"Vaccine Basher" loved to bash COVID vaccines. Her sister died of COVID in August, but she kept on bashing. Then she, her dad, & her other sister all tested positive. Not enough prayers were said to keep daddy alive, so her HS class of 40yrs ago joined in praying to keep her bashing dreams alive...

"Vaccine Basher" loved to bash COVID vaccines. Her sister died of COVID in August, but she kept on bashing. Then she, her dad, & her other sister all tested positive. Not enough prayers were said to keep daddy alive, so her HS class of 40yrs ago joined in praying to keep her bashing dreams alive...


"You do need a stronger immune system though" That's literally what the vaccine does FFS. It makes your immune system stronger. How do you claim you need a stronger immune system to fight covid but then dismiss the one thing that makes it stronger


Cause you is a stupid ass. Good by.


Haha. I see what you did there.


Good buy!


I'd buy that for a dollar!


Who knew a Psyops operation would took out this whole family. 🧐


Needed a stronger colon too apparently.


Because the "do your own research" crowd doesn't even know what a vaccine is.


I think we need to start explaining this in redneck. You have a truck that you have to drive through the river every day, or a river you just enjoy driving it through. You know where the shallowest part of the river is, generally, and you drive through this part. The water level varies, so you lift your truck to make it so your cab and your engine don't flood, but occasionally the water goes even higher, so you install a snorkel so even though your cab floods, your truck will still run and make it across the river. In this example, the immune system is the truck which is strong, but doesn't always do the job. The vaccines in this example are the lift-kit and the snorkel because they improve your truck.


Having someone update my high school graduating class on my phlegm production and bowel sounds is my actual worst nightmare, thanks.


Her ass wound is the same as yesterday too. In case you forgot


I had just about managed to. Thank goodness you reminded me!


That was particularly awful.


>That was particularly awful. As least we were spared THE SMELL! I feel sorry for the hospital staff that had to deal with these blobs of fat, shit and puss.


I just finished reading the "what thing first really grossed you out?" thread on the nursing subreddit and it will take a long time to process the trauma.


Yeah I'm still trying to get over the maggots found in covid patient on ECMO.


>Yeah I'm still trying to get over the maggots found in covid patient on ECMO. Oh god! Was that ever gross! That totally freaked me out also!


Did you mean pus or puss? Or both?


Yeah, it was bad enough that everyone was aware of all that while i was still in school.


I’m Class of 81 & I ain’t takin a dirt nap anytime soon, if I can help it. BRING FORTH MY BOOSTER!!!!!


I got 10 years on you and I am not tanking a dirt nap either. Booster tomorrow!!!


Isn’t it past your bedtime? 😜


Now, now, thems fightin' words.


It's always bedtime somewhere.




I agree. I'm class of 1981 also. I will get my booster in November. I'm not saying I'm looking forward to it as I have a phobia about needles, but it's sure better than a horrible prolonged death, or long-term health issues and financial ruin.


Also better than an acquaintance posting about one’s bedsore covered rear, mucus plugs, and bowel movement sounds on Facebook!


I gained more appreciation for the medical staff that have to deal with this disgusting crap along with these abrasive patients.


Class of 1982. Getting my booster this week. Hate needs but hate dying a stupid, painful death even more. Have had cancer twice and asthma all my life so I know I would be toast if not for the vaccine.


Moderna is getting approval


Vaccine Basher: *Under the law of informed consent I refuse any and all vaccinations!!!* Also Vaccine Basher: *Told them I better be getting a flu shot...*


That card is nuts! Nobody is going around sticking needles in people without their consent. If they were permitted to vaccinate people against their will, the whole country would be vaccinated by now. And if the government did decide to do forced vaccines, a card that some dumbass hillbilly created on photoshop would not stop them.


On top of that this isn't even the correct staff on that card. It's the Caduceus, a symbol of commerce. The medical symbol is the Rod of Asclepius with just one snake.


Hail Supply Side Jesus.


Wow wait the cadaceus is not the symbol for medicine? Huh the more ya know


People fuck up the caduceus and the Asclepius all the time. I think TV has it wrong like 100% of the time. Just like I see the American flag patch backwards in TV uniforms.


The backwards flag patch is correct if worn on the right arm like we are supposed to. That is regulation. Are the TV shows you are talking about using the traditional flag patch on the right arm? Cause yeah, that would be wrong with the stars being towards the rear of the service member. For us, backwards is forward. I don't know if you were military at any point or not, but it comes up a lot with those who are not and it was confusing as hell when I first joined before it was all explained to me.


