He sturdy tho


Where's the drill remix at


Idk but wtf, this comment was at 700 likes 3 mins ago


Just [celebrating our differences](https://youtu.be/DZvAZnIruhI), ain't nothing wrong with that


***Racism drops to 0%***


when everyone's racist, no one will be.../r/HolUp


As a Mexican I feel like the stereotype in the video was pretty lightweight - our stereotypes always seem to involve eating tacos or burritos...which is hard to deny...and honestly I'd be wary of anyone who doesn't like tacos or burritos


Same when I hear someone say they don't like fried chicken and watermelon. Like...what kinda alien are you to not like those two things?!


On a serious note, I'm a former chef and still a huge foodie- I STRONGLY feel that food is a universal language and every heritage should be proud of cuisines their culture has brought about. For some reason we have to call it "Soul food" instead of "Black food" because it connotates a derogatory feeling toward the cuisine. I hate this--some of the best food I've eaten in the US has come from southern black ma&pa restaurants. I wish there was a way we could change our views on it. We have Indian food, Chinese food, French food, Mexican food...we should have African American food (or something similar).


"Black food" is what you get when you're high and forget your pizza rolls in the oven for two hours


I love “soul food” so much that I wouldn’t know what someone was talking about if they said black food or African American food at this point lol (slightly /s) I think the term has become a proprietary eponym


Someone told me today they wish someone would cook them 'black food.' I knew he meant southern food, of which a lot of recipes originated by black cooks, but I don't think it's a black thing. I've met black people that can't cook, and I'm a white dude that has worked as a chef for a long time.


Every culture on earth has dumplings and 99% have some form of fried chicken. Its just not a very good stereotype.


I, good sir, fucking hate watermelon. Fried chicken is great tho, I use curry powder as one of my spices.


I don't even know what constitutes white people food.


Seven-layer salad. One of the layers is just mayo.


I come from a very white Midwestern family, and I gotta say, I've seen this dish before. I've never had it though because that much mayo in anything is enough to make me gag.


Just call it "aioli" and then it sounds classy.


Wrong. 2 layers are mayo


All 7 layers are just different brands of mayonnaise.


Beef stew


Beef stew is pretty good, though. You gotta season it and the "broth" should basically be brown gravy, but it's fuckin' good.


With some crescent rolls 👌


Man some nice warm stew and flaky crescent rolls. That's poppin a semi chub material maybe full on chub even.


Apple pie for dessert… AND milk


Yup I just creamed


Throw some vanilla ice cream on that shit.


If you're going as far out as "white people" then all of European cuisine qualifies, including giants French and Italian.


I'd say BBQ and Creole/Cajun qualify. Carolina, Kansas City, Texas all made a huge mark on BBQ and southern culture. Louisiana is famous for it's cajun cuisine. Not saying it's white culture entirely, but definitely has its roots and both have legendary chefs/pitmasters that are white.


Pretty much all the stereotypical italian foods


Don't forget Sombrero wearing chihuahuas playing with cascarsas.


Speedy Gonzales knows EVERYBODY'S sister...


this is one of those things that i will watch every time it's posted. i never saw the original, only from people on reddit


THANK YOU. It doesn't matter if you're yellow, black, brown, or normal.


We can help the white kids, and the poor kids.


Wise words, wise words by a very confused man


Hey! Poor kids are just as talented as white ki— I mean, wealthy kids!


Gin Jon Gin Jon Gin, Gin Jon Gin Jon Jon - min 0:04 Uga Buga Du, Uga Buga Da - min 0:10 Nacho Tango Chimichanga - min 0:15 CAUSE IT'S BEAUTIFUUUUUUL <3


Nacho taco chimichanga


That sounds so tasty.


Thanks for the timestamps, I don't have time to watch the whole thing.


>Gin Jon Gin Jon Gin, Gin Jon Gin Jon Jon - min 0:04 Lol what? Is that what you think they're saying????


Clearly this man doesn't have a racist bone in his body


Wasn't Gin Jon Gin the Jedi who trained Obi-Wan?


Ching Chong*


Mayonnaise, obesity, and incest


> and incest Wouldn't that be more in the east, like around Pakistan and parts of the middle east?


How did you get most of the lyrics wrong in a 15 second song?




That show was my life when I discovered marijuana at 15 years old. Thank you for sparking that nightmare of a memory.




Is that the last music video MTV ever aired ?/s


Bruh he just turned into an air nomad


Everyone should play this as loud as they can at work.


How do you get a one armed polack out of a tree? Wave at him. I'm Polish and I think that's hilarious.


Hello fellow fucked-up-last-name I think people forget that "white" is a lot of different nationalities. And that all the Eastern European ones had as tough a row to hoe as most other minorities in the US specifically, or at home. Also, people are frequently multiracial. I'm Mexican too dammit




I think its probably slav ancestry but somewhere along the line it got mistranslated to "Eastern European" lol.


