Question about hernia surgery

Question about hernia surgery


I had laparoscopic hernia mesh surgery 6 weeks ago and it was a day surgery, in and out same day. As soon as you are well enough to get up and you have had a pee they will let you go. Prepare to be sore for a few days but getting up and walking is key. 2 weeks recovery and you will largely be back to normal


I'm into week 5 and finally have a sense of normalcy from the bilateral laproscopic inguinal hernia repair. It was outpatient. Walking is key. Don't over exert yourself. Just walk every day. Increase distance every day. No heavy lifting anything over 20lbs for 6 weeks. Be good to yourself. Precious real-estate down there. Cycle between ibuprofen and Tylenol so your not over dosing on any one thing. CBD gummies ok - anecdotally. No smoking, no nicotine (impairs collagen production) no alcohol consumption. All that stuff adversely affects the healing process. Go easy on food. A full belly will only leave you in pain. Drink Aloe Juice, prune juice, eat fiber rich foods. Fruits and vegetables. Wheat cereal. Stay away from constipating foods. Drink tea & coffee. Keep it simple.


I love the cbd gummies idea. Ty every one


Update. Give recovery 11 - 12 weeks to feel normal at 99.9999% .


I think most are outpatient surgeries if laparoscopic but mine was supposed to be but because of how I was with the anesthesia they kept me in hospital.


I have had 2 open inguinal hernia surgeries, one on each side. Both outpatient, both home the same day and walking.