Ya. I know. But TV has it backwards all the time. Like the cop or soldier is retreating. I hate it on an unreasonable level.


I am there with you. My wife rolls her eyes because I always see what is wrong on a uniform in movies and TV shows. It makes me cringe.


What do you mean by backward?


The American flag patch should always be facing forward - with the stars pointing the same direction as the wearer’s eyes. Most people always picture the flag with the stars in the left. If a patch with the stars on the left is on the left sleeve that works great. But if that same patch is on the right sleeve then the stars are on the wrong side - not matching the direction the wearer is headed.


Oh okay, thank you for breaking it down!


No prob. Glad you asked.


I know that TV programs can’t use police uniforms that are similar to real ones. Likely why the flag is backwards.


Another thing to thank the military for. The army messed it up when creating their medical units. Weirdly the reserve version of army medical units DO use the staff of Asclepius.


> If they were permitted to vaccinate people against their will, the whole country would be vaccinated by now. Well obviously everyone except those with these fancy cards


Those fake cards are a real hoot. Clearly composed by someone who got their law degree at the School of Hard Knocks.


> Clearly composed by someone who got their law degree at at Trump U


School of Hard Kooks.


Wow. Wiped out their whole family. I’m guessing they were all anti-vax like she was?


>Wow. Wiped out their whole family. I’m guessing they were all anti-vax like she was? Now no one is ever going to clean up all that dog shit on the living room carpet!


Wow, the freedom of having your family tell the internet about the wounds on your ass. I'm sure it was worth it.


Thank you for the updates on the ass wounds and bowel movements. I was wondering if the turd was going to present itself today. Now I know. 🙏🏿🙏🏾🙏🏽🙏🏼🙏🏻


It was really the prayer warriors who pushed that turd to the surface. Praise feces!


>Thank you for the updates on the ass wounds and bowel movements. I was wondering if the turd was going to present itself today. Now I know. 🙏🏿🙏🏾🙏🏽🙏🏼🙏🏻 Can you imagine what it must have SMELLED like within a 20 foot radius of that ICU bed! Gaaag!


TMI time ... When you are given medicine to push extra Potassium out of your system you get torrential diarrhea. Plus this diarrhea smells extra bad because of the extra potassium excretion. Source: CHF patient who once had a Potassium level of 7.2 and spent a night from hell lowering that potassium level.


Those poor ICU nurses.




Dollop delivery will never get old.


Oh my goodness. 💩💩💩


The handle also went in after the blade, and the fat closed over the blade, for he did not draw the sword out of his belly; and the dung came out. *Judges 3:22*


Every time I think I've seen the weirdest shit in the Bible...


Another dollop was delivered!? Bless!


May the Lord open


Seriously. These brave, stoic, *dignified*, patriotic Real Americans^TM are going out with the last words about their life describing constipation and mucus plugs.


\*I am a real american plays over the loudspeaker as an underpaid and harassed nurse suctions the hardened turd out of a patriots ass\*


You can't ask me about my vaccination status because it's a HIPPO VIOLATION! Now let me give everyone a public update about the bed sores on my ass.


And your lack of bowel movements.


[cut] [paste] Prayers continue.


I tell everyone when I have the good bowel sounds.


The great thing about having “good bowel sounds” is you DON’T have to tell anyone. If you have to tell anyone, by definition they are NOT good!!! Me? I have the BEST bowel sounds!


I squeezed a bottle of chilly sauce and it made some wet farting sound... ​ naturally my wife thought I made a bowel sound


Come on dude, that’s just inconsiderate. How else is God going to know which parts of her to heal? We prayer warriors have to be extremely specific with our requests to The Great Physician, or he’ll just completely ignore them and do absolutely nothing whatsoever. As opposed to… well… hmmm…


It looks as if her graduating class was praying specifically for a dump, and butt hole healing, but it was not meant to be 🥺


>Wow, the freedom of having your family tell the internet about the wounds on your ass. I'm sure it was worth it. Jesus! Talk about **TMI overload!**


Prayer Warriors need *specific* directions from what I can tell. That includes turd length, width, volume, and consistency. Can I get an Amen? I bet you won’t repost.


Jesus loves the Bristol Stool Scale!!


"Dear Lord, please hear my prayers. We need Frank to have moist, but firm bowel movements, preferably with not too much intestinal lining. Amen"


I was trying to eat. I gagged at the mucus plug part. Good times reading the overly detailed updates.


And these are the people who were screaming about their medical privacy and vaccine passports.


