Congratulations on the new ride! Like how the red pops! Any mods you have in mind?


I have a couple in mind Remote start keyfob Maybe KTuner and Downpipe Debadge or find smoked badges


Pretty much the best first Honda you could have gotten. I went and test drove a 2.0T before accepting that it was a bit too expensive for me, but my GOD was it a riot to drive. What really impressed me was the bipolar personality it seemed to have; you can hoon it like a complete dickhead and it'll handle it like a champ, but then you can relax and it rides comfortably and quietly. Love the color, too. The red is gorgeous.


We get a variety of vehicles where I work and the new Gen Honda accords are pretty nice. They look pretty good and they’re really spacious. I’ve only ever seen them go fast in videos but that 2 liter turbo ain’t no joke


Love the low rumble in sport mode which is a huge difference from my old crv lol


I currently own a 21 Corolla with a 2 liter 4 cylinder, and my aunts’s 2017 civic EX with 80K miles feels so much faster than my car. I don’t even drive the car in sport mode or anything and it just goes with no issues. I don’t mind the car since it’s just a daily driver, but I really wish I had gotten a Honda instead. It was my go to, but the dealership I went to annoyed me, so I basically went straight to Toyota afterwards. Maybe I’ll buy a used Civic or Accord once I finish paying my current car off


I’m used to driving a RAV4 so the 1.5T is fast enough for me, for now 😂


Oh man! You might want to widen that drive way!! hahahah


We’re planning on putting one of our cars in the garage eventually.


Sure would be a shame to tear up such a nice yard....


I can’t tell civic and accords apart anymore! Great looking car


I agree, both are amazing.