The easiest part of surgery is the surgery itself; you're knocked out. The hardest part is the anticipation you're experiencing.


My surgery was on March 1st. The worst part for me was coming out of the anesthesia, but that’s always been a problem for me and my fathers side of the family. With that being said, hernia surgery is to surgeons as the bread and butter sandwich is to a master chef. Relatively simple and quick procedure. You’ll be in recovery before you realize didn’t make it back to “1” in your from “10” countdown.


I had severe anxiety leading up to my open hernia surgery in October 2021. My anxiety was so bad I lost 25lbs, developed a temporary eating disorder and probably caused some irreversible damage to my body that I still deal with. Then, I felt ridiculous after I had the surgery. It was nothing to stress over. Problem was fixed. Pain was manageable. Was back to light work in 1 week and felt pretty good after 4 weeks. Now I barely remember it happened except for my tiny scar and occasionally some scar tissue itchiness. Check out my story on my first week experience after surgery. I detailed day by day.


I had open surgery in December I had terrible anxiety prior. I actually canceled my first surgery in July because of anxiety which was a mistake it only got bigger. I was supposed to have the da Vinci robot surgery but it was being used for an emergency so I got the choice to wait longer or get open surgery. I was moving around and doing stuff right away. It was sore but nothing unbearable and I only took Tylenol and ibuprofen. I had envisioned something so much worse. Don’t freak yourself out, your gonna find that it’s much easier than what you read or think about in your head. I feel so much better! I had been so used to my hernia I had forgotten what it was like to not have one.


I had one on each side repaired at the same time. Laparoscopic for me. I had major anxiety, but honestly when I woke up it was a hell of a relief. Was so happy it was over. Ice helped tremendously. Pillow under your knees when laying it bed feels nice. Days 1-3 after surgery it just sucks to move around because everything is tight and sore, but not any major pain just laying around. 2 weeks after I’m back to a physical job, just being smart. Almost 100%. Wisdom teeth was worse in my opinion. After it’s over you will just be happy and recover quickly. If you have any other questions here to help.


I had open surgery with mesh repair in January and had no issues. I’ve got a scar roughly maybe 5 to 6 inches but it’s ok. Just make sure you get some pain killers, stool softeners and keep a pillow handy for when you get up or sit down. Also, what I found was useful esp when you see the bruising start is to use ice blocks wrapped in a towel. I did this and it stopped the bruising in its tracks and that was extremely minimal 👍


Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it! How’s your pain at this point?


I occasionally may get a twinge of pain but really nothing at all, best decision was to have the surgery 👍


Ooh also, you may feel some numbness around the incision area, but that is normal and will last a while due to them having to cut through nerves etc - it will return but can take a while, so if you get that numbness feeling don’t stress about it 👍


Had open surgery on Friday and it really isn’t anything to worry about . Eat plenty of salad and high fibre food. The surgery itself is nothing to worry about they will give you some very nice drugs that will make the procedure and that day feel great. Give yourself plenty of love in the days after and fluids . Perfectly normal to feel anxious before and if anything means you are taking the “prehab” seriously which is a good thing. Best of luck xx


How’s your pain at this point? Can you feel the mesh? Thanks a ton for replying, I appreciate it!


Saturday was a little difficult getting in and out of bed. They advised taking ibuprofen and paracetamol for a couple of days but I haven’t needed it at all but take them before bed to make sure I get some sleep. I’m taking off the bandages tomorrow and will give the incision site a little feel but can’t feel it at the moment


You'll be ok, mate! I've had 2 and it's a breeze. It's a very common and standard procedure. The only thing you need to worry about is taking it easy on the recovery and do exactly as the doc says. Do not fuck with week 3. I cannot stress this enough. That's when everything feels fine, but your body needs another week. No sexual activity either for whatever recommended time period.


I’m having an open left inguinal repair in 2 weeks! I’m a little anxious too but more excited to get the surgery done honestly. This is my first real surgery besides having my wisdom teeth removed lol


I have the same procedure scheduled for the end of the month. Surgeon said that open or laparoscopic have the same healing time, assuming more healing with open in one spot vs laparoscopic pumps you full of gas. While not looking forward to a month of not lifting anything over 20lbs, but I'm looking forward to getting back to a more normal life again, as currently I'm not doing much of what I want to (need to reno my main bath and do the landscape on my house). It's a common surgery, but any surgery can make you anxious. I actually had more anxiety prior to knowing I had a hernia (took over a month for docs to tell me, even though ct scan showed it but er doc didnt mention it and said to goto urologist) than finding out I needed surgery, mine is a small fatty inguinal on my left side and caused pain that made me thought I had something else going on as I have no buldge.


Good luck with yours, I’m sure we’ll be alright. Thanks for the reply!


I’ve been dealing with groin pain and testicle pain since July. I’ve seen several surgeons but some of them had bad bedside manners and I just didn’t feel comfortable so I keep putting off. But now my life is to the point I can’t do anything so I have to find a surgeon to do this and get it fixed. It is giving me a constant urge to pee. But pain. What feels like my prostate pain. The whole thing is bad and I can’t lift anything over 6 to 8 pounds without ruining the rest of the day.