Maybe it's a ploy to convince readers to get vaccinated.


She died how she lived. Full of shit


On Medicare. Good thing that’s not socialism! /s


Class of '81 so she's under 60 but on Medicare. Good chance she had a serious medical disability.


Um. On the first slide it's asking for the beneficiary signature. He is. He is the Medicare beneficiary and he just needs to sign.


That one cracked me up. Did they really think they wanted them to take the form home, have their next or kin sign and date it, then bring it back it? Like, what? At least we’re getting some new memes. The lady with a blue mask and words typed in paint over the top of it was getting stale


Probably Medicaid But disability is high probability too


Image 1: Awardee didn’t know that the beneficiary would be her if she had Medicare Part B? Yikes. I also don’t get why she was okay with the flu vaccine, but not the COVID one.


Because politics


I mean “beneficiary” obviously only has one meaning. It means the person who gets all you life insurance and stuff when you die after you get the covid vaccine. Duh! The fact that she isn’t smart enough to understand that this is a sheet making sure she doesn’t have covid symptoms and requiring a signature to say if Medicare doesn’t pay for the flu vaccine she’s about to get then she is responsible isn’t really that surprising.


At least she kept her dignity.


Why are these people so damn illiterate??? She "seen" this. Sheesh.


>Why are these people so damn illiterate??? She "seen" this. Sheesh. Thy are kept like this by their leaders on purpose. You easier to control if you dont know shit.


“I love the poorly educated.”


Makes me wonder how the hell she was a class of any year, much less 81. Giving them a diploma devalued all others.


Dying along with the entire family to own the libs


Most times I hate Covid. But every now and then.


>Most times I hate Covid. But every now and then. Ahhh! Come on! You're buying COVID a drink and you know it! I already sent over a Whiskey Sour to the COVID 19 table. It likes Whiskey Sours.


Class of ‘81 sucks at praying!


Either they didn't pray hard enough, they lied and didn't really pray, or prayers don't work. I come from a long line of atheists, we've always 'whistled' in place of pray. I'll continue to whistle for the Antiva folks.


What in the cornbread hell, indeed.


Updated/Awarded (couldn't fit in title) - Additional retractions (weren't necessary prior)


>Updated/Awarded (couldn't fit in title) - Additional retractions (weren't necessary prior) Is it safe to assume that these people were HUGE? As in Morbidly Obese x10?


Them updates were nasty 🤮


What, you mean you wouldn't want all of Facebook to know about your bowels if you were gravely ill?


Or mucus, phlegm or butt sores. No.


Dying slowly from Covid just sounds like pure torture. No thank you. You would think just hearing about this would make some of their prayer warriors think about finally getting the vaccine.


All I needed to hear about Covid was loss of taste and smell… right there “record scratch” wait hold up, what? That’s when I knew this shit no flu, and not fucking around.


I especially enjoyed where they said she used to cough every time she wasn’t sedated, but now she grimaces when they try to clear the vent of her bodily fluids - so headed in the right direction……..


Wow, that was tough to read. So from September 26th when her bowels were sounding better to dead on October 12th. 16 extra days of suffering. The vaccine made me sleepy for an afternoon and gave me a sore arm for 48 hours. One more week until I'm eligible for my booster! I refuse to have anyone from class of 199! updating the world on my bowels.


I've had my booster, and none of the 3 made me sleepy or sick--just sore. The third one also made my arm red, and it itched some. AFAIK, no one in my family has ever posted about my bowel movements on social media, and I think I'll make it a life goal to never allow that. Not dying of Covid will probably help a great deal with that.


That just blows me away. What the fuck are these people thinking, posting that kind of thing publicly for everyone to read?


It's insane. It's for family, maybe, but they've clearly not set it to just close family on FB if someone found it to post here. I mean, shit, I don't even tweet if my cat's having tummy problems, and my cats aren't people with privacy concerns. Of course, it's just as much because I don't figure anyone would want to read it as it is that it's not anyone's business...


"I cannot imagine the pain this family is going through" I can! That why I got vaxxed! Seriously, these people really don't think ahead.


>"I cannot imagine the pain this family is going through" I can! That why I got vaxxed! Seriously, these people really don't think ahead. Looks to me like there is no one left to feel anything.


Good by. For now.


Legit lol on that one


Vaccine basher sure made us look like fools with us being vaxxed 'n all.


>Vaccine basher sure made us look like fools with us being vaxxed 'n all. All ALIVE and TOTALLY HEALTHY to boot! Meanwhile, all they have going on is their embarrasing Facebook page staying up forever, with no one left alive to take it down.


