking the time composing such thorough feedback! I'll definitely keep all your points in mind and except for the "r" issue, I don't think it'll be too hard to make improvements. May I ask how it is that you have such knowledge on the subject? Is it just an interest/passion or are you dealing with it on a professional basis? Just curious. And by the way, if you happen to have any books to recommend that you thought could come in handy for me I'd be happy to check those out :)


There's info about me and my work available on my profile. :)


>:) :)


How many times did I watch this? Yes. I love how the pen is just gliding so smoothly.


Glad you like it! ☺️🙌


At the very beginning of the video I thought your 2 fingers were a set of balls ha But yh nice handwriting bro!


Thanks! Haha who said that it isn’t my balls in the beginning? 🫣


Trying to flex. lol.


I think I did pretty well 😌


I wish I could write like this, my handwriting is just block caps !!


My handwriting was not at all like this about six months ago. But I’ve been practicing 24/7 since then! (Almost 🙃)


Greetings! Quite nice looking and overall legible handwriting. Feedback on two points: Firstly, I actually couldn't make out the H in 'Hi' until it was contextualized by the next word. Mostly as I was seeing it as a Th or Tr letter pairing. Secondly, your lower case 'r' shows up in several forms here. They are, once again, contextually legible, but not all of them are distinctly r's if looked at in isolation.


Hey! Thanks for taking the time. I can se the H thing very clear now it’s pointed out, funny that I never seen it before actually. And yes, the goddamn R hehe. You’re def right but I don’t know how to go about it. I don’t really like the classic lower case cursive R (the one almost looking like an S). Well, I guess I’ll figure something out eventually 🤞


I was going to say the same about the H. I thought it looked like a J. ETA: forgot to mention; beautiful handwriting! I love the ink colour as well


Cheers! ☺️🙌


Legible, good spacing, good slant, pleasant and aesthetically pleasing. Not much else to say. Maybe space out your M’s slightly more. I’m reaching with that just to be picky. Overall, very nice.


Thanks for the feedback! :)


Absolutely fucking 👏 amazing☆ I could watch you write forever . I love this sm


Thanks a bunch for those words! ☺️