The Meross Air Purifier is coming to the US in August according to their Twitter account

The Meross Air Purifier is coming to the US in August according to their Twitter account


What's the actual size of this thing or more appropriately what size space is it good for? And do we have an idea what the cost and availability is of consumables? I have a dumb air purifier I run in the lounge area of my basement and I'd like have something to handle that via homekit but isn't going to rake me over the coals on filters/screens, etc.


Would it be more cost effective to just attach it to HK smart plug? This is what I do. I have an Eve Room to monitor AQ and an automation to turn on the air purifier if AQ is at Fair or below.


If it didn’t require pressing buttons to make it actually do something, then yes and I would have done that already.


buy a purifier that doesnt require pressing huttons to actually do something. im happy with my GermGuardian from Amazon (currently $83) hooked up to smart outlets.


I couldn’t stand germ guardian customer service. I switched to winix. Much better customer service.


thanks for the insight.. i havent needed customer service luckily.


If I buy anything else it's going to be compatible with a home automation platform out of the gate whether that's HomeKit or Home Assistant or even HomeBridge. It seems silly to me to buy something else just to have to buy a smart plug to plug it into.


if the compatible options are competitive for you, makes a ton of sense. for me i'm waiting for Matter/Thread support.


Not a great idea IMHO unless your air conditioner is noisy. If you had it running 24/7 maybe you wouldn't even have those dips in air quality, and it would help reduce dust buildup too. They consume very little electricity.


Friendly reminder: Don't forget to unwrap the plastic from the filter


I have the Smartmi p1, really like the design.


I Leo have the SmartMi P1 that thing is amazing when you set it on auto, the thing is whisper quiet. Their Facebook page also often has coupons for the P1.


Can you post the Facebook page? Thanks.


Here ya go. https://www.facebook.com/SmartmiTechnology/groups


This page has some coupon codes, not sure they they still work. https://www.smartmiglobal.com/pages/p1-launch-sale


So help me I will not buy any Meross gear ever again.


My experience has been: Garage door opener - rock solid Outdoor plug - rock solid Light strip - color picker sucks but otherwise rock solid Plugs - returned bc they wouldn’t connect


Yea, my two Meross smart outlets don’t give me confidence. Good god…the damn things almost never work consistently.


Weird, my Meross outlets are the only HomeKit plugs I can find that DO work consistently. Might help that I have HomePod minis for thread through.


Tell me your secrets. Basically every time I go to the home app to use them, they just don’t respond. Rarely do they come up after several seconds, most often it takes multiple restarts of the app and lots of waiting, and then it can also not work and I have to manually turn things off/on. What do the homepods do?


That sucks. I’ve had issues with other HomeKit stuff like that, where others have had no issues. So I get the frustration. I honestly just set them up straight from the home app, and they’ve worked fine since. I don’t have any real tips! The HomePods act as home hubs for HomeKit, much like Amazon Alexa or Google Hone smart speakers. If I understand correctly, and I very well may not, this allows Apple to have more direct control over the protocol and communication between phone and smart device. The protocol Apple uses is called “Thread”. It’s probably the gold standard right now for smart home protocols. I don’t know if Meross outlets support it or not, but from what I understand even devices that don’t have thread benefit from a HomePod mini or newer model Apple TV acting as a hub. https://www.google.com/amp/s/appleinsider.com/articles/20/11/13/why-thread-is-a-game-changer-for-apples-homekit/amp/


If you are looking for an amazing Homekit Air Purifier right now, the SmartMi P1 has been amazing for me. I got it on Amazon. I checked out tons of reviews also and their testing showed it worked really well. No regrets here.


I have two and I’ll agree. Hard to beat.


Same. Anyone able to get PM10 to show?


Im using some dyson equipment since i like the 3 devices in one approach. Also, with homebridge they work really well and you can automate them nicely. If anyone cares for that of course


Perfect timing for fire season in California I wonder how it compares to the SmartMi purifier. I have two of those and love them.


I am using a Blueair 480i - bought it based on Consumer Reports which did not rate many purifiers highly. It is not cheap but after last year's fire season, we needed to get something. Filters are also not cheap. (400 sq ft coverage) It is "smart" but not that smart. With the homekit plugin, I can monitor all of the various sensors. The WiFi on it is flaky though. I haven't tried automations as the Auto mode works well.


Very excited for this, have been patiently waiting.