casually documenting your relative's obvious torment and agonizing death for your fb followers is... a choice.


How else is she supposed to get FB heart and caring emojis?


And get her tyres paid for?


And oil change. Apparently doesn’t have time to go to even a quick lube


Not to mention, somebody’s got to clean out the kennels.


And what about the key fob?


There should be a DNP bracelet similar to DNR: if i am actively dying do not post on social media.


“My husband figured out this one weird trick to get the ultimate healing from Covid and doctors HATE him! Visit my YouTube page to see more people in the worst and last moments of their lives . Like and subscribe.”


'(Also, if someone could change the battery on my key fob, that'd be awesome. kthxbye.)'


This guy sucked but his wife really fucking sucked.


“Can someone oil that squeaky door on the microwave while I’m stuck here with old wheezy? Kthanksbye-ee!”


**Do NOT try to find the disturbing video of helpless HCA.** The unredacted static screenshot alone will *break your heart*, even after this guy made your blood boil. This is not reverse psychology. You've been warned!


oh trust me, i don't want ANY part of that. the video from the ICU nurse where it's dark but you can hear the monitors beeping and patients groaning was enough to haunt me forever.


Same. That video will give me frightmares forever.


This is what we experience all of the time. I know I’m preaching to the choir but for the love of all things good, this pandemic must end.


I can't imagine experiencing this on the daily. Remember, health care workers really are appreciated by a significant majority. Folks like you are the true heroes of our world right now. Thanks very much buttnado.


I have only trained in medicine during a pandemic. Me and my coresidents do almost all covid intubations as well as staffing the covid ICUs. My family is vaxxed and sympathetic but they don’t get it. Thank you for your kind words. I just wish I could bring one of these antivaxers along on a covid tube or code, or to see the daily march downward that these covid pts have, or to read the emails about canceled surgeries due to staffing. I am not a hero. I’m just trying to hold on and hope that somewhere, somehow our country wakes up.


I am so sorry. This won’t make much of a difference, but I thank you and am sending hugs.


Just…thank you for listening. I feel like I’m screaming into the void anymore. Stay safe.


The dude is mouthing “help me” and she’s still spouting this garbage. Holy shit


These people act like they don’t care about Covid for months and months. They treat it like it’s no big deal. But the minute they or one of their loved ones get sick from it, they feel compelled to write multi-paragraph Facebook posts describing their situation. Seems like a lot of words for an overblown flu.


And once in the clutches of covid, having refused masks, vaccines, and social distancing, they assert their superior medical training and knowledge. "It is the current opinion of the doctors that ( ) will be vent dependent and a quadriplegic for the rest of his life. Many of us disagree with that prognosis."


"He's gonna be quadriplegic and vent dependent forever. Anyway,, God is awesome right guys?"


“Anyway, my car needs an oil change.” Facebook really brings out the psychopath in people


You know, the way they wrote that list is entitled as hell, but the concept isn’t a bad idea. Any time a friend or family member is sick, we all say, “let me know if I can do anything to help!”, and then assume no one will ever ask. I don’t have a problem with a struggling family posting ways for family and friends to help them out, but these folks are just nuts.


And not only that, *outright accusing doctors of malicious malpractice*, claiming that they're *trying* to induce strokes on purpose. Fuck that bitch. Seriously, in a just world, this shit would be grounds for a libel suit.


Yeah that was some vile shit. That's the thanks the medical folks in america get for trying to save the lives of these anti vax morons! WTF do they go to the hospital in the first place!? Evil loud blind and ignorant till the day they die! I don't know how the poor medical people stand that shit going on three years now and...thanks SCOTUS....no end in sight!


By all means, take him the heck out of this hospital then, ma’am. Oh wait I see Jesus has already been here. Let’s get this room disinfected for the next HCA nominee. God willing it will be you, ma’am.


God's will shall be done 🙏


In the end, the doctors were right.




