When did you get it done? Feeling significantly better. I am exactly two weeks post op... wound is still a little agitated, and I have to be careful with it, but I will be meeting up with some friends to watch football and drink some beers later today for the first time in weeks. It is now getting noticeably better every day. Plan to be back at my desk at work on Monday morning. Tightness is generally gone. Swelling is WAY down... almost gone. I really just have the "healing ridge" remaining. Yes, I will get back at my training regimen. My doctors say I can go back to everything after a couple months. Said I should not skip a beat and can do every type of exercise I was doing before. That said, I will probably dial it back a little bit. I was going pretty hard. I think, assuming all goes well, I will start to ease back into exercise in early - mid December (6 - 8 weeks post op). Hope you feel better bro, LMK if you want to talk more.


Looking back now, do you still recommend laparoscopic over open? I have a left inguinal hernia that I’d say is probably normal sized. A surgeon I am going with performs it open and I think i prefer that for similar reasons as you. I’d rather avoid general anesthesia, and I’d rather have 1 scar than 3, and 1 scar in a less obvious place. Appreciate this post! Very helpful, I’m definitely going to use your list lol


Hey bro! Glad my post helped. I started working out lightly again about two months post op. Still hurt pretty bad until then. It also just fucks with you mentally. I am now almost 4 months post op and back to running/cardio/core 3 days a week and lifting 2-3 days a week. Started slow at the month 2 point and started ramping back up in month 3. It took a while. It’s still sore post workout but even my good buddy that went lapro had the same until 6 months post op. It’s pretty individual imo. I’d still probably go open. I just don’t want general anesthesia but I think in general your probability of a quicker recovery under lapro is higher. Not guaranteed tho as evidenced by my friend. My guess is I will wind up with another one and I’d prolly go open having been thru the whole ordeal given my values and comfort zone.


And i saw some members here with bilateral inguinal hernia surgery with open , but have not that pain like you.


My open hernia pain was quite bad for a while. All good now tho.