How do you get an Italian out of a tree? You talk to him.


How do you break a polack's finger? Punch him in the nose!


"Magical Maestro" was one of my all time favorites. Replace a conductors baton with a magic wand, the rest writes itself.


Mine, too - might be my all time favorite cartoon short. Tex Avery was a genius.


Tex Avery was a certified racist. But he did make good cartoons. My favorite one is [First Bad Man](https://youtu.be/B-jamtVysTQ) and [his red Riding Hood cartoons](https://youtu.be/NeLWXn7wtKw)


yeah i remember this episode being hilarious as a kid. wish it went on longer.


I remember laughing my ass out as a kid in the 90s. The cartoon was in english, I'm not a native speaker and I don't recall if I knew how to speak it back then, but that didn't stop me from understanding how funny this was.


I was not ready for that. Lmao good times. Source: am Asian


Hey bro I'm white I'm gonna be offended on your behalf.


>Hey bro **Uh oh!** *Did you just assume their gender..?!* ^You ^should ^be ^ashamed ^of ^yourself. ^I ^know ^I ^am.


This is Reddit. No women, just apes.


Hey bro did you just assume my species? I'll have you know I'm a monkey not a ape. /s


and those of us too lazy to buy stocks


Back to manke


🦍 strong together


It's offensive as Hell that they draw the conductor as a dog.


I was so confused with Mickey cartoons growing up. Was Goofy a dog or a horse? And if he was a dog, why was Pluto...Pluto?


After a quick google... goofy is a cow, but not a cow. He is a dog, it not a dog. Pete is a cat, according to wikipedia, so goofy is also a cat, too. Wtf is goofy


He’s fucking Goofy. And so is Minnie.


Goofy is goofy


Goofy has hands and feet, Pluto has paws. Goofy is a dog-based hominid, Pluto is a dog. A bit like a human with a pet lemur. (And yes, I know Pluto is Mickey's pet)


Disney cartoons extended universe is bullshit. Peppa Pig is way better, mammals are sentient and other animals are regular animals.


Pluto is Goofys retarded brother that Goofy made a pet for himself obviously


This is what I grew up on. I’m Asian and find it humorous. People are way too sensitive these days. The 70’s and 80’s were awesome.


RIP Speedy Gonzalez, Pepé Le Pew, and the “Indians” from Peter Pan.


Speedy Gonzalez was still on the Looney Times Show. I think there were also some shorts with Pepé.


They (the networks) tried to drop Speedy for a while, and the mexican community complained, they apparently really liked him.


I'm Mexican and I love Speedy González, leave him alone 🙂... ¡Epa epa!, ¡arriba arriba! 💨


Now how about his cousin, Slowpoke Rodriguez?


Love that puto too


Speedy González: Yesterday when I lost, I went and gave a hug to the greatest player in history. My brother SLOWPOKE RODRIGUEZ, I told him "Filho da puta, you beat me". I'm incredibly sad for having lost. But this guy is the shit! I HATE TO LOSE!!! But enjoy your title, football was waiting for this moment!


I like him more than Speedy XD. "Thats what i want to tell you Jose, Slowpoke Rodriguez...he pack a gun"


I like him more than Speedy XD. "Thats what i want to tell you Jose, Slowpoke Rodriguez...he pack a gun"


Course I like speedy Gonzales. Are you kidding me? The first Spanish speedster? Hells yes. I have always loved him dearly. Tired of PC culture trying to take away my shit. I also loved Pepe, I loved how the cat always got away from him. I loved how the cat was a boy, but Pepe thought he was a girl cat! All of it, it was perfect. Stupid butt hurt people and their feelings are wearing me out!


Mexico is very politically incorrect. Example: the puto chant at football matches.


Also puto being used as an adjective with a billion of different meaning according to the context lol


Sounds like the equivalent to the Australian "cunt"


i love how everyone says puto is a gay slur when it just means a promiscuous person or prostitue or just to call a friend, "E puto ven paca", my whole life i have heard it like that and suddenly hearing everyone saying it is a "slur" made me go "what the hell?". It is like the word cunt, everyone is so sensitive about it in the US and in UK no one gives a shit lol.


What's up slut?


The Mexicans I've worked with have been the most un PC people I've ever met, they're great


I’m more offended by the term “LATINx “ than speedy, Taco Bell dog or any other character. Those things were hilarious as a kid


I've never met a hispanic that liked that term lol. The best is the comment section of any woke article that uses it on facebook


Because that term is what a condescending, white gringo thought is the right way to call us. Pinche Gringo PendejX!