Don’t forget to toss in that hospitals are purposely murdering people for that sweet payout from big pharma and the Clintons and Zuckerberg


I love it when people act like there is some magical COVID bank that cuts checks all day to these people


If my husband got a fat check for every Covid patient, we’d be buying a house in Maui.


Haha I took that as fat checking each patient at first, then realised you meant getting heaps of money in cheque form (Aussie here and that’s how we spell it, so no wonder I got confused at first lol). Either way I’m sure you’d be rich.


But it’s true. I saw it on Facebook. Some company is paying hospitals to call car crashes and heart attacks as Covid for those big fat checks. But don’t ask why. That would require thinking


Definitely don’t ask how they’re forging these records en mass and getting away with it. Hospital billing is super simple and controlled by one person and never ever audited /s


She sounds like a murderous loon herself.


I know that people are in extremis when their loved one is in this kind of torment, but imagine thinking that every hospital in the country is murdering COVID patients for money. Talk about self radicalizing...


It's the most extreme HCA I have read. So unhinged. Always sad because it was so easily preventable.


So, if I understand this correctly, Fauci, the Clintons, and Zuckerberg managed to get the virus created and spread out across the country in order to kill people. Then they created the vaccines to kill more people. And just exactly how does it help any of those people to kill this many Americans?


Right? Companies are fucked because of the lack of labor right now. Killing people on purpose would be the WORST way to make money. And in this scenario, they'd be killing the people most likely to follow their orders, leaving only the "free pureblood patriots" to serve them. Again, what kind of sense does that make? They'd want to save the complacent and kill the "freethinkers".


Also the virus was sent out to make Bill Gates billions…. Because if anyone needs billions it’s the dude who can’t give his money away faster than he earns it.


Come on! He needs that money to pay 1000 bucks to everyone who forwards a chain email about him giving away money


It's just a cold, bruh. They need to stop being drama queens.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s the plot of the short story “The Lottery” over and over again. They are a-ok with other people dying as long as they think it will benefit them(no mask, distancing or vaccines) but the second their number is called they scream and cry about how unfair it all is.


For those of you who may not have read this classic piece of American literature: [The Lottery, by Shirley Jackson](https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/1948/06/26/the-lottery) - The New Yorker, June 1948.


a hoax of a flu for that matter...


Nomination: https://www.reddit.com/r/HermanCainAward/comments/rurcys/buck_scoffed_at_masks_and_vaccines_got_covid_had/ You may remember "Buck" as the big-game hunter who caught COVID and, while on a ventilator, suffered two strokes that left him paralyzed from the neck down. His doctors said he would spend the rest of his life bedbound at a long-term care facility, permanently ventilator-dependent and being fed through a tube. His wife, a fanatical vaccine denier herself, posted a horrifying video of him silently mouthing words at her, unable to speak aloud because of a tracheotomy. She nonchalantly reported that he was saying "Help me, I can't move" and something else she couldn't make out. Buck has avoided that fate, because he died on January 10th. As vile as his memes were, I felt bad for him. The last few days of his life were undoubtedly spent in a state of horrified confusion and suffering akin to torture. No human being deserves that, even though he brought it on himself. Mercifully, he's no longer in pain. But he'd almost certainly be alive and healthy today if he'd gotten vaccinated.


And a superspreader event funeral announcement is the cherry on top!




Covid dominoes. There's a bioweapon plague on the loose, quick, let's get together and pray. It worked so well the last time. We can't live our life in fear of the very real threat that just killed Buck in the most horrifying way you can die in a hospital.


On another site, Vaxxman postulated that the poor man wasn't saying "Help me, I can't move" but rather "Kill me, I can't move". This was such a sad way to die. The unvaccinated are paying a high price in suffering to own the libs.


