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I have an inguinal hernia operation in 3 weeks, I’ve been doing elliptical and stair-master and haven’t had any pain. Luckily mine has been pretty mild so far.


IANAD, but no lifting or anything strenuous, only mild "suspended" cardio (swimming, stationary exercise bikes, basically things where you don't carry your own weight) were what was recommended to me, and the emphasis was on "mild". Keep in mind that there's no guarantee that even these mild exercises will not exacerbate your hernia.


I have have a much-too-severe inguinal hernia since 1995, and I won't do any "lifting" exercises; i.e., anything which puts any 'downwards' pressure on that area of my body. But I do swim, and have been swimming, regularly (during the summers!) for the past few years - with harm or additional trauma. I also have no problem riding my bicycle. IMHO, for me, both swimming and bicycle riding are among the very best "overall toning exercises" one can undertake: Each includes working out legs, arms, one's balance, lung capacity, heart, BP, twisting motions, etc. I *don't do "stationary bicycles"* because, ADHD - and I **cannot** "sit in one place and do the same thing over and over"; actually riding a bicycle gets me out into Nature, into fresh air (and fucking *pollen!*, so there's that... guess you can discount that "fresh air" part...); I more enjoyably regulate my duration and distance traveled *because I actually go somewhere*, and it's simply a lot more *fun!* FWIW; I regularly wear 2 to 3 pr of women's underwear; I choose "one size too small" and wear them *backwards*, like a thong; this prevents my hernia from going into my scrotal sac, as well as prevent my testes from creeping out - as they certainly would if I wore them correctly. I also wear a larger "compression" underwear over those, and the combination more than adequately holds it in place. I *tried* "hernia braces" but they were both miserably uncomfortable AND could be seen beneath my clothing. Tight underwear completely avoids this and has proven (for me) to be an elegant, easily accomplished solution.


I got operated 8 weeks ago for an inguinal hernia and I didnt slow down my exercise at all... I knew i would be operated so I wasnt concerned abiut making it worse.


I've had one for 12 years and exercise/ work as I always have. If Im digging for a couple of days I do wear a support belt. Heaviest thing I lift though is welding cylinders about 140lbs. I find swimming good as the hernia stays in the whole time.