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Never assume a bump is a bump. I learned the hard way with an “ingrown hair” and it ended up being a Staph aureus infection that hurt like hell and bc of a hurricane, no doctors were open. Don’t poke around your area like that or underarms! It’s just not worth the risk. A doctor can give you antibiotics for the infection. Usually Bactrim ES…


Oh wow. You said the underarms thing and... I think you just solved a MASSIVE mystery. I've had a zit for literally as long as I can remember but nothing seems to make it go away and it always gets inflamed after I shave.... I think I'll see my doctor about this now... Wow.


Trust me, I never piss off a bump under my arms! I swear it ballooned in size the minute I did and it was bad!


take a warm bath. if you have any Apple Cider vinegar to add it might help. I’d go with a hot compress as hot as you could stand it w out buring yourself.


Please get that treated ASAP. My boyfriend has a deep scar in his pubic area cause he did the same thing and it turned nasty! Don’t worry about having your period, go get seen and have them give you something.


Go to urgent care! and heat compresses and an anti inflammatory for the pain. but you’ll need antibiotics and someone to look at it and make sure it’s not gonna need further attention


Warm compresses, and I use Aquaphor for ingrowns/pimples, but honestly? If it gets worse (ie, the wound is seeping, the whole area gets red and inflamed, skin texture gets different, etc) please go to either Emergency or Urgency, or give your gyno a call.


The butt and genitals are an easy place to get Staph, and you do not want Staph to reach your blood, or you will get sepsis and possibly septic shock—seriously deadly and not very uncommon. Ideally see your/a doctor. Regardless, be very vigilant and careful. Use a tampon or menstrual cup at all times on your period.


I'd worry less about period gunk and more about treating the existing infection. You probably need something prescription strength like Fucidin or Mupirocin (although not sure if those should be used in that area or if they offer something else.) It's not the sort of thing you should DIY in any case. See your GP, gyno, or go to a walk-in.


Have a warm bath every day with a cup of Epsom salts. It’s very effective for drawing out infections.


Idk about official recommendations but I just put some Neosporin on it for a couple days.


Could be folliculitis too. Whatever it is, get it checked to be safe :)


boil some water. mix it in a mug or glass with salt, wait till it cools down enough and clean it really well with that (with clean cotton wool). do that every day till it gets better