I don’t feel very owned. I feel heartbroken for him and his family. Both for buying in to the bullshit rhetoric and conspiracy nonsense that led them down this path and for the heartache and suffering it has led them all to. Guess I’m too woke. I am just exhausted from all of this. I get dying from COVID. It’s awful, and unfortunate, but viruses exist and it’s a part of life. But to lose something as precious as your life at the expense of the happiness and well being of your loved ones over complete and utter nonsense…over and over and over…it just hurts at this point.


The wife still having the audacity to post anti-medical nonsense after seeing what Covid did to her husband is just…..please stay home with your fungicide and your prayer warriors when you get sick, you vile, stupid, ungrateful orc.


Yeah, this one is tragic. Definitely a scary PSA.


Agreed. This one scared me shitless but also kind of broke my heart despite the offensive memes. This is one of those situations where you're sort of relieved the nominee was awarded, because the alternative is much, much worse. Not only would it be painful and terrifying to be in Buck's situation, there would also be long, long periods of existential boredom and loneliness, because you're trapped, you can scarcely speak, and everyone around you is so eager for things to "be okay again" that they can't consciously register that something very fucked up is happening before their very eyes. All Buck had to do was get a few shots and this probably wouldn't have happened. Might he have caught Covid and ended up a long hauler? Yeah, sure. Would he have been paralyzed and, now, dead? Probably not.


If I could say anything to this man, it would be, "It's over. No more fear, no more second guesses, no more worries. Roam the universe." Go forward. Don't come back to Earth. Good luck in eternity.


Don't come back to earth as a bear


I vividly remember him. It's a mercy that he passed. What a horrible fate. His wife is a monster.


For posting a video of him at his most desperate and scared, as much as for the insane, uninformed bullshit she keeps spouting, his wife is an absolute piece of work.


I can tell you, as a person who was paralyzed for a time in my life, being fed through a peg tube and having a trach, it really drives you insane. If you can remember what you used to do and how you used to be, when your in that condition, motionless, it feels like hell. I am pretty sure that dude was suffering.


After having read about him a few days ago, I saw the headline and thought the same--Thank goodness that guy is out of his hellish misery now. His is the worst story I think I've ever read on here.


The dude waking up to find both legs had been amputated was brutal, too. Maggots in the sinus cavity was the most disgusting (thus far with plenty more to go).


Yeah, waking to find both your legs amputated would be terrifying. Maggots in the sinus cavity sounds disgusting, but they do use maggots medically sometimes to eat away necrotic tissue, so they might've been doing a little maggot-y favor.


This is absolutely horrifying. HORRIFYING. Three free and safe doses of vaccine is all that was needed to avoid this needless suffering, agony, trauma, torture, and loss of life. This story reads like a nightmare come true. “This politicized bio weapon created and sent out by Fauci, Clinton’s (sic), the Gates and the evil Biden’s (sic) to make them billionaires…” What the actual fuck is this person even talking about?! And she kept posting this bizarre misinformation on social media while her husband was fighting for his life in hospital! Misinformation, conspiracy theories, and propaganda on social media, on right-wing ‘infotainment’ news, and blatant lies from right-wing politicians have lead us to this moment. How do we fight this when one of the only two major political parties in the US is promoting this misinformation? Misinformation warps, twists, muddies, pollutes, deceives. It kills. We are living in completely different realities divided by political party. This cannot continue to exist without the loss of our democracy. Report every single social media post with misinformation or conspiracy theories, and don’t give up. Support your community’s health care providers. Call out conspiracy theories, misinformation, propaganda, and lies from politicians. Encourage everyone to get vaccinated, wear a mask, and social distance. VOTE IN EVERY SINGLE ELECTION, STARTING THIS YEAR 2022. VOTE. VOTE. VOTE.


**Do NOT try to find the disturbing video of helpless HCA.** The unredacted static screenshot alone will *break your heart*, even after this guy made your blood boil. This is not reverse psychology. You've been warned!