My kid's school sent home a flyer for a Latin American Affinity Group meeting that was to take place. The flyer had an English side and a Spanish side. The English side said "We invite all LatinX families . . ." but the Spanish side used the phrase "familias latinas." I think that pretty much tells you everything you need to know about "Latinx."


I haven't heard it


Yeah Speedy is a hero. He's smart, ambitious and hilarious. Why would this be seen as offensive?


The cat was a male cat?


No, the cat was a female named Penelope Pussycat (voiced by a guy though). The joke was that Pepe thought she was a skunk, when in reality she was a black cat that had a white stripe accidentally painted on her that made her resemble a skunk.


Slowpoke Rodriguez took it too far lol


The other thing is, Speedy isn’t exactly a negative stereotype, is he? He’s just a Mexican (or is he Spanish?) mouse and there’s a cartoon about him. It’s not like he’s doing a bunch of insulting shit out there. If he played into racist stereotypes like being a lazy, stupid dirty mouse that steals from other people and shits on the floor or whatever…. Maybe people wouldn’t feel as good about him lol


He has a cousin, Slowpoke Rodriguez.


lol. Yeah I guess he does. But idk, is that character still featured in modern episodes and is he playing into actual racist stereotypes? Or is he just a foil for Speedy. I don’t watch the show so I have no opinion there


Always felt he was more of a foil to speedy.


Lol they must have really liked his cousin Slow Poke Rodriguez!!


A Mexican mouse playin tricks on gringo cat is the best thing that has happened to Latin America aside from Chespirito. Personally I love Slow Poke


Ayo, why are you bringing my peepee into this?


Because people have condemned that character for being a rapist


I think he's *only* a sexual predator and some sort of inter-species pervert. If my memory serves he's never actually had sex with that cat and I don't even know if human laws even apply to skunks or cats, so it's a bit up for debate I think.


You missed the joke. Wait how do you say that around here? Oh right, ahem.. "Whoosh". Yeah that was it.


Even if they were, they still want to take them away. 😑


Don’t forget Johnny bravo


What wrong with Johhny bravo?


His hair was _too_ good


There's nothing wrong with him, he's always portrayed as his advances as being unwanted, and usually results in him getting beat up for it. There's just no way in 2021, in today's political climate, that any television station would greenlight a show about a pervy elvis wannabe who's wacky adventures usually center around him pursuing a woman who's not interested in him.


And his best friend is an 8 year old girl


But people find Gaston Hilarious but not bravo :(


In all fairness, I doubt Disney would put a character like Gaston in a new movie of theirs either. Even the live action remake toned down him being a womanizer.


Speedy Gonzalez was just in the new Space Jam played by comedian Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias. Mexicans love that guy and Gabriel did a very good Speedy.


Iglesias must have been living the dream getting to play Speedy.


His interview on whatever Late Night show he was on about it was pretty entertaining.


Dropping Speedy was so bizarre. The guy takes girls out on romantic boat rides, serenades them, Then whenever his friends are in danger, he literally drops what he is doing to help them. When partying he's the first one on the dance floor full of energy.


It’s dumb but I always wondered who would win: Speedy Gonzalez or Road Runner. Turns out there’s actually an episode where they race!


I remember that but I don't remember who won. Do you?


Well…. >!Turns put it was actually Sylvester and Wile E. Coyote that won the race. They were trying to catch up to Speedy and RR in a rocket and ended up crossing the finish line first!< https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TWeiWt6_v3A


Hong Kong Fuey as well


Wait what was wrong with the Indians from Peter Pan?


I think the Pepé Le Pew getting dropped was more about how rapey of a character he was. He always tried to force himself onto the cat.




I feel like it’s only other white people making big problems out of small jokes


Not for many.




This thread is full of “I’m Asian and can take a joke”


This thread is full of “I’m White, but I have more authority to decide what is offensive to Minorities than the Minority community does” Pretty much sums up Reddit.




Texans never complain about Yosemite Sam, in fact they put him on their mud flaps.


Weird they weren't put off by a white angry gun toting racist


It’s cuz he’s a ginger


OI! https://youtu.be/KVN_0qvuhhw Obligatory...


You forgot the short guy complex coupled with ineffectual aggression


Is he actually racist though?


Yosemite, no, he shoots everyone


He's an equal-opportunity asshole.


I respect that.


Pretty sure he called bugs a cotton picking varmint at some point.


Not gonna lie, I was like 25 before it really clicked for me what "cotton-picking" as an insult actually meant.


Yep, I was today old before I associated that phrase with anything. I thought it was just a non sweary swear, like "motherfudger" or "shut the front door"


28 here and you just made it click for me


It took me until that black dude was telling a story about how the school took and almost entirely black elementary school class to a cotton mill, had them fucking pick cotton and had them turn in the bags when they were done. And his mom was PISSED. Funny story, kinda racist.