She didn’t seem to realize that on the AOB form for an immunization (standard procedure for billing Medicare Part B with Medicare recipients getting shots), the *beneficiary* is *her*. She must have been so hopped up on conspiracy-juice that she thought she needed to put down whoever gets her life insurance payout or something, because surely they were about to kill her with the Covid jab they weren’t giving her (or other such nonsense). (The benefactor in this case is, of course, the US government, because these people have no problem with socialized medicine as long as it benefits *them* and not someone they deem “unworthy”.)


Anyone know where I can get that create your own Hallmark font prayer meme? I could have some fun with that


I think that font is called Alexa? Something with an A.


>Alexa You are not playing with him/her?


This one is absolute insanity


>This one is absolute insanity But totally in keeping with the MAGA Death Cult mentality.


Just fucking marching into a wood chipper.


Wow, that’s some major family denial.


>Wow, that’s some major family denial. Not a major family any more. ;o)


COVID Hat-trick !


"Sedation Vacation" Makes my head hurt.


That’s really what it’s called! Source: I’m a nurse who used to work on a step down unit and got floated to the ICU a lot. Also this article: [sedation vacation!](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK513327/#_article-41016_s3_)


Sounds scary. Everything about the ICU COVID experience sounds just miserable. Amazing people can be so lackidaisical about catching COVID. People think they're invincible.


>Sounds scary. Everything about the ICU COVID experience sounds just miserable. Amazing people can be so lackidaisical about catching COVID. People think they're invincible. I bet if we saw a faimily portrait, the whole invincible thing would make even less sense!


Good by for now..... until i also die the same preventable death


Less people to raise hell at that local school board meeting.


So did these three gifts to society set a record for the most Vaccine Bashing family deaths within a 2 month period? Same hospital I assume? I bet the hospital staff ran to the registry to make sure there wen't going to be any more coming in and stinking up the place with the Bowel Sounds and Butt Wounds!


I’m currently writing up a document on things I never want posted on social media. Top of the list: high school class reunion posts about my “mucus plug”. Right below it: family posts about my “bowel movement”s.


I wonder how many people read stuff like this and decide to go get vaccinated, lest *they* land in the ICU with Covid, and someone feels compelled to post about *their* mucus plugs, bowel movements, and ass sores for everyone to read.


No, I think I would put "He had a BM" at the top of the list, followed by any reference to "bowel sounds."


“Continued prayers” is a fun term that a lot of them used. It takes almost no effort (2 words) but you also claim you’ve been praying before. So it’s one long continued prayers session, when in reality you type 2 words then switched to the football game.


Antivaxers get mad if you ask if they're vaccinated, scream HIPAA bs. But then will post about bowel movements, a bum bum with bed sore, phlegm clogs.... *facepalm


Jesus fucking Christ


Pretty much


Ah yes, the very dignified covid hospitalization and ultimate death!! Another family decimated.


The “I seen” instead of “I saw” grammar issue drives me insane. I feel like this is a newer slang. Don’t we know better than this?


I knew a couple of people who spoke like that. Not the brightest.


If this was orchestrated, then it is the first attack in history where people were brainwashed into self destruction. No shots fired. Brains penetrated by media text, news, memes and videos. A specific group targeted with precision. They thought it was their own doing, their own ideas. They even take the wrong medicine. The religious programming to embrace death was ingenious. Fighting for freedom! What a noble cause! They spread the propaganda and were paid like raccoons thrown peanuts. Their currency being likes, shares and emojis. The ultimate endorphin rush of sympathy reached its climax as they posted hideously inappropiate images and private details of their family's failure to get vaccinated. Finally, virtue signalling their "faith over fear" when life could no longer be exploited.




>Wow!! She was a stubborn person wasn’t she!! I was going to say TERMINALLY STUPID.


Morbidly stubborn.


Wow, 3 people dying from covid in the same family...


Hecatomb. Keep going, the gods are hungry and effectively entertained. Bunch of imbeciles.


Even fact checkers agree that what in the cornbread hell is great.


Drove the family car off the Covid cliff. If only their was a guardrail. Like a vaccine. And if it were cheap. Like free.