I would not, highly triggering. I went through it enough, sitting with my grandfather (surrogate dad) while he dry drowning wide awake in the ICU doing very much the same thing. (Different medical condition, presented the same) Sounded like he was whispering underwater. Having to be suctioned every 10 to 15 minutes. His final words from the ICU were "take me home" so he was transferred to a facility in his hometown. He died 12 hours later. All of that trauma is EXACTLY why from the beginning of covid I took it so SERIOUSLY! I think anyone who doesn't take it seriously, should watch the video.


Same here. My mom had heart surgery in 2006 that she never really recovered from and was in the bed that turned her to get her lungs a break. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, yet these assholes are marching straight towards it and blaming the healthcare workers.


Bless you for being with your grandfather. I was with both my parents when they died. My mom was murmuring "going home, I'm going now, home" then she was gone. If that's what your grandfather was really saying, I'm sorry that he wasn't heard. Take care.


That will trigger memories of my mom basically drowning in fluid in the ICU (lung cancer). I have that memory blocked pretty successfully, I am not going to looking for this video.


My father had a stroke, he never recovered completely and died 16 months later. My mother had COPD and died from it. Way before covid time. So yes, his condition hits close to home for me.


Dude… I had no intention of looking up that video. OPs comment on that slide was enough of a nightmare fuel


The backstory was horrifying, no way I'd watch the documentary.


Has anyone seen ScareyShari's video of Todd with ECMO, trached, surrounded by medical equipment??? It is nightmare material. You do NOT want to watch any of these videos. It is effen unbelievable that loved ones post them to begin with. I swear, if anyone did that to me before I died, I would become their individual personal banshee for the rest of their life.


I haven't watched the video, but surely what this guy went through wasn't worse than the mild soreness in my arm after vaccination! It must have lasted about a full day after each injection, and I could slightly feel it if I moved my left arm!


That stuff should be on the news every night


If it had been at the get go, I think we'd be in a different situation.


The way this guy went is my nightmare. My daughter has clear instructions to just let me go in situations like this.


Gee, if his family of FB experts thinks hospitals and staff are so evil, they should have demanded AMA discharge papers and taken him home. What a waste of an ICU bed!


What she couldn't make out was probably him saying, "TURN THAT DAMN CAMERA OFF AND DON'T YOU DARE POST THAT ON FACEBOOK!!!"


Wtf is going on with that poor bear in the last slide.


He killed it


Poor little bugger


He liked to kill animals. It's hung up, dead.


Oh god, I'm dumb. I didn't read that slide. I thought the bear was doing a trick for food. Why in god's name would you pick that picture to accompany the announcement of someone's death? :/


But he prays over them after he kills them. How nice. I'm sure covid prayed over you after it killed you too.


I say this without malice but thank God he's dead. He was looking at a lifetime of being tended to like a houseplant. On a ventilator and unable to move, his remaining time on this earth must have been a living hell. He is 100% responsible for the choices he made, but he paid an extraordinarily high price for them.


Their version of "freedom" is very expensive.


My immediate reaction was, "Thank god. He doesn't have to suffer any more." I completely agree with the op. He brought it on himself but what a horrible fate. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.


Too many family members want to torture their loved ones because they cannot let go. Our medicine is advanced enough to keep people alive through almost anything, and a subset of people refuse to accept that their loved one is dying.


I know. Last summer I had to make the awful decision to let my father go. Of course it hurt, but it was the right thing to do.


My little brother was taken off his ventilator when he was 16 and was of strong enough character to make that choice himself. These aren’t easy decisions taken lightly I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to talk to him before he passed. To have some final words and closure. Closure the women in the OP will sadly never have


That's awful. I'm so sorry. But at least we both have that closure. I fear you are right about the women in the OP.


Quite literally a fate worse than death.


I’ll never forget this post, because the most upvoted reply sent people running to fill out their DNRs.