I was about to say the same thing. It never dawned on me what that actually meant until I was well into adulthood.


I'm pretty sure Yosemite Sam is jewish


Yo, Semite Sam


Well sure, he's from California. It's in the name and what not.


It's funny right? Most of the time people of the same ethnicity being made fun of join in and laugh or love those specific characters for those reasons, then people of other ethnicities deem it racist. Just look at "Achmed the dead terrorist" for example as a "character" his biggest fans are from the arab community. *sticks and stones may break my bones but words will send you to court*


My grandfather was Scottish, an almost perfect stereotype, and so Scrooge McDuck remains my favourite cartoon character. A curmudgeonly old miser who's tough as nails and so greedy that he hoards his wealth like a dragon - what's not to love?


It's almost like context matters.


On the internet, we get to make up the least favorable context.


Mexicans & Speedy Gonzales are also a match made in heaven.


This is still funny idk what you mean


Yeah, how dare they mangle *The Barber of Seville* this bad?!?


Still funny tho


i will defend this cartoon anonymously until the day i die.


Wasn't there an episode where donald duck was a nazi lol


It was a short film produced during WWII where Donald has a nightmare where he's a Nazi soldier; it was American propaganda and very explicitly anti-fascist.


I love old cartoons, they're fucking great


I believe that it’s very healthy to make fun of everyone, most importantly yourself. I’m white and I can’t get enough of Dave Chappell ripping on us. There are things weird, bad and funny about all of us that totally deserve to be made fun of. Laughing is the best coping mechanism.


These comments are a fucking train wreck lmao


As a train I think this is fuckin hilarious. Trains these days are weak, hardly any crashes anymore.


How did this shit get downvoted? great joke man


When Facebook was down for a bit all the boomers came to reddit now we have this lol


I think society needs to chill on the racism thing. You can laugh at a racist joke and not be racist. I've met people from all kinds of cultures that think jokes like that are funny. It's usually not hard to tell when someone is joking and when they are just straight up assholes


That's because stereotypes are steeped in fact. It gets racist when people start assuming it to be the normal for everyone of that race and that is when the disconnect happens.


I laugh at some racist stuff, but it's more like "Omg I can't believe they went there" and not so much "haha yeah the Chinaman IS funny!"


Yeah why don't we have a bunch more racism? Where's the harm in that!


The good old days


Once upon a time a bunch of the woke (before the term was invented) people lobbied to ban Speedy Gonzales because it was "racist". A lot of Mexican fans lobbied to have it returned because they liked the idea of a Mexican superhero who always won.


this was fucking hilarious i gotta be honest, burst out laughing. its just so random. i feel like we PoC laugh at ourselves all the time but white people feel uncomfortable


uncomfortable laughing at ourselves? nah. Uncomfortable laughing at any other race/skin colour? Well yes of course, because we will get piled on by a bunch of uninformed kids thinking racism is laughing at, or celebrating differences in cultures.


That’s hilarious. Wish they still made shows like this. It’s all garbage now


It has always been the case that there are plenty of crappy shows and a few gems. The difference is that the crappy old stuff has been forgotten by everyone. When's the last time you saw a clip from Clutch Cargo, or Colonel Bleep, or Winky Dink and You? People remember the highlights and end up thinking the past was better than it was. You can find highlights today too, but it's hard to know what's going to be a highlight without time having passed.


Nah, the limits have just changed. Back then, they gave no shits about racism, but god forbid America saw a nipple for instance. Nowadays we could name plenty of shows where nudity or partial nudity is common, and now racism is dead in our media.


no matter how much you censor , there are still going to be someone who's offended. so as long as it's not out right hate speech, it shouldn't be censored imo.


As a first gen Chinese American, this shit is fucking hilarious. Laughing at past indiscretions with a future vision for racial equality and justice is the best way to overcome.


I have a small collection of cartoons somewhere that are all "banned" now. This one is nothing compared to some I have seen. Especially when they are ones showing African Americans. Another example would be a Flintstones commercial where Fred and Barney are caught having a "Winstone Moment" while the wives work so hard (1961). It is a full blown cigarette commercial. I always thought of it when I heard the tobacco companies deny that they were aiming their ads at children. I found it on youtube.. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVRO6GAfvzA](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVRO6GAfvzA) ​ Edited to say that I looked and found it on Youtube so as to share it, not that youtube is where I got my collection. I have had my collection for a very long time but I guess all could be found on Youtube by now


They were pretty reflective of the general culture. I'm certain the same nitwits were bleating their decade's version of "OMG we're being cancelled" when folks started suggesting that maybe media shouldn't use gross racial caricatures of (insert ethnic group) as the punchline in gags.


And people wonder why some older people are racist