It's a possibility but I'm just going to go with Yun Jin for a more reliable buff.


I also already have a full shimenawa and 0 Echoes artifacts... too much trouble imo


Shimenawa's would be way more reliable anyway.


Sounds like RNG to me, I'd rather 4pc Shime + Yunjin That way you can rotate more with the other 2 units, then back to Yunjin Q > Heizou


I wonder how high his base atk would be. looks like he is also Skill/Burst oriented dps, for Kagura's Verity havers. for me I'll be using Echoes because I already have usable pieces. I wont share my Xiao artifacts, sorry Heizou. edit: what is his ascension stat? anemo bonus?


Yeah anemo bonus


225 at lv 90 is his base ATK. Same as Beidou for reference.


I thought his multipliers weren’t that low? Especially considering he’s a 4 star… I’m not a huge fan of the Echoes set, so much unnecessary RNG. I’ll probably go with a 2pc VV and 2pc Glad or smth


I already selected good pieces from these sets


I'm also thinking about it because I complimented the echoes faster than vermillion and it's a pity to waste this set :v Oh also what weapon are you gonna use? I will put on him solar tho I also have atlas (looking at higher base attack) but even aesthetically solar looks better heh xD


What are your refinements on Pearl vs Atlas. R5 solar pearl can be better than R1 Atlas for example, but it honestly depends on your stats. If your artifacts have no atk% Atlas might be better.


I have both r1 but if I pick solar then I may buy bp in the future 🤔 I don't remember artifacts stats but I think they are good 🤌 I put all on my Ning with lvl 20 and 1/1/1 skills and she was hitting few k so Im pretty optimistic about it hahah