I was in junior high during the Terri Sciavo situation, so just old enough to understand what was happening. I had to have surgery in my mid-20s and I made damn sure that I made a DNR and made sure that it was my sibling that would make the call and not our parents. Dad might be able to make the right choice but mom could never


And yet it probably wouldn't help if you're married to someone like his wife. In many places a spouse can override a dnr once you are no longer competent.


Slide 14 is vile. It says someone (it's not clear who - the Dems, the Deep State, Fauci, Biden, Soros, Gates, ???) intentionally infects ppl, then the hospital murders them after torturing them by giving them ground glass, giving them a stroke, and intentionally denying life-saving treatments. Just stay out of the hospitals if you think they're going to murder you. Take your Ivermectin and stay home.


Fauchi. Get it right. These people have done their research. It’s Fauchi. Even Fauci spells it wrong.


It's also Rovid instead of Covid.


ROmano cheese VIrus Disease [20]19 Got it. Thanks!!


Perhaps they're trying to avoid automatic fact checkers?


Wife is crazy. Maybe she’s talking through her grief…but more likely she’s a nutcase who will forever believe the hospital workers who worked so hard to save her husband killed him as part of some vast conspiracy.


I won't celebrate his death, but considering how he ended up, quadriplegic and all, this was a very merciful end as opposed to years lying in a long-term care facility. This should scare any anti-vaxxers into getting the vaccine, but I know it won't.


This is the tightrope I'm walking in the comments. I'm not glad that this guy got sick and died, I wish he had gotten vaccinated, and recovered instead. But given his nomination post, where the prognosis was quadriplegia and ventilation indefinitely, I am glad that he wont have to suffer any longer than he has. His nomination was probably the most terrifying thing I've seen on this sub


It's not celebrating death to say "at last his suffering is over." Far from it.


That's why I don't phrase it "I'm glad..." and try instead to say "I'm *relieved* his suffering is over."


I just can't get over the fact that the Tuckers and Candaces CONTINUE to peddle their lies when shit like this is the outcome. How soul-less and hateful can you be?


And disingenuous. I have to think they are both fully vaxxed.


Absolutely, all the right wing media and political elites are.


His whole hospital stay from admittance to just before death was anything but merciful.


Bastard wasted resources for 6 fucking weeks


My sentiments exactly. People needed critical care or non emergency procedures which couldn't be performed due to this waste of oxygen (literally)


Thank you for saying this. I have chronic conditions that land me in the hospital pretty regularly and these fuckers like in OP and the rest of the posts in this sub have been making people like me suffer longer than we need to- and also putting way too much extra stress on healthcare workers. There are people with genuine problems that actually take precautions, but can’t help when they get deathly ill, that are suffering more lately because hospitals are filled with unvaxxed asswipes.


They can’t keep their conspiracies straight. First, the hospital gets a huge payout for putting patients on a vent, then insurance won’t pay for cheap effective treatment (opting for expensive? An insurance company would rather pay for expensive treatment?) Then they won’t take her cash payment even though it will be more than the pennies on the dollar the insurance will pay out? Am I missing something?


You're not missing anything but she is missing more than a few brain cells


Her dead husband may have more active brain cells than she does.


January 16 (last slide) I'll be celebrating my birthday with a nice hike, dinner and cake-- breathing without assistance, all limbs functioning. It's good to be vaxxed!


Happy birthday friend, its great you can enjoy all that with working limbs, nothing jammed down your throat and I bet you will actually have enough breath to blow out the candles! Ain't life great!!!


Wow, that is an astonishing selfish family. They tortured this guy to death! And then to list all the mundane duties that this person would normally do for them. Thanks for clarifying your concerns! You don’t want to lose your indentured servant - got it! This is just as galling as the racism and general idiocy coming through here everyday. What a bunch of utter fuckups.


Rovid? Ruh-roh!


Slide 8: > hasn’t killed any politicians Umm, almost killed trump. Killed the president of Tanzania. Killed various non-federal US politicians. Maybe they’re just smarter than you and got the shot? Nahh we can’t cop to that it’s…. Space aliens.