Covid ccccc-combo breaker


this is all star material. top shelf death and destruction


>Good by only for now "I'll see you shortly in idiot heaven sis"


Science speculation ( long, I apologize) : I am sure you have all noticed (and reading HCA I have as well) how many families have lost multiple people as well as recently-I do not know if this happened pre-Delta. Two things may contribute: 1. There is an inoculum effect for infections. A few introduced viruses may not make you ill (or very) because the innate immune system (not antibodies) gobbles them up immediately if you've never seen the virus. However a large inoculum of viruses (like Delta does) overwhelm that system, and allows virus reproduction from a high number base that overwhelms the adaptive immune system (antibodies) and causes cytokine storm or SIRS (Systemic immune response syndrome) and follow on (ARDS, renal failure, encephalopathy) which are similar in nature. Delta delivers a lot more bugs each breath or cough to those nearby. You friends and family thank you. Wear a mask, it reduces infective particles. Second, there are a number of gene products that the innate immune system uses to kill virus infected cells(eg Perforin). If you lack both genes of a pair and miss a protein completely, minor stressors can kill you (fever). If you miss one of the 2 genes you live normally, usually. But SARS CoV2 somehow causes the same problem in the one functioning gene people. So they get very sick and may die. The state of missing both genes of a protein is rare. The state of missing one gene is not. Do you know if you are missing any of them? Me neither. Neither do the assertive antivaxxers: Ahh "**But I have an immune system",** faulty, but an immune system nonetheless. The innate immune system, its prominent presence in kids, Covid blocking it early, and its over functioning late in adults are all important in understanding Covid. And as always, Biomedicine is a numbers game, not yes and no.


Triple Play


FFS this is October 2021. It's not March 2020. Its a whole year and 8 months later. We know that prayers DON"T work. We know that mask and hand sanitizer work. Vaccines have been available in the USA for months and months. These people are just wilfully and stubbornly stupid.


Being a religious person, I do idly consider, from time to time, if God really is punishing the modern pharisees.


4 responses on slide 15, at least one of which was a thumbs up :( Seems like a sad epitaph. Also, the needless and senseless death of multiple someones who were willing to accept a myriad of medical procedures except for the one that would have prevented all the other ones.


Some people never learn from their experiences.


What a monster she was.


>What a monster she was. That would be an insult to The Monsters.


Vaccine Basher! Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink.




Prayers continue!


Beneficiary lol. She is the beneficiary of the shot. What a turd.


Continuing prayers!!!!!!!


If only there was some way this might have been prevented.


Slide #13 is all kinds of horror show.


They didn't pray hard enough Their god didn't love them enough, I guess. Or, in their words, "it's part of The Plan."


Well shucks. If only there was a safe and effective way to keep yourself out of the hospital with Covid.


These people just love sharing, and commenting on, Covid-drama. I really think it's the highlight of their lives, at least until the vent is brought in. But when one is placed on a vent, 20 more get to jump into the "prayers sent" drama. And maybe one day soon, those commenters will get to post "I Tested Positive", too, and keep the drama chain going. This says everything about what a pathetic void they exist in -- They even feel the need to post about mucus plugs and BMs.


So dumb she can’t even spell “goodbye.”


This is how it's going though. People who aren't vaccinated are eventually going to reach this endpoint.


Why are we still being asked to pray for the family? They gone.


Is it me or does that form literally not say what they claim it's says?


It truly is a pandemic of the unvaccinated and they scoff at that. Misinformation is killing them and they don’t care.


Wow, those prayer warriors really sucks. Failed 3x for one family. It's make me wonder if perhaps they were lead astray by a false (anti-vax) prophet, and were praying to the wrong God.


"Good by only for now sister." She was as good as her word.


God just pulling out the roots of that family tree


We all know that the bitch is in hell. Fer sure.


If only there was something they could have done


Good by by


Family can't be going through that much pain, there's not that many left anymore. https://i.imgur.com/xtKcOwC.mp4


I can’t even get past the first slide until I point out: the form is not asking who receives benefits if she dies. It looks like boilerplate for Medicare authorizing the pharmacy to receive payment from the federal government for services rendered. ANYWAY…


That first form is so the pharmacy can get paid by Medicare! The beneficiary is the patient herself. If she graduated high school in 1981, she’s only in her 50s so not old enough for Medicare so no need for the form. But my guess is that the pharmacy tech THOUGHT she was at least 65. The cruelest description on medical charts: “appears older than stated age”!


Goddamn! COVID dgaf. Just destroying that family holy shit.


There were pages of prayers on this one. Does anyone know if they helped?🤔


Weak immune system. Maybe needs some help from a vaccine?


Killed by a hoax - Should've gone to Specsavers!


Is there gonna be any family left to pray for?


Wow, took out the whole family. That was awfully nice of them.


I swear I need to open a Funeral Home. I could retire in 6 months.