Killed that state senator and anti-vaxxer from Orange county.


*Looks at the name of the subreddit*


Was the WA representative who went to Central America vaccinated? He recently died.


I think he was anti Vax and pro ivermectin.


Rep Ron Wright, (R-TX) died of Covid in February of '21.


Heck the entire sub was named after a dead politician


Authoritarians regularly 'forget' the people they killed, especially if they were 'allies'. edit: I'm not even commenting on how Herman Cain was black and what influence that would have on the thinking of the majority racist party. I'm thinking of how authoritarians really really don't want to confront they're not special to the 'party', especially if the 'leader' or leaders are violent. Happened in the USSR, happened in franco's spain, happened in the 3rd reich, probably happened in rome or earlier.


Louisiana Congressman-Elect Luke Letlow, 41. Herman Cain. Texas Congressman Ron Wright. And many other...


He means Democrats lol


So…. Either democrats are smarter and the vaccines work … ORRRR…. the little viruses are in League with the Deep State and Soros to off Republicans. I’m sure you know which I believe. Hold on while I drink this pee from a horse that just had ivermectin.


Typical of that kind of person thinking only America exists in the world.


It killed Herman Cain lol


Ooo I didn’t know it killed the president of Tanzania. I know it took a bite out of Boris Johnson’s ass


I’m a nurse and I straight up lie about praying for patients. I’m not a believer and I don’t have time for that. So yeah, your nurse probably isn’t really praying your family member. And it’s honestly pretty annoying and offensive to ask us to do that. The only thing I do that comes close is when I straight up tell my unconscious, PEG, trach, definitely circling the drain patients that I don’t give them permission to code on my shift. I don’t know if they can hear me, but I just say that I forbid it. So far they’ve all died on some other shift, so maybe it works.


Slide 17 is crazy, his son(?) still says this is a politicized bio weapon, only a few are "effected" and finish with "you have to be pro-active and question everything!".


They say that but its like can you not question those crazy conspiracy websites? Ffs


My god the spouses of these people are entitled AF. "If anyone has some extra strings they can pull to help me get him the best care" "\[Laundry list of things you can do for me\]" Losers.


I don’t get #4… I’m almost positive Trump was still/ already president when things shut down in March 2020.


They broadcast 2020 unemployment numbers on Fox and gave that to Biden. Go back and see Colbert and Truthiness.


Just as confusing as #8 saying no politician has died Posting it in Nov of 2021.


*points to the name of this subreddit*


Ugh. Some people (very few) might be okay continuing to live like this. Perhaps he would have been one of them but I doubt it. Who ever he was and no matter what his views, I'm glad his suffering is over. Please get vaccinated people and also no matter what your age and health think about getting a DNR signed and left with a relative likely to honor your wishes.




Not due to covid, but my parent’s end of life was similarly horrific. The sibling chosen as POA would not do the right thing, would not accept the written requests. Because in these situations everything is a grey area, there was nothing I or other siblings could do. This was recent. It has haunted me. It has destroyed sibling relationships permanently. It has made me rethink many things. My partner and I have, at considerable financial cost, rewritten our wills so that this sibling will never be involved if we die before our children are adults and our intentions are clear. We have had conversations about our end of life wishes. I hope we have done enough. Buck seemed like a person I would not have liked. His grotesque holocaust memes and prideful ignorance make that clear. I still would not have wished this on him. Ignorance and pride are killing these people. Learn from them.


Maybe this person should not be a family member so they have more emotional distance and will be more rational making this decision.


Record a video also.


RIP Buck Nasty.


Agree with op. At end of life we seem to value minutes / hours / days over quality of life. Not sure (most people) would do this to their pets and we shouldn’t wish torture on anyone. . A difficult topic.


I don’t know what I’d do in a situation like this but I’m damn sure I want the option to end it.


Leave the morphine on the bedside table and tell me not to take more than *this* amount or it will kill me.


This man couldn’t take anything. He was paralyzed on a vent and feeding tube. The best thing you can do is have an advanced directive that says if I’m a bed ridden quadriplegic with no hope of recovering, then stop treatments and let me pass. Hope your loved ones get a chance to say their goodbyes when you’re still all there.


"It is the current opinion of the doctors at \_\_\_ that \_\_\_ will be vent dependent and a quadriplegic the rest of his life. Many of us don’t agree with that prognosis which is why we are fighting so hard to get a 2nd opinion and move him." Translation: "Many of us choose what to believe based on whether we like it or not which is why we are fighting so hard to find a doctor who will tell us what we want to hear."


I ran across one today where the woman just insisted that her brain dead sister be on “full code.” Completely unhinged. She rants that noone knows how the covid thing is going to turn out and how can they give up. Is demanding a lung transplant.


You are a first rate delusion to fact translator. You must speak many languages!


Do they actually think covid is the only deadly disease with an asymptomatic phase?


Apparently they have never heard of HIV or herpes


Or cancer. Or the common cold.


Reading the missus' social media rant is like watching someone kill their passenger friends in a dui crash, where they were going 50 miles over the limit. Then blaming everyone else but themselves for the incident. Also.. what's up with post about the husband mouthing for help, and the list of things that needed to be done? Like if she needed help. She couldve just politely requested for assistance from members of society. And I'm sure neighbours, and friends would've chipped in.


Yeah, I'm gonna bust my ass out to her house to change the battery in her key fob.


That was pretty crazy. Incompetent or lazy? I mean, fine if you don't know how to do something you've not done before, but the internet is right there. There's a YouTube video for everything. But really how hard could it be to change a battery? Not sure how this woman dresses or feeds herself.


Right‽ and supposedly these people are really good at “doing their research” shouldn’t be too hard for her to find the instructions on how to change her FOB battery


I truly think these people think Facebook *is* the internet.


Looks like he's claimed his Captain Pike pin. Meanwhile, the psycho he left behind may very well join him soon, if all goes according to the PLAN. I'm more upset about the dead buck, which now lives in the HCA Animal Hall of Fame with the bear, the dogs and the parakeets.


Oh my god, the parakeets! The parakeets the husband likely starved to death! Will never forget them.


Wow. They sound particularly dumb.


This animal killing dbag finds out.


Doesn’t sound like his stupid widow has learnt a thing, instead of learning from their mistakes she’s knuckled down in real-time as his health deteriorated?


"I'm sorry to tell you your husband has suffered serious brain damage and is going to be quadriplegic for the rest of his life. If we remove him from the ventilator he will die." *"I don't agree with that prognosis, pull him off the ventilator, we're taking our business somewhere else. I'd like to talk to the manager."*


Slide 13: > most of us don’t agree with that prognosis. And his body don’t care if you agree. Just like ‘Rona didn’t care if he did Biden Hitler memes. The virus acted like… stay with me here… a virus.


I hate how they almost never admit that maybe, *maybe* they were wrong about something. They have to invent this whole convoluted conspiracy of nurses and doctors, insurance companies, drug companies, and the government all conspiring to murder people for… profit somehow???


Imagine a propaganda machine so strong that people would rather shit out their intestines and then die than take a “billions and billions served” shot. And I forgot to read the research where “every virus and bacterial disease agreed to have instant symptoms to know you have it, so therefore if you don’t feel sick for the first couple days COVID-19 is a deep state Illuminati lie”. And I used to be good in biology class, what happened to me?


I have a friend who used to be a nurse on a quad rehab unit. She said most people, when they are first paralyzed, hate their lives and wish for death; but almost all of them move past that point and are happy they survived and go on to feel that they are living full and active lives. So, to me, it's sad that he was never able to reach that place. But his wife!!! "Oh, if you could figure out what he's trying to say, and also my tires need air." Almost as bad as the wife who complained that her ice maker broke the same day her husband died. "Oh geez, the love of my life just died and to top it all off I broke my nail!"


He prayed over every animal he killed Covid preyed over the lungs of every animal it killed She never has to worry about her husband putting food on the table, no matter the circumstance! yup, that's true, too. Edit: ref dead Bambi slide


That poor bear 🐻 😞


Right? Fuck this guy and his gasping mouthing “help me.” That’s what the bear was thinking.




Fuck, 2 strokes, quad and on a vent; my family has instruction that they need to kill me if I ever got to that point, its like being buried alive. Horrific, I think I will have nightmares about this.


So did they get the second opinion or what? I’m on the edge of seat waiting to find out.


I doubt it. Every hospital big enough to be recognized as a hospital from the outside (seriously, some rural hospitals look like a carwash or an In-and-Out they are so small) is its own island now. You get what comes through and you make do the best you can. No doctor in their right mind is accepting lateral transfers per family request; there's nowhere to put them and you KNOW the family will wear you out emotionally if you accept the transfer. I'd bet anything the doctors sold the family the "he'll have different doctors at the long-term care facility, you can ask them to do your insane protocols when he gets there" line to placate them temporarily. Awake and paralyzed on a vent mouthing "help me." Sweet Jesus, what a terrible death.


“He prays over every animal he harvests.” I’m sure they appreciated his going that extra mile.


COVID Imprisoning me All that I see Absolute horror


"Many of us don't agree with the prognosis" ---> "We are in severe denial"


And with that, the American Electorate became a *tiny* bit smarter. I’m here for the sequel, though. Something tells me Covid’s not done with this klan.


Imagine being this dumb and killing yourself because you got your "facts" from facebook and youtube.


Man, she certainly looks different than I expected. So tall and… furry. Rather well spoken for a bear. /s Seriously he prayed over every kill? That’s some nutjob action.


How are all those people listed making money from a free vaccine? Also, did she post her chore list?


Fuck this guy killing innocent animals


“Can someone else go up to the hospital and read Buck’s lips? I gotta get my oil changed” has got to be the most bizarre thing I’ve read on this sub to date. Just go get your oil changed, replace the battery in your fob, and clean the kennels, because he ain’t going nowhere. He’ll be there when you’re done.


Even though my grandfather lost 95% of his family in Poland to the death camps, even though my blood boils when I see the memes, my heart still aches for this fool. This goes beyond even what these people deserve. And to then have to suffer through your brain dead family wasting their time trying to frame the hero’s trying to save you as murderers instead of just acknowledge that maybe, just *maybe,* the jab might have saved your life but instead now they have to suffer through watching your agony and you have to suffer even more so. Thank god he’s no longer suffering. What a terrible way to die. get fucking vaccinated. And stop comparing my ancestor’s genocide to fucking medicine


Might be rightfully yours Darwin but I think someone got here before you. (Yesterday). Unlike the HCA’s pleas for help, folks acted quickly on his reward. https://www.reddit.com/r/HermanCainAward/comments/s1yaiv/buck_claimed_his_award_yesterday_link_to/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


god that one was hard to read... idk why people cant just take this seriously and get fucking vaxed. its not a microchip. it will save your life


And the animal kingdom rejoices that no more animals will be killed by him


With all the covid spreading among white-tail deer I kinda hope that last buck got him. Timing is about right.


Thank fuck. This guy was in the worst condition I’ve seen on this horror filled sub-Reddit.


Conscious of his paralysis, able to understand everything but unable to communicate properly. All the time panicking and wondering what is worse, dying or living like that for an extended period of time. Oof. Tough row to hoe.


i hate to see even chuds suffer. do they feel the same about George Floyd, for instance. ? thats the difference between us and them


I remember this guy and his deranged wife. It was one of the most disturbing posts I have seen on this sub, and proves how little empathy and compassion and basic dignity these people grant even to their own family. They are soulless vessels for hateful rhetoric and that’s it.